Nursing Department

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
2nd floor
Wescoe Pavilion
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Subordinate units:
Appearance Center
Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Central Pre/Post
CICU (2nd floor HC)
Clinical Affiliate Faculty
Clinical Informatics
CTR (2nd floor HC)
CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
CTSP (4th floor HC)
CV Management
CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Emergency Room-ER
ICC Interventional Radiology
Infection Control
Infusion Therapy Clinic
IP Pain Mgmt Nurses
IV Therapy
Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Landon Center
Liver Transplant
Liver Transplant Acquisition
Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Neonatal Medical Home
North & South Pre/Post
NS 15C-Clinical Throughput (CTU)
NS 42-Hem/Onc
NS 43-Orthopedics
NS 44A-Peds ICU
NS 45-Hem/Onc
NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
NS 55-Neonatal ICU
NS 56-Mother/Baby
NS 62-Medical Telemetry
NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Nursing Clinical Excellence
Nursing Education
Nursing Pool
NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Operating Room
OR Perfusion
Pancreas Transplant Acquisition
Patient Placement
Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Psych Liason Service
Psychiatry Central
Sterile Processing Unit
Surgical ICU
Transplant Administration
Unit 15A ICU
Unit 3 OP
Unit 3F Rehab
Unit 44A CCU
Unit 45
Unit 46 - Cardiology Telemetry
Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Unit 51
Unit 52
Unit 66
Value Analysis
Youth Sports Medicine
Directory Contact(s):

  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Stacey Kuhlman, NURSE MANAGER

Abbott, Carra, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Abbott, Debbie, PAT
Abdelaziz, Ameena, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Abdulkareem, Gwen, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Abel, Angela, Sterile Processing Unit
Abella, Katrina, Surgical ICU
Abels, Ashley, Nursing Pool
Ables, Sarah, Unit 52
Accola, Daniel, Youth Sports Medicine
Accurso, Alex, Operating Room
Acklin, Vere, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ackman, Sharlene, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Acosta-Carrillo, Vanessa, Unit 66
Acree, Arrica, Unit 52
Adair, Kaitlin, Surgical ICU
Adam, RJ, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Adams Kloepfer, Mercedes, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Adams, Adrienne, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Adams, Ashleigh, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Adams, Mariah, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Adams, Vhanie, NS 61 MSICU
Adams, Vickie, Nursing Education
Aday, Allison, Unit 52
Adcox, Anette, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Addington, Jeanette, Patient Placement
Adejo, Grace, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Adelman, Emily, NS 61 MSICU
Adewumi, James, Unit 3 OP
Adkinson, Lyndsay, Unit 52
Adler, Sydnie, Surgical ICU
Adrian, Jonathan, Department of Nursing Central
Agee, Sarah, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Agim, Geoffrey, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Agnew, Gareth, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Agre, Elizabeth, Unit 3 OP
Aguilar, Doana, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Aguirre, Audrey, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Akanuligo, Ifeyinwa, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Akers, Bailey, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Akers, Lana, Unit 52
Akers, Nicole, CV Management
Akil, Aisha, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Akins, Heather, NS 41-BMT
Akpovona, Ishani, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Akright, Kevin, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Albarelli, Ciana, NS 61 MSICU
Albasri, Tareq, Sterile Processing Unit
Albee, Justin, Operating Room
Albluwi, Samira Mussa, CV Management
Albrecht Thompson, Robin, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Albritton, Kiela, Surgical ICU
Alexandra, Chelsee, Nursing Pool
Ali, Fareena, PAT
ALiverTrans, A, Transplant Administration
Allbee, Melissa, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Allee, Josh, Operating Room
Allee, Stephanie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Allegrezza, Isabella, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Allen, Adriana, Operating Room
Allen, Brandy, Transplant Center Clinics
Allen, Christa, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Allen, Gerry, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Allen, Grace, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Allen, Kara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Allen, Katie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Allen, Katie, Emergency Room-ER
Allen, Kelsey, Emergency Room-ER
Allen, Wanda, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Allin, Griff, Nursing Pool
Allin, Jenny, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Alloway, Tami, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Alonzo, Rachel, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Alsop, Megan, CTSP (4th floor HC)
ALTD, A, Transplant Administration
Altenhofen, Ashley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Altman, Ellen, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Altman, Margaret, Surgical ICU
Alvarado, Jose, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Aly, Iman, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Amedie, Frezer, Unit 3F Rehab
Ames, Elizabeth, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Amstutz, Emily, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Amuso, Echo, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Anaya, MiKaylee, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Andela, Mamua, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Andersen, Heather, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Anderson, Emma, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Anderson, Greg, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Anderson, Hannah, North & South Pre/Post
Anderson, Jesse, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Anderson, Joshua, CV Management
Anderson, Korri, NS 43-Orthopedics
Anderson, Meagan, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Anderson, Melanie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Anderson, Mike, NS 61 MSICU
Anderson, Murray, Sterile Processing Unit
Anderson, Stacia, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Anderson, Tiara, Nursing Pool
Andretti, Anneliese, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Andrews, Debbie, Emergency Room-ER
Anthony, Dana, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Anthony, Sydney, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Appelman, Hayley, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Appiah, Brittney, North & South Pre/Post
Apt, Monica, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Aragon, Mary, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Arb, Kylie, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Arbelaez, Madeline, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Arbuckle, Jacob, Nursing Pool
Archer, Calin, North & South Pre/Post
Archer, Joni, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
aRenalPanc, A, Transplant Administration
Armbrister, Robin, North & South Pre/Post
Armintrout, Nichole, North & South Pre/Post
Armstrong, Candice, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Armstrong, Carrie, Nursing Education
Arnold, Adriane, North & South Pre/Post
Arnold, Bethanne, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Arnold, Sarah, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Arrowood, Ashley, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Arroyo, Rebecca, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Arterburn, Beth, Unit 3F Rehab
Arthur, Chad, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Artigues, Annie, GI/Endoscopy
Ascher, Julie, Youth Sports Medicine
Ashberger, Leabeth, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Ashberger, Melanie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Ashcraft, Aaron, Surgical ICU
Ashley, Amber, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Auchterlonie, Brad, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Auchterlonie, Molly, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Audley, Mendi, Unit 66
Avey, Stephanie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Avila, Megan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Axlund, Alex, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ayalew, Jerusalem, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Ayars, Kelli, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Ayres, Quinn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Azam, Shakeel, Operating Room
Babcock, Roy, OR Perfusion
Babick, Megan, Unit 52
Bade, Austin, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Bah, Mamadou, Surgical ICU
Bailey, Josh, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Bain, Jordan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Bakalar, Kelsey, NS 61 MSICU
Baker, Casey, Unit 52
Baker, Chris, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Baker, Donna, Psych Liason Service
Baker, Jason, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Baker, Jordan, Nursing Pool
Baker, Kelly, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Baker, Lorri, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Baker, Madison, Surgical ICU
Baker, McKenzie, Unit 52
Baker, Rashell, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Baldwin, Emily, Unit 51
Baldwin, Kyle, OR Perfusion
Baldwin, Lyndsey, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Bales, Bobi, Transplant Center Clinics
Balino, Jasmine, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Ball, Clinton, NS 61 MSICU
Ballou, Leah, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Banks, Erica, GI/Endoscopy
Banks, Micha, Nursing Pool
Bankston, Teisha, Unit 51
Baptiste, Deste, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Baranick, Darby, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Barber, Brad, GI/Endoscopy
Barber, Sara, Unit 51
Barham, Lori, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Barker, Kayla, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Barkley, Michelle, Patient Placement
Barkman, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Barling, Greta, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Barlow, Jessica, NS 43-Orthopedics
Barnes, Karen, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Barnes, Whitney, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Barone, Kathryn, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Barratt Miller, Ryan, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Barrett, Charisse, Transplant Center Clinics
Bart, Kathleen, Emergency Room-ER
Bartlett, Christy, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Bartlett, Joseph, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Bartley, Jaime, Transplant Administration
Barton, Lexi, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Basgall, Deanna, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Baska, Liz, Unit 66
Bastron, Morgan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Bates, Morgan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Bates, Trish, Unit 51
Batocabe, Lourdes, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Batten, Katy, Emergency Room-ER
Batts, Sherri, Quality/Magnet/Research
Bauer, Abby, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Bauer, Jessica, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Baumgartner, Mary, OR Perfusion
Baur, Meghan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Bausch, Hannah, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Bautista, Abe, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Bautista, Laci, Operating Room
Bautista-Villeda, Sintia, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Baxa, Drew, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bayles, Kelly, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Baynham, Blair, Unit 52
Bays, Sarah, Emergency Room-ER
Beach, Carol, GI/Endoscopy
Beach, Mackenzie, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Beahler, Logan, Emergency Room-ER
Beal, Erika, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Beall, Margaret, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Beardall, Luke, North & South Pre/Post
Beardsley, Liz, Unit 66
Beasley, Breahana, Unit 52
Beasley, Kelsey, Unit 51
Bebermeyer, Emily, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Becerra, Ronnie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Becher, Nicole, North & South Pre/Post
Beck, Elizabeth, Youth Sports Medicine
Beck, Kerri, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Beck, Liz, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Beckman, Laurissa, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bedard, Ashley, NS 41-BMT
Beer, Christena, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Begashaw, Hiwot, Landon Center
Begemann, Eric, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Behle, Jack, Operating Room
Belachew, Alemayehu, Unit 3 OP
Belger, Beau, Emergency Room-ER
Belko, Kristen, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bell, Crystal, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Bell, Danielle, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bell, Grady, Operating Room
Bell, Hunter, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bell, Thomas, Nursing Education
Bellamy, Jim, Nursing Education
Bellerive, Regan, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Bellis, Sarah, NS 61 MSICU
Beltran, Rachael, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Bendorf, Greg, NS 43-Orthopedics
Beneke Buckman, Jenna, Operating Room
Bennett, Carrie, Unit 3F Rehab
Bennett, Jen, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Bennett, Kayla, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Bennett, Maddy, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Bennett, Natalie, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Bennett, Sarah, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bennett, Savannah, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Bennett, Trey, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bennink, Melissa, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Bentley, Suzanne, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bergen, Saranne, Surgical ICU
Bergman, Daniel, Operating Room
Berndt, Lucy, PAT
Berry, Cynthia, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Berry, Lauren, North & South Pre/Post
Berry, Linda, Nursing Pool
Berry, Taylor, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Berthelson, Bailey, Nursing Pool
Bertucci, Mallory, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Bess, Joshua, GI/Endoscopy
Betsch, Gabrielle, Nursing Pool
Bevell, Julia, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Bewley, Michael, Patient Placement
Bhakta, Heeta, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Bhakta, Puja, NS 41-BMT
Bianchi, Natalie, Unit 66
Bieker, Meagan, Operating Room
Bieser, Erin, Landon Center
Bingham, Morgan, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Birney, Molly, NS 61 MSICU
Bishop, Rachel, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Bissell, Cali, North & South Pre/Post
Blackmer, Elaine, North & South Pre/Post
Blackwell, Melissa, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Blaha, Tammy, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Blair, Jordan, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Blair, Sonya, North & South Pre/Post
Blakeman, Alyssa, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Blakeney, Charlotte, Patient Placement
Blazek, Karen, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bledsoe, Katelee, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Blevins, Jill, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Blevins, Rick, Emergency Room-ER
Blomquist, Kristy, NS 61 MSICU
Bloomer, Terry, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Bloss, Danielle, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Bocanegra, Maria, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Bock, Rachel, Unit 51
Bodie, Teknika, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Boehle, Jessica, Surgical ICU
Boehm, Heidi, Quality/Magnet/Research
Boehning, Cassie, Nursing Pool
Boeing, Fern, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bogue, Cameron, NS 61 MSICU
Bohan, Lexi, Operating Room
Bohning, Jean, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bolen, Michelle, Nursing Pool
Bolger, Kelsey, Surgical ICU
Bolin, Kenny, Operating Room
Boling, Katie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bollinger, Hunter, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Bomberger, Carol, NS 41-BMT
Bonci, Lauren, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Bond, Jared, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Bonee, Kathleen, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Bonnesen, Manda, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Bono, Sophie, Emergency Room-ER
Book, Bronson, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Boone, Jennifer, Unit 51
Boone, Shannon, Nursing Pool
Borchers, Courtney, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bosarge, Brittany, Unit 51
Bourdon, Veronica, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Bouzhar, Alaa, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Bowen, Tyron, Unit 66
Bowers, Tiffany, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Bowles, La Donna, Unit 51
Bowman, Kayti, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Bowman, Laurie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Boyd, Paula, Nursing Pool
Boyer, Kristine, NS 41-BMT
Boyer, Lisa, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Brabec, Joseph, Unit 51
Bracke, Brittany, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bradford, Tara, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Bradley, Christina, Nursing Pool
Bradley, Dawn, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bradley, Denna, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bradley, Kathy, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Bradley, Teya, Transplant Center Clinics
Bradshaw, Casey, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Brainoo, Sylvia, NS 61 MSICU
Bramble, Kaitlyn, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Branch, Jennifer, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Brand, Ashley, NS 43-Orthopedics
Branden, Robyn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Brandt, Duncan, Emergency Room-ER
Brann, Sarah, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Branton, Delaney, Operating Room
Brase, Kate, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Brasher, Janet, NS 41-BMT
Brauer, Mary, North & South Pre/Post
Brazen, Becca, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Breen, Taylor, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Breitenbach, Hayley, Emergency Room-ER
Breitenstein, Joe, Surgical ICU
Bremer, Sarah, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Brennan, Irene, Appearance Center
Brennan, Sharon, Patient Placement
Brenner, Samantha, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Breshears, Amy, Emergency Room-ER
Breshears, Kassie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Brethorst, Lisa, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Brettmann, Catherine, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Breuer, Sarah, Unit 66
Brewer, Kathy, Unit 66
Brezavar, Donald, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Bright, Brittany, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Brink, Lisa, Operating Room
Brinkmeyer, Emily, PAT
Brisbane, Shaina, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Britain, Deborah, Unit 3F Rehab
Britt, Donna, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Britt, Raegan, Unit 66
Brittain, Amanda, Emergency Room-ER
Brittingham, Ashley, Operating Room
Broadbent, Terry, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Broadway, Victoria, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Brock, Stephanie, Emergency Room-ER
Brocker, Breanna, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Brockschmidt, Ellen, Operating Room
Broddle, Sarah, Unit 51
Broderick, Callan, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Bromert, Sarah, Surgical ICU
Brooke, Jordan, Operating Room
Brookman, Linda, Operating Room
Brooks, Ebony, Nursing Pool
Brooks, Samuel, Operating Room
Brooks, Scoutt, Nursing Pool
Brotherton, Keri, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Brown, Bethany, NS 61 MSICU
Brown, Brooke, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Brown, Gretchen, Emergency Room-ER
Brown, Jennifer, Liver Transplant
Brown, Kacie, Unit 66
Brown, Karen, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Brown, Kash, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Brown, Kiera, Nursing Pool
Brown, LaToya, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Brown, Mallory, Surgical ICU
Brown, Marsha, Nursing Pool
Brown, Melysa, Unit 52
Brown, Rachel, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Brown, Rebekah, Operating Room
Brown, Sharon, Surgical ICU
Brown, Shelby, Operating Room
Brown, Thelma, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Brownlee, Gina, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Brownlee, Meghan, NS 41-BMT
Broyles, Dustin, Emergency Room-ER
Bruce, Christine, Unit 3 OP
Brummer, Laura, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Brune, Amy, ICC Interventional Radiology
Brungardt, Marilea, IV Therapy
Brungardt, Petra, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Brunin, Carol, Operating Room
Brunner, Rebecca, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Brunner, Sara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Brunt, Teeombae, NS 41-BMT
Bruscato, Paola, Operating Room
Bryan, Haley, Unit 52
Bryan, Layla, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Bryant, Blake, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bryant, Cindy, Operating Room
Bryant, Shilicia, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Bryant, Summer, Unit 51
Buchanan, Wavonne, Nursing Pool
Buchanan, Wendee, Landon Center
Buchhorn, JoAnna, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Buck, Jennifer, NS 15C-Clinical Throughput (CTU)
