Hospital Executive Offices

Janice Benjamin, VP of Fund Development
Brenda Dykstra, VP Bus & Strategic Development
Douglas Gaston, VP Financial Integration and Operat
Barbara Gill MacArthur, VP OF CARDIAC SERVICES
Chris Hansen, SVP AMB SVCS & CIO
Bob Page, President & CEO
Tammy Peterman, Exec VP COO & CNO
Becky Pilarz, EXEC ASST TO COO
Fiona Rochelle, EXEC ASST TO CFO

Aaron, Samda, Turning Point
Abbey, Cecilia, Interpreter Services
Abbott, Carra, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Abbott, Debbie, PAT
Abdelaziz, Ameena, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Abdien, Ahmed, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Abdulkareem, Gwen, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Abdulsalam, Kaffy, Environmental Services
Abek, Ajok, Dietetics Admin
Abel, Angela, Sterile Processing Unit
Abella, Katrina, Surgical ICU
Abels, Ashley, Nursing Float Pool
Abercrombie, Candice, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Abercrombie, LeAndrea, Health Information Mgmt
Ables, Sarah, Unit 52
Ablian, Josh, System Equipment Operations
Abramson, Jaime, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Accola, Daniel, Youth Sports Medicine
Accurso, Alex, Operating Room
Accurso, Kelsey, Cancer Center Administration
Ackerman, Peyton, Dietetics Admin
Acklin, Vere, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ackman, Sharlene, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Acosta, David, Radiology Support Staff
Acosta-Carrillo, Vanessa, Unit 66
Acree, Arrica, Unit 52
Adair, Cherie, Spine Center
Adair, Kaitlin, Surgical ICU
Adair, Kaycee, Youth Sports Medicine
Adair, Laura, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Adam, Lucas, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Adam, RJ, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Adams Kloepfer, Mercedes, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Adams, Adrienne, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Adams, Anna, Audit and Compliance
Adams, Ashleigh, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Adams, Cheryl, Support Services, Clin Lab
Adams, Farnaz, Health Information Mgmt
Adams, Jara, Outpatient Registration Staff
Adams, Joann, CC-Navigation and Intake
Adams, Mariah, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Adams, Meghan, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Adams, Payton, Nursing Float Pool
Adams, Rodman, Utilization Review
Adams, Sheila, Outpatient Registration Staff
Adams, Vhanie, NS 61 MSICU
Adams, Vickie, Nursing Education
Aday, Allison, Unit 52
Adcox, Anette, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Addington, Jeanette, Patient Placement
Adejo, Grace, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Adelman, Emily, NS 61 MSICU
ADEN, HALIMO, Respiratory Therapy
Adewumi, James, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Adewumi, Justina, Dietetics Admin
Adger, Nikema, Utilization Review
Adib, John, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Adkinson, Lyndsay, Unit 52
Adler, Dana, Radiology General
Adler, Sydnie, Surgical ICU
Adrian, Jonathan, Department of Nursing Central
Agee, Sarah, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Agim, Geoffrey, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Agnew, Gareth, Emergency Room-ER
Agre, Elizabeth, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Aguilar, Alice, Admitting Office
Aguilar, Christina, Utilization Review
Aguilar, Doana, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Aguilar, Jordan, Main Pre/Post
Aguilar, Noe, Biomedical Engineering
Aguilar, Tiffany, Spine Center
Aguilera, Ali, Admitting Office
Aguirre, Audrey, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Aguirre, Diana, Admitting Office
Aguirre, Isabella, Social Work & Case Management
Aguirre, Jessica, Support Services, Clin Lab
Ahlers, Michael, Business and Strategic Development
Ahlstrom, Janet, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Ahmed, Ayesha, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Ahumada, Francisco, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Akanuligo, Ifeyinwa, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Akers, Bailey, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Akers, Lana, Unit 52
Akil, Aisha, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Akins, Heather, NS 41-BMT
akins, keyonna, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Akpovona, Ishani, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Akright, Kevin, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Alarico, Gus, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Albarelli, Ciana, NS 61 MSICU
Albasri, Tareq, Sterile Processing Unit
Albee, Justin, Operating Room
Albers, Bart, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Albert, Chris, Supply Logistics
Albertson, Shannon, Dietetics Admin
Albluwi, Samira Mussa, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Albrecht Thompson, Robin, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Albright, Jerry, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Albritton, Kiela, Surgical ICU
Alcantara, Katie, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Alerts, Jcaps, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Alewel, Stephanie, Health Information Mgmt
Alexander, Amber, Occupational Health & Urgent Care
Alexander, Brad, Dietetics Admin
Alexander, Erica Nicole, CC-Clinic Treatments
Alexander, Jamie, Utilization Review
Alexander, Jane, Spine Center
Alexander, Pat, Support Services, Clin Lab
