Banner assembly:

A one-piece banner is easiest to carry, and some places have an in-house banner-making service. Commercial firms may also offer this service - try a Kinko's or similar company. I've noticed that branches of these companies that are located close to a university are more flexible in meeting academic & scientific needs than those branches located in shopping malls or the business community.
If you choose this route:

An alternative is to use a laser printer and double-stick tape:

  1. Set the printer output to landscape (wide) format, using 11 x 14 inch paper (you'll have fewer seams than if you use 8.5 x 11 inch paper).
  2. Print the title & lay it out on a table. Proofread it now, rather than after you have assembled it!
  3. Successive pages should overlap with only a small margin.
  4. Trim the overlap off one side of each page, and place a piece of double-stick tape in that position on the other page, then align the successive pages.
  5. This process is easier if you have included 2 thin, parallel lines across all pages of the banner, one above the text & one below. These lines will make it easier to align multiple pages. Once the banner is printed and put together, you can trim away the parallel lines with a straightedge & razor blade.
Either method produces a title banner which should be about 4 - 8 inches tall, and which can be rolled into a compact cylinder for travel. Here are some hints if you'd like a more rigid banner, which won't curl when placed above your poster at the meeting.

Before you go any further!

Remember to make a backup copy of your poster.

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Jeff Radel