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Meghan Adams, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Brittany Arce, Research Assistant
Jessica Barr, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Carolina Bejarano, GRA/GTA
Kourtney Bettinger, Clinical Instructor
Bill Black, Assistant Professor - Behavioral Research Psychologist
Laura Blasi, Clinical Assistant Professor
Grace Brouillette, Assistant Professor
Amanda Bruce, Assistant Professor
Chu-yen Chen, Research Assistant
Nikki Deal, Affiliate
Kelsey Dean, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Amy Donnelly, Administrative Assistant
Kelstan Ellis, Resident
Mmeyeneabasi Essien, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Kristina Foster, Pediatric Research and Stakeholder Engagement Nurse
Cynthia Fry, Parent Educator/Healthy Steps
Hammad Ganatra, Pediatric Intensivist
Morgen Govindan, Education Assistant Professor
Nealey Grosdidier, Pediatric Grant & Research Specialist
Maggie Harper, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Holly Kramer, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Rohan Kulkarni, Research Technician
Stephen Lauer, Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Jennifer Lynn, Sr Coord Pediatric Residency
Mallorey Marek, GNO Program Coordinator
Arwen Marker, GRA/GTA
Lyndsay Marriott, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Paulina Martinez-Chio, Affiliate
Lisa Matthew, Affiliate
Alexandra Monzon, GRA/GTA
Trevena Moore, Assistant Professor - Developmental Pediatrician
Jackson Mores, Research Student
Eve-Lynn Nelson, Professor
Amy Papa, Conflict of Interest Affiliate
Kathryn Petelin, Clinical Assistant Professor
Whitney Pressler, Clinical Assistant Professor
Pratibha Rana, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sanket Shah, Clinical Assistant Professor
Marianne Sharp, Communications Coordinator
Timothy Ryan Smith, Assistant Professor
Debbie Vilchis Ornelas, Part-time Research Assistant
Heather Von Bevern, Assistant Professor
Lorna Walker, Family Coordinator
Corinne Walker, GRA/GTA
Marla Watson, Clinical Research Coord NE

Abu-Nasser, Sara, Pediatrics Residency Program
Adams, Meghan, Pediatrics
Almadhoun, Osama, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Arce, Brittany, Pediatrics
Artman, Michael, Pediatrics Administration
Baldridge, Lindsay, Pediatrics Residency Program
Barnard, Martha, Behavioral Pediatrics
Barr, Jessica, Pediatrics
Bejarano, Carolina, Pediatrics
Belmont, John, Behavioral Pediatrics
Bettinger, Kourtney, Pediatrics
Black, Bill, Pediatrics
Blasi, Laura, Pediatrics
Brouillette, Grace, Pediatrics
Bruce, Amanda, Pediatrics
Burns, Eric, Pediatrics Residency Program
Casadonte, Joseph, Pediatric Cardiology
Cernich, Joseph, Pediatric Endocrinology
Chen, Chu-yen, Pediatrics
Coffman, Keith, Pediatric Neurology
Cortez Granados, Samuel, Pediatrics Residency Program
Davis, Ann, Behavioral Pediatrics
Davis, Kathy, General Pediatrics
De la Fuente, Leslie, Pediatrics Residency Program
Deal, Nikki, Pediatrics
Dean, Kelsey, Pediatrics
Dioszeghy, Jennifer, General Pediatrics
Dobbs, Janice, Reach Out & Read KC
Donnelly, Amy, Pediatrics
Dummula, Krishna, Neonatology
Ellis, Kelstan, Pediatrics
Essien, Mmeyeneabasi, Pediatrics
Foster, Kristina, Pediatrics
Fry, Cynthia, Pediatrics
Ganatra, Hammad, Pediatrics
Garrard, Jill, Children's Miracle Network
Goertz, Ken, Pediatric Cardiology
Govindan, Morgen, Pediatrics
Grosdidier, Nealey, Pediatrics
Harper, Maggie, Pediatrics
Hessman, Jacob, Pediatrics Residency Program
Hildebrand, Rachel, Pediatrics Residency Program
Horsley, Jenny, Reach Out & Read KC
Hughes, Lauren, Pediatrics Residency Program
Kazlauskas, Christine, Pediatrics Residency Program
Kramer, Holly, Pediatrics
Kreisler, Kelly, General Pediatrics
Kulkarni, Rohan, Pediatrics
Langner, Travis, Pediatric Critical Care
Lassen, Stephen, Behavioral Pediatrics
Lauer, Stephen, Pediatrics
Lewis, Michael, General Pediatrics
Lindsley, Carol, Pediatric Rheumatology
Loew, Thomas, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Losole, Taylor, Pediatrics Residency Program
Lucia Casadonte, Chantal, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Luckhoff, Johann, Pediatrics Residency Program
Lueders, Amy, Children's Miracle Network
Lynn, Jennifer, Pediatrics
Mahajan, Chaitali, Neonatology
Marek, Mallorey, Pediatrics
Marker, Arwen, Pediatrics
Marriott, Lyndsay, Pediatrics
Martinez-Chio, Paulina, Pediatrics
Matthew, Lisa, Pediatrics
McKinnon, Mitchell, Pediatrics Residency Program
Monzon, Alexandra, Pediatrics
Moore, Trevena, Pediatrics
Mores, Jackson, Pediatrics
Murray, Megan, Behavioral Pediatrics
Nelson, Eve-Lynn, Pediatrics
Nelson, Lore, General Pediatrics
Nguyen, Mary, Pediatrics Residency Program
Nutterfield, Sue, Children's Miracle Network
Olinger, Amanda, Pediatrics Residency Program
Orr, Sarah, Pediatrics Residency Program
Panchal, Apurva, Pediatric Critical Care
Pandey, Vishal, Neonatology
Panicker, Jyoti, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Papa, Amy, Pediatrics
Patton, Susana, Behavioral Pediatrics
Perez Marques, Francesca, Pediatric Critical Care
Petelin, Kathryn, Pediatrics
Pitts, Beth, General Pediatrics
Pressler, Whitney, Pediatrics
Rana, Pratibha, Pediatrics
Rapoff, Michael, Behavioral Pediatrics
Riar, Sandeep, Pediatric Nephrology
Scheele, Allek, Pediatrics Residency Program
Schroeder, Valerie, Pediatric Cardiology
Schropp, Kurt, Pediatric Surgery
Shah, Sanket, Pediatrics
Sharp, Marianne, Pediatrics
Shastri, Pam, Neonatology
Shaw, Pam, General Pediatrics
Smith, Timothy Ryan, Pediatrics
Sosland, Jane, Behavioral Pediatrics
Turpin, Angela, Pediatric Endocrinology
Vaughn, Morgan, Pediatrics Residency Program
Vilchis Ornelas, Debbie, Pediatrics
Von Bevern, Heather, Pediatrics
Walker, Corinne, Pediatrics
Walker, Lorna, Pediatrics
Wang, Pei-Shan, Neonatology
Watson, Marla, Pediatrics
Wendland, Maura, Behavioral Pediatrics
Yan, Yun, Pediatric Endocrinology
Zaknoon, Raida, Pediatric Gastroenterology

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