Alexander, Travanna, Social Work & Case Management
Alexandra, Chelsee, Nursing Float Pool
Alfaro, Kristen, Emergency Room-ER
Alfonsin, Anna, CC-Clinic Treatments
Alford, Sarah, IP Rehab Services Admin
Algrim, Amie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Ali, Fareena, PAT
ALiverTrans, A, Transplant Administration
Allbee, Melissa, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Allee, Josh, Operating Room
Allee, Stephanie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Allee-Lentz, Allie, CV Echo/PV
Allegrezza, Isabella, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Allen, Adriana, Operating Room
Allen, Amia, Environmental Services
Allen, Brandy, Transplant Center Clinics
Allen, Brittainy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Allen, Bryan, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Allen, Christa, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Allen, Eddie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Allen, Gerry, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Allen, Grace, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Allen, Jake, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Allen, Kara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Allen, Katie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Allen, Katie, Emergency Room-ER
Allen, Kelsey, Emergency Room-ER
Allen, Krista, Pre-registration
Allen, Lyndsey, Outpatient Registration Staff
Allen, Makayla, Outpatient Registration Staff
Allen, Melissa, Health Information Mgmt
Allen, Mindy, BMT Exam/Treatment
Allen, Patricia, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Allen, Shelbi, Radiology Support Staff
Allen, Thomas, Dietetics Admin
Allen, Wanda, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Allen, Wendy, Computed Tomography
Allen-Hoggatt, Shernita, Patient Accounting
Alli, Adam, Radiology Faculty
Allin, Chris, Central Transport
Allin, Griff, Nursing Float Pool
Allin, Jenny, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Alloway, Tami, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Almaguer, Vanessa, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Almuenda, Dante, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Alonzo, Rachel, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Alpert, Kate, Patient Relations
Alquist, Ethan, Respiratory Therapy
Alsman, Kyla, CC-Navigation and Intake
Alsop, Megan, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Alstrom, Ragen, Utilization Review
Alt, Denise, Pre-registration
ALTD, A, Transplant Administration
Altenhofen, Ashley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Altmaier, Robert, Admitting Office
Altman, Ellen, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Altman, Margaret, Surgical ICU
Alvarado, Aaron, Trauma Services Administration
Alvarado, Jose, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Alvarez, Sean, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Alvidrez, Briyana, Spine Center
Alvord, Alison, BMT Exam/Treatment
Aly, Iman, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Ambler, James, Environmental Services
Ambre, Karen, Audit and Compliance
amcbtuser, identity, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Amedie, Frezer, Unit 3F Rehab
Ames, Elizabeth, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Ames, Klaire, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Amos, Bridget, Orthotics / Prosthetics
Amos, Emily, Marketing Communications
Amrein, Elaine, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Amstutz, Emily, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Amunatigui, Emilie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Amuso, Echo, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Anaya, MiKaylee, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Andela, Mamua, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Anderes, Mikaela, Emergency Room-ER
Andersen, Heather, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Anderson, Addrika, Support Services, Clin Lab
Anderson, Barbara, Health Information Mgmt
Anderson, Brista, Admitting Office
Anderson, Corey, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Anderson, Dan, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Anderson, Dawn, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Anderson, Emma, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Anderson, Greg, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Anderson, Hannah, Main Pre/Post
Anderson, Jesse, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Anderson, Joan, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Anderson, Joshua, CV Management
Anderson, Lashaun, Data-based Marketing
Anderson, Laura, Electrophysiology Lab
Anderson, Leila, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Anderson, Marni, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Anderson, Meagan, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Anderson, Melanie, Utilization Review
Anderson, Mike, NS 61 MSICU
Anderson, Murray, Sterile Processing Unit
Anderson, Rachel, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Anderson, Stacia, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Anderson, Teresa, Central Transport
Anderson, Tiara, Nursing Float Pool
Anderson, Tj, Outpatient Registration Staff
Andretti, Anneliese, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Andrews, Alicia, Financial Reporting
Andrews, Debbie, Emergency Room-ER
Andrews, Stephen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Aneyo, Margaret, Environmental Services