Buckholz, Jennifer, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Buckingham, Kristen, Unit 51
Buckley, Carrie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Buckley, Christopher, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Buckley, Jordan, IV Therapy
Buenavista, Grace, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Buffa, Lauren, Unit 66
Bui, Meghan, Landon Center
Bullock, Rachel, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Bultemeier, Russ, Transplant Administration
Bunch, Dakota, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Bunker, Krista, NS 61 MSICU
Burch, Laura, Unit 3 OP
Burger, Annie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Burger, Stephanie, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Burgin, Tinquilla, Patient Placement
Burhans, Rachel, Transplant Administration
Burk, Jacklynn, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Burke, Amber, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Burkett, Dave, Landon Center
Burkhart, Katie, Youth Sports Medicine
Burns, Allyson, Patient Placement
Burns, Destiny, Nursing Pool
Burns, Jessica, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Burns, Sarah, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Burress, Annie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Burton, Dayna, Unit 51
Burton, Jennifer, Unit 51
Burton, Jennifer, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Burton, Kyley, Emergency Room-ER
Busch, Bree, Nursing Pool
Bush, Peggy, Sterile Processing Unit
Bustamante, Brienna, GI/Endoscopy
Butcher, Carmen, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Butcher, Claire, Nursing Pool
Butler, Jen, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Butler, Tori, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Butorac, Lauren, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Byrd, Marquis, Operating Room
Byrum, Young, Operating Room
Caedo, Cassie, Unit 51
Cahill, Susan, IV Therapy
Calderon, Maira, Operating Room
Calderon, Maria, NS 41-BMT
Caldwell, Karis, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Callahan, Chelsea, OR Perfusion
Callahan, Lindsey, Unit 3F Rehab
Callaway, Jenna, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Calumpong, Adrianne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Calvillo, Miguel, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Calvin, Danna, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Campbell, Belinda, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Campbell, Janelle, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Campbell, Megan, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Campbell, Sandy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Campbell, Sarah, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Campos, Mitzi, Clinical Informatics
Canada, Aimee, Emergency Room-ER
Canaday, Lakesha, Nursing Pool
Cannady, Melanie, Operating Room
Cannon, Ashley, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Canova, Kate, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Captain, Sloan, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Carcopa, Lester, Operating Room
Cardello, Dominique, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Carey, Andrew, Operating Room
Carlile, Zoie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Carney, Angela, Nursing Pool
Carney, Sunnie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Caron, Rachael, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Carothers, John, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Carouthers, Michelle, Nursing Pool
Carpenter, Sarah, Nursing Pool
Carpino, Katie, Landon Center
Carpio, Lee, North & South Pre/Post
Carr, Kelsey, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Carr, Marvin, GI/Endoscopy
Carrillo, Lori, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Carrillo, Pedro, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Carroll, Kristen, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Carroll, Megan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Carroll, Michael, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Carson, Abby, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Carson, Kathleen, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Carstensen, Sarah, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Carter, Betty, Unit 3 OP
Carter, Chase, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Carter, Emily, Unit 51
Carter, Janice, Unit 3F Rehab
Carter, Jennifer, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Carter, Mary, Operating Room
Carter-Logan, Erika, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Carver, Alyssa, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Case, James, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Case, Jessica, Operating Room
Casey, Diane, Emergency Room-ER
Casey, Wesley, Emergency Room-ER
Caskey, Ebbie, Unit 51
Cason, Bonita, NS 43-Orthopedics
Castagno, Hilary, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Castelan, Estrellita, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Castelan, Heather, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Castellon Duran, Betzy, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Castleman, Cate, Unit 51
Castorena Santos, Miguel, Nursing Pool
Castro Abreu, Genesis, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Castro-Garay, Cynthia, Unit 51
Catapusan, Agrifina, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Catching, Kelly, Unit 51
Cathey, Kathy, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Catton, Adam, NS 41-BMT
Cavis, Yanni, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cavlovich, Victoria, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Cereceres, April, NS 41-BMT
Chadwick, Kyle, Operating Room
Chaffin, Brynn, Nursing Pool
Chakraborty, Shweta, Transplant Administration
Chamberlain, Amber, Department of Nursing Central
Chambers, LaShenna, Operating Room
Champion, Jill, Nursing Pool
Chaney, Alexis, North & South Pre/Post
Chapman, Cassidy, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Chapman, Nancy, Unit 3 OP
Charland, Mariah, Emergency Room-ER
Charles, Andy, Emergency Room-ER
Chatman, Joyce, Sterile Processing Unit
Chavez, Tisha, North & South Pre/Post
Cheadle, Jacqulen, Sterile Processing Unit
Chen, Adam, North & South Pre/Post
Chen, Jamie, Concussion
Chenoweth, Abigail, North & South Pre/Post
Cherry, Bailey, North & South Pre/Post
Chestnut, Candice, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Chevalier, Crystal, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Chibanda, Annie, Nursing Pool
Chiddix, Jenny, Operating Room
Chieu, Tam, North & South Pre/Post
Childs, Rachel, GI/Endoscopy
Chmiel, Jessica, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Chodnicki, Zach, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Choi, Esther, North & South Pre/Post
Chong, Aisabelle Anne, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Choudhry, Marium, OR Perfusion
Christensen, Molly, Unit 66
Christian, Makenzie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Churchman, Lindsey, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Cisneros, Mike, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Cissell, Alex, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Clardy, Mike, Operating Room
Clark, Amber, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Clark, Ashley, NS 61 MSICU
Clark, Christina, Operating Room
Clark, Karen, Transplant Center Clinics
Clark, Katie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Clark, Matt, Emergency Room-ER
Clark, Tiffany, Emergency Room-ER
Clarke, Alicia, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Clarke, Ashlyn, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Clarke, Tamara, Unit 51
Clary, Sean, CV Management
Clausen, Katie, Emergency Room-ER
Claypole, Taylor, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Clayton, Amanda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Cleary, Erin, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cleary, Taylor, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Cleek, Jacob, Patient Placement
Cleland-Cross, Laura, Transplant Administration
Clement, Brittany, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Clemons, Leasa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Clifton, Bobbi, Nursing Pool
Cline, Taylor, NS 61 MSICU
Close, Sheila, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Clouse, Tera, Clinical Informatics
Cobb, Megan, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Coenen, Rebekah, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Coffman, Teresa, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Coffman, Tom, Patient Placement
Cogdill, Kim, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Coker, Tristan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Cole, Jaymie, Nursing Pool
Cole, Joan, Unit 3 OP
Cole, Kelsey, NS 43-Orthopedics
Cole, Madi, NS 41-BMT
Coleman, Dawn, Nursing Pool
Coleman, Justice, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Coleman, Kelsey, North & South Pre/Post
Coleman, Kendra, Operating Room
Coleman, Tiffany, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Collett, Janet, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Collichio, Amanda, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Collier, Jasmine, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Collins, Emily, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Collins, Jeff, Operating Room
Collins, Kara, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Collins, Leigh, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Collins, Randi, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Collis, Devin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Colson, Becca, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Colvard, Harmoni, Transplant Center Clinics
Colvin, Blake, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Coman, Kristen, NS 41-BMT
Combs, Christina, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Combs, Liz, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Compos, Scilla, Nursing Pool
Conard, Whitney, Liver Transplant
Concepcion, Michelle, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Coniglio, Hana, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Conklin, Jennifer, Sterile Processing Unit
Connor, Jenny, Landon Center
Connors, Jasmine, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Constantino, Angelica, Operating Room
Contreras, Bryanna, Nursing Pool
Conyers, Eric, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Coody, Britney, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Cook, Amy, IV Therapy
Cook, Brenna, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Cook, Carmen, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Cook, Jessica, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Cook, Kristen, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Cook, Orchale, GI/Endoscopy
Coolidge, Mallory, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Coombs, Jana, North & South Pre/Post
Coons, Kim, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Cooper, Kim, Surgical ICU
Cooper, Veronica, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Copeland, Grant, Nursing Pool
Copenhaver, Megan, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Coplen, Kelsey, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Coppage, Rebecca, Emergency Room-ER
Coreas, Michelle, Transplant Center Clinics
Cormode, Mallori, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Corpin, Jonathan, North & South Pre/Post
Corwin, Brianna, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Cossairt, Michelle, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Costello, Kevin, Nursing Education
Cothran, Tranesha, Neonatal Medical Home
Couchman, Katie, NS 41-BMT
Coulson, Kristen, Emergency Room-ER
Coulter, Shelby, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Courtney, Bobby, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Courtney, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cowan, Caroline, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Cowan, Kendra, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Cowan, Taylor, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Cowdrey, Molly, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cox, Andrew, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Cox, Brenda, Operating Room
Cox, Madeline, NS 43-Orthopedics
Cox, Stephanie, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Craft, Jennifer, Unit 51
Craghead, Levi, Emergency Room-ER
Craig, Zac, Youth Sports Medicine
Cravens, Kira, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Crawford, Kaile, Nursing Education
Creason, Mike, NS 41-BMT
Creekmore, Carly, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Cress, Kayla, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Critchfield, Kelly, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Crocker, Beth, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Crocker, Cindy, NS 41-BMT
Crocker, Jennifer, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Crockett, Krystle, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Crockett, Patrice, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Cross, Kayla, NS 43-Orthopedics
Cross, Morgan, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Cross, Shannon, Unit 52
Croucher, Mary Beth, Operating Room
Crouss, McKayla, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Crowe, Heather, NS 43-Orthopedics
Crowe, Mirjana, Nursing Pool
Crowell, Tristian, Surgical ICU
Crowley, Kayla, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Crownover, Jami, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Crumrine, Becca, North & South Pre/Post
Cruz, Alyssa, NS 41-BMT
Cullen, Allie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cummings, Lori, Emergency Room-ER
Cundiff, Wendy, Pancreas Transplant Acquisition
Cunningham, Mariah, Unit 66
Curry, Alyssa, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Curtis, Christina, Unit 51
Curtis, Lucille, GI/Endoscopy
Custer, Rachel, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cvetan, Tracy, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Czerw, Michelle, Unit 52
Czerwonka, Joyce, Operating Room
Dada, Dora, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Dahlstrom, Amanda, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Daka, Kidist, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Dalton, Allegra, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Daniel, Caroline, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Daniels, Brittanye, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Daniels, Rebecca, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Dao, Trisha, North & South Pre/Post
Darnell, Samantha, Unit 66
Davee, Cyndee, Neonatal Medical Home
Davidson, Katie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Davidson, Molly, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Davila, Delfino, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Davis, Caitlin, Surgical ICU
Davis, Erin, Operating Room
Davis, Lynn, Clinical Informatics
Davis, Mandy, North & South Pre/Post
Davis, Millie, Unit 51
Davis, Paige, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Davis, Rochelle, Nursing Pool
Davis, Veronica, Operating Room
Dawkins, Lindy, Nursing Pool
Dawson, Kayla, Surgical ICU
Dawson, Tonya, Nursing Pool
Day, Marshall, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
De Jesus, Casey, CV Management
De La Fuente, Kathryn, Transplant Center Clinics
De La Torre, Violeta, NS 56-Mother/Baby
De Leon, Catherine, PAT
De Vera-Calderon, Astra, Operating Room
Dean, Alberta, Operating Room
Dean, Chelsey, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Dearman, Renne', North & South Pre/Post
DeBerg, Kayla, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Debolt, Kinsy, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
DeBrabander, Jennifer, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Decker, Robin, Unit 66
Decourcy, Laura, Emergency Room-ER
Decourcy, Robyn, Nursing Pool
Degitz, Tara, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Degrado, Theresa, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Deitz, Jacqueline, NS 56-Mother/Baby
DeLaney, Brittany, CTSP (4th floor HC)
DeLeon-Knapp, Sophia, Emergency Room-ER
Delgado, Lupita, Operating Room
Demint, Brogan, Unit 66
Dennis, Brandie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Denton, Dustin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Denton, Michele, IV Therapy
DeOrsey, Delanie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Derington, John, Youth Sports Medicine
DeRoulet, Kimberly, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Desmarais, Olivia, Surgical ICU
Dettmer, Tasha, CV Management
DeVault, Christine, Infusion Therapy Clinic
DeVilbiss, Edward, Transplant Administration
Devin, Marianne, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Dewey, Janet, PAT
Dexter, Jamie, Surgical ICU
Dexter, Samantha, NS 61 MSICU
Dhans, Lauren, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Dhooghe, Haley, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Diaz, Andy, North & South Pre/Post
Diaz, Christina, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Dickey, Jeffrey, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Dickey, Lara, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Diederich, John, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Diehl, Michael, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Dietrich, Laren, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Dilka, Kristen, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Dill, Jessica, Emergency Room-ER
Dillard, Lisa, North & South Pre/Post
Dillon, Caitlin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Dinkel, Ashley, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Disterhoft, Katrina, North & South Pre/Post
Divilbiss, Cam Van, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Divine-Thiele, Lauren, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Dixon, Glenda, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Doane, Nancy, NS 61 MSICU
Dockery, Constance, NS 43-Orthopedics
Dockery, Melissa, Unit 51
Doerner, Leanne, North & South Pre/Post
Dohm, Kayla, Unit 66
Dolezilek, Lora, Surgical ICU
Dominguez, Lissette, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Donaldson, Kara, North & South Pre/Post
Dong, Maddie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Donohue, Ginny, PAT
Dooley, Sarah, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Dopson, Jennifer, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Doss, Sally, North & South Pre/Post
Doublin, Deedra, NS 43-Orthopedics
Dougherty, Joe, Unit 3F Rehab
Douglas, Derek, Emergency Room-ER
Dow, Peter, Transplant Administration
Dowdle, Catherine, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Dowell, Meghan, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Dowling, Regan, Nursing Pool
Downey, Sarah, Unit 51
Downey, Tyler, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Downing, Victor, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Doyle, Mary Kate, Unit 3F Rehab
Dreiling, Nichole, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Dreiling, Traci, Operating Room
Drennan, Jessi, Operating Room
Dresser, Abby, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Drinkard, Tracy, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Driscoll, Lauren, Nursing Education
Driskell, Emily, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Drovetta, Teresa, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Drummond, Abigail, Unit 51
Drummond, Katie, Unit 51
Drury, Jarrod, North & South Pre/Post
Dryer, Stacy, Emergency Room-ER
Dubin, Michelle, Accreditation/Regulatory
Dubin, Sara, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Dubois, Linotte, Unit 3 OP
Duckworth, Kristen, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Duensing, Kathleen, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Dugan, Jake, Emergency Room-ER
Duker, Karalee, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Duncan, J.P., NS 61 MSICU
Duncan, Jesse, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Duncan, Sylvia, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Dunn, Brandy, Operating Room
Dunn, Kylie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Dunn, Makayla, NS 61 MSICU
Dunshee, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Dupuis, Danielle, GI/Endoscopy
Durham, Melanie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Durkin, Marin, Unit 66
Dwyer, Katie, NS 61 MSICU
Dwyer, Lori, Operating Room
Dydell, Tara, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Dyer, Donald, Unit 3 OP
Eads, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Eaks, Leisa, Emergency Room-ER
Early, Nicole, Surgical ICU
Easley, Maddie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Easter, Sadie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Eaton, Allison, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Eaton, Carly, NS 43-Orthopedics
Eaton, Chelsea, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Ebeling, Kelley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Eberle, Natalie, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Eblen, Kathy, Unit 3F Rehab
Eck, Lauren, Quality/Magnet/Research
Ecklund, Jenna, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Eckstein, Michael, Surgical ICU
Eden, Lesa, NS 61 MSICU
Ederle, Derek, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Edgington, Caitlyn, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Edstrom, Angie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Edwards, Allison, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Edwards, Megan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Edwards, Nicole, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Eferakeya, Stephanie, Sterile Processing Unit
Eggleston, Hannah, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Eichholz, Cari, NS 41-BMT
Eidemiller, Noah, NS 61 MSICU
Eidson, Krista, PAT
Elias, Hanna, NS 43-Orthopedics
Elkins, Katie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Elliott, Annastasia, NS 41-BMT
Ellis, Aaron, Nursing Pool
Ellis, Laura, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ellsworth, Katie, Unit 51
Elmore, Kailey, Surgical ICU
Elmore, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Elrod, Cory, Transplant Administration
Elsasser, Megan, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Emley, Damien, Nursing Pool
