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University of Kansas Medical Center Educational Scheduling Policy

Policy Statement

Degree-related classes have priority when scheduling events and locations.


Scheduling educational space is the responsibility of the academic unit supervising an accredited course of study. The educational timeline is established on the Lawrence campus. The class scheduling cycle begins in the middle of the previous semester year and lasts approximately three months. For example, the fall 2001 schedule planning process begins in the fall of 2000.

Room priorities are assigned based on the previous year's schedule, and changes reflect an ongoing review of the entire scheduling process, curricular adjustments and efficient use of space. Due to the uniqueness of the School of Medicine's curriculum, class schedules are developed annually and room scheduling is completed by March 31st. Rooms are released for other events at the end of the timetable process or April 1 for rooms reserved for the School of Medicine academic programs.

To maximize efficient use of space, scheduled rooms with a capacity of more than 30 must be filled to a minimum of 75% capacity. Double booking space is discouraged and cancellations should be given as soon as possible.

Space will be reserved for sixty (60) minutes unless specified otherwise. Set-up and breakdown time must be included in the scheduled timeframe. All activities must end a minimum of five (5) minutes prior to the designated ending time to allow for transition between programs.

Groups Covered

  • Academic units of the University of Kansas
  • Registered Student Groups
  • Affiliated Organizations
  • External Groups


Educational space - auditoria, classrooms, conference areas, laboratories


  • To schedule centrally held educational space, contact the Office of Instructional Services (913) 588-7326
  • To schedule departmental space, contact the departmental office.



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Contact Information

Vice Chancellor for Administration
2023 Murphy Hall
(913) 588-1400

Date Approved: February 21, 2001
Date Effective: July 1, 2001