Angelo, Blanch, Dietetics Admin
Anghel, Stacee, Supply Logistics
Anselmi, Kathy, Radiology General
Anthonis, Kristin, Dietetics Admin
Anthony, Dana, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Anthony, Kassie, Clinical Nutrition Service
Anthony, Nicole, Health Information Mgmt
Anthony, Sydney, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Appelman, Hayley, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Appiah, Brittney, Main Pre/Post
Apprill, Nicole, Trauma Services Administration
Apt, Monica, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Aragon, Mary, CA5-ICU
Aramovich, Medi, Spine Center
Aranda, Maria, Interpreter Services
Arb, Kylie, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Arbelaez, Madeline, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Arbuckle, Jacob, Nursing Float Pool
Archer, Joni, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Archer, Sydney, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Are, Carol, CC-Navigation and Intake
aRenalPanc, A, Transplant Administration
Arias, Kelly, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Arman, Arman, CV Management
Armato, Kara, BMT Exam/Treatment
Armendariz, Priscilla, CV Echo/PV
Armer, Jim, Hospital Maintenance
Armintrout, Nichole, Main Pre/Post
Armstrong, Candice, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Armstrong, Carrie, Nursing Education
Arnett, Nancy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Arnett, Ted, Environmental Health and Safety
Arnold, Adriane, Main Pre/Post
Arnold, Bethanne, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Arnold, Evan, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Arnold, Kristen, Health Information Mgmt
Arnold, Lisa, Utilization Review
Arnold, Sarah, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Arrowood, Ashley, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Arroyo, Isabella, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Arroyo, Rebecca, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Arterburn, Beth, Unit 3F Rehab
Arthur, Alan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Arthur, Chad, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Aruk Bissong, Sayena, CC-Navigation and Intake
Asad, Humna, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ascher, Julie, Youth Sports Medicine
Ash, Amanda, Radiology General
Ash, Courtney, Respiratory Therapy
Ash, Ryan, Radiology Faculty
Ashberger, Leabeth, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Ashberger, Melanie, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Ashcraft, Aaron, Surgical ICU
Asherman, John, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ashford, Kyle, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Ashley, Amber, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Ashley, Kenneth, Environmental Services
Ashley, Todd, Hospital Energy Center
Ashley, Veronica, Outpatient Registration Staff
Ashlock, Kim, Admitting Office
Ashrafi, Mahtab, Breast Imaging
Ashworth, Amber, Poison Control Center
Askren, Katie, CC-Clinic Treatments
Askren, Tiffany, Sleep Disorders Center
Asmelash, Lily, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Asmelash, Zewdinesh, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Assa, Sylvie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Atchison, Joy, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Atchley, Joyce, CC-Navigation and Intake
Atkinson, Levi, Support Services, Clin Lab
Atway, Monique, Ryan White Services
Auchterlonie, Molly, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Audiss, Brittany, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Audley, Mendi, Unit 66
Aue, Stephanie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Austin, Courtney, Radiology Nursing
Austin, Dorothy, CC-Navigation and Intake
Austin, Stacey, Sterile Processing Unit
Authorlee, Erica, Central Transport
Authorlee, Monique, Data-based Marketing
Auzat, Jessica, Computed Tomography
Avalos, Novella, Support Services, Clin Lab
Avey, Stephanie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Avila, Megan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Avondet, Brant, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Axelson, Kassy, Mid America Cardiology
Axlund, Alex, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Axman, Britany, Radiology General
Ayalew, Jerusalem, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Ayars, Kelli, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Ayivi, Kossi, Dietetics Admin
Aymes, Shannon, Utilization Review
Ayres, Quinn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Azam, Shakeel, Operating Room
Babaran, Jo, Spine Center
Babcock, Jennifer, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Babcock, Roy, OR Perfusion
Babick, Megan, Unit 52
Bachelor, Amber, Spine Center
Bachelor, Kaydee, Landon Center
Bachtel, Anna, Utilization Review
Bacon, Alicia, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Bade, Austin, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Badkul, Rajeev, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Bah, Mamadou, Surgical ICU
Baig, Huma, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Bailey, Bill, Hospital Construction
Bailey, Charles, Patient Accounting
Bailey, Courtney, Admitting Office
Bailey, Damien, Blood Bank
Bailey, Dana, Health Information Mgmt
Bailey, Erin, Hospital Executive Offices
Bailey, Jennifer, Hospital Security
Bailey, Josh, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Bailey, Marcia, CC-Clinic Treatments
