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KU Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory

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Division of Information Resources/CIO

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 3024
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Eleanor Taylor Hall
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Adams, Doug, TLT - EdTech
Addison, Diane, TLT - EdTech
Alvarez, Gail, Enterprise Systems
Antonacci, Dave, Division of Information Resources/C
Bailey, Bradley, Customer Support
Blomendahl, Jeff, Enterprise IT Architecture
Brennan, Tyler, TLT-Media
Breshears, Derrick, Customer Support
Butler, Heath, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Cameron-Vedros, Crystal, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Carter, Tom, Wiring and Installation
Chaponniere, David, Networking and Convergence
Chappler, Kathy, Project Management Office
Chinn, Karen, Web Design and Management
Clem, Jeffrey, TLT-Media
Collins, Josh, Internet Development
Crane, Kyle, Networking and Convergence
Davenport, Sean, Enterprise Systems
Doss, Ann, IR Finance and Administration
Doughty, Tim, TLT - EdTech
Duensing, Dan, Identity and Data Services
Eastman, Bob, TLT - EdTech
Edwards, Jeremy, TLT-Media
Erickson, Samantha, TLT-Media
Fay, Greg, Application Development
Ferguson, Kathy, Work Orders and Planning
Fiorello, Joseph, Telecommunications & Networking
Ford, Kahlia, TLT - EdTech
Francis, Rhonda, Application Development
Fresia, David, TLT-Media
Fry, Alexis, Internet Development
Gannaway, Robert, Collaboration and Imaging
Godfrey, William, IR Finance and Administration
Grabendike, Mark, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Grechus, Darin, TLT-Media
Greene, Jalen, Web Design and Management
Gururaj, Savitha, Enterprise Systems
Hall, Jesse, Web Design and Management
Hinkle, John, Collaboration and Imaging
Holman, Michelle, Division of Information Resources/C
Hooper, Ben, TLT - EdTech
Ivanko, Dallas, Networking and Convergence
Jakobsen, John, Telecommunications & Networking
Kartsonis, Sarah, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Kelley, Trent, Application Development
Kessler, Erich, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Killion, Corey, TLT-Media
Kirschman, Kyle, Networking and Convergence
Knight, Ron (Modar), TLT - EdTech
Konzak, Philip, Wiring and Installation
Leon, Leo, Customer Support
Lim, Eu-Ghee, Enterprise Systems
Linares, Brenda, Research and Learning, Dykes Librar
Martinez, Karen, Internet Development
McSpadden, Michael, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Mehling, Dean, TLT - EdTech
Mehren, John, Application Development
Messias Sarmento, Caio Vinicius, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Mian, Kerry, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Miltenberger, Mark, Identity and Data Services
Mindrup, James, Enterprise Systems
Minsey, Shane, TLT-Media
Miranda, Marcos, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Modares, Nellie, TLT - EdTech
Motsinger, Joshua, Web Design and Management
Nevrkla, Michelle, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Newland, Dominique, Customer Support
O'Renick, Elam, Customer Support
Ortega, Julie, Customer Support
Ott, John, Enterprise Systems
Painter, Sonny, TLT - EdTech
Ramirez, Sherri, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Ramirez, Victoria, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Raveendran, Shijil, Customer Support
Reboli, Alan, Customer Support
Reed, Rachael, Identity and Data Services
Richards, Chris, Networking and Convergence
Riley, Jonathan, Application Development
Robinson, Howard, Customer Support
Rodd, Maziar, Customer Support
Roland, Connie, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Sanderson, Barry, Wiring and Installation
Sandoval, Amber, Telecommunications & Networking
Sandoval, Eric, Wiring and Installation
Sartorius, Samuel, TLT-Media
Schletzbaum, Dave, Work Orders and Planning
Schneider, Rick, Internet Development
Selaya, Steve, Enterprise IT Architecture
Slaughter, Dallas, Wiring and Installation
Smith, Greg, Enterprise Systems
Smith, Jessica, Project Management Office
Smith, Michael, TLT-Media
Sorio, Frank, Identity and Data Services
Strausbaugh, Scott, Collaboration and Imaging
Stroehmann, David, Enterprise Systems
Sutton, Crystal, Telecommunications & Networking
Sweeney, D C, Wiring and Installation
Swindale, Anne, Enterprise Systems
Thomas, Kenyarda, Internet Development
Thompson, Logan, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Threlkeld, Clay, TLT - EdTech
Tirumalasetty, Sarath, Enterprise Systems
Tolivar, Shawn, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Umstattd, Chance, TLT-Media
Vaduvathiriyan, Prasanna, Research and Learning, Dykes Librar
Villarreal, DeAnna, Enterprise IT Architecture
Vukas, Rachel, Research and Learning, Dykes Librar
Walker, Dylan, TLT-Media
Wardell, Derek, Customer Support
White, Jacob, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Wickstrom, Ryan, TLT-Media
Williams, Austin, Customer Support

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.