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3243 East Murdock Suite 402 Wichita KS 67208-3005
Physical address:
3243 East Murdock Suite 402 Wichita KS 67208-3005
Directory Contact(s):

Amanda Aguila-Gonzalez, MIH Coordinator
Tasneem Alaqzam, Clinical Assistant Professor
Steven Allen, Assistant Professor
Carolina Beltran-Carranza, Pediatric Metabolic Geneticist
Kirsten Bjorkman, Pediatric Hospitalist
Judy Blair, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Barry Bloom, Professor
Lillian Blue, Assistant Professor
Ann Brenner, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Thuy Bui, Senior Research Associate
Lindsay Byrnes, VFA
Marcela Cousens, LYFTE Coordinator
Cindy Daugherty, Clinical Assistant Professor
Julian Dedeaux, Senior Research Associate
Susana Estrada, Community Health Assistant
Diana Guthrie, Emeritus Faculty
Laurie Gwyn, Associate Professor
Nathan Hall, Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist
Martha Henao Villa, Spanish Education Coordinator
Ashley Hervey, CRIBS Coordinator
Melissa Hopper, Pediatric Psychologist
Valarie Kerschen, Clinical Assistant Professor
Amy Knutsen, Site Coordinator
Shobana Kubendran, Associate Professor
Adam McClure, Pediatric Hospitalist
Kerri Meyer, Associate Professor
Teolinda Milsap, Outpatient Pediatrician
Atlantis Mitchell, Community Health Assistant
Melissa Novak, Hospitalist Support
Andrew Ormond, Clinical Assistant Professor
Serina Padilla, Clinical Assistant Professor
Brian Pate, Chair
Donnita Pelser, Medical Education Administrator
Sean Pyper, Assistant Professor
William Reed, Clinical Assistant Professor
Cindy Roth, Executive Assistant and Residency Program Coordinator
Alisha Sanchez, Clinical Assistant Professor
Apeksha Sathyaprasad, Clinical Assistant Professor
Colleen Schawe, Accounting & Office Assistant
Nandhini Sehar, Research Intern
Subhash Shah, Clinical Assistant Professor
Tara Shirley, Residency Administrator
Siddharthan Sivamurthy, Associate Professor
Lindall Smith, Assistant Professor
Paul Teran, Pediatric Hospitalist
Paul Uhlig, Associate Professor
Craig Webb, Newborn Pediatric Hospitalist

Aguila-Gonzalez, Amanda, Pediatrics-Wichita
Alaqzam, Tasneem, Pediatrics-Wichita
Allen, Steven, Pediatrics-Wichita
Alliston, Deborah, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Beltran-Carranza, Carolina, Pediatrics-Wichita
Bjorkman, Kirsten, Pediatrics-Wichita
Blair, Judy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Bloom, Barry, Pediatrics-Wichita
Blue, Lillian, Pediatrics-Wichita
Brenner, Ann, Pediatrics-Wichita
Bridge, Alisa, Pediatric Faculty Hospitalists-Wesl
Bui, Thuy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Byrnes, Lindsay, Pediatrics-Wichita
Cousens, Marcela, Pediatrics-Wichita
Daugherty, Cindy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Dedeaux, Julian, Pediatrics-Wichita
Estrada, Susana, Pediatrics-Wichita
Guthrie, Diana, Pediatrics-Wichita
Gwyn, Laurie, Pediatrics-Wichita
Hall, Nathan, Pediatrics-Wichita
Harris, Kari, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Harrison, Mark, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Henao Villa, Martha, Pediatrics-Wichita
Hervey, Ashley, Pediatrics-Wichita
Homan, Gretchen, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Hopper, Melissa, Pediatrics-Wichita
Kerschen, Valarie, Pediatrics-Wichita
Knutsen, Amy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Kubendran, Shobana, Pediatrics-Wichita
Kuhlmann, Stephanie, Pediatric Faculty Hospitalists-Wesl
McClure, Adam, Pediatrics-Wichita
Melhorn, Katherine, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Meyer, Kerri, Pediatrics-Wichita
Milsap, Teolinda, Pediatrics-Wichita
Mitchell, Atlantis, Pediatrics-Wichita
Novak, Melissa, Pediatrics-Wichita
Ormond, Andrew, Pediatrics-Wichita
Padilla, Serina, Pediatrics-Wichita
Pate, Brian, Pediatrics-Wichita
Pelser, Donnita, Pediatrics-Wichita
Pyper, Sean, Pediatrics-Wichita
Reed, William, Pediatrics-Wichita
Roth, Cindy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Sanchez, Alisha, Pediatrics-Wichita
Sathyaprasad, Apeksha, Pediatrics-Wichita
Schawe, Colleen, Pediatrics-Wichita
Schmidt, Cari, Pediatric Research
Sehar, Nandhini, Pediatrics-Wichita
Shah, Subhash, Pediatrics-Wichita
Shirley, Tara, Pediatrics-Wichita
Sivamurthy, Siddharthan, Pediatrics-Wichita
Smith, Lindall, Pediatrics-Wichita
Sollo, Natalie, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Teran, Paul, Pediatrics-Wichita
Uhlig, Paul, Pediatrics-Wichita
Webb, Craig, Pediatrics-Wichita
Wittler, Robert, Pediatric Faculty Subspecialty Clin

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