Bailey, Michael, Radiology General
Bailey, Willi, Financial Reporting
Bain, Jordan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Baines, Shirley, Radiology General
Baines, Stefanie, Poison Control Center
Bakalar, Kelsey, NS 61 MSICU
Baker, Aaron, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Baker, Bethann, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Baker, Casey, Unit 52
Baker, Chris, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Baker, Collin, Interventional Radiology
Baker, Donna, Psych Liason Service
Baker, Elizabeth, Landon Center
Baker, Greg, Respiratory Therapy
Baker, Jason, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Baker, Jordan, Nursing Float Pool
Baker, Kelly, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Baker, Lorri, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Baker, Madison, Surgical ICU
Baker, McKenzie, Unit 52
Baker, Michael, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Baker, Rosemary, Utilization Review
Baker, Ty, Hospital Executive Offices
Baldus, Leslie, Patient Accounting
BALDWIN, CAROL, Admitting Office
Baldwin, Emily, Unit 51
Baldwin, Jessica, CTS Services
Baldwin, Kyle, OR Perfusion
Baldwin, Lyndsey, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Bales, Sherri, BMT Exam/Treatment
Balino, Jasmine, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Ball, Clinton, NS 61 MSICU
Ball, Deborah, Health Information Mgmt
Ballinger, Liza, Health Information Mgmt
Ballou, Leah, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Banks, Anne-Marie, Poison Control Center
Banks, Erica, GI/Endoscopy
Banks, Melanie, Patient Accounting
Banks, Micha, Nursing Float Pool
Bankston, Teisha, Unit 51
Banman, Teri, CC-Navigation and Intake
Banner, Sara, Respiratory Therapy
Bannister, Mandy, Business and Strategic Development
Banoub, Mary, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Baptiste, Deste, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Barajas, Veronica, Unit 51
Baranek, Aneta, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Baranick, Darby, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Barawi, Bestoun, Hospital Maintenance
Barber, Brad, GI/Endoscopy
Barber, Sara, Unit 51
Barfield, Jane, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Barfoot, Brian, Environmental Services
Bargen, Katie, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Barger, Stephanie, Interventional Radiology
Barham, Lori, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Barker Barr, Tonga, BMT Exam/Treatment
Barker, Kayla, Interventional Radiology
Barker, Lauren, CC-Clinic Treatments
Barkley, Michelle, Patient Placement
Barkman, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Barkman, Kerry, Health Information Mgmt
Barkovitz, Tamie, Data-based Marketing
Barling, Greta, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Barlow, Jessica, NS 43-Orthopedics
Barlow, Tracy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Barnes, Becca, Interpreter Services
Barnes, Karen, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Barnes, Lauren, Patient Accounting
Barnes, Sarah, Revenue Integrity
Barnes, Whitney, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Barnett, Taylor, Outpatient Registration Staff
Barney, Rhiannon, Patient Accounting
Barnhill, Abigail, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Barnthouse, Chris, Radiology Administration
Barnthouse, Nick, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Barone, Kathryn, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Barr, Reginald, Environmental Services
Barratt Miller, Ryan, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Barrett, Charisse, Transplant Center Clinics
Barrett, Kahli, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Barrett, Roberta, Central Transport
Barrientos, Crystal, Spine Center
Barron, Liz, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Barry, Abigail, Turning Point
Barry, Ashley, Respiratory Therapy
Barry, Zenab, Environmental Services
Bartels Smith, Julie, Corporate Communications
Bartelt, Karolynn, Data-based Marketing
Bartlett, Christine, Health Information Mgmt
Bartlett, Christy, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Bartlett, Joseph, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Bartley, Jaime, Transplant Administration
Barton, Angie, Radiology Faculty
Barton, Lexi, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Barton, Randy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Basaure, Cynthia, Interpreter Services
Basaure, Jorge, Interpreter Services
Basgall, Deanna, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Bashmakov, Michael, Hospital Maintenance
Baska, Liz, Unit 66
Bassett, Deedra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bassett, Wanda, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Baston, Ruby, Health Information Mgmt
Bastron, Morgan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Basurto, Melissa, CC-Clinic Treatments
Baswell, Penny, Support Services, Clin Lab
Batbayar, Namuun, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bateman, Danikka, Admitting Office
Bates, Ashley, Health Information Mgmt
Bates, Justin, Patient Accounting
Bates, Matthew, Interpreter Services
Bates, Morgan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Bates, Robin, The Roasterie Café
Bates, Tasha, Environmental Services
Bates, Trish, Unit 51
Batocabe, Lourdes, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Batsford, Erik, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Batten, Katy, Emergency Room-ER
