Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is an advisory body chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies.  The Council reviews new graduate degree and certificate programs, curriculum proposals and formulates policies for graduate programs on the medical center campus.  Membership includes the Graduate Director from each graduate degree granting program, Office of Graduate Studies staff, the Registrar and the President of the Graduate Student Council.

Graduate Council SharePoint site
The Graduate Council SharePoint site is used by members of the Graduate Council to access meeting agendas, minutes and related documents.

Graduate Faculty Appointment SharePoint site
The Graduate Faculty Appointment SharePoint site is used by the academic program's Graduate Director (or designee) to submit recommendations for individuals to be granted Graduate Faculty status in order to teach a graduate course or serve on a graduate student's committee.

Progress to Degree (PTD) SharePoint site
The PTD SharePoint site is used by the academic program's Graduate Director (or designee) to request Graduate Studies approval to proceed with a master's general exam, thesis or dissertation thesis defense, change in academic plan, change in admission status, etc.

Recommendation for Curricular Change Form
The Recommendation for Curricular Change Form is used by graduate departments to request new courses, changes in courses or deletion of courses.

Last modified: May 27, 2015