Faculty Employment Agreements

All members of the faculty sign employment contracts and are paid according to the terms of their faculty appointment. These issues are explained at the time of your offer but feel free to ask questions any time. Pension and benefits will be discussed in detail during on-site orientation session(s).

Clinical Faculty

Physicians will sign two employment agreements
Clinical faculty appointments are hired through the university, or state of Kansas, and through their respective foundation, (ie Surgery Foundation, Pathology Foundation, etc). KUMC Human Resources (HR) processes paperwork for the state of Kansas; your foundation paperwork is processed through UKP HR. Your pay is split between the university (state of Kansas) and UKP, which means you will receive two separate paychecks and pension plans. Federal law requires completion of separate tax documents with each employer.

The primary benefit package and pension plan is provided by the State of Kansas through HR, however UKP provides an additional retirement plan based upon each foundation's individual design of benefits for life insurance, disability, etc. This will require duplicate paperwork, such as beneficiary documentation.

Clinical faculty members who perform research will need to discuss with their chair and/or the Research Institute terms of their grants. All payroll paperwork is processed for the university employees through Human Resources (HR) and grant paperwork for all faculty who perform research is processed through the Research Institute.

Select only one:

bullet Clinical faculty who currently DO NOT perform research continue here.

bullet Clinical faculty who currently DO perform research continue here.

Basic Science Faculty

Basic science faculty members (all non-physicians) sign one state of Kansas employment contract though the university and receive one paycheck, benefit package and pension plan. The funding resource includes both the state of Kansas and terms defined in grants.

bulletBasic scientists continue here.

Last modified: Mar 19, 2013
Insurance & Payroll

Health insurance
Coverage through the state of Kansas will not begin for two months from your start date (or the first of the month after 30 days of employment).

Prep for payroll
Plan ahead to prevent delays with your first paycheck. You will need on your first day:

Questions? Call the benefits office: