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2018 Campus-Wide Leadership Series: January - June

The Campus-Wide Leadership Series presents highly successful professional leaders from all fields (not just healthcare) including our KUMC campus, the Kansas City area and nationally. Our goal with this leadership series is to teach people how to be leaders through the stories of other's experiences.

Who Should Attend? 

All employees, including both faculty and staff, are encouraged to attend. This includes KUMC, the University of Kansas Health System, KUMC RI and all others employed on the KUMC and Westwood campuses. The target audiences on our Wichita and Salina campuses are welcome to join via Live Stream.

How Do I Register? 

  • To attend the KUMC campus event, click on an upcoming blue title or "Register Now" button below to sign up. Lunch is provided to the first 75 registered participants who show up at each event.
  • LIVE STREAM AVAILABLEat  The link can be opened in any browser and on mobile devices during the hour of the presentation.
  • VIDEO RECORDINGS - Access specific 2018 video recordings by clicking the video icon below, next to the title you wish to hear. To view presentations recorded between 2006-2017, visit our video archives. 

2018 Schedule

**All events are held from 12-1pm in G013 School of Nursing Auditorium.** 

January 12, 2018  - "Emerging Leadership Challenges -- If Not You, Then Who?" Alicia A. Clair, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Music Therapy, University of Kansas 

Alicia Ann Clair, Ph.D., Music Therapist-Board Certified and Professor Emeritus of the University of Kansas did not consider herself a leader until she was elected to serve as Vice-President of the Midwest Regional Chapter of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), a job dedicated to conference planning that no one else wanted.  Subsequently, she served the Region as its president and was elected Vice President and then President of the AMTA.  She is currently is a member of the its Board of Directors and a music therapy consultant.

Dr. Alicia Ann Clair will share her thoughts regarding leadership development and the characteristics of a leader who empowers others in the process.  Coming from a humble background she will point out how one's history influences one's future but does not have inevitable control over it.  The presentation will include some practical suggestions for those who wish to pursue leadership roles, or have never really thought about it until now.

Dr. Clair began her teaching career in music therapy at KU after establishing herself as a successful clinical practitioner with a wide range of persons with disabilities.  She continued clinical work throughout her 38-year teaching career at KU and served the University in a number of leadership positions. The most notable include: Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Associate Dean of the School of Education, Associate Dean of the School of Fine Arts and interim Dean of the School of Music in its inaugural year. Further, she led the Division of Music Education and Music Therapy as its director for many years; but, the most important, enjoyable and satisfying leadership experiences involved teaching and mentoring future music therapy professionals.

Today, the graduates of the Music Therapy Program at the University of Kansas are the leaders of the profession throughout the world.  Doctoral graduates teach and conduct clinical research in prestigious institutions and former students at all academic levels populate notable clinical and training positions. Known for music therapy with persons who have late-stage dementia and their families, Dr. Clair developed an international reputation as a presenter and research clinician.  Her further collaborative work with physical therapists to develop clinical interventions to restore function in those with late-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), those who had experienced strokes and those with Parkinson's disease served to develop facilitative and practical protocols.

February 9, 2018 - "Making Dreams Come True: The Idea to Reality Model" - Darryl Chamberlain, Director, A-Flat Youth Orchestra

Darryl Chamberlain has worked for 35 years in the semiconductor, railway, and aerospace industries. His expertise encompasses robotics, automation, ion implantation, epitaxial reactors, lasers and microlithography, test tool design and programming, technical writing and a host of other industrial disciplines. He is currently employed at Harcros Chemicals as a technical writer and document control coordinator for the Organics division at Harcros.

In addition to his industrial work, Darryl Chamberlain is an artist and sculptor, educator, musician, composer, singer, historian, lecturer, and community activist. He is the director and founder of the A-Flat Music Studio Inc. and is the director of several programs that serve the Kansas City community.
Chamberlain possess numerous technical diplomas with a focus in microprocessor technology and possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education for Social Sciences from the UMKC School of Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the UMKC School of Arts and Sciences. He is certified to teach secondary social sciences in Missouri public schools by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

In February 2016, Chamberlain formed a collaboration between his A-Flat Music Studio Inc. and St. James United Methodist Church to offer instrumental music lessons to students who reside in the urban core of Kansas City. The result of that collaboration was the formation of the St. James UMC A-Flat Youth Orchestra. In a little over a year, the fledgling group would find themselves on the front page of the Kansas City Star and one month later, the youth orchestra would be featured on the NBC Today Show's "Feel-Good Friday series." The orchestra also has been featured on local radio and television stations along with other local publications. Chamberlain was honored by the mayor of Kansas City in a special resolution for his community work with young adults.The orchestra has received an invitation to appear in the 2018 Kansas City St. Patrick's Day parade.