Encarnacion, Yohanna, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Engel, Haleigh, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Engel, Savannah, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Engelhart, Andrew, Operating Room
England, Tanise, NS 43-Orthopedics
Erickson, Chandler, Nursing Pool
Erickson, Jamie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Erker, Erin, Operating Room
Erker, Jessica, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Erwin, Missy, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Escareno Perez, Yohana, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Eskina, Allison, NS 41-BMT
Eskina, Jessi, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Esparza, Bertha, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Esparza, Taylor, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Espinoza Linares, Patty, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Espinoza, Sadie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Estes, Audra, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Estey, Shelby, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Estrada, Elizabeth, NS 43-Orthopedics
Eubanks, Laverne, Nursing Pool
Evans, Joy, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Evans, Kyle, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Evans, Mandie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Evans, Melissa, CV Management
Evans, Pontrilla, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Evans, Susan, North & South Pre/Post
Evans-Simpson, Sarah, Emergency Room-ER
Everley, Elizabeth, North & South Pre/Post
Everly, Kate, Unit 51
Ezhilarasi, Fnu, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Fabac, Joann, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Fagen, Jolene, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Fain, Megan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fallert, Jessica, Patient Placement
Faltermeier, Tessa, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Fangman, Bridget, Emergency Room-ER
Fangman, Madison, NS 61 MSICU
Fankhauser, Sam, Unit 51
Fannon, Courtney, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Fare, Mary, Sterile Processing Unit
Farias, Norma, Unit 51
Farley, Ralph, NS 43-Orthopedics
Farmer, Jessica, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Farmer, Jessica, Operating Room
Farmer, Max, GI/Endoscopy
Farr, Chrissy, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Farrar, Heath, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Farrell, Kara, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Farrow, Cara, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Faseru, Olubukola, NS 61 MSICU
Fasse, Rachel, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Fast, Kelli, North & South Pre/Post
Fauser, Reese, Emergency Room-ER
Fay, Yael, Nursing Pool
Feehrer, Elizabeth, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Fehl, Nathan, NS 61 MSICU
Feierabend, Katie, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Feingold, Paula, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Fejfar, Sarah, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Felin, Tricia, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Fender, Lillie, North & South Pre/Post
Fenley, Paige, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Fenton, Jason, OR Perfusion
Fenton, Kelsey, Surgical ICU
Fenton, Robert, Neonatal Medical Home
Fernandes, Neisha, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Ferraro, Chrystal, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Ferro, Jianqi, Unit 52
Fiala, Jennifer, Unit 3 OP
Fields, Priscilla, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Figley, Ryan, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Figueroa, Edwin, Operating Room
Filley, Whitney, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Finch, Briana, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Findley, Emily, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Finke, Jacob, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Fiola, Jordan, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Fireoved, Ryan, Unit 52
Fiscella, Caroline, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Fischer, Jen, Nursing Pool
Fischer, Michelle, Nursing Pool
Fisher, Chad, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Fisher, Jared, Emergency Room-ER
Fisher, Melissa, North & South Pre/Post
Fitch, Ashley, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Fitch, Heather, Unit 51
Fitzgerald, Meghan, Emergency Room-ER
Flann, Rebecca, NS 61 MSICU
Fleming, Benjamin, Unit 52
Fletcher, Dan, Youth Sports Medicine
Fletcher, Megan, NS 61 MSICU
Fletcher, Tricia, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fleytas, Rosa, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Flores, Landy, NS 61 MSICU
Flores, Maritza, Unit 3 OP
Flores, Yesi, Unit 52
Floyd, Erin, NS 61 MSICU
Floyd, Kevin, Emergency Room-ER
Flynn, Rebecca, Operating Room
Fogle, Lauren, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Fohn, Sara, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Foltz, Tina, North & South Pre/Post
Ford, Carolyn, Operating Room
Ford, Katie, Nursing Pool
Ford, Monica, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Ford, Sam, Sterile Processing Unit
Ford, Stephanie, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Ford, Sylvia, Infection Control
Forge, Rolinda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Foskett, Cindy, Clinical Informatics
Foster, Bree, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Foster, Hunter, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Foster, Mary, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Fostich, Michael, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Foulk, Rebecca, Unit 3F Rehab
Fountain, Carrie, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Fowler, Jann, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fowler, Melissa, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Fox, Clare, IP Pain Mgmt Nurses
Fox, Cole, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Fox, Leana, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Fox, Taylor, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Frame, Maggie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Franklin, Amanda, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Franklin, Carma, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Franklin, Jacqueline, NS 41-BMT
Franks, Kimberly, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Franks, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Fraser, Tramaine, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Frazier, Nafisa, Nursing Pool
Frazier, Troy, NS 41-BMT
Frederick, Anna, Nursing Pool
Frederick, Darcy, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Frederiksen, Tayler, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Freed, Lauren, NS 61 MSICU
Freed, Richard, Operating Room
Freeman, Asia, North & South Pre/Post
Freeman, Kristin, CV Management
Freeman, Logan, NS 43-Orthopedics
French, Calle, Emergency Room-ER
French, Leslie, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Freyler, Hillary, North & South Pre/Post
Fricks, Kelsey, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Friday, Andre, Sterile Processing Unit
Fridley, Karson, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Friedman, Elizabeth, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Fries, Kylie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Frizzell, Katie, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fronk, Nicole, GI/Endoscopy
Fry, Katie, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fude, Bethany, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fuller, Tanesha, Unit 3F Rehab
Fullmer, Melanie, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fultz, Jessica, Emergency Room-ER
Funk, Abbey, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Funk, Joyce, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Gabrielson, Kelly, NS 43-Orthopedics
Gaffney, Elizabeth, Surgical ICU
Gagliardi, Mark, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Gagne, Jordan, Unit 66
Galang, Asuncion, North & South Pre/Post
Galindo, Liza, Unit 52
Galindo, Martin, Unit 66
Gall, David, CV Management
Gallagher, Patricia, North & South Pre/Post
Gallaher, Rose, Operating Room
Gallup, Joanna, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gamache, Robert, Unit 51
Ganss, Kathryn, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Gant, Betsey, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Garcia, Cindy, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Garcia, Cristina, Landon Center
Garcia, Melody, Landon Center
Garcia, Sierra, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Garcia, Taylor, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Gardner, Lukas, Nursing Pool
Garies, Taylor, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Garron, Donniqua, Nursing Pool
Garry, Danielle, North & South Pre/Post
Gartner, Amanda, Quality/Magnet/Research
Gartner, Amanda, Infection Control
Garza, Wendy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Gash, Cecilia, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gasperlin, Spela, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Gaston, Derrick, OR Perfusion
Gatapia, Aileen, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gates, Autumn, Transplant Center Clinics
Gatson, Erikca, Landon Center
Gaul, Mary Ellen, North & South Pre/Post
Gaunt, Maree, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Gay, Shawn, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gebrekidan, Frewaynie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Gebreslasie, Luwam, Unit 3 OP
Geiman, Shelby, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gemignani, Kelly, Emergency Room-ER
Genton, Karen, Appearance Center
Genton, Kristina, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
George, Phil, NS 61 MSICU
Geraci, Felicia, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Gerant, Katie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Gerhart, Cassandra, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Gerkovich, Kendal, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Germann, Jamie, Unit 3 OP
Getahun, Beti, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Getz, Amber, OR Perfusion
Gfeller, Claire, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Gianino, Katelyn, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Giannola, Megan, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Giblin, Julia, GI/Endoscopy
Giddens, Michelle, Nursing Pool
Giese, Taryn, Surgical ICU
Giffin, Megan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Gift, Chad, North & South Pre/Post
Gilbert, Ashley, Nursing Pool
Gilbert, Lesli, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Gilchrist, Maddie, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Gile, Patricia, Department of Nursing Central
Gill, Stephen, Unit 52
Gillenwater, Roxanne, North & South Pre/Post
Gillespie, Erica, Nursing Pool
Gillespie, Sara, Emergency Room-ER
Gilliford, Becca, GI/Endoscopy
Gilliland, Sandy, PAT
Gilliland, Shelly, GI/Endoscopy
Ginter, Sam, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Girod, Callie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Githui, John, Nursing Pool
Glamann, Megan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Gleason, Hannah, Emergency Room-ER
Glenn, Penny, Nursing Education
Glenn, William, Emergency Room-ER
Glover, Andrea, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Glynn, Brittany, Neonatal Medical Home
Godsey, Megan, Unit 51
Goetschius, Marilyn, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Goetz, Kaley, NS 41-BMT
Goff, Ashley, Transplant Center Clinics
Goff, Danielle, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Goins, Lindsey, NS 43-Orthopedics
Goins, Michaela, Unit 3F Rehab
Goldbeck, Sarah, Appearance Center
Goldsmith, Sarah, Patient Placement
Goldstein, Kate, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Gole, Emily, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Golladay, Danielle, Nursing Pool
Golson, Katherine, Unit 52
Golubski, Alexander, Nursing Pool
Golubski, Melissa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gomez, Gabby, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Gonser, Christa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gonzales, Elizabeth, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Gonzales, Kelly, Operating Room
Gonzales-Mijares, Martha, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Gonzalez Nguyen, Trang, Nursing Pool
Gonzalez Oropeza, Marcela, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Good, Traci, GI/Endoscopy
Goodale, Valerie, Landon Center
Goode, Jill, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Goodman, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Goodman, Glenda, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Goodrich, Seth, Operating Room
Goodwin, Amy, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Gordee, Amy, Unit 52
Gordon, Caitlin, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Gorombey, Julianna, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Gorthy, Mackenzie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Gosch, Gretchen, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Goss, Debbie, North & South Pre/Post
Gossman, Daniel, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gotobed, Molly, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Grable, Kia, Emergency Room-ER
Graham, John, Unit 51
Graham, Maggie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Graham, Moira, Nursing Pool
Graham, Porscha, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Graham, Shianne, Nursing Pool
Granado, Jamie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Granger, Gray, Transplant Administration
Grant, Ciesha, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Grant, Michael, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Grant-Guerra, Sharon, Operating Room
Gratts, Stacy, Unit 3 OP
Gray, Connor, OR Perfusion
Gray, Jason, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Gray, Lauren, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Gray, Markie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Gray, Myla, North & South Pre/Post
Graybill, Chris, Surgical ICU
Green, Amanda, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Green, Amy, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Green, Becca, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Green, Bree, Emergency Room-ER
Green, Jocelyn, Emergency Room-ER
Green, Kaysha, Nursing Pool
Green, Melanie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Green, Shateese, GI/Endoscopy
Greene, Abby, NS 61 MSICU
Greene, Tia, Liver Transplant
Greene, TJ, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Greer, Jamie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Greer, Jennie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Greig, Sam, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Grey, Christina, Quality/Magnet/Research
Griffin, Christy, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Griffin, Taylor, Surgical ICU
Griggsby, Lauren, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Grimes, Cassi, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Grimes, Christy, Youth Sports Medicine
Griseta, Stephanie, GI/Endoscopy
Grisham, Jennifer, Emergency Room-ER
Griswold, Ashley, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Grodzinsky, Gene, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Gross, Darley, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Groutas, Chris, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Grover, Aubrey, Landon Center
Grover, Erica, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Grubb, Wanda, PAT
Guajaca, Izaak, Operating Room
Guereca-Ruiz, Mari, Unit 3F Rehab
Guevel, Jenny, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Guilbeau, Wilma, Patient Placement
Guilfoil, Beth, Nursing Pool
Guinta, Aimee, Nursing Pool
Guliford, Heather, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Gulledge, Deborah, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Gundelfinger, Paige, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Gunn, Jamie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Gunnison, Hannah, North & South Pre/Post
Gunsolley, Magen, Emergency Room-ER
Gunter, Georgia, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Gunter, Rebecca, North & South Pre/Post
Guthrie, Lisa, Nursing Education
Guzman Penate, Corina, Operating Room
Haak, Jamie, NS 61 MSICU
Hack, Thea, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hackett, Jennifer, Nursing Pool
Hagan, Sarah, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hagee, Serenity, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hageman, Logan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hagenkord, Anna, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hager, Anne, Unit 66
Hager, Kelsey, Operating Room
Hagey, Stephanie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Haggins, Telae, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Hailey, Cameron, Unit 3F Rehab
Hainje, Ashley, Emergency Room-ER
Haith, Jacquelyn, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Hake, Sarah, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Halberstadt, Justin, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Haling, Erin, Quality/Magnet/Research
Hall, Alison, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hall, Kimberly, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hall, Michelle, Operating Room
Hall, Shane, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Hallier, Jill, Surgical ICU
Halligan, Dee, NS 43-Orthopedics
Hamel, Abby, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Hamid, Fatima, NS 41-BMT
Hamilton, Roy, Operating Room
Hamm, Nicole, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Hamm, Saige, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Hammar, Haley, NS 41-BMT
Hampton, Nicole, NS 41-BMT
Hancock, Terrence, GI/Endoscopy
Handley, Jordan, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Haney, Laurie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hanna, Heather, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Hanna, Jill, PAT
Hanna, Linda, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Hannan, Carie, North & South Pre/Post
Hansen, Joy, Unit 3F Rehab
Hanson, Adam, Emergency Room-ER
Hanson, Josie, Emergency Room-ER
Harding, Lacy, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hardinger, Kayla, NS 43-Orthopedics
Hardy, Jill, Infection Control
Hare, Rachel, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hare, Whitney, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Harenza, Regan, Emergency Room-ER
Harkey, Ben, NS 61 MSICU
Harkey, Michelle, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Harmer, Jenae, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Harmon, Rachael, Liver Transplant
Harper, Johnathan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Harrell, Barry, Nursing Pool
Harrell, Gina, Nursing Pool
Harrigan, Jack, GI/Endoscopy
Harrington, Brenda, Operating Room
Harrington, John, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Harris, Ashley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Harris, Bri, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Harris, Dominique, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Harris, Eric, Operating Room
Harris, Juanita, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Harris, Tyler, NS 41-BMT
Hart, Elizabeth, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Hartig, Darcie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hartman, Kellie, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Hartwell, Madison, Surgical ICU
Hartz, Mya, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Hartzell, Kerry, Nursing Education
Harvey, Cierra, Unit 66
Harvey, Emily, Operating Room
Harvey, Jordan, Nursing Pool
Harvey, Nikki, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hase, Sara, Nursing Pool
Haskamp, Keith, Department of Nursing Central
Hassan, Ali, CV Management
Hasselwander, Lindsay, Emergency Room-ER
Hastings, Erin, Surgical ICU
Haugland, Mackenzie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Havener, Jocelyn, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hawkins, Makenzie, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Haws, Shannon, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Hawthorne, Andrea, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hay, Katheryne, Emergency Room-ER
Hay, Laurie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hay, Olivia, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hayden, Kara, Nursing Pool
Hayes, Jordan, Unit 3F Rehab
Haynes, Jeanine, Landon Center
Hays, Misty, Operating Room
Healy, Sam, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Hearn, Bonnie, Nursing Pool
Heck, Cynthia, Psych Liason Service
Heckman, Emily, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Heckman, Kelsey, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Heger, Stacy, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hegwood, Monique, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Heidenreich, Amy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Heidrick, Becca, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Heiman, Erin, Unit 66
Hein, Donald, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Heinen, Leanna, Unit 52
Heinen, Malorie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Heinisch, Lauren, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Heinz, Amanda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Heisel, Lauren, Operating Room
Helfenberger, Jenny, Nursing Pool
Helm, Cathy, Unit 51
Helm, Philip, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Henderson, Ashley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Henderson, Britt, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Henderson, Christine, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Henderson, Glenda, Unit 3 OP
Henderson, Miranda, NS 41-BMT
Hendler, Madelyn, Concussion
Hendrickson, Amber, Emergency Room-ER
Hendrickson, Ashley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Henkel, Sara, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hennes, Brielle, Emergency Room-ER
Henningsen, Mikaylee, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Hennrich, John, GI/Endoscopy
Henrich, Laura, Emergency Room-ER
Henrich, Mallory, Surgical ICU
Henry, Craig, NS 43-Orthopedics
Henry, Sheryl, Liver Transplant
