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Property - Equipment Recovery

Policy Statement

The University of Kansas Medical Center will withhold from an employee’s pay the value of property and equipment and issued to them if they fail or refuse to return the items when directed to do so.


The University of Kansas Medical Center is legally responsible to maintain state property and equipment. From time to time, employees will be assigned equipment, such as, uniforms or wearing apparel, computers, pagers, or keys to facilitate their job responsibilities. The property or equipment must be returned to the department when a faculty or staff member transfers to a new department, terminates employment or is requested to do so by supervisor.

This policy establishes the mechanism to recover the value of the property and equipment assigned to a faculty or staff member.


  1. When issuing state property and equipment, employees and supervisors must complete the Property/Equipment Record using the form found at
  2. The completed form will be maintained in the department chair/director’s office, and a copy will be given to the employee.
  3. When state property and equipment is returned to the university, the department chair/director will update and sign the original form to include the date of return, and provide the faculty or staff member with a copy as a receipt.


All faculty and staff members prospectively authorize a payroll deduction equal to the value of the property to be withheld from any remaining pay due to the employee in the event they fail or refuse to return it when directed to do so.

Groups Covered

All KUMC faculty and staff

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  1. The Department Chair may recommend the transfer of research equipment purchased with extramural funds to another university when a faculty member leaves employment if the conditions established by the State Surplus Property Center are met, as outlined in Appendix A.
  2. Alleged theft of university property or equipment will be handled by the KUMC Police Department.

For complete instruction on processing a payroll deduction, contact Bob Weseloh at 8.1121


Human Resources
1024 Murphy
913. 588.5080

Property Accounting
913. 588.5271

KUMC Police Department

Appendix A

A principal investigator may transfer research equipment to another institution using DA Form 110, accompanied by a formal recommendation certifying the following conditions:

  1. The project investigator is moving to another academic institution and his/her financial support is also transferred by the granting agency without interruption;
  2. The granting agency approves transfer to the new institution of equipment purchased wholly by grant funds;
  3. Such equipment was specialized in nature, acquired specifically for the investigator for his/her particular program, and is essential to the [sic] continuance of the program without undue interruption in the work;
  4. The institution does not need the equipment in its current related research program; and,
  5. The entire cost of physical transfer of the equipment will be borne by the granting agency or the recipient institution.

Effective Date: April 30, 2003