Appointment Process

All of the following steps are required to complete the appointment process. 


  • Apply online at
  • Department reviews applications
  • Department schedules interviews and contacts references
  • Department chooses final candidate
  • Department and Human Resources determine salary and perform background check


  • Department creates offer letter and send a copy to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Department contacts International Programs (if postdoc is international)
  • International Programs sends postdoctoral scholar visa information
  • Department sends approved offer letter to postdoctoral scholar candidate
  • Postdoctoral scholar candidate signs offer letter and sends back to department


  • During orientation, postdoctoral scholars completes I-9 form in Employment Office (1024 Murphy) and provides photo identification
  • If the postdoctoral scholar starts on a day where orientation is not held, they need to report to the Employment Office to complete the I-9 paperwork and obtain a photo ID badge, and they need to sign in with Payroll Office to complete payroll forms
  • Department schedules postdoctoral scholar for orientation.
  • After postdoctoral scholar begins employment, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs will contact them for a brief orientation to this office


All recruitment and selection activities undertaken by KUMC must comply with the laws and regulations governing Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.  All hiring decisions must be based upon valid, reliable, and nondiscriminatory criteria which are consistently applied. The budget must be approved. It must support hiring of this position and obtain appropriate managerial/executive approval. A position description is created or updated which includes a summary of the position, specific duties and/or responsibilities, and the required and preferred qualifications.  It is then sent to Human Resources (HR) and posted online at Applicants are screened through an assessment of each applicant's job related knowledge, skills and abilities.  A decision is made on which applicants should be interviewed.  After the candidates are narrowed down, references and personnel files (if applicable) are reviewed.  Human Resources will be notified of the chosen applicant finalist and a salary will be determined as well as a background check performed.  An offer letter will then be created by the department.

Federal law requires all new hires to prove their identity and legal right to work in the United States. This is relatively easy for US citizens and permanent residents. Non-citizen professionals may be eligible for employment provided they obtain, often with our assistance, the proper documentation of Visa status and/or an Employment Authorized Document (EAD).  

Offer Letter

The department will create a detailed offer letter on KUMC letterhead to be signed by the department chair.  In many cases, the letter of offer needs to be sent several weeks or months prior to the actual starting date (for example, to begin the visa process) and will specify the following:

  • Department and/or division to which the fellow is assigned,
  • Effective date of appointment,
  • Duration of appointment,
  • Appointment/re-appointment contingencies related to funding source(s) and duration,
  • Assigned mentor,
  • Annual award/stipend amount, and
  • A brief description of research and training activities in which the fellow will be involved and the qualifications needed by the fellow to complete these activities.

 The department will keep the original letters. Postdocs are considered unclassified employees per the KUMC Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook and are subject to the policies described for unclassified staff in this handbook.

International Applicants

International candidates that need assistance in entering the United States, the department will contact KUMC Office of International Programs when the letter of offer is being considered. International Programs will process visa information and forward it to the fellow. 

Appointment Term

Postdoctoral scholars are appointed for an initial period of one year, with the possibility of being re-appointed annually for an additional four years. Cumulated appointment as a postdoctoral scholar shall not exceed five years unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Non Re-Appointment Letter

When a postdoctoral scholar receives a letter of non re-appointment, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs must be copied and receive this letter.

Last modified: Mar 27, 2014
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