Herbert, Marissa, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Herford, Paul, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Herman, Amy, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Herman, Becky, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Herman, Danielle, Operating Room
Hernandez, Brianna, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hernandez, Heidi, Transplant Administration
Hernandez, Kerry, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Hernandez-Guerrero, Araceli, Unit 3F Rehab
Herren, Michelle, Liver Transplant
Herrman, Angella, Clinical Informatics
Herrmann, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hersh, Kenzie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Hertig, Jennifer, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Hesse, Jenae, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Heuertz, Laura, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hewitt, Emily, Emergency Room-ER
Heydinger, Kaylee, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Hiatt, Lauren, North & South Pre/Post
Hickel, Hanna, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hickman, Mariah, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hicks, Rashel, NS 41-BMT
Hicks, Sarah, Operating Room
Hicks, Tonya, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hietbrink, Brittney, Nursing Pool
Higgs, Victoria, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hildebrandt, Melissa, Nursing Pool
Hildreth, Stephanie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Hill, Kaila, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Hill, Maggie, Nursing Pool
Hill, RaeAnn, NS 61 MSICU
Hill, Summer, Liver Transplant
Hilton, Katlyn, NS 61 MSICU
Hinchcliff, Jessica, Emergency Room-ER
Hinck, Kim, North & South Pre/Post
Hinderer, Taylor, Surgical ICU
Hinds, Don, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Hines, Cammie, NS 41-BMT
Hinman, Krista, Operating Room
Hinmon, Jordan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Hinton, Taylor, NS 41-BMT
Hipp, Sheila, PAT
Hitchcock, Audrey, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Ho, Dao, PAT
Ho, Elizabeth, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Ho, Mimi, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Hoang, Kevin, OR Perfusion
Hobbs, George, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hochanadel, Patti, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Hocking, Sara, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Hockman, Nick, NS 41-BMT
Hodgson, Chez, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Hoffine, Allison, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hoffman, Jeanene, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Hofmann, Susan, Nursing Education
Hogan, Emma, Nursing Pool
Hogan, Lea Ann, NS 43-Orthopedics
Hogue, Kimmy, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Holcomb, Stephan, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Holesha, Allison, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hollabaugh, Chris, NS 43-Orthopedics
Holland, Dwayne, Sterile Processing Unit
Holland, Natalie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Holliday, Latreece, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Hollingshead, Lori, Patient Placement
Hollingshead, Matthew, Unit 52
Holloway, John, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Holmes, Ashley, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Holmes, Bi'Anca, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Holmes, Christina, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Holmes, Erica, Unit 3F Rehab
Holroyd, Jim, Surgical ICU
Holsinger, Charlee, Nursing Pool
Holstein, Laiecha, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Holt, Becca, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Holt, Julie, Operating Room
Holt, Tori, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hon, Hayley, Operating Room
Honeywell, Karen, Nursing Pool
Hooker, Paul, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Hoose, Beth, Operating Room
Hoover, Kelli, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Hoover, RUZANNA, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Hopkins, Cindy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hopkins, Tmika, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Hopson, Charmaine, GI/Endoscopy
Hormuth, Heather, NS 43-Orthopedics
Horn, Anita, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Horn, Halie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Horn, Karlye, Unit 51
Hornick, Maggie, Unit 3F Rehab
Horsley, Tiffany, Infection Control
Horton, Abby, OR Perfusion
Horton, Joan, Emergency Room-ER
Hosie, Micaela, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hoskins, Teresa, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Hostetler, Sally, CV Management
Hotzel, Ellen, Unit 51
Houghton, Margaret, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hougland, Kyle, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Houlahan, Asher, CV Management
House, Rhiannon, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Houser, Katie, Nursing Pool
Houser, Tyler, Unit 66
Houston, Christina, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Houx, Ashley, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Hoverder, Amber, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hoversten, Sydni, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Howard, Christin, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Howard, Christina, Unit 51
Howard, Halie, Emergency Room-ER
Howard, Jennifer, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Howard, Kari, Nursing Pool
Howard, Shannon, Emergency Room-ER
Howe, Kelly, Emergency Room-ER
Howey, Kenny, ICC Interventional Radiology
Howland, Stacy, Sterile Processing Unit
Hubbard, Jordan, North & South Pre/Post
Huber, Katie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Huckabay, Jessica, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Hudspeth, Lauren, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Huelskamp, Lori, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Huenink, Lacy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Huenink, Melissa, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Huerta, Amanda, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Huffman, Cecilia, Transplant Administration
Huggins, Denise, Unit 66
Huggins, Stevie, Landon Center
Hughes, Erin, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Hughes, Sierra, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Hulet, Felicia, Sterile Processing Unit
Hulett, Lauren, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hultman, Taylor, Emergency Room-ER
Hund, Jessie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hunt, Breeann, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Hunter, Anna, Emergency Room-ER
Hunter, Cheryl, Emergency Room-ER
Hunter, Hannah, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Hunter, Lauren, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hunter, Riley, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Hursman, Emily, Unit 52
Hurt, Autumn, Nursing Pool
Hurt, Tanesha, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hurtado, Rachel, Unit 3F Rehab
Husted, Stephanie, Operating Room
Hutchens, Brittan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Hutchison, Drew, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Hutsell, Stephanie, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Hynek, Ashley, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hyun, Young, Unit 51
Iboaya, Erums, Surgical ICU
Ice, Alyssa, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Ideker, Ashtyn, Unit 51
Illy, Michelle, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Ilori, Adekanmi, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Imafidon, Ejemeare, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Imgarten, Lisa, Sterile Processing Unit
Inciardi, Erin, NS 61 MSICU
Ingram, Heidi, Unit 51
Ingram, Melissa, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Ingram, Sara, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Ireland-Hoffmann, Ginger, NS 61 MSICU
Irvin, Erica, Operating Room
Irvin, Joanie, OR Perfusion
Irwin, Jon, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Irwin, Taylor, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Isaacks, Alicia, CV Management
Iseman, Ally, Nursing Pool
Jackson, Angie, Nursing Pool
Jackson, Chelsey, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Jackson, Don, Emergency Room-ER
Jackson, Erin, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Jackson, Kathryn, Patient Placement
Jackson, Lisa, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Jackson, Mesgana, Unit 3 OP
Jackson, Shamica, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Jackson, Tammy, Infection Control
Jackson-Martinez, Alexis, Unit 3F Rehab
Jacobson, Alaina, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Jacobson, Brittany, Emergency Room-ER
Jacobson, Rebecca, Emergency Room-ER
Jacobson, Regan, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Jacquez, Ariana, Nursing Pool
Jadlow, Alexia, NS 43-Orthopedics
Jagorin, Helen, NS 43-Orthopedics
James, Judy, NS 42-Hem/Onc
James, Rachael, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Jamison, Jacqueline, Landon Center
Jamison, Vanessa, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Jamour, Kristin, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Janner, Hillary, Nursing Pool
Janner, Marie, Unit 3 OP
Janssen, Rachel, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Jantsch, Diana, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Jaramillo, Marcos, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Jarboe, Makena, Operating Room
Jarman, Terri, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Jasper, Sydney, NS 41-BMT
Javia, Vaishali, Accreditation/Regulatory
Javier, Jeff, Nursing Pool
Jefferson, Tara, Operating Room
Jeffrey, Joe, OR Perfusion
Jeffries, Ashton, Unit 51
Jeffries, Shelby, Nursing Pool
Jenkins, Tara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Jenkins, Taylor, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Jennings, Hope, Nursing Pool
Jennings, Julie, Nursing Pool
Jennings, Nikki, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Jennings, Ruth, Operating Room
Jensen, KJ, North & South Pre/Post
Jensen, Megan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Jenson, Juanita, Unit 51
Jeon, Kyongah, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Jerguson, Stephanie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Jeter, Lynzee, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Jewell, Lisa, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Jimenez, Janet, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Johnk, Jennifer, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Johns, James, Unit 52
Johnson, Anne, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Johnson, AP, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Johnson, Brandi, NS 43-Orthopedics
Johnson, Branka, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Johnson, Chad, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Johnson, Dana, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Johnson, David, CV Management
Johnson, Francine, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Johnson, Grace, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Johnson, Jason, CV Management
Johnson, Jennifer, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Johnson, Jennifer, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Johnson, Jordan, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Johnson, Josh, Emergency Room-ER
Johnson, Kari, Nursing Pool
Johnson, Kendra, OR Perfusion
Johnson, Madison, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Johnson, Marie, CV Management
Johnson, Melissa, NS 43-Orthopedics
Johnson, Mike, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Johnson, Monica, ICC Interventional Radiology
Johnson, Paige, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Johnson, Revonna, Emergency Room-ER
Johnson, Sarah, Operating Room
Johnson, Sarah, Youth Sports Medicine
Johnson-Osayande, Vashni, Operating Room
Johnston, Carolyn, Unit 66
Johnston, Courtney, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Johnston, Haleigh, Emergency Room-ER
Johnston, Liz, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Johnston, Sophia, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Joiner, Kala, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Jones, Abbey, North & South Pre/Post
Jones, Adele, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Jones, Anthony, Sterile Processing Unit
Jones, Elisha, Unit 3F Rehab
Jones, Elli, Landon Center
Jones, Helen, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Jones, Jillian, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Jones, Joleen, NS 41-BMT
Jones, Karen, Emergency Room-ER
Jones, Kellie, GI/Endoscopy
Jones, Lizzy, NS 43-Orthopedics
Jones, Michelle, Patient Placement
Jones, Pamela, Operating Room
Jones, Roxanne, Landon Center
Jones, Shanna, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Jones, Valerie, Emergency Room-ER
Jordan, Debra, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Jordan, Dru, Emergency Room-ER
Jordan, Natalie, NS 61 MSICU
Jordan-Mena, Jhessika, Unit 3 OP
Joseph, Anucia, Unit 3 OP
Joyce, Lora, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Joye King, Karen, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Jozwick, Christopher, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Juarez, Danielle, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Judd, Russell, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Jumonville, Wendy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Kabutu, William, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Kaczor, Jordan, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Kadel, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Kagiri, Balbina, Nursing Pool
Kahle, Katelyn, Nursing Pool
Kaighin, Chelsea, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Kang, Miyoung, Unit 3F Rehab
Kanja, Robert, Unit 3F Rehab
Karanja, Dorcas, Nursing Pool
Karim, Raoshan, GI/Endoscopy
Kariuki, Tony, Nursing Pool
Karlen, Jenna, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Karst, Amber, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Kaur, Jagir, Nursing Pool
Kazmaier, Craig, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Kearney, Beth, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Keating, Mary, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Keating, Tuyen, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Keaton, Jessica, North & South Pre/Post
Keck, Jade, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Keck, Mark, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Keenan, Olivia, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Keith, Amanda, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Keith, Lauren, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Kellar, Stephen, Operating Room
Keller, Alan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Kelley, Katlyn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Kellogg, Leslee, Emergency Room-ER
Kellogg, McKenzie, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Kellogg, Penny, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Kelly, Alyssa, Nursing Pool
Kelly, Hailey, Surgical ICU
Keltner, Danielle, Emergency Room-ER
Kemple, Dena, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Kenne, Alida, Nursing Pool
Kennedy, Essence, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Kennedy, Kegan, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Kennedy, Lexi, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Kennedy, Mollie, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Kennedy, Sadie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Kennedy, Shara, Emergency Room-ER
Kennedy, Sydney, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Kennison, Jamie, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Kent, Jessica, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Kent, Kinley, NS 41-BMT
Kerner, Katherine, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Kerns, Angela, Operating Room
Kessler, Katie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Keyes, Dagny, Nursing Pool
Keyeski, Conner, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Keyeski, Kaitlyn, Neonatal Medical Home
Khounsombath, Tiffany, Emergency Room-ER
Kidd, Precious, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Kiedrowski, Clara, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Kietzman, Brianna, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Kilkenny, Teresa, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Killeen, Bridget, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Kimeli, Silverus, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Kimple, Danielle, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Kindall, Brooke, Emergency Room-ER
Kindhart, Josie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Kindsfather, Emily, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
King, Beverly, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
King, Jonathan, GI/Endoscopy
King, Joshua, CV Management
King, Katherine, North & South Pre/Post
King, Kimberly, GI/Endoscopy
King, Michelle, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
King, Naomi, Nursing Education
King, Nikki, Nursing Pool
King, Sara, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
King, Sierra, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
King, Steph, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
King, Stephanie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Kinkade, Allison, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Kinsman, Kristen, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Kinuthia, Phyllis, Unit 66
Kinyae, Judy, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Kinzler, Morgan, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Kirby, Andrea, Unit 66
Kirby, Mallory, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Kirby, Tes', NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Kirk, Janet, Landon Center
Kirk, Patrick, North & South Pre/Post
Kirkendoll, Chris, Sterile Processing Unit
Kissinger, Afton, Surgical ICU
Kiuna, Catherine, Unit 3F Rehab
Klahn, Emily, Unit 3F Rehab
Klarin, Kyle, Unit 3F Rehab
Klausner, Alicia, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Klein, Anne, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Klein, Becky, Operating Room
Klein, Nicole, North & South Pre/Post
Klekacz, Jamie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Klostermann, Kathy, Nursing Pool
Klotz, Catherine, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Klotz, Heather, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Kmiecik, Scott, OR Perfusion
Knappen, Betsy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Knight, Christie, Unit 51
Knipker, Jonathan, NS 61 MSICU
Knipp, Bobbiesue, IV Therapy
Knoll, Lauren, GI/Endoscopy
Knopf, Emily, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Knott, Gene, Operating Room
Knowlton, Michael, GI/Endoscopy
Knox, Emily, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Koch, Kelli, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Koch, Lane, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Koch, Natalie, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Koch-Jameson, Kelle, Psych Liason Service
Koehn, Aaron, Emergency Room-ER
Koehn, Rebecca, Unit 66
Koerkenmeier, Ryan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Kolar, Olivia, Emergency Room-ER
Kolbeck, Mary, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Kollasch, Amber, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Kollmeyer, Shannon, North & South Pre/Post
Kolterman, Courtney, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Kordenbrock, Kyle, Emergency Room-ER
Korth, Douglas, OR Perfusion
Kosek, Krista, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Kouts, Jill, Concussion
Kouts, Michael, Unit 3F Rehab
Krahl, Thomas, OR Perfusion
Kramer, Melissa, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Kraus, Abbigail, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Krause, Jodi, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Kreszyn, Katelynn, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Kreutzweiser, Sandra, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Kriet, Lauren, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Kroenke, Zach, Surgical ICU
Krohn, Emily, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Krop, Denise, IV Therapy
Krueger, Jessie, North & South Pre/Post
Kuhlman, Jessica, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Kuhlman, Stacey, Department of Nursing Central
Kulik, Madison, Emergency Room-ER
Kulow, Brooke, GI/Endoscopy
Kulphongpatana, Cindy, Operating Room
Kurtz, Linda, Unit 3F Rehab
Kurtz, Shelby, OR Perfusion
Kush, Sara, Emergency Room-ER
Kutilek, Liz, NS 43-Orthopedics
Kutney, Natalie, Surgical ICU
Kynion, Amelia, Unit 52
LaBarge, Madison, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
LaCapra, Maria, Emergency Room-ER
Lachowitzer, Megan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Lacy, Elena, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Lacy, Mollie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
LaFave, Robert, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Laffey, Brooke, CV Management
Lage, Mandy, CV Management
Lam, Hanh, CV Management
Lamb, Cindy, Transplant Administration
Lambotte, Joel, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Lancaster, Mallory, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Landers, Dawn, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Landis, Rachael, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Lane, Bill, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lang, Debbie, Unit 3 OP
Lang, Emma, NS 41-BMT
Langat, Jane, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Lange, Samantha, Liver Transplant
Langer, Anna, Unit 3F Rehab
Langley, Ashten, Unit 66
Langston, Sarah, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Lapointe, Karli, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Larkins, Tiesha, Unit 3F Rehab
Larsen, Carol, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Larson, Abby, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Larson, Cara, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Larson, Hilary, Nursing Pool
Larson, Sarah, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Larson, Sarah, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Larson, Sharon, PAT
