New Faculty Onboarding Overview

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Welcome to the faculty at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Once you have accepted the terms of, and signed your offer letter you are officially a "new" faculty member in one of our three schools: Medicine, Nursing or Health Professions. At that point, you should receive or request your KUMC system log-in from your school or department, and complete this on-line procedure so you know what needs to be completed before your first date of employment.

The three schools, the School of Medicine, the School of Health Professions, and the School of Nursing, along with the the Office of Graduate Studies comprise the academic units of the University of Kansas Medical Center located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Your faculty appointment may also include affiliation with:

  • University of Kansas (as a state employee and faculty member)
  • The University of Kansas Hospital
  • University of Kansas Research Institute (RI)
  • University of Kansas Physicians Inc. (UKP)

This On-Boarding Process guides you through requirements for each affiliation with your appointment including tasks necessary before you can see patients or begin your research. This process includes routine human resource steps and orientation for payroll and benefit serves. Your school, department, division, center or institute may may "drill down" from this process and require additional, specialty related steps.

Your On-Boarding Ambassador, a non-faculty member appointed by your school or department, is your resource or "go-to person" for administrative and basic orientation to work questions: logistical issues, facility tours, and introduction to people in your school, department division, center or institute.

 Get started (begin with your primary school appointment):


All new SOM faculty begin here (revised 2015 on-line version is under construction

  • Questions? Please contact Dianne Durham, Ph.D.,  or a member of her team. At any time you are welcome to contact Dianne Durham, PhD, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development (FAD) or the staff of the KU School of Medicine FAD office. Your success is important to us, both for your own job satisfaction as well as your role in the success of our institution.

bullet All new SON faculty begin here  (new 2015 on-line version is under construction)

  • Questions? Please contact Kayla G. Williams, Project Manager for Faculty Relations in the SON Academic Affairs Office   913.588.1678 |

bullet All new SHP faculty begin here (new 2015 on-line version is under construction)

Last modified: Nov 13, 2015