Support services at KUMC related to presentations

The KU Medical Center offers several support services which may be useful to those preparing scientific presentations on this campus: My best advice is to plan well-ahead, so you have enough time to preview the results before you need to use them in a presentation!

Here are a few hints from the which will help avoid delays....

The most common error!

Presentation software programs (e.g., MS PowerPoint) seem to use the default setting of 'on-screen presentation' for viewing the material. Before having your material imaged onto 35mm slides you must change that setting to 'Slides' (go to the File function, select the Slide Setup option, and choose Slides). If you don't do this, you might get lucky if the person doing the imaging checks and changes this setting for you. Don't count on it ...

Some basic suggestions:

This series of Tip Sheets provide further directions for using a number of common software packages.

Here are some options for off-campus service providers:
(this information should not necessarily be construed as a recommendation, either real or implied)

Image Point
1515 Grand
(816) 474-4401

Custom Color
300 W. 19th Terr.
(816) 474-3200

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Jeff Radel