Laskares, Megan, NS 41-BMT
Lathrom, Ashlye, Operating Room
Laverentz, Delois, Surgical ICU
Lawrence, Jennifer, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Lawrence, Jessica, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Lawson, Myka, Unit 3 OP
Lawson, Terra, NS 43-Orthopedics
Lawson-Moore, Nina, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lawver, Tracy, IV Therapy
Laycock, Melissa, Transplant Center Clinics
Le, Hoang, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
LE, HUYEN-CHI, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Le, Kim, Clinical Informatics
Leach, Marissa, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Leader, Shelley, Operating Room
Leblue, Jaysha, Nursing Pool
Lebron, Carmen, PAT
Ledgerwood, Cassie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Lee, Alex, Operating Room
Lee, Crystal, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Lee, Kim, Landon Center
Lee, Odellia, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Legg, Andrew, Emergency Room-ER
Leggio, Lindsey, Landon Center
Legler, Barbara, Unit 3F Rehab
Legrotte, Rachael, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Lehman, Allison, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Lehman-Hawes, Anna, Unit 51
Leiker, Britany, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Leinenbach, Kalie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Leistiko, Theresa, GI/Endoscopy
Lelo, Kombe, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Lemke, Bailey, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lenahan, Heather, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lene, Idalina, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lenertz, Jillian, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Leonard, Courtney, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Leoni, Joseph, NS 61 MSICU
Leoni, Michelle, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Leopold, Beth, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Leopold, Jamie, NS 41-BMT
Lepp, Lindsay, North & South Pre/Post
Lerdahl, Jason, Emergency Room-ER
Leslie, Holly, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Lester, Daytin, Unit 51
Lester, Dina, Unit 3 OP
Lester, Mariah, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Levengood, Andrea, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Levi, Kathryn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Levy, Matt, Emergency Room-ER
Lewis, Barb, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lewis, Debbie, Emergency Room-ER
Lewis, Jessica, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Lewis, Marlee, North & South Pre/Post
L'Heureux, Laura, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Liao, Zixi, NS 43-Orthopedics
Lietzow, Amy, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Lindeman, Megan, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Lindle, Susan, Nursing Pool
Lindsay, Nichole, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Linneman, Morgan, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Linneman, Natalie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Linthavong, Cherry, Nursing Pool
Linton, Shannon, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Linville, Rachel, NS 61 MSICU
Lipari, Anthony, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Lipsey, Cord, Infection Control
Liston, Kate, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Little, Cameron, Emergency Room-ER
Littlejohn, Elizabeth, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Livingston, Ashley, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Livingston, Tiffany, ICC Interventional Radiology
Lloyd Smith, Anastasia, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Lloyd, Anaya, GI/Endoscopy
Lobdell, Sarah, CTSP (4th floor HC)
LoBue, Ali, North & South Pre/Post
Locke, JoAnn, Landon Center
Lockee, Katie, Emergency Room-ER
Locker, Greg, Clinical Informatics
Loescher, Katie, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Loftin, Angela, GI/Endoscopy
Loftus, Kelsey, OR Perfusion
Logan, Lindsey, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Loganbill, Dana, Emergency Room-ER
Loge, Bill, Nursing Pool
Loge, Lauren, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Logsdon, Abbey, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Lollas, Brock, OR Perfusion
LoMaglio, Cassie, Emergency Room-ER
Lombardi, Jennifer, Accreditation/Regulatory
Long, Chelsea, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Long, James, GI/Endoscopy
Long, Joy, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Long, Laurie, Unit 66
Long, Tricia, North & South Pre/Post
Lopas, Megan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Lopez Cardona, Norma, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Lopez Iniguez, Gabriela, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Lopez, Andrea, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Lopez, Andrew, Emergency Room-ER
Lopez, Rosie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Lopez, Suzanne, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Lothamer, Lizzy, Emergency Room-ER
Lough, Julie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Love, Danielle, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Lovsky, Madison, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Lowderman, Allison, Concussion
Lowe Davis, Pearlette, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Lowe, Robyn, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Lowell, Luke, CV Management
Lowery, Andrew, Unit 52
Lowery, Katy, Unit 3F Rehab
Lowry, Tim, Emergency Room-ER
Lozenski, Bri, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Lucy, Allison, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Luecke, Sarah, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Luginsland, Carrie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Lugo Rosas, Aly, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Lumbard, Kelsey, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Lundberg, Carol, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Lundstrom, Kathryn, Operating Room
Lunn, Hadley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Lupandin, Masha, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Lusso, Blake, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Luther, Madeline, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Luzania, Andrew, Emergency Room-ER
Lyman, Alexis, Emergency Room-ER
Lynch, Nicholas, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Lyons, Laura, PAT
Lyons, Narda, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Lysaught, Jared, NS 61 MSICU
Maas, Andrea, Landon Center
Mabrey, Emily, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Mabry, Ian, Surgical ICU
Macalalad, Michelle, Surgical ICU
Macek, Betty, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Macias, Hillary, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Mack, Christin, Unit 52
Mack, Desiree, Transplant Center Clinics
Mack, Nancy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Mackey, Amanda, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Macleod, Sasha, Operating Room
Macy, Meghan, PAT
Madden, Latrice, Unit 3F Rehab
Madu, Blessing, Unit 51
Madu, Sandy, GI/Endoscopy
Magana, Elissa, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Magdaleno, Nicole, Quality/Magnet/Research
Magdanz, Sarah, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Maginn, Conner, Unit 51
Mahan, Caitlin, Surgical ICU
Mahnke, Miki, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Maier, Maggie, Emergency Room-ER
Mak, Steven, Operating Room
Makowski, Beth, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Malatek, Paula, Unit 3 OP
Maldonado, Cassie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Male, Jessica, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Malik, Kim, Landon Center
Mallory, Crystal, Emergency Room-ER
Mally, Karen, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Malone, Haley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Malone, Hannah, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Malone, Shauna, North & South Pre/Post
Maloney, Megan, Operating Room
Malott, Molly, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Malott, Nancy, Surgical ICU
Mampuya, Saida, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Manis, Randee, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Manley, Melissa, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Mann, Katie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Manning, Ashley, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Maples, Michelle, Unit 66
Marchi, Kiya, Surgical ICU
Mareske Compernolle, Kalen, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Marin Alfonso, Lou, CV Management
Marine, Merrill, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Markey, Jennifer, Nursing Pool
Markham, Lori, Transplant Administration
Markovetz, Heather, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Markworth, Beth, Nursing Pool
Marlatt, Kerry, Landon Center
Marouk, Amy, North & South Pre/Post
Marquis, Sarah, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Marsh, Kristen, Emergency Room-ER
Marshall, Andrew, Emergency Room-ER
Marshall, Bailee, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Marshall, Kaitlin, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Marshall, Lesa, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Martens, Brian, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Martens, Meghann, Surgical ICU
Martin, Bailey, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Martin, Beth, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Martin, Chandra, NS 41-BMT
Martin, Emily, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Martin, Jessica, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Martin, Jordan, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Martin, Katie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Martin, Kierstin, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Martin, Makylla, Nursing Pool
Martin, Tage, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Martindell, Taylor, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Martinez, Daniel, Nursing Pool
Martinez, Elizabeth, Neonatal Medical Home
Martinez, Marcela, Emergency Room-ER
Martinez, Taylor, Unit 3F Rehab
Marts, Janet, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Marzluf, Bridgette, Surgical ICU
Mason, Jennifer, Nursing Pool
Mason, Trevor, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Mast, Emily, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Mata, Carlos, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Mata, Laura, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Mathew, Aleyamma, Unit 51
Mathews, Greg, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Mathis, Teresa, Nursing Pool
Matsumoto, Janelle, Unit 66
Matthews, Bill, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Matthews, Caleb, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Matthews, Joshua, Operating Room
Mattson, Nathan, Nursing Pool
Maus, Michelle, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Mauszycki, Nick, NS 43-Orthopedics
Maxwell, Cheyenne, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Maxwell, Dominique, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Maxwell, Kisha, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
May, Deborah, North & South Pre/Post
May, Morgan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
May, Peter, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Mayer, Kathryn, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Mayse, Samantha, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Mbalu, Kevin, Unit 51
Mbatha, Samuel, Nursing Pool
McAdams, Emerald, CTSP (4th floor HC)
McAlister, Clint, Youth Sports Medicine
McBee, Bob, NS 45-Hem/Onc
McCartney, Helen, Psych Liason Service
McCarty, Cara, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
McClain, Curtis, Operating Room
McClanahan, Kayla, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
McCombs, Halie, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Mccoy, John, Sterile Processing Unit
McCracken, Emily, NS 42-Hem/Onc
McCravy, Tessa, Emergency Room-ER
McDonald, Claire, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
McDonald, Emily, Emergency Room-ER
McDonald, Nikki, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Mcdonnell, Chris, Operating Room
McDonough, Joe, NS 44A-Peds ICU
McEntire, Loren, NS 45-Hem/Onc
McFall, Kylie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
McFarlane, Amber, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Mcgaughy, Amanda, North & South Pre/Post
McGee-Barton, Angela, Nursing Pool
McGhee, Arleen, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
McGinnis, Kori, CICU (2nd floor HC)
McGonigle, Erin, Unit 51
McGowen, Becky, North & South Pre/Post
Mcgowen, Derek, Surgical ICU
McGuire, Lorraine, North & South Pre/Post
McGuire, Raine, NS 61 MSICU
McHenry, Jessica, Emergency Room-ER
McHenry, Rochelle, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
McIntosh, Brooke, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
McIntosh, Julie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
McIntosh, Sarah, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Mcintosh, Tanya, Infection Control
McIntosh-Taylor, Derian, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Mckay, Katie, Surgical ICU
McKay, Kera, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
McKee, Leah, Operating Room
Mckee, Macy, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
McKelvy, JaReam, Nursing Pool
McKnight, Colton, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Mclaren, Aaron, North & South Pre/Post
McLaughlin, Laura, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
McLaughlin, Lauryn, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
McLaughlin, William, Emergency Room-ER
McLoughlin, Peggy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
McMillen, Whitney, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
McMullin, Shelly, North & South Pre/Post
Mcneal, Mallory, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
McNiel, Jennifer, Quality/Magnet/Research
McPhee, Brynn, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
McPheron, Amanda, PAT
McPherson, Sophia, NS 43-Orthopedics
McShane, Franny, CTSP (4th floor HC)
McTarsney, Carol, Nursing Pool
McWhorter, Ben, Unit 66
McWilliams, Emma, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Mcwilliams, Ruth, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Mead, Derek, Nursing Pool
Meagher, Molly, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Meats, Amanda, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Mediavilla, Alex, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Medina, Erin, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Medley, Allison, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Medlock, Taylor, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Meek, Kelly, North & South Pre/Post
Meek, Linsey, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Meier, Adam, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Meininger, Madeline, Nursing Pool
Mellies, Ali, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Melton, Jessie, Landon Center
Melvin, Rhonda, North & South Pre/Post
Mendoza, Frances, Landon Center
Mendoza, Israel, Surgical ICU
Mendoza, Marissa, Landon Center
Menhusen, Edie, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Mensch, Christine, Unit 3 OP
Menzies, Jen, Operating Room
Merchant, David, Operating Room
Meredith, Rachel, Surgical ICU
Merritt, Celiana, NS 43-Orthopedics
Merritt, Heidi, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Merritt, Jonica, NS 43-Orthopedics
Merritt, Myra, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Messer, Grace, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Messerole, Anna, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Messing, Stephanie, Nursing Pool
Meyer, Alyse, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Meyer, Becky, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Meyer, Karen, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Meyer, Rick, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Meyer, Samantha, Nursing Pool
Meyer, Stacie, Emergency Room-ER
Meyers, Ellie, Unit 51
Michel, Meredith, Transplant Center Clinics
Mies, Jordyn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Mika, Emily, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Mikulan, Katie, Surgical ICU
Milbourn, Molly, NS 43-Orthopedics
Miles, Tara, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Miller, Abbey, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Miller, Amy, NS 43-Orthopedics
Miller, Ashley, NS 41-BMT
Miller, Cheyenne, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Miller, Cortney, NS 43-Orthopedics
Miller, Emily, Nursing Pool
Miller, Hanna, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Miller, Heather, Transplant Center Clinics
Miller, Ila, Sterile Processing Unit
Miller, Jennifer, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Miller, Jordan, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Miller, Kendal, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Miller, Lauren, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Miller, Lauren, NS 41-BMT
Miller, Marsha, Emergency Room-ER
Miller, Noel, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Miller, Sarah, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Miller, Shelley, Unit 51
Miller, Shelly, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Miller, Tasha, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Miller, Tierra, Transplant Center Clinics
Milligan, Beth, PAT
Mills, Lexie, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Mills, Lisa, Landon Center
Mills, Megan, Surgical ICU
Mills, Nanette, NS 41-BMT
Mills, Sarah, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Mills, Shaia, Nursing Pool
Milnes, Jaime, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Minehardt, Kara, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Minniear, Jennifer, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Minnis, Molly, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Minor, Chris, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Misasi, Stephanie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Mitchell, Braedyn, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Mitchell, Meghan, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Mitts, Alex, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Mochama, Walter, Unit 3F Rehab
Mock, Kate, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Modiri, Mikala, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Moeck, Ashley, Operating Room
Moellman, Ashley, Nursing Pool
Moeschen, Mykayla, NS 41-BMT
Moffat, Lindsay, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Mohan, Tesy, Operating Room
Mohler, Tylan, OR Perfusion
Molina, Marily, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Mollenkamp, Shelby, Surgical ICU
Molloy, Renee', NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Moneymaker, Paula, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Montan, Jillian, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Montano, Moriah, Unit 51
Montgomery, Anne, Operating Room
Montgomery, Charkisha, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Moon, Kylie, Transplant Administration
Moore, Ally, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Moore, Amy, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Moore, Archie, Unit 3F Rehab
Moore, Brad, Nursing Pool
Moore, Brandy, Nursing Pool
Moore, Britnee, Department of Nursing Central
Moore, Hannah, Unit 52
Moore, Holly, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Moore, Kristine, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Moore, Margaret, Unit 66
Moore, Megan, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Moore, MeMe, Nursing Pool
Moore, Michele, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Moore, Nicholas, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Moore, Shelly, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Moore, Sydney, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Moorman, Sandy, Emergency Room-ER
Mor, Hanah, Emergency Room-ER
Mora, Stephanie, NS 41-BMT
Moran, Kari, Operating Room
Moran, Michelle, Operating Room
Morash, Nicole, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Moreno, Lucia, Unit 51
Morgan, Brittany, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Morgan, Martha, Landon Center
Morgan, Mike, Liver Transplant
Morgan, Olivia, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Moriarity, Angela, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Moritz, Kristin, Nursing Pool
Morken, Annie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Morley, Cherie, Transplant Center Clinics
Morphew, Shelley, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Morris, Annie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Morris, Cynthia, Unit 3F Rehab
Morris, Judy, Operating Room
Morris, Kaeden, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Morrison, John, Unit 51
Morrison, Kasey, Nursing Pool
Morrison, Lexi, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Mortell, Mckenna, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Mortensen, Christina, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Moser, Stephanie, Unit 3F Rehab
Moser, Sydney, Unit 3F Rehab
Moses, Sidonie, Accreditation/Regulatory
Moss, Wren, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Moulin, Jocelyn, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Moulin, Madison, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Moye, Chuck, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Moyes, Abigail, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Mpoza, David, Unit 3F Rehab
Mueller, Beth, Clinical Informatics
Mueller, Katie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Mulcahy, Grace, North & South Pre/Post
Mullinix, Kirsten, Operating Room
Mullins, Gwen, Operating Room
Mulvenon, Carol, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Mulwa, Marrieta, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Munday, Nicole, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Munk, Andreas, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Murdoch, Emalie, Emergency Room-ER
Murillo Mendez, Joann, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Muriuki, Georginah, Unit 3F Rehab
Muroka, Alex, Nursing Pool
Murphy, Lynn, Quality/Magnet/Research
