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Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorship

L-R: Robert Simari, MD; Joseph Fontes, PhD (2018 Chancellor's Club Professor); Robert Klein, PhD (not pictured V. Gustavo Blanco, MD, PhD, 2018 Chancellor's Club Professor)

The Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorships recognize sustained excellence in teaching and are awarded only to persons who have demonstrated outstanding teaching competence over an extended period of years. Recipients hold these chairs, which carry an annual stipend of $10,000, for as long as they remain active as teachers and full-time faculty members at the University of Kansas Medical Center. 

The current list of faculty who hold Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorships are as follows: 

Recipient Department Year First Awarded
Robert M. Klein, PhD Anatomy & Cell Biology, SOM 2009
John G. Wood, PhD Molecular & Integrative Physiology, SOM 2013
Karen Wambach, PhD, RN, IBCLC, FILCA, FAAN School of Nursing 2017
Gary S. Gronseth, MD, FAAN Neurology, SOM 2017
Joseph D. Fontes, PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, SOM 2018
V. Gustavo Blanco, MD, PhD Molecular & Integrative Physiology, SOM 2018

All Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorships are currently filled. If a vacancy becomes available, the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs will issue a call for nominations. For any questions on the professorships, contact Jenny Memmott at 913-588-1381 or 

Last modified: Mar 25, 2019