Academic Affairs Staff Directory

Robert M. Klein, PhD Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Marty McLaughlin Executive Director for Academic Affairs 913-787-1707
Alana Smith. MS Executive Assistant for the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs 913-588-1381
Valarie Biscanin Executive Assistant for the Executive Director of Academic Affairs 913-588-1258
Regina Esteban Academic Affairs Coordinator 913-588-5241

Office of Graduate Studies
Robert M. Klein, PhD Dean of Graduate Studies 913-588-5071
Mike Werle, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Graduate Studies 913 588-7491
Mike Werle, Ph.D. Director, IGPBS Program 913 588-7491
Liskin Swint-Kruse, Ph.D. Associate Director, IGPBS Program 913-588-0399
Marcia Jones Director of Graduate Studies 913 588-1238
Miranda Olenhouse IGPBS Coordinator 913-588-2719
Office of Faculty Affairs
Jennifer Egger Senior Coordinator for Faculty Affairs 913-588-4875
Alana Smith, MS Executive Assistant for the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and support staff for Faculty Assembly and Governance 913-588-1381
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Ashley Carlson Assistant Director for Postdoctoral Affairs (eff. 1/6/2014) 913-588-2369

Office of International Programs
Kimberly Connelly Director 913-588-1480
Margaret Turner Senior Coordinator, ESL and Cultural Programs 913-588-1482
Vacant International Services Senior Advisor 913-588-1460
Irina Aris International Services Coordinator 913-588-1485
Stacie Rader Administrative Assistant 913-588-1480

Office of Inter-Professional Faculty Development
Marty McLaughlin Director for Inter-Professional Faculty Development 913-787-1707
Last modified: Feb 06, 2014