Batts, Sherri, Quality/Magnet/Research
Bauer, Abby, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Bauer, Amber, Health Information Mgmt
Bauer, Emily, Radiology Support Staff
Bauer, Jessica, CA5-ICU
Baulckim, Patrice, Switchboard
Baumbach, Rachel, Nursing Float Pool
Baumgartner, Mary, OR Perfusion
Baumgartner, Mckenna, CV Echo/PV
Baumli, Teresa, Spine Center
Baur, Meghan, CA5-ICU
Bausch, Hannah, CA5-ICU
Bautista, Abe, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Bautista, Laci, Operating Room
Bautista-Villeda, Sintia, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Baxa, Drew, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Baxter, Michael, Switchboard
Bay, Michael, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bayles, Kelly, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Bayne, Christopher, CC-Clinic Treatments
Baynham, Blair, Unit 52
Bays, Sarah, Emergency Room-ER
Bazelais, Max, Health Information Mgmt
Beach, Carol, GI/Endoscopy
Beach, Garey, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Beach, Mackenzie, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Beahler, Logan, Emergency Room-ER
Beal, Erika, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Beal, Jack, Hospital Executive Offices
Beall, Margaret, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Beardall, Luke, Main Pre/Post
Beardsley, Liz, Unit 66
Beasley, Breahana, Unit 52
Beasley, Donna, Audit and Compliance
Beasley, Kelsey, Unit 51
Beason, Esters, Health Information Mgmt
Beaty, Alexander, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bebermeyer, Brock, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bebermeyer, Emily, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Becerra Jimenez, Karen, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Becerra, Ronnie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Becher, Nicole, Main Pre/Post
Beck, Andrea, Spine Center
Beck, Christina, Dietetics Admin
Beck, Elizabeth, Youth Sports Medicine
Beck, Karen, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Beck, Kerri, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Beck, Teri, Cytogenetics
Becker, Nicole, CA5-ICU
Beckerle, Lisa, Marketing Communications
Beckman, Darla, BMT Exam/Treatment
Beckman, Stephanie, Audit and Compliance
Beckner, Aynssa, Respiratory Therapy
Beckner, Joe, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bedard, Ashley, NS 41-BMT
Beebe, Lauren, NS 61 MSICU
Beebe, Rick, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Beeler, Adam, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Beer, Christena, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Beermann, Jessica, Utilization Review
Beeson, James, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Begashaw, Hiwot, Landon Center
Begemann, Eric, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Beglinger, Matt, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Behm, Ryan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Beineman, Alexandra, Patient Accounting
Beisser, Andrew, Interventional Radiology
Belachew, Alemayehu, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Belger, Beau, Emergency Room-ER
Belko, Kristen, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bell, Chris, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bell, Crystal, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Bell, Danielle, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bell, Grady, Operating Room
Bell, Hunter, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bell, Julie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bell, Kourtney, CC-Clinic Treatments
Bell, Marvette, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Bell, Theresa, Data-based Marketing
Bell, Thomas, Nursing Education
Bell, Valerie, Patient Accounting
Bellamy, Jim, Nursing Education
Bellassai, Ryan, CTS Services
Bellerive, Regan, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Belling, Morgan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bellis, Jerry, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bellis, Sarah, NS 61 MSICU
Bellomo, Stacey, Marketing Communications
Below, Garrett, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Beltran, Rachael, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Bemboom, Lacy, Radiology Faculty
Benavente, Marissa, Utilization Review
Bendorf, Greg, NS 43-Orthopedics
Benefield, Aaron, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Beneke Buckman, Jenna, Operating Room
Benitez, Amparo, Dietetics Admin
Benjamin, Janice, Hospital Executive Offices
Bennett, Anne, Sleep Disorders Center
Bennett, Carrie, Unit 3F Rehab
Bennett, Erica, Marketing Communications
Bennett, Jason, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Bennett, Jen, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Bennett, Kayla, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Bennett, Maddy, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Bennett, Natalie, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Bennett, Sarah, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bennett, Shawn, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bennett, Trey, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bennink, Melissa, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Benson, Tyler, Central Transport
Bentley, Suzanne, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Benton, Carmen, Health Information Mgmt
Bentzler, Garrett, Audit and Compliance
