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KU Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory

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A sub-area of:
Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 2005
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Murphy Administration Building
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Jadesola Akinwuntan, Research Technician
Mazin Al-Kasspooles, Associate Professor
Richard Arnspiger, Clinical Assistant Professor
Christa Balanoff, Assistant Professor
Perel Baral, Surgery Resident
Justin Beck, Surgery Resident
Michael Beezley, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ashley Bennett, Assistant Professor
German Berbel, Assistant Professor
Bernita Berntsen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Stepheny Berry, Assistant Professor
Glynis Castaneda, Research Assistant, Trauma Services
Jenny Cho, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sonali Choudhury, Research Technician
Daniel Connelly, Clinical Assistant Professor
Nicole Crump, Senior Coordinator of Surgery Educa
Kelly Dale, Residency Coordinator
Romano Delcore, Professor & Chairman
Sakshi Dhar, Resident
Peter DiPasco, Associate Professor
Robert Driscoll, Research Assistant
Carlyle Dunshee II, Clinical Assistant Professor
Craig Follette, Resident
Chloe French, Surgery Resident
William Freund, Assistant Professor
Justin Green, Associate Professor
James Hamilton Jr, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kirk Hance, Clinical Assistant Professor
Amanda Hangge, Surgery Resident
Kara Hessel, Resident
Jacob Hodge, Research Assistant
JAMES HOWARD, Assistant Professor
Sidney Hu, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dawn Jackson, Research Assistant
Kari Jerge, Assistant Professor
Bart Kane, Assistant Professor
Jessica Keller, Former Student
Lyndsey Kilgore, Surgery Resident
Sean Kumer, Associate Professor
Kelsey Larson, Assistant Professor
Jennifer Legino, Resident
Benjamin Martin, Assistant Professor
Jennifer McAllaster, Clinical Assistant Professor
Hannah McDonald, Research Student
Kishan Moonesinghe, Surgery Research Information Specia
Ryan O'Dell, Surgery Resident
Joseph Parrack, Research Assistant
Shinal Patel, Surgery Resident
Mrinalini Patil, Resident
Clay Quint, Assistant Professor
Tamika Reed, Research Assistant
Mark Reintjes, Clinical Assistant Professor
Matthew Richey, Resident
Randi Ryan, Resident
Sumaiya Sarwar, Surgery Resident
Timothy Schmitt, Professor
Meenal Singh, Research Assistant
Pugazhendhi Srinivasan, Research Scholar
James Thomas, Professor Emeritus
Axel Thors, Assistant Professor
Lauren Turco, Research Assistant
Scott Turner, Clinical Assistant Professor
Joseph Valentino, Assistant Professor
Jamie Wagner, Associate Professor
Erich Wessel, Resident
Robert Winfield, Associate Professor
Laurie Wood, Administrative Officer

Ahmed, Ishfaq, General Surgery
Akinwuntan, Jadesola, Surgery
Al-Kasspooles, Mazin, Surgery
Alley, John, General Surgery
Amin, Amanda, General Surgery
Arnspiger, Richard, Surgery
Ashcraft, John, General Surgery
Balanoff, Christa, Surgery
Baral, Perel, Surgery
Beck, Justin, Surgery
Beezley, Michael, Surgery
Bennett, Ashley, Surgery
Berbel, German, Surgery
Berntsen, Bernita, Surgery
Berry, Stepheny, Surgery
Birlingmair, Jacob, General Surgery Housestaff
Campbell, Tanner, General Surgery Housestaff
Castaneda, Glynis, Surgery
Cho, Jenny, Surgery
Choudhury, Sonali, Surgery
Connelly, Daniel, Surgery
Crump, Nicole, Surgery
Dale, Kelly, Surgery
Dandawate, Prasad, General Surgery
Delcore, Romano, Surgery
Dhar, Sakshi, Surgery
DiPasco, Peter, Surgery
Driscoll, Robert, Surgery
Dunshee II, Carlyle, Surgery
Follette, Craig, Surgery
French, Chloe, Surgery
Freund, William, Surgery
Glorsky, Steven, General Surgery
Green, Justin, Surgery
Haller, Chris, General Surgery
Hamilton Jr, James, Surgery
Hance, Kirk, Surgery
Hangge, Amanda, Surgery
Hessel, Kara, Surgery
Hodge, Jacob, Surgery
Hong, Sam, General Surgery
Hu, Sidney, Surgery
Jabbari, Javaneh, General Surgery Housestaff
Jackson, Dawn, Surgery
Jamadar, Abeda, General Surgery
Jerge, Kari, Surgery
Kahle, Adam, General Surgery Housestaff
Kane, Bart, Surgery
Keller, Jessica, Surgery
Kilgore, Lyndsey, Surgery
King, Clay, General Surgery
Kumer, Sean, Surgery
Larson, Kelsey, Surgery
Legino, Jennifer, Surgery
Liebscher, Sean, General Surgery Housestaff
Mammen, Joshua, General Surgery
Martin, Benjamin, Surgery
McAllaster, Jennifer, Surgery
McDonald, Hannah, Surgery
Moonesinghe, Kishan, Surgery
Mouw, Tyler, General Surgery
Nawabi, Atta, General Surgery
O'Dell, Ryan, Surgery
Parrack, Joseph, Surgery
Patel, Shinal, Surgery
Patil, Mrinalini, Surgery
Ponnurangam, Sivapriya, General Surgery
Quint, Clay, Surgery
Ramamoorthy, Prabhu, General Surgery
Reed, Tamika, Surgery
Reintjes, Mark, Surgery
Richey, Matthew, Surgery
Robinson, Leigh, General Surgery
Roy, Badal, General Surgery
Ryan, Randi, Surgery
Sarwar, Sumaiya, Surgery
Schmitt, Timothy, Surgery
Singh, Meenal, Surgery
Srinivasan, Pugazhendhi, Surgery
Standing, David, General Surgery
Subramaniam, Dharmalingam, General Surgery
Sutherland, Amanda, General Surgery Housestaff
Thomas, James, Surgery
Thors, Axel, Surgery
Turco, Lauren, Surgery
Turner, Scott, Surgery
Umar, Shahid, General Surgery
Valentino, Joseph, Surgery
Vandervelde, Joel, General Surgery Housestaff
Wagner, Jamie, Surgery
Wessel, Erich, Surgery
Winfield, Robert, Surgery
Wood, Laurie, Surgery

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.