Faculty and Administrators

New Postdoctoral Scholar Registration

All postdoctoral scholars must register with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.  In order to comply with policies and required reporting, specific information must be gathered and a CV must be on file.  To assist with this, all new postdoctoral scholars must register online.  The online form allows for attachment of CV files.  As a best practice, please have new postdoctoral scholars complete the registration form upon their arrival on campus. 

Postdoctoral Certificate Request

Postdoctoral scholars who complete a period or postdoctoral training at the University of Kansas Medical Center, of any length, are entitled to an official certificate following completion of their training period.  To request a certificate, the postdoctoral scholar should submit an request using the online form.  The Office of Postdocotral Affairs will verify the information submitted, work with the Registrar's Office to print an official certificate and gather signatures, and then mail or deliver the completed certificate to the postdoctoral scholar.  A electronic copy of the completed certificate will be retained for records.

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Last modified: Nov 19, 2014