March 23, 2018 - "I AM" - Wesley Hamilton, Director, Disabled, But Not Really and adaptive Cross-Fit competitor

When he was 24, Wesley Hamilton was shot multiple times by someone he had never met and spent three weeks in the ICU. Hamilton woke up paralyzed from the waist down with a spinal cord injury. He had a two-year-old daughter and a new life in a wheelchair.

At the time, he weighed 230 pounds and suffered from depression and medical complications due to his weight. He turned his attention to his recovery through fitness and nutrition as a way to not only lose weight, but to feel happier and healthier. In his first year, he lost 100 pounds.

During this time period, he realized the importance and significance of fitness, especially for those who have disabilities. Hamilton then established the non-profit Disabled but Not Really -- an organization that encourages people with spinal cord injuries to get some sort of exercise regardless of their ability.

In 2016, Hamilton participated in the NPC Wheelchair Nationals and placed 2nd in the lightweight division and 4th in the novice. Later that year, he attended the 2016 Working Wounded Games held North and won 1st place in the scaled division.

In 2017, he returned to the NPC Wheelchair Nationals and received 1st place in light and middle weights. Hamilton also received 4th place in men's physique. In May 2017, he was featured in Men's Health Magazine. 

April 20, 2018 - "Whatever It Takes" - Daniel and Ebony Edwards, Founders, MovementKC

With a degree in architectural engineering, Daniel Edwards knows how to build things. But the challenge of building back decayed urban neighborhoods took his education to a new level. For the past 5 years, Daniel and his wife Ebony have worked to understand the dynamic of urban development, a field with which Ebony is familiar. Receiving her doctoral degree in Community Psychology, Ebony has spent the last 10 years conducting research and evaluating both large-scale, publicly-funded and small, community-based programs and policies in multiple sectors. Together they founded the Urban Building Project, a catalytic neighborhood development that will provide optimized spaces built around how people live. It's part of broader vision to rebuild thriving life in overlooked communities - including integration with jazz, arts and more.

May 18, 2018 (NEW DATE!) "Leaders Among Us: A Conversation with Dave Rau" - Dave Rau, Director of Projects and Planning, KU Medical Center

Dave Rau isdirector of projects and planning at the University of Kansas Medical Center and has served in that capacity since April 2013.

His role includes overseeing master planning, landscaping, space management, and construction management for the medical center.

He originally joined KU in June 2003. In 2009, he became assistant director of facilities services.

In addition to his role at KU Medical Center, he served as director of facilities for the Kansas City Zoo and spent more than 30 years in private business.


June 8, 2018 "Being Yourself is Your Greatest Superpower: Embracing Introversion and Finding Your Unique Strengths" - Jacob Marek, Founder and Chief Explorer, IntroverTravels

While on a remote hiking trail in Capitol Reef National Park in southern Utah, Jacob Marek had an earth-shattering realization. Unfulfilled by a job in finance, he realized that he desired a life full of nature, travel, and a bit of adventure along the way.

It was then that the seed for IntroverTravels was planted.

Nowadays, Jacob designs Bucket List travel experiences for curious introverts, as he builds his niche travel agency remotely from unique, off-the-beaten-path locations around the globe. He has previously lived in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador and Peru, and will be returning from 6 months exploring southeast Asia when he presents to the Campus-Wide Leadership Series.

He has been featured in The Washington Post, Ttravelpuhe Boston Globe, and Travel + Leisure. His weekly column, "The Millennial Travel Agent," appears in TravelPulse, a travel industry trade publication. Jacob was a finalist for the 2017 "Entrepreneur of the Year Award" from the American Society of Travel Agents, and is co-founder of Travel Agent Awareness, a grassroots effort to show the value in using a skilled travel professional.

Series Background

The KUMC Campus Wide Leadership Series is an opportunity unlike any other on campus, It aims at all employees and trainees with the purpose of sharing stories of leaders in the community and beyond. The leadership series was one of our most consistently well attended programs for the last 14 years.

We look for three basic components in a Campus-Wide Leadership Series presentation.

  • First, we ask presenters to "tell their story"-- their background; what drives them; who their mentors were or who inspired them along the way; and what obstacles they had to overcome and how they overcame them to reach their level of success.
  • Second, "address their personal leadership style" -- present the challenges and solutions to keeping everyone focused on the goal simultaneous to overcoming inherited handicaps in their business or life's dream; obstacles and limitations imposed on the job or task at hand; public relations and scrutiny; the challenges one faces from a diverse world; and two or three tips about their personal methods, style or philosophy about how to lead a team to success. 
  • Lastly and for the majority of the presentation we ask them to provide a unique focus from their own field or business, whatever that may be.


The series is organized by the Office of Academic & Student Affairs (OASA) and co-sponsored by the University of Kansas Hospital, and the University of Kansas Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions. All events are offered at no cost to the participants, and lunch is provided to the first 75 participants on the pre-registration list who show up. For questions or suggestions, please contact Jenny Memmott. 

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018