Murray, Luke, Operating Room
Murray, Tamara, Emergency Room-ER
Murray, TJ, OR Perfusion
Murrell, Ashley, NS 43-Orthopedics
Murski, Mason, Operating Room
Muruku, Tabitha, Unit 3F Rehab
Mwadime, Sheila, OR Perfusion
Mwarey, Victoria, Unit 3F Rehab
Mwirigi, Suzanne, NS 41-BMT
Mycanka, Stacey, Operating Room
Myers, Ta, NS 43-Orthopedics
Myers, Tana, NS 43-Orthopedics
Nagar, Troy, IV Therapy
Najar, Denise, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Nakura, Wakako, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Nash, Catherine, Transplant Administration
Nash, Emily, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Nash, Kaila, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Nash, Tiffany, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Natera, Helen, Nursing Pool
Nation, Andrew, Youth Sports Medicine
Nato, Melisa, North & South Pre/Post
Navarro, Maria, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Navasarkian, Edwin, Sterile Processing Unit
Navato, Anna, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Navis, Megan, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Nazario, Christopher, Psych Liason Service
Ndindi, Benson, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ndjeb Som, Jessie Jackie G, Operating Room
Neal, Deatria, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Neal, Matt, Emergency Room-ER
Nealey, Karen, North & South Pre/Post
Nedoma, Lori, North & South Pre/Post
Negash, Salam, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Negash, Tesfaye, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Negrete, Clarissa, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Neiberger, Ashley, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Neibling, Lindsey, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Nelson, Ali, Surgical ICU
Nelson, Evelyn, Unit 66
Nelson, Jenny, Patient Placement
Nelson, Theresa, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Nelson-Hagemann, Toya, Operating Room
Nesbitt, Abby, Unit 51
Nesbitt, David, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Nesbitt, Sue, ICC Interventional Radiology
Netherton, Rebecca, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Newberry, Jamie, OR Perfusion
Newell, Judith, Appearance Center
Newell, Sydney, Unit 66
Newman, Nicole, Landon Center
Newsome, Kimberly, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Newton, Amanda, Operating Room
Nganga, Lydia, Unit 3F Rehab
Ngaruiya, Richard, Unit 3F Rehab
Ngigi, Patty, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Nguyen, Emily, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Nguyen, Julie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Nguyen, Yen, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Nichols, Alexandra, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Nichols, Terra, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Nicholson, Cindy, Unit 66
Nicholson, Dewanna, Sterile Processing Unit
Nicolace, Samantha, North & South Pre/Post
Nicolay, Jake, Nursing Pool
Niedenthal, Aimee, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Nietfeld, Ashley, Unit 51
Nieto, Tammy, Nursing Pool
Nightingale, Angela, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Nightingale, Faith, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Nilges, Rosa, Nursing Pool
Nilsen, Corinne, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Njeri, John, Surgical ICU
Njogu, Lucy, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Njogu, Martin, Nursing Pool
Njoroge, Anne, NS 61 MSICU
Nkongho, Valerine, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Nkya, Alvin, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Nkya, Alvin, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Noble, James, Operating Room
Noble, Kathryn, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Noel Branson, Melissa, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Noiel, Jenelle, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Noori, Parwana, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Norris, Jen, Operating Room
North, Brian, Sterile Processing Unit
Northrop, Addie, Unit 52
Northrop, Kayla, Unit 52
Nottingham, Paris, Surgical ICU
Novacek, Conner, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Novosel, Beth, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Nowak Barden, Liz, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Nowak, Kendra, Landon Center
Nower, Brooke, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Noyes, Cody, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Nsenki, Roger, Unit 66
Nugent, Sarah, NS 43-Orthopedics
Nunamaker, Mike, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Nunez, Heather, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Nwachukwu, Reuben, CV Management
Nye, Ashley, Transplant Administration
Nye, Stephanie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Nzue, Teresia, Unit 3F Rehab
Oakland, Cole, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Oatney, Kate, GI/Endoscopy
Obonyo, Stephen, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
O'Brien, Amanda, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
O'Brien, Lindsey, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Ocarz, Monica, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Ochoa, Crystal, Unit 52
O'Dell, Jennifer, North & South Pre/Post
Odem, Kimberly, PAT
Odero, Fredrick, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Odom, Eresiya, Nursing Pool
Oehlertz, Morgan, North & South Pre/Post
Ogren, Megan, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Oguntimehin, Bukky, Unit 3F Rehab
Oguntimehin, Josh, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
O'Herron, Katelin, Nursing Pool
Ohl, Steff, Department of Nursing Central
Ohler, Jamie, Emergency Room-ER
O'Keefe, Gabrielle, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Okekearu, Michael, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Okpulor, Eze, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Olafson, Donna, Nursing Education
Olden, Elizabeth, North & South Pre/Post
Oliaro, Annie, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Oliver, Sandra, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Olson, Holly, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Olson, Stacy, Unit 51
O'Malley, Jill, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
O'Neal, Tracy, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Oparaji, Blessing, North & South Pre/Post
Orallo, Michael, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
O'Rear, Curtis, Operating Room
Orlando, Dakota, Youth Sports Medicine
Orlanes, Adreanne, Emergency Room-ER
Orloff, Denise, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Ormsby, Breanna, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Orndorff, Ashlee, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Oropeza-Vail, Melissa, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Orr, Grant, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Orrick, Natalie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Orrison, Melissa, Surgical ICU
Orscheln, Cynthia, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Ortega, Ericka, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Orth, Corinne, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Ortiz, Jacquelin, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Ortiz, Karina, North & South Pre/Post
Ortmeyer, Miranda, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Orzechowski, Lucyna, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Osei, Catrina, Psych Liason Service
Oswald, Jordan, NS 41-BMT
O'Trimble, Derek, Nursing Pool
Otting, Adriana, Nursing Pool
Oung, Sophy, Transplant Administration
Ousdahl, Patti, Operating Room
Overbey, Alexander, Emergency Room-ER
Overlease, Kyle, Nursing Pool
Owen, Halie, Surgical ICU
Owen, Paul, Nursing Pool
Owens, Alexsis, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Owens, Kimberly, NS 41-BMT
Owings, Aubrey, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Owsley, Cally, NS 61 MSICU
Oxandale, Steph, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Oxman, Joanne, Transplant Administration
Oyler, Vanessa, IV Therapy
Oyvetsky, Viktoriya, Nursing Pool
Pabst, Shawn, Emergency Room-ER
Pace, Sha'Ree, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Pacheco, Martin, Sterile Processing Unit
Pack, Sarah, NS 41-BMT
Padilla, Brandy, Surgical ICU
Page, Ashley, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Page, Eric, Unit 51
Page, Kaitlin, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Page-Goertz, Eli, Emergency Room-ER
Paine, Kelcie, Operating Room
Palma, Alexandra, Nursing Pool
Palma, Ashley, Sterile Processing Unit
Palmer, Athena, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Palmer, Corinne, Unit 51
Palmer, Jennifer, Accreditation/Regulatory
Palmer, Steve, Surgical ICU
Palmer, Tiffany, Unit 66
Palomares, Ana, Nursing Pool
Panchananam, Vivek, Emergency Room-ER
Panov, Stefan, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Pappas, Melissa, GI/Endoscopy
Paprocki, Brad, Surgical ICU
Parashar, Sonya, CV Management
Paredes, Ernesto, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Parison, Shanae, NS 43-Orthopedics
Park, Alice, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Park, Jerrica, GI/Endoscopy
Parker, Marilyn, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Parks, Jennifer, Unit 52
Parks, Robin, Liver Transplant
Parrott, Skylar, Unit 51
Partee, Ja'Brya, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Pate, Steve, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Patel, Kinjal, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Patel, Priyal, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Patro, Sonali, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Patterson, Mariah, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Patterson, Patrick, Surgical ICU
Pattison, Sally, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Patton, Amy, Unit 66
Patton, Ashleigh, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Patton, Brooke, PAT
Paul, Meagan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Pauley, Makayla, Nursing Pool
Pauls, Kacie, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Pawling, Nicole, Unit 52
Payan, Delilah, Unit 3F Rehab
Payne, Stephanie, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Pearson, Nikki, Psych Liason Service
Peavler, Pam, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Peck, Brad, GI/Endoscopy
Pederson, Sarah, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Pena, Alex, NS 61 MSICU
Penka, Heather, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Penn, Denice, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Pennington, Debbie, Neonatal Medical Home
Pennington, Jennifer, Infection Control
Penny, Tiana, Surgical ICU
Peregoy, Caitlin, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Perez, Nicholas, Emergency Room-ER
Perez, Sandy, GI/Endoscopy
Perkins, Felicia, GI/Endoscopy
Perkins, Kim, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Perocho, Oliver, Unit 3F Rehab
Perricone, Emily, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Perrot, Emily, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Perry, Emma, Operating Room
Perry, Jessica, NS 41-BMT
Perry, Patrick, Psych Liason Service
Persley, Nancy, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Perttunen, Whitney, NS 43-Orthopedics
Pesellin, Brynn, Unit 51
Pestano, Yolanda, CV Management
Peter, Penny, NS 41-BMT
Peterlin, Jody, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Peterman, Claire, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Peterson, Britta, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Peterson, Taylor, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Peterson-Lynch, Margaret, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Pettegrew, Ryan, Emergency Room-ER
Petterson, Craig, OR Perfusion
Pettersson, Shawn, Sterile Processing Unit
Pettigrew, Ray, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Petty, Leah, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Peuterbaugh, Leah, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Pew, Laura, Sterile Processing Unit
Pfannenstiel, Arin, Emergency Room-ER
Pfannenstiel, Nash, Operating Room
Pflumm, Nancy, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Phan, Emily, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Phan, Sonny, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Pharr, Leah, Emergency Room-ER
Phillips, Allison, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Phillips, Bridget, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Phillips, Carrie, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Phillips, Keith, Operating Room
Phillips, Rebekah, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Phillips, Stephanie, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Phillips, Zach, IV Therapy
Picco, Kerry, North & South Pre/Post
Pickens, Kyndra, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Pickering, Casey, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Pickert, Coralie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Pierce, Dustin, Quality/Magnet/Research
Pierce, Lynelle, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Pierce, Matt, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Pierson, Pam, Operating Room
Pike, Nathaniel, Emergency Room-ER
Pike, Rachel, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Piles, Sydney, Surgical ICU
Pileski, Gail, North & South Pre/Post
Pineda, Krissy, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Pingleton, Josh, Transplant Center Clinics
Pink, Leslie, Emergency Room-ER
Pinkelman, Mary, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Pinnell, Tanner, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Piper, Kirsten, North & South Pre/Post
Pirotte, Maria, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Pisciotta, Anna, Operating Room
Pittaway, Donna, Nursing Education
Pittenger, Christine, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Pitts, Jeff, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Pitts, Rashonda, Sterile Processing Unit
Pitzer, Steve, Transplant Administration
Pla, Lucy, Nursing Pool
Platt, April, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Platt, Sophie, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Playter, Cassie, Unit 51
Pleasant, Paola, Sterile Processing Unit
Plymire, Stephanie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Politte, Gina, Nursing Pool
Pollard, Ali, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Pond, Nicole, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Poore, Dawn, Nursing Pool
Pope, Michelle, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Porter, Brooke, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Porter, Tammy, Operating Room
Posch, Heather, PAT
Poskey, Christopher, Youth Sports Medicine
Poskin, Ellen, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Post, Hunter, NS 61 MSICU
Poteet, Kassy, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Potter, Kristen, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Potter, Michele, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Potts, Bryan, NS 61 MSICU
Potts, Rachel, Nursing Pool
Poulson, Emily, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Pounds, Tasha, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Powell, Carie, Clinical Informatics
Powell, Elizabeth, Emergency Room-ER
Powell, Laura, Emergency Room-ER
Powell, Meghan, GI/Endoscopy
Powers, Jamie, Unit 3F Rehab
Powers, Leigh, Emergency Room-ER
Powers, Natalie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Pragman, Andrew, NS 43-Orthopedics
Prais, Emily, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Prater, Julie, NS 61 MSICU
Prather, Angela, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Pratt, Christina, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Pretzl, Karen, North & South Pre/Post
Price, Bridgette, Unit 3 OP
Price, Claire, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Price, Julia, NS 41-BMT
Price, Kat, Nursing Pool
Price, Leslie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Prichard, Becky, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Prince, Blaire, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Pritchard, Cris, Surgical ICU
Prodanovic, Slavica, Operating Room
Prohaska, Jim, Emergency Room-ER
Prosser, Rebecca, Unit 3F Rehab
Protzman, Tracy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Provance, Tiffany, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Pruden, Alyssa, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Pruitt, Chantel, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Pruitt, Jarret, Operating Room
Pruss, Annie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Pruss, Madison, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Puente, Hector, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Pulcini, Erin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Pullen, Diann, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Puno, Mark, Emergency Room-ER
Purdum, Kara, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Purvey, Sharon, Patient Placement
Purvis, Missi, Sterile Processing Unit
Pusateri, Alex, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Pyle, Hannah, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Pyle, Keeley, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Quillin, Candy, GI/Endoscopy
Quinnelly, Bernard, Nursing Pool
Quinn-Haynes, Catherine, IV Therapy
Quinones, Angel, Operating Room
Rabii, Morteza, NS 43-Orthopedics
Rader, Rose, IV Therapy
Radford, Cynthia, NS 41-BMT
Ragland, Luanna, Patient Placement
Rains, Steve, Unit 3F Rehab
Rajab-Ali, Rozina, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Ralph, Alyssa, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Ramaley, Matthew, OR Perfusion
Ramaley, Ziba, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Ramel, Rebecca, Unit 66
Ramirez, Amanda, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Ramos, Cathy, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Ramseier, Randol, Nursing Pool
Ramsey, Justin, Emergency Room-ER
Ramsey, Laura, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Ranario, Esfe Amor, North & South Pre/Post
Rand, Amy, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Randolph, Julie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Randolph, Missi, Nursing Pool
Ransburg, Jordyn, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Ransom, Min, Emergency Room-ER
Ratlief, Adrian, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Ratzlaff, Heidi, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Rausch, Paige, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Rawdon, Leah, North & South Pre/Post
Ray, Jeanine, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ray, Judy, Landon Center
Raya, Heather, Emergency Room-ER
Raymond, Ashley, CV Management
Rea, Jess, Unit 66
Read, Cindy, Sterile Processing Unit
Reardon, Katy, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Reasons, Marianna, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Reavis, Maggie, Infection Control
Reck, Jennifer, Nursing Education
Redden, Sherquita, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Redmond, Cameren, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Redwine, Cora, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Ree, Bahiyyah, Sterile Processing Unit
Reed, Andrea, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Reed, Debbie, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Reed, Jessica, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Reed, Kurt, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Reeder, Liz, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Reeves, Nesha, NS 61 MSICU
Regmi, Madhabi, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Regondola, Helen, NS 43-Orthopedics
Rehm, Rachale, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Reichard, Renee, NS 43-Orthopedics
Reichle, Kissiah, CV Management
Reindl-Boden, Kiley, Operating Room
Reinhardt, Julia, Unit 51
Reische, Anne, Transplant Center Clinics
Reitz, Amanda, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Reitzel, Katie, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Relova, Jannine, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Remillard, Carrie, Nursing Pool
Remker, Cassie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Reschke, Alan, IP Pain Mgmt Nurses
Reser, Logan, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Restrepo, Renda, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Rettew, Marc, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Reuben, Gladys, Nursing Pool
Reyes, Angela, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Reyes, Diana, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Reyes, Gina, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Reyes, Michelle, Nursing Pool
Reyez, Cinthia, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Reynolds, Erin, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Reynolds, Jenny, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Reynolds, Kayla, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Reynolds, Lindsey, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Reynolds, Rachel, Unit 66
Rhoades, MacKenzie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Rhodes, Bethani, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Rhodes, Jill, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Rhodus, Spenser, Emergency Room-ER
Rice, Laura, Emergency Room-ER
Rich, Amy, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Richard, Betty, NS 43-Orthopedics
Richard, Madison, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Richard, Timmika, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Richardson, Amber, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Richardson, Ashlee, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Richardson, Crystal, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Richardson, Kimberly, PAT
Richmond, Jazmin, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Rickert, Jessica, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Riddle, Danielle, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Riechers, Morgan, Unit 3F Rehab
Riedinger, Maria, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Riepe, Lauren, Emergency Room-ER
Riester, Mandy, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Riffel, Elizabeth, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Riffel, Kim, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Rigby, Regan, Operating Room
