Guide for onboarding ambassadors

Onboarding Ambassadors are the "Go to People"

Onboarding Ambassadors serve as the individual to help with all administrative and basic logistical orientation to work questions: logistical issues, facility tours, and introduction to people in the department. Ambassadors may be department chairs, division directors, department administrators, administrative assistants or anyone within a department who is best qualified to handle this responsibility. If you are a newly hired faculty member, please go to the Faculty Onboarding site for more details.

Once a new faculty member is onboard all effort will be made to find them a faculty Mentor; a faculty member who will answer professional questions and address career issues. In many situations more than one Mentor is assigned but only one will oversee a junior faculty member's career through promotion. The department chair or designated individual identified below for each department will assist with finding the new faculty member a Mentor.

The Department Faculty Development Director (DFDD)

The Department Faculty Development Director (DFDD) is the individual who oversees the program in each department and is listed if the person is someone other than the department chair.

Last modified: Mar 19, 2013