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KUMC web server ( relationships with the greater community

Uses of
The web site is specifically and exclusively intended as an information-delivery tool, not as a platform for advocacy of social, political, or other viewpoints. By hosting a WWW resource, The University of Kansas Medical Center does not necessarily support or endorse any viewpoint that may be expressed in that resource.

Not-for-profit organizations
Generally, the principles that apply to for-profit organizations apply to not-for-profit organizations as well.

Additionally, the University may choose to host resources for selected not-for-profit, charitable entities with missions related to public information in the areas of disease and disease management, fitness and wellness, public health, and other related areas. In these situations, the University's commitment will ordinarily consist of

  • providing access to training through the training sessions regularly offered to KU Medical Center faculty and staff;
  • providing hard disk storage consistent with the reasonable requirements of the not-for-profit entity; and
  • providing server accounts and account management

The not-for-profit entity will be responsible for creating and maintaining all of its documents and for abiding by all policy and procedure affecting authors and document providers.

Access to
The University of Kansas Medical Center, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to approve or deny access to the servers to any or all affiliated or unaffiliated entities.

At a minimum, organizations with resources on may be asked to reimburse the University of Kansas Medical Center for the direct costs involved in hosting those resources.

Other applicable policies
All organizations that maintain resources on must abide by all existing policies affecting resources except those policies directed exclusively at KU Medical Center faculty, staff, and students.

Special Resources Hosted by KU Medical Center
KU Medical Center will consider hosting World Wide Web sites for not-for-profit organizations in the Kansas-Missouri region and for not-for-profit organizations with health-related missions outside the region.

Contact Information
To review specific publishing policies and request an account, please see the Web Publishing Guidelines. For more information and questions, contact Web Design and Managment.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018