Professional Development Award Criteria

Applications are evaluated competitively. The Professional Development Committee evaluates and ranks the applications and makes funding recommendations to the Dean of Graduate Studies based on the following criteria:

  1. The presentation of research (from the podium or via poster). When you are not the first author, provide an explanation in a cover letter.
  2. Provision of matching or supplemental funds by the student, student's advisor, or the student's department.
  3. The written abstract submitted to the meeting.
  4. A brief paragraph describing your research, written to be understood by a reviewer outside your field (see back page of application).
  5. Research carried out at KUMC.
  6. Participation in the KUMC Student Research Forum.
  7. Current research that is a clear extension of, or significantly different from, previous research for which travel funds were awarded, if applicable.

The following must be met:

  1. Complete the most current application form.
  2. Be enrolled in a KUMC graduate degree program at the time of application.
  3. Travel begins before the end of the semester in which the applicant defends the thesis/dissertation.
  4. Retroactive funding will not be considered. Travel occurs after the deadline date for the current application.
  5. Application received on or before the current announced deadline.

Students who submit an abstract to a meeting, but have not yet learned if it was accepted, may apply for funding and must include an explanation of the circumstances on the application form.  An award may be made contingent upon the acceptance of the abstract, with verification to be provided at the time the awardee submits his/her original receipts for reimbursement and a copy of the registration receipt.

Professional development awards will be limited to two (2) awards per fiscal year (July 1-June 30). You may apply for both a Professional Developmetn Award nd a SUC Travel Award for the same meeting, however only one award may be used per meeting. If awarded both from Gradaute Studies and SUC for the same meeting, you may surrender the award of your choice. Travel that exceeds eight days must be accompanied by an itinerary. Refer to the Reimbursable Travel Costs Information Sheet for a list of approved reimbursable expenses. Please be aware that rental cars are not reimbursable, however, other travel costs such as taxis and buses are.

Please note that all reimbursements are made payable to individual awardees. Incomplete applications will NOT be forwarded to the Committee for consideration.

Last modified: Jun 22, 2015