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KU Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory

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Project EAGLE

A sub-area of:
Main Phone:
Mailing address:
444 Minnesota Avenue Ste. 100 Kansas City KS 66101
444 Minnesota Avenue Ste. 100 Kansas City KS 66101
Subordinate units:
Directory Contact(s):

Jennifer Adhima, Associate Director
Tara Allin, Teaching Assistant
Amber Ashbaugh, Assistant Teacher
Laura Barriga, Early Head Start Home Visitor
Gail Bowen, Coordinator of Office Administratio
Lauren Bowser, Teacher
Tiffany Brown, Asst. Infant/Toddler Teacher
Hannah Buckholz, Teacher Aide
Audra Bush, Teaching Assistant
Yamilka Crabaugh, Teacher
Carolyn Davis, Assistant Teacher
Britney Dozier, Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher
Sandra Fields, Fam Support Advocate
Vikteria Fletcher, Child Development Coordinator
Tyra Franklin, Assistant Teacher
Brittany Frazier, Early Head Start Home Visitor
Kamberly Gochenouer, Teaching Assistant
Monica Gonzalez, COOK II
Ashley Gonzalez, Teacher Aide
Karla Gonzalez Mercado, Teaching Assistant
Linda Hall-Lockridge, Teacher Aide
Jessica Haremza, Master Teacher
Kathleen Hart, ABC Home Visitor
Madison Heil, student
Kelli Hernandez, Administrative Associate Sr
Alicia Herrarte, Family Support Advocate
Anne Marie Jackson, Family Support Advocate
DeLinda Johnson, Master Teacher
Alyssa Johnson, Fam Support Advocate
Dama Johnson, Teacher
Faye Josenberger, Cook
Allison Kure, Teacher Aide
Kayla Leftridge, Teacher
Allison Lundquist, Special Projects Coordinator
Jessica Matusek, Teaching Assistant
Kimberly McKeithen, Assistant Teacher
Belinda McNerney, Home Visitor
Bryn Medley, Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher
Alesandro Melendez, Fam Support Advocate
Andrea Montoya, Family Support Advocate
Jocelyn Nino Hernandez, Fam Support Advocate
Solmarie Perez Vargas, Fam Support Advocate
Rachel Pierce, Teacher Aide
Maria Prieto Marcos, Fam Support Advocate
Erika Rater, Bilingual Home Visitor
Emily Rios, Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher
Mitzi Risetter, Early Head Start Home Visitor
Kneika Robbins, Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher
Kelli Roehr, Lead Teacher
Brittany Rucker, Teacher Aide
Rhonda Rush, Home Based Programs Manager
Heather Schrotberger, Assistant Director of Development a
Ramyia Silvers, Lead Preschool Teacher
Ariana Smith, Teacher Aide
Maribeth Steinert, Home Visitor
Nicole Stejskal, Business Manager
Katherine Stonecipher, Early Head Start Home Visitor
Kate Tammeus, Master Teacher
Tiarra Toney, Teacher Aide
Frieda Tresvan, Health Coordinator
Lily Trujillo, Teacher Aide
Martha Trujillo, Intake Specialist
Becky Vaughn, Family Support Advocate
Mandi Veys, Family Support Advocate
Alexandria Votipka, Teaching Assistant
Jamie Walters, Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher
Leslie Warlen, Intake Coordinator
Alejandra Wells, Teacher Aide
La Shawn Williams, MIS Coordinator
Felicia Williams, Teacher
Sarah Winston, Administrative Assistant
Rocio Zambrano, Administrative Specialist
Leticia Zavala, Fam Support Advocate

Adhima, Jennifer, Project EAGLE
Allin, Tara, Project EAGLE
Ashbaugh, Amber, Project EAGLE
Barriga, Laura, Project EAGLE
Bowen, Gail, Project EAGLE
Bowser, Lauren, Project EAGLE
Brown, Tiffany, Project EAGLE
Buckholz, Hannah, Project EAGLE
Bush, Audra, Project EAGLE
Crabaugh, Yamilka, Project EAGLE
Davis, Carolyn, Project EAGLE
Dozier, Britney, Project EAGLE
Fields, Sandra, Project EAGLE
Fletcher, Vikteria, Project EAGLE
Franklin, Tyra, Project EAGLE
Frazier, Brittany, Project EAGLE
Gochenouer, Kamberly, Project EAGLE
Gonzalez Mercado, Karla, Project EAGLE
Gonzalez, Ashley, Project EAGLE
Gonzalez, Monica, Project EAGLE
Hall-Lockridge, Linda, Project EAGLE
Haremza, Jessica, Project EAGLE
Hart, Kathleen, Project EAGLE
Heil, Madison, Project EAGLE
Hernandez, Kelli, Project EAGLE
Herrarte, Alicia, Project EAGLE
Jackson, Anne Marie, Project EAGLE
Johnson, Alyssa, Project EAGLE
Johnson, Dama, Project EAGLE
Johnson, DeLinda, Project EAGLE
Josenberger, Faye, Project EAGLE
Kure, Allison, Project EAGLE
Leftridge, Kayla, Project EAGLE
Lundquist, Allison, Project EAGLE
Matusek, Jessica, Project EAGLE
McKeithen, Kimberly, Project EAGLE
McNerney, Belinda, Project EAGLE
Medley, Bryn, Project EAGLE
Melendez, Alesandro, Project EAGLE
Montoya, Andrea, Project EAGLE
Nino Hernandez, Jocelyn, Project EAGLE
Perez Vargas, Solmarie, Project EAGLE
Pierce, Rachel, Project EAGLE
Prieto Marcos, Maria, Project EAGLE
Rater, Erika, Project EAGLE
Rios, Emily, Project EAGLE
Risetter, Mitzi, Project EAGLE
Robbins, Kneika, Project EAGLE
Roehr, Kelli, Project EAGLE
Rucker, Brittany, Project EAGLE
Rush, Rhonda, Project EAGLE
Schrotberger, Heather, Project EAGLE
Silvers, Ramyia, Project EAGLE
Smith, Ariana, Project EAGLE
Steinert, Maribeth, Project EAGLE
Stejskal, Nicole, Project EAGLE
Stonecipher, Katherine, Project EAGLE
Tammeus, Kate, Project EAGLE
Toney, Tiarra, Project EAGLE
Tresvan, Frieda, Project EAGLE
Trujillo, Lily, Project EAGLE
Trujillo, Martha, Project EAGLE
Vaughn, Becky, Project EAGLE
Veys, Mandi, Project EAGLE
Votipka, Alexandria, Project EAGLE
Walters, Jamie, Project EAGLE
Warlen, Leslie, Project EAGLE
Wells, Alejandra, Project EAGLE
Williams, Felicia, Project EAGLE
Williams, La Shawn, Project EAGLE
Winston, Sarah, Project EAGLE
Zambrano, Rocio, Project EAGLE
Zavala, Leticia, Project EAGLE

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.