Police Authority, Training & Service for KU Medical Center

The department is a fully commissioned law enforcement agency established by the University of Kansas. University police officers are granted authority by statue (K.S.A. 76-726) to enforce the laws of the state of Kansas, county resolutions and city ordinances. KU police jurisdiction includes property owned or operated by KU, property immediately adjacent to the campus, and in certain circumstances, property off campus. The department has an authorized strength of 32 police officers (with the authority to arrest), 28 security officers, and support staff to include communications operators, records employees and clerical staff. Major divisions within the department include Police Services, Community Services, and Special Services.

This authority to KU police includes provisions for 24 hour patrols, response to emergency situations, receipt of reports, detailed criminal investigations, and coordination with other agencies of the criminal justice system, including city and state prosecutors' offices.

University Police Department authority also covers the distribution of information to the university community of activities that, in the judgement of the Chief of University Police or the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, may be considered a threat to the safety of students and employees. These timely warnings will include electronic mail, "In the Center", portal announcements, school and departmental mail distribution and well as emergency notifications via Alertus and rave Wireless. KU police also work closely with other area law enforcement agencies.

We depend on your assistance and cooperation to keep the KU Medical Center campus as safe as possible. Report suspected criminal activities to the KU Police Department by calling 9-1-1 or using an emergency blue phone.

While it is preferable that all crimes be reported the the KU Police Department, you may also report crimes to the following:

  • Dean, School of Medicine at 913-588-5268
  • Dean, School of Allied Health at 913-588-5235
  • Dean, School of Nursing at 913-588-1601
  • Student Counseling and Educational Support Services at 913-588-6580

Because police reports are public records under state law, the KU Police Department cannot hold reports of crime in confidence. However, the names of victims of sexual crimes are held in strict confidence. All reports will be investigated. The University does not have procedures for voluntary, confidential reporting of crime statistics.

Confidential reports may be made to the Kansas City area TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.

Officer Training

University police officers receive the same training as other full-service police officers in Kansas; they must successfully complete an authorized Kansas Law Enforcement Training Academy with a minimum of 560 hours of specialized instruction. Also, all University officers must successfully complete an on-the-job field-training program under the supervision of experienced officers and supervisors. This training lasts a minimum 12 weeks and covers security and crime concerns specific to the University community. Finally, officers must complete a probationary period of one year before being certified to their staff positions.

Last modified: Mar 15, 2013