BERENS, TODD, Respiratory Therapy
Bergee, Elizabeth, Support Services, Clin Lab
Bergen, Saranne, Surgical ICU
Bergman, Daniel, Operating Room
Bergmann, Caitlin, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Berman, Jon, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Berndt, Lucy, PAT
Berry, Amy, BMT Exam/Treatment
Berry, Bob, Supply Logistics
Berry, Cynthia, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Berry, Kennedy, Environmental Services
Berry, Lauren, Main Pre/Post
Berry, Linda, Nursing Float Pool
Berry, Rose, Health Information Mgmt
Berry, Taylor, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Berthelson, Bailey, Nursing Float Pool
Berthot, Adam, Admitting Office
Bertsch, Judson, Radiology Faculty
Bertucci, Mallory, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Berumen, Jason, Health Information Mgmt
Berymon, Marcella, Dietetics Admin
Bess, Joshua, GI/Endoscopy
Best, Shaun, Radiology Faculty
Beteselassie, Nebiyu, Radiology Faculty
Betsch, Gabrielle, Nursing Float Pool
Betts, Krystin, BMT Program
Betts, Marqueta, Environmental Services
Betts, Marqueta, Environmental Services
Betts, Twila, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Bevell, Julia, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Bewley, Michael, Nursing Float Pool
Bezler, Toni, CC-Clinic Treatments
Bhakta, Bhavika, Respiratory Therapy
Bhakta, Heeta, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Bhakta, Puja, NS 41-BMT
Bhakta, Sima, Utilization Review
Bhattachan, Trishna, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Biagini, Shara, Patient Accounting
Bianchi, Natalie, Unit 66
Bickford, Kelly, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bieker, Meagan, Operating Room
Bieser, Erin, Landon Center
Bild, Stephanie, CTS Services
Billings, Candice, Utilization Review
Billings, Douglas, Radiology General
Bills, Katie, Environmental Services
Bingham, Morgan, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Bingham, Zora, BMT Exam/Treatment
Bird, Vicky, Nuclear Medicine
Birdwell, Amy, Central Transport
Birney, Molly, NS 61 MSICU
Birzer, Annie, ICC Interventional Radiology
Bishop, Jillian, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bishop, Rachel, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Bishop, Teddi, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Bissell, Cali, Main Pre/Post
Bitner, Brooke, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Bivona, JENNIFER, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Black, Rachel, BMT Exam/Treatment
Blackman, Nicole, Operating Room
Blackmer, Elaine, Main Pre/Post
Blackmon, Shawna, Health Information Mgmt
Blackshire, Christy, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Blackwell, Melissa, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Blaha, Tammy, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Blair, Jordan, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Blair, Scott, CTS Services
Blair, Sonya, Main Pre/Post
Blair, Tammie, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Blake, Christine, Utilization Review
Blake, Janet, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Blake, Margaret, Utilization Review
Blakeman, Alyssa, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Blakeney, Charlotte, Patient Placement
Blakey, Brandy, Radiology General
Blakley, Joyce, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Blancarte, Alexander, Supply Logistics
Blaney, Michael, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Blanken, Alison, Social Work & Case Management
Blankenship, Jacob, Supply Logistics
Blankenship, Logan, Public & Media Relations
Blazek, Karen, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bledsoe, Anne, CC-Clinic Treatments
Bledsoe, Katelee, CA5-ICU
Blevins, Jill, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Blevins, Rick, Emergency Room-ER
Blinkmann, Jeff, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Blocker, Charles, Computed Tomography
Blomquist, Kristy, NS 61 MSICU
Blomquist, Michael, Zamierowski Institute for Experient
Bloomer, Kim, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Bloomer, Terry, Post Kidney, Pancreas Transpl
Bloss, Danielle, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Bloss, Joy, Health Information Mgmt
Blount, Jennifer, Hospital Fund Development
Blumofe, Karin, Utilization Review
bmc, srv, Admitting Office
Board, Ellen, Utilization Review
Boatright, Christine, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Bobb, Carlene, Health Information Mgmt
Bocanegra, Maria, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Bock, Lindsey, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Bock, Rachel, Unit 51
Bodie, Teknika, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Boehle, Jessica, Surgical ICU
Boehm, Heidi, Quality/Magnet/Research
Boehm, Leah, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Boehm, Nicholas, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Boehning, Cassie, Nursing Float Pool
Boeing, Fern, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Boggs, Mary, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Bogue, Cameron, NS 61 MSICU
Bogue, Lisa, Outpatient Registration Staff
Bohannan, Melissa, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Bohlman, Laura, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bohning, Jean, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bohrer, Elizabeth, IP Rehab Services Admin
Bolander, Kathy, Mid America Cardiology
Bolen, Michelle, Nursing Float Pool
