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Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD)

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Workshop
Each Fall and Spring semester, the Office of Graduate Studies in Lawrence offers an ETD workshop that is broadcasted live to the KUMC campus. See the Office of Graduate Studies Events webpage to find the date for the next scheduled workshop. The workshop is designed for graduate students at any stage of the thesis (master's students) or dissertation (PhD) process. Various aspects of formatting and the basics of copyright are covered.

Recording of ETD Workshop
Click here to watch a recording of the March 2018 ETD Workshop.  Recording is best viewed using Firefox browser.

Formatting Requirements and Resources
The "KU Formatting Requirements" for thesis (Master's students) and dissertation (PhD students) are detailed in this document. Other resources are available on this webpage.

Formatting Requirement for Previously Published Works in Thesis or Dissertation
If any portion of the thesis or dissertation has been previously published or has already been submitted for publication, the student must contact a research librarian in the Research and Learning Department for A.R. Dykes Library at (913) 945-5990 or by e-mail at to discuss the proper style citation for each publication instance. This must be done prior to uploading the document to ProQuest. Copyright issues related to the previously published work(s) will also be discussed.

Formatting Assistance
Paul Thomas, Library Associate at the Watson Library on the Lawrence campus, provides technical assistance with formatting to graduate students on both the Lawrence and medical center campuses. Questions about the university's formatting requirements can be directed to the Office of Graduate Studies at

Research and Copyright Resources
A.R. Dykes Library offers several online research guides including a guide with information for authors navigating copyright and authors rights in the publication process. The Research and Learning Department at KUMC consults with students publishing works and ETDs. Planning ahead and utilizing learning department expertise and resources will ensure ethical scholarly conduct and will help achieve publication goals.

Submission Link
This webpage contains detailed information about the required electronic submission to ProQuest along with the direct link to ProQuest. Included on this page is a step-by-step guide (ETD Workshop Slideshow) for uploading theses or dissertations.

Binding Thesis or Dissertation
Bound copies are optional for personal use. Check directly with department for any departmental requirements (varies by department). When submitting thesis or dissertation electronically to ProQuest, given option to pay ProQuest for bound copies of thesis or dissertation. This link contains the KU Libraries recommendations for binders to use for personal or departmental copies of dissertations and theses.

ETD Release Form

A signed ETD Release form is required in order for an electronic version of the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation to be included in KU ScholarWorks. KU ScholarWorks is the University's digital repository for scholarly work created by KU faculty, staff and students. The signed ETD Release form is submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies at the time the thesis or dissertation is uploaded to ProQuest. The ability to request an embargo of the thesis or dissertation to delay availability due to patents pending, sensitive data or pending publication is incorporated as a section of this form.

Embargo and Embargo Renewal (delayed release)
An embargo to delay availability of the thesis or dissertation due to patents pending, sensitive data or pending publication may be requested at the time the master's thesis or doctoral dissertation is uploaded to ProQuest. The initial embargo request is made on the ETD Release Form described in the preceding paragraph. An embargo may be requested for up to two years in length and is renewable at the end of the designated embargo term. To request an embargo renewal, complete this Embargo Renewal Form at least one month prior to the expiration date of the current embargo. The author must also contact ProQuest directly to renew ProQuest's embargo of the copy of the work that is in their database. Contact information: email or phone 1-800-521-3042

Doctoral Completion Survey (DCS) for PhD Candidates
All PhD candidates must complete the Doctoral Completion Survey the semester they graduate. Please use the DCS link to access the survey. The DCS is comprised of questions from the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED) and from the American Association of Universities Data Exchange (AAUDE). The SED is a federal agency survey conducted by a consortium of federal agencies to track the productivity and quality of graduate and professional training in the United States. The AAUDE membership is comprised of AAU institutions that participate in the exchange of data/information to support decision-making at their institution.

Viewing KUMC Theses and Dissertations
To view previously published theses and dissertations in ProQuest's theses and dissertations database go to Current Research @ KU (KUMC campus only) OR Dissertations & theses @ University of Kansas (KU Lawrence campus only). This database is the same for both KUMC and the Lawrence campuses, however, due to differences in licensing, it is accessed through different links. When viewing previously published theses and dissertations in this database, please be aware that KU Graduate Studies formatting requirements change over time so the formatting utilized on older theses or dissertations may not conform to current formatting requirements.
You may also view previously published KUMC theses and dissertations in KU ScholarWorks, a digital repository for scholarly work created by the faculty and staff of the University of Kansas.For more information, contact

Deadlines for Thesis and Dissertation
The Office of Graduate Studies Calendar indicates the deadlines for thesis or dissertation defense and submission of ETD materials.

Graduation Checklist
This page contains the graduation checklist and also includes detailed information regarding graduation.

Last modified: Dec 04, 2018