Faculty Concerns Communication Form

The Faculty Concerns Committee is a group of faculty members elected from among the KU Medical Center and the KU School of Medicine-Wichita Faculty Assembly. This committee's purpose is to consider requests for assistance relating to any faculty concern, except issues of promotion and tenure. To that end, we have created this secure communication mechanism for faculty to express any concerns which our committee may play a role in resolving.

Please state your concern in the space below, in a concise and constructive manner. Because suggestions are gathered in an anonymous manner, please provide sufficient background to allow for a contextual understanding of the issue. Please also feel free to provide insightful solutions!

Communications will be received by our Proxy email account with the return address "anonymous@kumc.edu." Because incoming messages are anonymous, you will need to supply some form of contact information if you wish an answer to your concerns, or if you feel members of the Faculty Concerns committee may need to communicate with you to clarify details of the concern. You may choose to disclose your actual contact information when completing the information at the bottom of this form, or you may supply an individual email address that does not identify you (such as a free gmail account). Your communication will only be accessible by members of the committee and the Chair of the Faculty Assembly Steering Committee, and will not be forwarded to other individuals or committees.

We will do our best to address any concerns raised, whether for clarification of issues or actions to be taken by representatives of the Faculty Assembly. Addressing concerns will be prioritized by the number of similar issues brought to our attention. These de-identified suggestions will be included as an agenda item at each meeting of the Faculty Assembly Steering committee for discussion and action.

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Last modified: Feb 05, 2013