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Courtesy Research Faculty Appointments

Effective December 19, 2003


Individuals, not otherwise employed by the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) who wish to conduct research or participate in a grant or contract on the KUMC campus may apply for a Courtesy Research Faculty Appointment.


The University of Kansas is legally responsible to state and Federal oversight agencies for the safety and integrity of the activities conducted on its premises and/or under its name. Therefore, all research grants and contracts conducted by or on behalf of the University of Kansas Medical Center must be duly authorized to protect both the university, the participants, staff and extramural agency. Issues that must be considered by the authorized agent include but are not limited to, risks and benefits to the university, facilities and administration fees ( F&A costs), compliance with human subjects or animal protections, intellectual property, space and equipment, bio-hazard regulations and Federal immigration laws.


Duly Authorized Agent Department Chairs, Center Directors, Deans and Executive Vice Chancellor


  1. The prospective courtesy faculty member should meet with the duly authorized agent and come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of the proposed research.
  2. A Letter of Request for Courtesy Research Appointment and a copy of the proposal, including the budget, should be completed and presented to the authorized agent for approval.
  3. A Faculty Appointment Form must be completed by the authorized agent and forwarded to the Dean.
  4. Acceptance or rejection of the request must be made in writing by the Dean and forwarded to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Office Sponsored Program Administration.


Any individual not employed by the University of Kansas Medical Center




Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook (PDF)


Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 588.1258
Vice Chancellor for Research Administration 588.5436