Riley, Latosha, Operating Room
Riley, Shelby, Emergency Room-ER
Rischar, Heather, Emergency Room-ER
Ritchel, Madi, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Ritter, Mindy, Emergency Room-ER
Rivera Ortiz, Samuel, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Roach, Zann, PAT
Roam, Jenn, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Robb, Kaitlin, Unit 52
Robbins, Jacqueline, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Roberson, Deana, Unit 3F Rehab
Roberts, Brooke, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Roberts, Isaac, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Roberts, Kerry, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Roberts, Lyn, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Roberts, Megan, NS 61 MSICU
Roberts, Natalie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Roberts, Victoria, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Robertson, Theresa, Unit 51
Robinson, Alexis, NS 43-Orthopedics
Robinson, Diane, CV Management
Robinson, Donna, Unit 66
Robinson, Kayla, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Robinson, Nicole, NS 41-BMT
Robinson, Paige, Unit 51
Robison, Mark, GI/Endoscopy
Rocha, Vanessa, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Rock, Conor, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Rodlund, Julia, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Rodriguez Corral, Adriana, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Rodriguez, Mercedes, Nursing Pool
Rodriguez, Susana, Emergency Room-ER
Rodriguez-Pitner, Laura, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Rodriquez, Monica, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Rodriquez, Shayla, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Roelofs, Corey, North & South Pre/Post
Roethler, Raquel, Surgical ICU
Rogers, Antoinette, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Rogers, Kendra, NS 43-Orthopedics
Rogers, Michael, NS 61 MSICU
Rohrer, Grace, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Rojas, Rikki, Nursing Pool
Roland, Terra, Operating Room
Romick, Randa, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Romine, Greg, Emergency Room-ER
Ronn, Morgan, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Roos, Danny, ICC Interventional Radiology
Roos, Yulia, GI/Endoscopy
Root, Courtney, Quality/Magnet/Research
Rosa, Jackie, Nursing Pool
Rosa, Stacey, Nursing Pool
Rosenthal, Gi, Unit 51
Rosnick, Kimberly, North & South Pre/Post
Ross, Macyn, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Ross, Shannon, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Roszel, Bridget, Emergency Room-ER
Roth, Brent, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Roth, J.P., CTSP (4th floor HC)
Rotolo, Hannah, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Roush, Amanda, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Routledge, Lindsey, NS 43-Orthopedics
Rowe, John, North & South Pre/Post
Rowland, Katie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Rowland, Madison, Unit 66
Rowlett, Jordan, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Roy, Alexa, Emergency Room-ER
Roy, Michelle, PAT
Ruballo, Lauren, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Ruble, Megan, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Rudner, Jessica, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Ruebhausen, Jamie, Emergency Room-ER
Rues, Larita, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Rueter, Angela, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Ruf, Jade, Emergency Room-ER
Ruffin, Isaac, Transplant Administration
Ruggles, Brooke, Nursing Pool
Rumpf, Ariel, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Runyan, Ashley, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Rusbarsky, Tess, Nursing Pool
Russell, Alison, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Russell, Allen, Sterile Processing Unit
Russell, Christine, Surgical ICU
Russell, Monica, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Russell, Sam, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Russell, Sharrion, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Ruth, Bryan, Surgical ICU
Rutkowski, Kate, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Ryals, Janelle, Landon Center
Ryals, Kendra, Operating Room
Ryan, Caryl Lynn, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Rye, Amy, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Sailer, Jill, Emergency Room-ER
Salazar, Ashley, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Salazar, Brenda, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Salem, Jasmine, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Salsman, Kim, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Salt, Johanna, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Salter, Whitney, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Salvatore, Ben, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Samaroo, Colleen, Nursing Pool
Samborski, Michelle, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Sander, Colin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Sander, Seaera, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Sanders, Samantha, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Sanders, Sarah, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Sanders, Tiel, Operating Room
Sanders, Willow, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Sandri, Graceann, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Sandt, Drew, Emergency Room-ER
Santee, Holly, Unit 66
Santiago, Adreana, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Sappington, Marnika, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Sargent, Kellie, Nursing Pool
Sargent, Tracy, Unit 51
Sarmiento, Melissa, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Sauceda-Weathers, Nicole, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Sauls, Adrianna, Unit 3 OP
Saunders, Glenette, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Savorelli, Jen, Nursing Education
Saxby, Mary, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Sayers, Brittni, Emergency Room-ER
Saysoff, Abigail, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Sbarro, Joseph, Emergency Room-ER
Scaletty, Kate, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Scarlett, Jessica, Operating Room
Scavuzzo, Vincent, NS 61 MSICU
Schafer, Patricia, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Schafer, Shawna, Liver Transplant
Schaffer, Brianna, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Schapiama, Sandra, Operating Room
Scharrer, Vera, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Schartz, Michaella, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Schear, Angela, Emergency Room-ER
Scheer, Jessica, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Schelble, Emma, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Schelling, Cali, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Schemmel, Alisa, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Scheuler, Meara, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Scheve, Maddie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Schieferecke, Becky, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Schill, Rendi, Emergency Room-ER
Schilling, Richard, Nursing Pool
Schirlls, Joy, North & South Pre/Post
Schlager, Allyson, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Schlager, Teresa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Schmaltz, Nickolette, Unit 52
Schmidt, Justin, Accreditation/Regulatory
Schmidt, Krissie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Schmidt, Morgan, OR Perfusion
Schmidt, Rhonda, PAT
Schmidtberger, Jody, North & South Pre/Post
Schmitt, Timothy, Transplant Administration
Schneemeyer, Kristin, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Schneweis, Kaitlyn, NS 43-Orthopedics
Schobert, Rob, Surgical ICU
Schoenberger, Sarah, Operating Room
Schoeneck, Jacqueline, Nursing Pool
Schoenrade, Jenny, Unit 3 OP
Schoonover, Debra, Operating Room
Schreiber, Anna, ICC Interventional Radiology
Schreiner, TJ, Unit 51
Schrick, Jamie, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Schroeder, Mark, Nursing Pool
Schroeder, Molly, NS 41-BMT
Schroeder, Shannon, Department of Nursing Central
Schuler, Maria, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Schult, Allison, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Schulte, Jenna, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Schultz, Arianna, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Schultz, Connor, Unit 51
Schultz, Zach, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Schulz, Michelle, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Schumacher, Jordan, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Schutter, Sarah, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Schwartz, Kate, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Schwarz, Colton, CV Management
Schweiger, Heather, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Scoggan, James, GI/Endoscopy
Scott, Courtnie, Sterile Processing Unit
Scott, Devin, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Scott, Eleanor, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Scott, Heather, NS 41-BMT
Scott, Kimberly, Unit 3F Rehab
Scribner, Jacob, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Scribner, Stacey, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Scruggs, Viandra, GI/Endoscopy
Seaton, Brenda, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Seaton, Joel, OR Perfusion
Seaton, Katie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Seaton, Nyesha, Unit 51
Seemann, Kristi, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Seibel, Kate, Emergency Room-ER
Seifert, Kyle, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Seitter, Kelley, Unit 3 OP
Selba, Ellen, Operating Room
Self, Teresa, Unit 51
Selig, Lindsay, North & South Pre/Post
Sellers, Donald, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Selmon, Allison, Transplant Administration
Semachai, Wichulee, Psych Liason Service
Sena, Jennifer, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Serrioz, Melissa, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Setter, Robyn, Nursing Education
Settle, Chad, PAT
Severine, Janet, Landon Center
Seymour, Alanna, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Seymour, Leesa, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Shaak, Sarah, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Shaft, Peg, Sterile Processing Unit
Shah, Jay, Surgical ICU
Shahlari, Mina, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Sharp, Eddie, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Sharp, Kelley, Nursing Pool
Sharp, LaShawn, Sterile Processing Unit
Sharp, Maddie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Shaver, Christina, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Shaw, Bobbie, Unit 52
Shaw, Jodie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Shaw, Lurena, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Shaw, Mark, Sterile Processing Unit
Shawver, Nancy, Department of Nursing Central
Shea, Rachel, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Shealy, Amy, NS 41-BMT
Shearer, Tom, Surgical ICU
Sheehe, Caitlin, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Shelby, Audra, North & South Pre/Post
Shelby, Raven, Nursing Pool
Shelton, Kelsey, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Shepard, Bennetta, North & South Pre/Post
Shepard, Makenzie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Shepler, Gwendolyn, Operating Room
Sherard, Dana, Emergency Room-ER
Sherman, Craig, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Sherman, Richelle, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Shewanick, Laci, Emergency Room-ER
Shiloh, Erin, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Shinkle, Shawn, Operating Room
Shipley, Kristine, Accreditation/Regulatory
Shireman, Jaimee, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Shore, Erin, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Shore, Megan, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Short, Edwin, CV Management
Short, Jane, Unit 66
Shropshire, Brianne, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Shutts, Michelle, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Sickman, Courtney, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Siegel, Rachel, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Sigui, Chelsi, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Sila, Joyce, Unit 3 OP
Silva, Raul, Operating Room
Silvestro, Taylor, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Simek, Sydney, NS 43-Orthopedics
Simmons, Audrey, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Simmons, Cali, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Simonich, Emily, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Simons, Alexis, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Simons, Erin, Transplant Administration
Simpson, Mary-Margaret, Nursing Pool
Simpson, Melanie, IP Pain Mgmt Nurses
Simpson, Shawn, Sterile Processing Unit
Simpson, Tanekia, Operating Room
Sims, Daniela, Unit 51
Sims, Kodee, NS 41-BMT
Sims, Tameka, North & South Pre/Post
Singateh, Toby, Unit 3F Rehab
Siscoe, Angela, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Sistrunk, Danielle, North & South Pre/Post
Sivits, Kelley, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Skeels, Kyle, GI/Endoscopy
Skinner, Nicki, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Skinner, Raven, Emergency Room-ER
Skubal, Tammy, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Skwarlo, Lisa, Patient Placement
Slater, Emma, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Slaughter, Amie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Sleeper, Morgan, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Sleeper, Tyler, Youth Sports Medicine
Sloop, Breton, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Sloop, Erika, Nursing Pool
Sloop, Ryan, Youth Sports Medicine
Slovikoski, Valerie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Slusher, Christina, Emergency Room-ER
Smith, Andrea, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Smith, Anneliese, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Smith, Bailey, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Smith, Barbara, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Smith, Bethany, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Smith, Carrie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Smith, Chelsea, Unit 66
Smith, David, Emergency Room-ER
Smith, Devon, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Smith, Douglas, NS 41-BMT
Smith, Hannah, Transplant Administration
Smith, Hillary, Emergency Room-ER
Smith, Jay, Operating Room
Smith, Jolynn, Youth Sports Medicine
Smith, Julie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Smith, Karen, NS 41-BMT
Smith, Khalila, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Smith, Latricia, Liver Transplant
Smith, Lauren, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Smith, Liz, Emergency Room-ER
Smith, Luke, North & South Pre/Post
Smith, Marsha, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Smith, Megan, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Smith, Nicole, NS 43-Orthopedics
Smith, Rachel, Department of Nursing Central
Smith, Sara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Smith, Sierra, Nursing Pool
Smith, Stacy, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Smith, Sydney, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Smith, Tara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Smotherman, Wendy, Unit 3F Rehab
Snider, Abigail, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Snow, Kristen, Unit 3 OP
Snowbarger, Nikki, Unit 3 OP
Snyder, Sidney, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Soberanes, Pamela, Unit 66
Sobotka, Mercedes, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Soh, Angelina, NS 43-Orthopedics
Sohraby, Mahnaz, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Solano, Camila, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Soldani, Lynnette, Emergency Room-ER
Solis Sanchez, Hamanda, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Solis, Marco, Emergency Room-ER
Sommer, Hannah, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Somodi, Rachel, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Soria, Brian, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Sothers, ManDee, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Soto, Alba, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Soto, Victoria, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Southerland, Courtney, North & South Pre/Post
Sowers, Victoria, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Spaich, Tori, North & South Pre/Post
Spaits, Leslie, Unit 66
Sparks, Haley, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Sparks, Hannah, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Spaulding, David, Department of Nursing Central
Spearman, Rhonda, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Spears, Alexis, Nursing Pool
Spears, Lauren, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Spears, Steven, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Speck, Tiffany, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Spiegel, Jennifer, Unit 52
Spier, Alicia, North & South Pre/Post
Spinnato, Genevra, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Spitz, Kent, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Sportsman, Beric, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Sportsman, Sally, Unit 51
Sprick, Hannah, North & South Pre/Post
Springfield, Erin, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Sprinkle, Annette, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Sprinkle, Sam, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Ssemambo, Angel, NS 45-Hem/Onc
St. Jean, Cherie, Nursing Pool
Stafford, Brenda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Stafford, Grace, Operating Room
Stallbaumer, Cecilia, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Stallbaumer, Haley, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Stallings, Frances, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Stalsberg, Kevin, Youth Sports Medicine
Stanage, Jana, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Standish, Elizabeth, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Stanek, Jenna, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Stangl, Jessica, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Stanley, Ariane, Transplant Center Clinics
Stanley, Latonya, PAT
Stark, Karley, NS 41-BMT
Starks, Michelle, Sterile Processing Unit
Starr, Kristin, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Starr, Nicky, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Starr, Tamera, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Starr-Ahmad, Nikki, CV Management
Stauffer, Stevy, Nursing Pool
Stebens, Morgan, Emergency Room-ER
Steel, Tamara, Operating Room
Steele, Libby, Emergency Room-ER
Steele, Sarah, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Steen, Aly, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Steen, Cyndy, NS 41-BMT
Steer, Ellie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Steimel, Megan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Stein, Julie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Steiner, Angie, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Steinkamp, Alex, NS 41-BMT
Steinman, Perry, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Stephan, Beth, Unit 66
Stephen, Karlon, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Stephenson, Erin, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Stephenson, Leigh Ellyn, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Stepp, Crystal, Operating Room
Stevenson, Rachel, NS 43-Orthopedics
Stewart, Dawson, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Stewart, Gretchen, Operating Room
Stewart, Kevin, Operating Room
Stewart, Taylor, Surgical ICU
Stewart, Tika, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Stites, Kendel, Operating Room
Stith, Amy, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Stitt, Misty, Unit 3F Rehab
Stockberger, Lea, Operating Room
Stockdale, Robert, Nursing Education
Stolte, Nicole, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Stone, Shelby, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Stoneking, Jordin, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Stonys, Hayley, Unit 66
Stotts, Adam, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Stout, Ashley, Emergency Room-ER
Straeter, Maggie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Strand, Molly, Unit 3F Rehab
Strange, Alex, Nursing Pool
Straub, Arin, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Streck, Britton, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Strecker, Lidia, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Strider, ELAINE, PAT
Stringer, Alexis, CV Management
Stritzke, Laura, Unit 66
Stroud, Netanya, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Struempler, Matthew, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Stubbs, Marla, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Stueve, Kiley, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Stultz, Connor, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Stumpff, Tiffany, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Sturgeon, Madeline, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Stuteville, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Styles, Amber, Accreditation/Regulatory
Suarez, Luis, Unit 3 OP
Sudbeck, Kristen, ICC Interventional Radiology
Suderman, Dana, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Suellentrop, Anna, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Suhr, Kelsey, NS 41-BMT
Sukhram, Melissa, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Sullivan, Kathleen, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Sullivan, Megan, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Sullivan, Meghan, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Sullivan, Nancy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Summers, Chamone, Unit 66
Sumpter, Sarah, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Sunnarborg, Kaitlyn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Surprise, Jennifer, IP Pain Mgmt Nurses
Surratt, Alexa, Unit 3 OP
Sutherland, Aspen, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Sutton, Lauren, North & South Pre/Post
Sutton, Lisa, NS 41-BMT
Swafford, Emily, Operating Room
