Clinical Scholar Track

Academic tracking systems should reflect and enhance an institutional culture in which the different professional contributions of each faculty member are valued, and in which collaboration, mutual respect and support are encouraged.

As a modern academic health sciences center depends on the synergistic talents and efforts of very diverse individuals working together, the policies and practices of the three Schools at the KU Medical Center (SOM, SON, and SAH) should emphasize the importance of each faculty member following the most appropriate academic track. Choice of track should be primarily based on the career aspirations and potential of each individual. No single track or faculty role should be perceived to carry greater prestige, to offer more opportunities for advancement, or be more important to each School in fulfilling its obligations and missions.

This track is designed as a career pathway for clinical faculty (physicians, nurses, or allied health professionals) who serve the Medical Center through their commitment to clinical service, education and scholarship. "Scholarship" is understood to have a broad definition including both basic and applied research (discovery), but also incorporating other domains of intellectual and academic activity (integration and application) as described by Boyer (1990) and others.

Clinical Scholars are characterized by excellence in clinical practice and dedication to the development of learners in their area of clinical expertise. They play significant roles in the design, implementation, evaluation, and on-going development of the educational programs of one of the three Schools at the Medical Center. This requires that they seek and maintain high levels of competence in both clinical and educational domains. Clinical Scholars are committed to understanding health issues and raising the standards of clinical practice in order to be effective teachers. They disseminate professional knowledge and skills through teaching, presentations, publications, and service to professional organizations and strive to enhance the reputation of their School for clinical education.

Most faculty members on this track will be physicians, nurses, or allied health professionals, but the track may be appropriate for other professionals with significant educational and clinical responsibilities. Those individuals may be appointed to the Clinical Scholar Track with the permission of the Executive Dean of SOM (and if appropriate, the Dean of the Wichita campus), the Dean of SAH, or the Dean of SON.

Appointment Titles Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor
Appointment Duration Initial term appointments may be one to three years for a total combination not to exceed four years. At the discretion of the School, the initial or subsequent appointment may be a 3 year rolling contract. Unless specifically terminated by KUMC, rolling contracts will annually roll over to create a new three year contract.
Appointment Frequency For non-rolling contracts of 1-3 years, successive appointments will be contigent upon new offers. Total combination not to exceed four years. Each new appointment term requires submission of new contract.
Faculty Most Often Included

Full-time faculty who serve the Medical Center in a clinical capacity and have a commitment to Clinical education and scholarship.

Transfer Between Appointment Category May make application to any other faculty appointment category.
Academic FTE 100%
Academic Employee Status Full time only
Notice of Non-reappointment Required No

Last modified: Dec 07, 2012