Bolger, Kelsey, Surgical ICU
Boling, Katie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bolinger, Chuck, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Bollard, Amy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bolles, Shane, Hospital Maintenance
Bollinger, Hunter, CA5-ICU
Bolte, Sarah, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Bolton, Mitchelle, Respiratory Therapy
Bomar, Richard, Dietetics Admin
Bomberger, Carol, NS 41-BMT
Bond, Jared, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Bonewits, Linda, Financial Reporting
Bonnesen, Manda, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Bonnet, Andre, Radiology General
Bono, Sophie, Emergency Room-ER
Bonsignore, Diego, Interpreter Services
Book, Bronson, CA5-ICU
Booker, Kenneth, Admitting Office
Booker-Harris, SHARON, Admitting Office
Boone, Jennifer, Unit 51
Boone, Shannon, Nursing Float Pool
Borchers, Courtney, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Borders, Beth, Pre-registration
Boring Van Unen, Susan, CC-Navigation and Intake
Boring, Dolores, Healthcare Information Tech Service
BORNHEIMER, Mark, Radiology Arrowhead
Borst, Michael, Dietetics Admin
Bortniker, Candace, Hospital Maintenance
Bosarge, Brittany, Unit 51
Bosch, Anita, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Bosch, Beth, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Boshard, Becky, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bossert, Patricia, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Boswell, Lori, Patient Accounting
Boucher, Bryce, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bourdon, Veronica, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Bouzhar, Alaa, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Bova, Aquilina, Interventional Radiology
Bowen, Aaron, Radiology Arrowhead
Bowen, Heather, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bowens, Chantelle, Utilization Review
Bowens, Patricia, Environmental Services
Bowers, Tiffany, Surgical ICU
Bowersox, Mar'Sue, Hospital Executive Offices
Bowles, La Donna, Unit 51
Bowley, Viviene, Environmental Services
Bowlin, Blake, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bowman, Connor, Poison Control Center
Bowman, Dan, Health Information Mgmt
Bowman, Kayti, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Bowman, Laurie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bowman, Richard, Biomedical Engineering
Boyce-White, Alyssa, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Boyd, Aideah, Environmental Services
Boyd, Doris, Outpatient Registration Staff
Boyd, Mercedes, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Boyd, Paula, Nursing Float Pool
Boyd, Tiffany, Admitting Office
Boyer, Kristine, NS 41-BMT
Boyer, Lisa, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Boyice, Keiona, Dietetics Admin
Bozarth, Eli, Operating Room
Brabec, Joseph, Unit 51
Bracke, Brittany, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Bradford, Tara, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Bradley, Beth, BMT Program
Bradley, Christina, Nursing Float Pool
Bradley, Denna, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Bradley, Dominique, Mid America Cardiology
Bradley, Kathy, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Bradley, Marcus, Central Transport
Bradley, Teya, Transplant Center Clinics
Bradley-Cooper, Tamika, Admitting Office
Bradley-Graham, Shelia, Admitting Office
Bradshaw, Casey, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Bradshaw, Lindsay, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Bragg, Michelle, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Braile, Anthony, Health Information Mgmt
Brainoo, Sylvia, NS 61 MSICU
Bramble, Kaitlyn, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Branch, Jennifer, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Branch, Patricia, Environmental Services
Branden, Robyn, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Brandt, Ann, Hospital Executive Offices
Brandt, Duncan, Emergency Room-ER
BRANN, Ann, Respiratory Therapy
Branson, Kealy, Respiratory Therapy
Brantley, Ciera, Utilization Review
Branton, Delaney, Operating Room
Brasfield, Leroy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brauchle, Anthony, Financial Reporting
Brauer, Mary, Main Pre/Post
Braun, Ted, Spine Center
BRAVIN, LESLEY, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bravo, Elsa, Dietetics Admin
Brawner, Susan, Cardiac Rehab Overland Park
Bray, Emily, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Brazen, Becca, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Breaux, Dana, Central Transport
Brecht, Julia, Admitting Office
Bredeck, Joseph, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Breeden, Elizabeth, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Breen, Taylor, CA5-ICU
Brees, Kristine, Patient Relations
Breitenbach, Hayley, Emergency Room-ER
Breitenstein, Joe, Surgical ICU
Bremer, Sarah, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Brening, Megan, CC-Clinic Treatments
Brennan, Brieanna, Volunteer Services
Brennan, George, Hospital Energy Center
Brennan, Matthew, Utilization Review
Brennan, Sharon, Patient Placement
Brenner, Samantha, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Brenner, Tamara, Utilization Review
Brenson, Petrina, Patient Accounting
Breshears, Amy, Emergency Room-ER
Breshears, Carol, Central Transport
Breshears, Kassie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Brethorst, Lisa, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Brettmann, Catherine, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Breuer, Sarah, Unit 66
