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Technology Transfer Revenue Distribution Policy

Effective April 17, 2002


The KUMC will develop a technology transfer revenue distribution formula in harmony with the entire University of Kansas.

The following is the distribution formula:

33 1/3% INVENTOR(S)
  67% retained as Departmental/Center general funds

33% returned to the Inventor in a research account designated for the inventor's research expenses. At the discretion of the Chair or Director, more than 33% of the Department/Center share may be returned to the Inventor for Inventor research expenses. Upon resignation or termination of employment of the Inventor from the University of Kansas, this share will revert to Departmental/Center general funds.


In the past, the revenue distribution practices of the Lawrence Campus and the KUMC Campus have been different. This has caused confusion for faculty and administrators, particularly when faculty members from each campus were co-inventors. In an effort to harmonize the entire University, the Chancellor asked that all campuses of University utilize the same formula.

Previously, inventors on the KUMC Campus had to choose either receipt of founder's equity or return of revenue. It is recognized that receipt of founder's equity by an inventor and return of revenue from licensing University of Kansas technologies functionally separates the risk of being a founder in the start-up company from the reward of being an inventor. Upon adoption of this policy, an inventor who participates in founding a company may receive Founder's equity and shall also receive the inventor's share of revenue from licensing University of Kansas technology to that company.

In accordance with the Kansas Board of Regents' Intellectual Property Policy, the Distribution Formula will be applied when any revenue is obtained by or on behalf of the University of Kansas from the development or assignment of any patent or from royalties, license fees or other charges based on any patent or copyrightable software. Revenue sharing shall begin only after costs are recouped.

KUMC distribution formulas have changed from time to time. All previous contracts will not be affected by this current restatement of the revenue distribution.


The University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. (RI) will establish an account for each technology. All revenue and expenditures will be recorded. All net revenue will be distributed by the RI to the parties of interest.


All KUMC faculty and staff inventors, departments of inventors, and the University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc.


Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook, Conflict of Interest (PDF)

KUMC Research Institute Accounting Policy

Institutional Conflict of Interest

Management of Inventor Conflict of Interest


Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, 588-5436

* Pending approval of the Lawrence Campus. The policy became effective for the Kansas City Campus as of April 17, 2002.

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