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KU Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory

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Office of Academic Affairs

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 1040
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Wescoe Pavilion
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Acosta Lentz, Taryn, Counseling and Educational Support
Aris, Irina, International Programs
Blanck, Jennifer, Student Health Services
Breakfield, Sydney, Faculty Affairs
Briles, Fonda, Division of Student Services
Carlson, Madeline, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Chaput-Bond, Lauren, Student Health Services
Connelly, Kimberly, International Programs
Cutshall, Corie, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Doerr, Karen, Counseling and Educational Support
Dolson, Jen, Counseling and Educational Support
Egger, Jennifer, Faculty Affairs
Embers, David, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Fleischaker, Aimee, Student Financial Aid
Gai, Andrew, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Gove, Ryan, Office of Student Life
Graham, Martin, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Gwinn, David, Counseling and Educational Support
Hanysz, John, Enrollment Services
Harkins Porto, Alexandria, International Programs
Hayden, Nick, Office of Student Life
Hermanson, Matthew, Counseling and Educational Support
Heronemus, Marc, Counseling and Educational Support
Herron, Marla, Enrollment Services
Honeck, Sara, Student Financial Aid
HousingInfo, HousingInfo, Office of Student Life
Houston Howell, Karen, Counseling and Educational Support
Jernigan, Stephanie, Student Health Services
JOHNSON, TEE-KA, Student Health Services
Katzer, Jessica, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Klein, Robert, Office of Academic Affairs
Lister, Richard, Student Health Services
Long, Larry, Counseling and Educational Support
Martin, Kristen, Student Financial Aid
McLaughlin Jarvis, Marty, Office of Academic Affairs
Memmott, Jenny, Office of Academic Affairs
Memmott, Jenny, Faculty Affairs
Nasternak, Joseph, Student Financial Aid
Noack, Valerie, Enrollment Services
Parker, Matthew, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Peterson, Angela, International Programs
Rader, Stacie, International Programs
Ranney, Leslie, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Reder, Miriam, Counseling and Educational Support
Roodman, Allison, Counseling and Educational Support
Saunders, Mary, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Scala, Carrie, Enrollment
Schroder, Gloria, Enrollment Services
Schwab, Cassandra, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Smith, Alexa, International Programs
Soykan, Kristin, Counseling and Educational Support
Sponholtz, Scott, Student Financial Aid
Spresser, Colton, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Sweeney, Janelle, Division of Student Services
Sweeney, Tara, Student Health Services
Swint-Kruse, Liskin, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Ukoko, Cyn, Division of Student Services
Watson, Brock, Kirmayer Fitness Center
Werle, Mike, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.