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ASCEND Workshop Series

ASCEND workshops and events fall into three types: Career Development, Transferable Skill Development, and Career Exploration.  Most ASCEND workshops are formatted, to begin with a presentation that will provide participants with a foundation of knowledge and information about each topic followed by a break-out session in which guest mentors will facilitate small group discussion and practice applying skills.  

Visit the main ASCEND page for a calendar of upcoming events and to register for workshops.  Visit the archive to access materials and recordings from past events.  Current year's materials and recordings will be posted here.

Career Development Workshops:

  • Self Assessment and Career Planning
    Participants will learn about techniques and tools to evaluate their skills and interests, explore career options, and create a plan to prepare for successful careers.  
  • Goal Setting and Individual Development Plans
    Participants will learn how to set achievable goals and how to use Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to track progress and plan for the future.
  • Career Exploration and Informational Interviewing
    Participants will learn about resources and techniques for exploring career options with special attention given to informational interviews.
  • Networking, Personal Branding, and Social Media
    Participants will gain skills to make networking less intimidating, learn how to build a personal brand, and develop techniques for utilizing social media for professional networking.
  • Resume Writing
    Participants will learn how to write a professional resume including what language to use, things to avoid, and formatting options.
  • Cover Letters, Personal Statements, and Other Application Materials
    Participants will learn how to write effective cover letters, as well as develop techniques for preparing other common application materials such as personal statements, research statements, and teaching philosophies. 
  • Searching and Applying for a Job
    Participants will learn how to launch an effective, and efficient, job search as well as develop skills for preparing and submitting applications.
  • Interview Skills
    Participants will build skills for job interviews, including responding to common questions, etiquette, and managing first impressions. 
  • Negotiating Skills
    Participants will learn skills to successfully negotiate a job offer, including knowing your value, being assertive, and understanding expectations.
  • Professionalism
    In this workshop, participants will gain skills to ensure they make the best impression on colleagues, supervisors, and prospective employers as they navigate through their careers.

Transferrable Skill Workshops: Communication, Leadership, and Management

  • Writing in the Workplace
    Participants will learn effective writing skills common to almost any workplace, including formatting common documents, using the appropriate voice in various communications, and email etiquette. 
  • Public Speaking
    Participants in this workshop will develop skills for effective public speaking, from small meetings to large audience presentations.
  • How to be a Leader in Any Role
    Participants will learn effective leadership skills and strategies that they can use in any role.
  • Leading Teams and Meetings
    Participants will gain an understanding of the dynamics of working with teams, gain skills to bring people together, and strategies for productive collaborations.
  • Managing People
    Participants will learn how to cultivate positive workplace culture, collaborate effectively, and navigate professional relationships successfully.
  • An Introduction to Budgets
    Participants will be introduced to techniques for budgeting and financial management, including strategies for personal finances as well as in the workplace.

Career Exploration Events:

  • Career Speed Dating
    These events feature several invited guest professionals from a variety of professional backgrounds.  Participants will meet with each guest- individually or in small groups- for a short informational interview.  At the end of each brief interview, participants rotate to the next guest in a speed dating style format.
  • Career Panel
    Career panels feature 2-4 invited guest professionals whose careers share a common theme, such as industry or public sector.  Each panelist is invited to speak briefly about their background and careers and then participants are invited to ask questions in a discussion format. 
  • Guest Speakers and Presentations
    These events focus on one or a few career areas for a more in-depth look.
Last modified: Sep 05, 2019