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3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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Alexandra Arambula, Resident
Greg Ator, CMIO-KU Hospital & UKP and Associat
Maraya Baumanis, Resident
Sinehan Bayrak, Resident, ENT
David Beahm, Assistant Professor, ENT
Amit Bhojwani, Head & Neck Fellow
Justin Bond, Assistant Professor
Christopher Boyd, Resident, ENT
Dan Bruegger, Associate Professor, ENT
Andres Bur, Assistant Professor
Daniel Carlton, Clinical Instructor - Rhinology Fel
Alexander Chiu, Professor and Chairman
Dianne Durham, Professor
Jonathan Enders, GRA/GTA
John Flynn, Resident, ENT
Carrie Francis, Associate Professor
Dave Garnett, Associate Professor
Samantha Hall, Senior Coordinator, ENT
Shane Hamacher, student
Andrew Holcomb, Resident (ENT)
Larry Hoover, Professor
Clint Humphrey, Associate Professor
Bryan Humphrey, Clinical Research Coordinator
Amy Jacks, Resident
David Jorgensen, Research Assistant, ENT
Charissa Kahue, Head & Neck Fellow
Kiran Kakarala, Associate Professor
Omar Karadaghy, Resident
Cara Katzer, Resident, ENT
Hannah Kavookjian, Resident, ENT
Shannon Kraft, Assistant Professor, ENT
David Kriet, Professor, Facial Plastic Surgery
Christopher Larsen, Associate Professor
Tran Le, Resident, ENT
Jason Lepse, Resident
Jim Lin, Associate Professor, ENT
Jake Lucas, Resident
Stephen McHale, Resident, ENT
Jennifer Nelson-Brantley, Research Associate
Dana Reinert, Communications and CME Director
Ann Robinson, Assistant Professor, ENT
Lynn Roh, Assistant Professor, ENT
David Rouse Jr, Assistant Professor
Keith Sale, Associate Professor
Heather Schopper, Resident
Matthew Shew, Resdient, ENT
Lisa Shnayder, Professor
Sunthosh Sivam, Facial Plastic Fellow
Hinrich Staecker, Professor, ENT
Rahul Subbarayan, Resident, ENT
Kevin Sykes, Director, Clinical Research, ENT
Sufi Thomas, Associate Professor, ENT
Terry Tsue, Professor & Vice Chairman
Jennifer Villwock, Assistant Professor
Joel Waxman, Clinical Assistant Professor
Helena Wichova, Resident, ENT
Valerie Wood, Clinical Instructor
Sreeya Yalamanchali, Resident, ENT

Arambula, Alexandra, Otolaryngology
Ator, Greg, Otolaryngology
Baumanis, Maraya, Otolaryngology
Bayrak, Sinehan, Otolaryngology
Beahm, David, Otolaryngology
Bhojwani, Amit, Otolaryngology
Bond, Justin, Otolaryngology
Boyd, Christopher, Otolaryngology
Bruegger, Dan, Otolaryngology
Bur, Andres, Otolaryngology
Carlton, Daniel, Otolaryngology
Chiu, Alexander, Otolaryngology
Durham, Dianne, Otolaryngology
Enders, Jonathan, Otolaryngology
Flynn, John, Otolaryngology
Francis, Carrie, Otolaryngology
Garnett, Dave, Otolaryngology
Hall, Samantha, Otolaryngology
Hamacher, Shane, Otolaryngology
Holcomb, Andrew, Otolaryngology
Hoover, Larry, Otolaryngology
Humphrey, Bryan, Otolaryngology
Humphrey, Clint, Otolaryngology
Jacks, Amy, Otolaryngology
Jorgensen, David, Otolaryngology
Kahue, Charissa, Otolaryngology
Kakarala, Kiran, Otolaryngology
Karadaghy, Omar, Otolaryngology
Katzer, Cara, Otolaryngology
Kavookjian, Hannah, Otolaryngology
Kraft, Shannon, Otolaryngology
Kriet, David, Otolaryngology
Larsen, Christopher, Otolaryngology
Le, Tran, Otolaryngology
Lepse, Jason, Otolaryngology
Lin, Jim, Otolaryngology
Lucas, Jake, Otolaryngology
McHale, Stephen, Otolaryngology
Nelson-Brantley, Jennifer, Otolaryngology
Reinert, Dana, Otolaryngology
Robinson, Ann, Otolaryngology
Roh, Lynn, Otolaryngology
Rouse Jr, David, Otolaryngology
Sale, Keith, Otolaryngology
Schopper, Heather, Otolaryngology
Shew, Matthew, Otolaryngology
Shnayder, Lisa, Otolaryngology
Sivam, Sunthosh, Otolaryngology
Staecker, Hinrich, Otolaryngology
Subbarayan, Rahul, Otolaryngology
Sykes, Kevin, Otolaryngology
Thomas, Sufi, Otolaryngology
Tsue, Terry, Otolaryngology
Villwock, Jennifer, Otolaryngology
Waxman, Joel, Otolaryngology
Wichova, Helena, Otolaryngology
Wood, Valerie, Otolaryngology
Yalamanchali, Sreeya, Otolaryngology

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