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KU Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory

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Radiology Faculty

A sub-area of:
Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 4032
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
The University of Kansas Hospital
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Subordinate units:
Directory Contact(s):

Adam Alli, Interventional Radiologist-Vascular
Ryan Ash, Assisant Professor
Angie Barton, Research Coordinator
Sherry Bassett, Admin Associate Sr
Judson Bertsch, Assistant Professor
Shaun Best, Assistant Professor
Nebiyu Beteselassie, Musculoskeletal Radiology
Kevin Brown, Assistant Professor
Zachary Collins, Associate Professor
David Creed, Assistant Professor
Joseph Donald, Nuclear Medicine Radiologist
BRIAN EVERIST, Assistant Professor
Shelby Fishback, Assistant Professor
Jason Gatewood, Assistant Professor
Nick Harn, MD, Neuroradiology
Gary Hinson, Assistant Professor
ROSANNE HOOVER, Research Coordinator
Ashley Huppe, MD, Breast Radiologist
Marc Inciardi, Associate Professor
Neville Irani, Assistant Professor
Philip Johnson, Professor/Chairman
Jill Jones, Assistant Professor
Troy Kerby, Assistant Professor
Luke Ledbetter, Associate Professor
John Leever, Assistant Professor
Steven Lemons, Assistant Professor
Ernest Madarang, Assistant Professor
Sonia McCoy, Research Coordinator
Brad McCrary, Assistant Professor
Lucas Meek, Assistant Professor
Kirk Miller, Associate Professor
Douglas Nelson, Assistant Professor
Mark Perry, Assistant Professor
Kristen Pope, Assistant Professor
Mark Redick, Assistant Professor
Alan Reeves, Assistant Professor
Stanton Rosenthal, Professor
Pauline Sleder, Assistant Professor
John Vadaparampil, Assistant Professor
Lucy Vu, Clinical Research Coordinator
Christopher Walker, Associate Professor - Chest
Carissa Walter, Research Coordinator
Louis Wetzel, Professor
Vanessa Williams, Assistant Professor of Radiology -
Onalisa Winblad, Assistant Professor
Wendell Yap, Assistant Professor

Alli, Adam, Radiology Faculty
Aripoli, Allison, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Ash, Ryan, Radiology Faculty
Barnthouse, Nick, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Barton, Angie, Radiology Faculty
Bassett, Sherry, Radiology Faculty
Bertsch, Judson, Radiology Faculty
Best, Shaun, Radiology Faculty
Beteselassie, Nebiyu, Radiology Faculty
Boatright, Christine, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Brown, Kevin, Radiology Faculty
Burns, John, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Carroll, Melissa, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Chen, Jack, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Collins, Zachary, Radiology Faculty
Cook, Larry, Radiology Faculty
Creed, David, Radiology Faculty
Custer, MD, Brandon, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Dahlstrom, Kelly, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Dehbozorgi, Arshan, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Delozier, MD, Andrew, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Donald, Joseph, Radiology Faculty
EVERIST, BRIAN, Radiology Faculty
Fearn, MD, Kenny, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Fishback, Shelby, Radiology Faculty
Frager, Luke, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Freitag, Michael, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Frenette, Aaron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Gatewood, Jason, Radiology Faculty
Glass, Michael, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Guenther, Mitchell, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hanus, MD, Bryan, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Harn, MD, Nick, Radiology Faculty
Hartman, Sarah, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hasham, Hasnain, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Heaton, Dennis, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hinson, Gary, Radiology Faculty
HOOVER, ROSANNE, Radiology Faculty
Hund, Samuel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Huppe, MD, Ashley, Radiology Faculty
Inciardi, Marc, Radiology Faculty
Irani, Neville, Radiology Faculty
Johnson, Philip, Radiology Faculty
Jones, Jill, Radiology Faculty
Kerby, Troy, Radiology Faculty
Kirkpatrick, Daniel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Ledbetter, Luke, Radiology Faculty
Leever, John, Radiology Faculty
Lemons, Steven, Radiology Faculty
Madarang, Ernest, Radiology Faculty
Mader, MD, Matthew, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Maxwell, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
McCoy, Sonia, Radiology Faculty
McCrary, Brad, Radiology Faculty
Meek, Lucas, Radiology Faculty
Miller, Kirk, Radiology Faculty
Nelson, Douglas, Radiology Faculty
Nygard, Adam, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Perry, Mark, Radiology Faculty
Peterson, Jessica, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Pope, Kristen, Radiology Faculty
Redick, Mark, Radiology Faculty
Reeves, Alan, Radiology Faculty
Rosenthal, Stanton, Radiology Faculty
Schatz, Ben, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Sherard, MD, Sarah, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Sleder, Pauline, Radiology Faculty
Smith, Camron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Spencer, Jayden, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Summers, DO, Kyle, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Vadaparampil, John, Radiology Faculty
Vu, Lucy, Radiology Faculty
Walker, Christopher, Radiology Faculty
Walmann, Timothy, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Walter, Carissa, Radiology Faculty
Werner, Gregg, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Werth, Kyle, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Wetzel, Louis, Radiology Faculty
Williams, MD, Silas, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Williams, Vanessa, Radiology Faculty
Winblad, Onalisa, Radiology Faculty
Yap, Wendell, Radiology Faculty

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.