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Bethene L. Gregg

 Bethene L. Gregg

Dr. Gregg has been on faculty since 1981 and teaches respiratory care procedures and mechanical ventilators. Both courses have labs which is where she spends most of her time. When she's not in lab she's on the computer doing this. Part of this can now be used by respiratory care practitioners to obtain AARC approved Category 1 continuing education credits.

She also teaches an education class which has a cybercase project as one of the requirements. The first cybercase was started by Katie Tull '95 who video taped movies, interviewed Chad Jackson '93 and started the review of the literature for what would become the Hyperbaric Oxygen module. It took Dr. Gregg a year and a lot of help from Nellie Modares to learn how to put all the pieces together for that first online cybercase. The HBO document is also linked to the interdisciplinary Case Study: Burn Patient. Since 1996 cybercases have eventually become part of the online continuing education program Respiratory Care WEB ED offered by the department.

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