Getting the Final Word In Last . . .

If you plan to export your efforts as a data file, and eventually to use imaging software to create a series of presentation slides, consider this. Most rolls of film come as 24 or 36 exposures, and the difference in purchase & developing costs is negligible. Consider buying 36 exposure rolls, and filling the leftover exposures with copies of your key visuals. This means you'll have extra copies for those times when you'd have to forward & reverse through a series of slides in order to make a particular point. You'll also have copies for when you misplace that critical slide . . .

OK, here are the final words in this tutorial. Pay attention, and Good Luck!

1) Begin preparing your visuals early

  • Allow enough time to make any necessary changes.
  • Project the visuals to verify content, spelling, sizes, and colors
  • Practice the presentation with the visuals.
  • Take the time to reconsider the presentation as a whole.

    2) Make back-up copies frequently

    3) Practice the presentation. A lot.

    This has been one in a series of on-line tutorials intended to aid the user in effective scientific communication. You can access the other tutorials at the Effective presentations page.

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    Jeff Radel