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Policies and Regulations

The policies and regulations for Graduate Studies are located in the Office of Graduate Studies, Medical Center Campus Students section of the University's current Academic Catalog.  Below are direct links to the specific catalog page for selected policies. Links to prior year's catalogs are also provided below.

Academic Misconduct
Academic Probation

Academic Standing
Certificate Programs
Childbirth Accommodation

Course Numbering System
Degree Programs (includes degree requirements)
Enrollment Definitions
Graduate Faculty
Graduate Student Oral Exams (attendance and committee composition)
GTA and GRA Appointments
Post-Comprehensive Enrollment for PhD students
Research Skills and Responsible Scholarship for doctoral students
Transfer Credit (master's programs)

Prior year's online academic catalogs

2016-2017 | 2015-2016 | 2014-2015 | 2013-2014 | 2012-2013 | 2011-2012

Previous print graduate catalogs as PDF

2009-2011 | 2007-2009 | 2005-2007 | 2003-2005

Previous print undergraduate catalogs as PDF

2010-2011 | 2008-2010 | 2006-2008 | 2004-2006

For KU catalogs prior to 2004, contact the Office of the University Registrar at

Last modified: Aug 24, 2018