Swain, Jillian, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Swanson, Altagracia, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Swanson, Ben, OR Perfusion
Swanson, Blakely, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Swanson, Claire, Unit 51
Swanson, Grace, Unit 52
Swanson, Marie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Sward, Sean, Sterile Processing Unit
Swayze, Doreen, Landon Center
Sweany, Margo, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Swick, Stephanie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Swindler, Taylor, NS 41-BMT
Swymeler, Shelby, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Syas, Madison, NS 41-BMT
Tadros, Christina, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Tafang, Landry, NS 43-Orthopedics
Tagg, Kim, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Taku, Ashu, Unit 51
Tallent, Payton, North & South Pre/Post
Talley, Julie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Tapang, Alexandra, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Tapang, Alexis, CV Management
Tapang, Maria Josefina, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Tarhini, Molly, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Tayborn, Chinitta, Department of Nursing Central
Taylor, Alexys, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Taylor, Brian, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Taylor, Cassandra, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Taylor, Corey, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Taylor, Crystal, Operating Room
Taylor, Cynthia, IV Therapy
Taylor, Jennifer, GI/Endoscopy
Taylor, Madison, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Taylor, Michelle, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Taylor, Sierra, Unit 3 OP
Taylor, Susan, PAT
Taylor, Virginia, Nursing Pool
Teague, Kristopher, CV Management
Teahan, Jacqueline, North & South Pre/Post
Tedder, Jayne, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Teel, Marcie, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Teferra, Abe, Landon Center
Teffer, Katie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Tello, Jose, Sterile Processing Unit
Temple, Dollie, Nursing Pool
Tenholder, Jeni, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Tenna, Ermias, Unit 3F Rehab
Termini, Chandler, NS 41-BMT
Terrado, Valerie Ann, GI/Endoscopy
Terreros, Alex, North & South Pre/Post
Terry, Logan, CV Management
Tessema, Yabsira, Sterile Processing Unit
Thacker, Linda, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Thames, Jene', NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Thatcher, Patricia, Operating Room
Theis, Mary, Unit 52
Thepthepha, Bob, North & South Pre/Post
Thepthepha, Luke, Quality/Magnet/Research
Thepthepha, Valissa, North & South Pre/Post
Thiam, Hannah, North & South Pre/Post
Thibault, Kaylee, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Tholen, Gabriela, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Thoman, Natalie, Nursing Education
Thomas, Aline, Operating Room
Thomas, Alyson, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Thomas, Alyssa, IV Therapy
Thomas, Amber, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Thomas, Annabelle, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Thomas, Erika, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Thomas, Grace, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Thomas, Jace, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Thomas, Joe, Nursing Pool
Thomas, Kimberley, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Thomas, Kirsten, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Thomas, Kylee, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Thomas, Latrice, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Thomas, Megan, Operating Room
Thomas, Mindy, NS 61 MSICU
Thomas, Tashra, Transplant Center Clinics
Thomas, Toni, IV Therapy
Thomeczek, Kelsey, Emergency Room-ER
Thompson, Kathleen, Clinical Informatics
Thompson, Kayla, Unit 66
Thompson, Lis, Operating Room
Thompson, Noreen, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Thompson, Ronnetta, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Thompson, Rosemary, North & South Pre/Post
Thomson, Petra, Emergency Room-ER
Thorn, Emily, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Thornburgh, Katherine, Surgical ICU
Thornton, Hannah, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Thornton, Jordan, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Thorp, Jamie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Thorpe, Elora, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Thorpe, Kristyn, IV Therapy
Thrasher, Madeline, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Throne, Lori, Sterile Processing Unit
Thurmond, Kristin, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Thurston, Charity, Quality/Magnet/Research
Tiemann, Cheri, Unit 66
Tillery, Laura, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Timberlake, Mona, Nursing Pool
Timmerman, Leakhana, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Timmons, Lauren, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Timmons, Wendy, Nursing Pool
Tinsley, Renee, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Tippin, Melanie, Nursing Pool
Tipton, Kaylie, Unit 52
Tirado, Teodora, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Tittle, Kayla, Operating Room
Todd, Alec, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Todd, Diane, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Todd, Jerrid, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Todd, Megan, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Tolessa, Solomon, North & South Pre/Post
Tomasic, John, North & South Pre/Post
Toner, Holly, NS 41-BMT
Toplikar, Victoria, OR Perfusion
Torres Perez, Yelennys, Operating Room
Torres, Jada, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Toubia, Samira, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Townsend, Doralee, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Townsend, Kyle, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Trammell, Chelsea, Operating Room
Tran, Le, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Tran, Thanh, North & South Pre/Post
Tranckino, Monica, NS 43-Orthopedics
Trausch, Amanda, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Treece, Joann, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Trembath, Eric, IV Therapy
Triplett, Ashley, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Tromba, Sara, Surgical ICU
Troutman, Linn, IV Therapy
True, Brent, Liver Transplant
Truhe, Caitlin, Youth Sports Medicine
Truitt, Brianne, Unit 52
Truong, Jennifer, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Tsai, Jenny, North & South Pre/Post
Tschirhart, Alicia, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Tuck, Jerrica, North & South Pre/Post
Tucker, Jessika, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Turnbaugh, Molly, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Turnbow, Ashley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Turner, Austin, GI/Endoscopy
Turner, Corey, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Turner, Kayla, Transplant Center Clinics
Turner, Meagen, Emergency Room-ER
Turrentine, Suzanne, PAT
Twenter, Pat, CV Management
Twitchel, Angie, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Twitchel, Nichole, Unit 3F Rehab
Tyler, Clayton, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Tyler, Kim, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Tyler, Lynne, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Tyner, Charise, Emergency Room-ER
Uhl, Nathaniel, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Ukaoma, Liz, North & South Pre/Post
Ulaan Baker, Indi, Liver Transplant
Ule, Jolie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Umbarger, Emma, NS 61 MSICU
Umscheid, Pamela, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Umwech, Futalina, Nursing Pool
Unruh, Roni, Unit 66
Uresti, Bernadette, Department of Nursing Central
Urso, Alyssa, OR Perfusion
Utter, Kimberly, Emergency Room-ER
Utz, Tiffany, ICC Interventional Radiology
Valdez, Victoria, Operating Room
Vallet, Ashley, Unit 51
Van Camp, Pamela, GI/Endoscopy
Van Drunen, Amy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Van Maaren, Abigail, Operating Room
Vanbecelaere, Kelly, GI/Endoscopy
Vandegrift, Amber, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Vanderfeltz, Cindy, GI/Endoscopy
Vanderhoff, Megan, Unit 66
Vanhatten, Megan, PAT
Vanlerberg, Linda, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Vanoy, Felicia, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Vargas, Angel, CV Management
Varner, Kelly, Unit 3 OP
Vazquez, Paulina, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Vega, Isela, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Vega, Tonya, North & South Pre/Post
Vehige, Jennifer, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Velasco, Evan, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Veldhuizen, Kaitlin, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Venegoni, Whitney, North & South Pre/Post
Ventura Aldaba, Irais, Unit 3F Rehab
Verbeck, Sally, Unit 52
Vernor, Kiley, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Vielhauer, Megan, Landon Center
Viets, Mackenzie, Nursing Pool
Vieux, Stephanie, Liver Transplant
Vig, Hannah, PAT
Vigil, Amber, North & South Pre/Post
Villanueva, Natalie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Vogelsang, Hannah, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Volker, Kimberly, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Volts, Cathy, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
VonWyl, Kathryn, PAT
Vosburgh, Samantha, Operating Room
Vu, Lynn, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Vu, Michael, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Vulgamore, Lenzie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Vulgamore, McKenzie, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Waddell, Delane, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Waddell, Rachel, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Wadman, Jessica, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Waggoner, Tina, NS 41-BMT
Wagner, Betsy, Nursing Pool
Wagner, Carol, North & South Pre/Post
Wagner, Megan, Surgical ICU
Wagner, Megan, Nursing Pool
Wagner, Melissa, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Wagner, Sara, Emergency Room-ER
Waisner, Diana, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Waisner, Sandy, Clinical Informatics
Waithira, Daisy, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Wakefield, Emily, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Waldon, Trynn, Nursing Education
Waldron, Rebecca, Operating Room
Walker, Angelina, Unit 3F Rehab
Walker, Breanna, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Walker, Diana, Unit 3 OP
Walker, Jenna, Operating Room
Walker, Marci, Nursing Education
Walker, Mollie, Unit 51
Walker, Rhonda, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Wallace, Barbara, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Wallace, Jennifer, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Wallace, Kimberli, Operating Room
Wallace, Megan, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Walrafen, Nancy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Walsh, Joseph, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Walsh, Kaelin, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Walsh, Lauren, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Walters, Courtney, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Walters, Jenny, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Walton, Rachel, Operating Room
Wamugi, Loise, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Wansley, Scott, Transplant Administration
Ward, Katie, PAT
Ward, Lindsey, Emergency Room-ER
Ward-Bopp, Catherine, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Ward-Sewing, Jackie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Ware, Brenda, Operating Room
Warf, Steve, Operating Room
Warkentin, Duane, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Warner, Elizabeth, Surgical ICU
Warner, Skye, CV Management
Warren, Amanda, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Warren, Jennifer, NS 61 MSICU
Washington, Christopher, Operating Room
Washington, Marian, Unit 3F Rehab
Waters, Amber, Operating Room
Waters, Chris, Department of Nursing Central
Waters, Denise, Unit 3 OP
Waters, Julie, Unit 3F Rehab
Watkins, Janella, Transplant Center Clinics
Watkins, Jenni, Landon Center
Watt, Zach, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Watterson, Lauren, Operating Room
Wattier, Clinton, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Wattier, Stacey, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Watts, Lori, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Waxman, Molly, Emergency Room-ER
Way, Matthew, Youth Sports Medicine
Wayman, Miranda, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Weatherspoon, Meka, North & South Pre/Post
Weaver, Arah, Transplant Center Clinics
Webb, Anna, Unit 66
Webb, Dujuan, Operating Room
Webb, Terra, Unit 51
Webber, Heidi, Emergency Room-ER
Webber, Kayla, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Weber, John, Nursing Pool
Weber, Kathy, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Weber, Lauren, North & South Pre/Post
Webster, Mindy, Nursing Pool
Wedel, Matt, Patient Placement
Wedel, Nathan, Unit 51
Wedel, Shelly, Nursing Pool
Weeks, Elizabeth, Clinical Informatics
Weems, Jalynn, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Weigel, Colleen, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Weigel, Karen, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Weisbrod, Breanna, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Weiser, Kaycee, Youth Sports Medicine
Wekenborg, Chelsea, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Welch, Hyejin, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Wells, La'Creshia, Landon Center
Wells, Marlon, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Wells, Megan, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Wells, Tiffany, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Wendler, Emma, Unit 52
Wendorff, Ellen, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Wenger, Jessica, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Wenig, Emma, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Wentz, Jon, Unit 3 OP
Wenzl, Gina, North & South Pre/Post
Werkowitch, Sarah, Psych Liason Service
Werner, Anna, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Wesley, Will, Emergency Room-ER
Westervelt, Eric, Unit 52
Whetstone, Hilary, Quality/Magnet/Research
Whipple, Courtney, Emergency Room-ER
Whisenhunt, Morgan, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Whisler, Madison, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Whitaker, Lauren, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Whitby, Rikki, Infusion Therapy Clinic
White, Clara Marie, Unit 3F Rehab
White, Hillary, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
White, Jessica, Transplant Center Clinics
White, Kristi, NS 44A-Peds ICU
White, Tamara, Nursing Pool
Whitehead, Sophie, Nursing Pool
Whitehill, Alex, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Whiteside, Amanda, Emergency Room-ER
Whitington, Tim, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Whitney, Jill, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Whyte, Libby, Unit 66
Wickham, Emily, Nursing Pool
Wiebelhaus, Sheila, Surgical ICU
Wiebke, Victoria, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Wiedemann, Jordan, Surgical ICU
Wiehe, Jill, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Wilcox, Elizabeth, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Wilcox, Megan, NS 41-BMT
Wilcoxen, Mary, Unit 66
Wild, Kayla, Operating Room
Wilderson, Brittany, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Wilderson, Meagan, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Wiles, Jeanne, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Wiles, JT, Transplant Administration
Wilkin, Ashton, Nursing Pool
Wilkins, Amie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Wilks, Robin, NS 41-BMT
Will, Courtney, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Williams, Alona, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Williams, Amanda, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Williams, Angela, IV Therapy
Williams, Ashley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Williams, Brenda, Unit 3 OP
Williams, Britney, Operating Room
Williams, Brooke, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Williams, Chandra, Emergency Room-ER
Williams, DelorriAnne, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Williams, Emily, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Williams, Emily, GI/Endoscopy
Williams, Jill, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Williams, Julie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Williams, Kylie, Surgical ICU
Williams, Lynette, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Williams, Mica, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Williams, Monique, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Williams, Patresa, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Williams, Sharra, Emergency Room-ER
Williams, Tarin, NS 61 MSICU
Williams, Tiera, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Williams, Zakiya, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Williams-Moore, Mishawn, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Williamson, Jordan, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Williamson, Lance, Infection Control
Williamson, Samantha, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Willingham, Lisa, North & South Pre/Post
Willis, Leaycia, Nursing Pool
Willis, Melissa, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Willson, Hillary, Youth Sports Medicine
Willyard, Howard, Landon Center
Wilmes, Taylor, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Wilmott, Crystal, Nursing Pool
Wilson, Brady, Sterile Processing Unit
Wilson, Gabbreal, Operating Room
Wilson, Jessica, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Wilson, Katherine, NS 43-Orthopedics
Wilson, Loretta, Surgical ICU
Wilson, Olivia, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Wilson, Samantha, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Wilson, Sherri, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Winfield, Jadorra, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Winfrey, Halee, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Winkler, Kara, Operating Room
Winters, Paige, Nursing Pool
Wise, Sarah, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Wismer, Ashley, GI/Endoscopy
Withers, LeaAnn, Nursing Pool
Witmer, Malorie, Unit 52
Witt, Marlee, Operating Room
Wohlgemuth, Marcey, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Wolf, Jamie, NS NEP-Neuroscience Telemetry
Wolf, Travis, Unit 3 OP
Wolfe, Joanna, Unit 66
Wolken, Angie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Wong, Ceciley, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Wood, Jessica, Operating Room
Wood, Kate, Unit 52
Wood, Lara, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Wood, Rachel, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Woodruff, Tiffany, Operating Room
Woodward, Melissa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Woolley, Megan, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Wooten, Lisa, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Workman, Stacy, NS 61 MSICU
Worley, Sam, NS 61 MSICU
Worthen, Kelly, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Wray, Kristy, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Wren, Madalyn, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Wright, Amber, Landon Center
Wright, Angela, Nursing Pool
Wright, Ariel, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Wright, Ciara, Unit 52
Wright, Claire, Nursing Pool
Wright, Danielle, Liver Transplant
Wright, Hannah, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Wright, Heather, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Wright, Jen, Emergency Room-ER
Wright, Nancy, PAT
Wright, Richard, Sterile Processing Unit
Wright, Zachary, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Wulff, Katelyn, Nursing Pool
Wurtz, Ethan, Nursing Pool
Wycoff, Ohemaa, Nursing Education
Xiaojing, Jane, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Xiong, Michelle, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Yang, Chee, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Yang, Chue, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Yates, Mandy, Psych Liason Service
Yates, Megan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Ybarra, Myranda, NS 41-BMT
Yeagle, Jason, Operating Room
Yearby, D'Anthony, NS 53-Urology & Surgical Oncol
Yearout, Lucy, Operating Room
Yehle Rix, Jessica, OR Perfusion
Yeoman, Deborah, Unit 3 OP
Yotter, Austin, OR Perfusion
Young, Beverly, GI/Endoscopy
Young, Chris, Transplant Administration
Young, Cindy, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Young, Danielle, Quality/Magnet/Research
Young, Elizabeth, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Young, Jazmin, Landon Center
Young, Jessica, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Young, Lily, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Young, Marshall, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Young, Priscilla, Nursing Education
Young, Rachel, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Younger, Kendra, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Young-LaRue, Sue, Sterile Processing Unit
Youngman, Regan, Unit 52
Youngstrom, Mary Jane, Landon Center
Yuille-Oakman, Patty, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Zahner, Krista, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Zakovich, George, CV Management
Zamora, Micaela, Unit 3F Rehab
Zampieri, Stephanie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Zarco, Diana, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Zarda, Brittany, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Zeffiro, Danielle, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Zeller, Angel, Emergency Room-ER
Zeller, Kimberly, NS NEI-Neuroscience ICU
Zganjar, Corinna, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Ziebell, Gina, GI/Endoscopy
Zimucha, Unnah, Unit 3F Rehab
ZINCHAK, Nicole, Unit 66
Zogleman, Amy, PAT
Zook, Michele, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Zwick, Cabrini, Unit 66