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ASCEND Experiential Learning Placement

Experiential learning is a key part of a trainees preparation for diverse careers.  ASCEND supports a number of options and invites interested trainees or mentors to contact us for more information.  Because each individual trainee will have different interests and opportunities, ASCEND staff will work to find the best options on a case by case basis.  Experiential learning may take the form of:

  • Informational interviewing
    Trainees may meet with professionals in the field of their interest to learn more about the nature of their work and/or the company they work for.  Time committment is relatively low for this format, but willingness to communicate with professionals in the field is important.
  • Job Shadowing
    Trainees may elect to spend time shadowing a professional to learn more about the environment in which they work and what their day to day work is like.  Shadowing may be done for a few hours, an entire day, or more depending on each unique situation.
  • Internships
    Formal internship placement or employment may be an option for some trainees.  This may include internship requirements from a trainee's academic program or a trainee's planned participation in a formal internship program with an agency or employer.  ASCEND is available to help interested trainees indentify potential internship programs and navigate the application or selection process.
  • Service Learning
    Volunteering can also be a valuable opportunity to develop professional skills and experience or to learn more about a particular community or area of work.  Time commitment and placement hosts can be determined based on an individual's needs and interests, as well as host agency conditions.  This is a commonly overlooked opportunity to build your resume, diversify your professional network, and experience the reward of giving back to the community.
  • ASCEND Experiential Learning Placement
    Following the format of ASCEND's pilot year, trainees may participate in a formal placement with a host agency.  In this format, trainees will identify a host agency and propose a project or plan for their placement.  Depending on the trainee and their proposed project, academic credit may be available.  Those interested in this format will need to work closely with ASCEND staff.  Time commitment is somewhat larger; however, this placement is designed by the trainee and therefore remains fairly flexible.  
Last modified: Aug 24, 2018