Brewer, Martrice, Patient Accounting
Brewer, Tammy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brewster, Robert, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brey, Devin, BMT Exam/Treatment
Brezavar, Donald, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Brier, Todd, Environmental Health and Safety
Bright, Brittany, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Briner, Jasmine, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Brink Hackler, Brianne, CC-Navigation and Intake
Brink, Derek, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brinkmeyer, Emily, PAT
Brinkmeyer, Leslie, Admitting Office
Brisbane, Shaina, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Briscoe, Bulah, Volunteer Services
Britain, Deborah, Unit 3F Rehab
Britt, Donna, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Britt, Loren, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Britt, Raegan, Unit 66
Brittain, Amanda, Emergency Room-ER
Brittine, Priscilla, Respiratory Therapy
Brittingham, Ashley, Operating Room
Broadbent, Terry, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Broadway, Victoria, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Brock, Carolyn, Health Information Mgmt
Brock, Janet, Health Information Mgmt
Brock, Stephanie, Emergency Room-ER
Brocker, Breanna, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Brockington, Kysmer, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Brockschmidt, Ellen, Operating Room
Broddle, Sarah, Unit 51
Broderick, Callan, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Broksieck, Catherine, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Bromert, Sarah, Surgical ICU
Bronn, Hope, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brooke, Jordan, Operating Room
Brookman, Linda, Operating Room
Brooks, Dillia, Sonography
Brooks, Ebony, Nursing Float Pool
Brooks, Ebony, Data-based Marketing
Brooks, Jariece, Patient Accounting
Brooks, Jonathan, Parkway Cafe at Westwood
Brooks, Myron, Environmental Services
Brooks, Paula, Health Information Mgmt
Brooks, Reneanna, Dietetics Admin
Brooks, Renee, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Brooks, Samuel, Operating Room
Brooks-reed, Cassandra, Health Information Mgmt
Broombaugh, Wendy, Patient Accounting
Broski, Julie, Zamierowski Institute for Experient
Brotherton, Keri, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Brouillette, Ricky, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brown, Alexander, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brown, Bethany, NS 61 MSICU
Brown, Betty, Interpreter Services
Brown, Brenda, Health Information Mgmt
Brown, Brooke, CA5-ICU
Brown, Calvin, Environmental Services
Brown, Carly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brown, Chris, Environmental Services
Brown, Chris, Environmental Services
Brown, Christina, Environmental Services
Brown, Connie, Health Information Mgmt
Brown, Daniel, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brown, David, Switchboard
Brown, David, Hospital Construction
Brown, Evan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brown, Gretchen, Emergency Room-ER
Brown, Jacob, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Brown, Jeanne, Hospital Fund Development
Brown, Jeff, Central Transport
Brown, Jennifer, Liver Transplant
Brown, Joe, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brown, John, Utilization Review
Brown, Kacie, Unit 66
Brown, Karen, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Brown, Kash, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Brown, Kevin, Radiology Faculty
Brown, Kiera, Nursing Float Pool
Brown, Lashay, Central Transport
Brown, LaToya, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Brown, Marlon, Central Transport
Brown, Melysa, Unit 52
Brown, Michelle, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Brown, Naomi, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Brown, Quantrel, Admitting Office
Brown, Rachel, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Brown, Rebekah, Operating Room
Brown, Scott, Computed Tomography
Brown, Selecia, Patient Accounting
Brown, Shanae, Environmental Services
Brown, Shannon, NS 43-Orthopedics
Brown, Sharon, Surgical ICU
Brown, Shawn, Computed Tomography
Brown, Shelby, Operating Room
Brown, Steven, Environmental Services
Brown, Susan, Marketing Communications
Brown, Thelma, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Brown, Tre, Central Transport
Brown, Will, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brown, Yiliam, Interpreter Services
Brownlee, Gina, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Brownlee, Meghan, NS 41-BMT
Broyles, Dustin, Emergency Room-ER
Brubaker, Emily, Respiratory Therapy
BRUCE, Bea, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Bruce, Christine, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Bruce, Kendell, Dietetics Admin
Brumley, Jessica, Social Work & Case Management
Brummer, Laura, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Bruna, Ashley, Radiology Nursing
Brune, Amy, ICC Interventional Radiology
Bruner, Cheryl, Utilization Review
Bruner, Corey, Audit and Compliance
Brungardt, Petra, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Brunin, Carol, Operating Room
Brunner, Rebecca, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Brunner, Sara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Brunt, Teeombae, NS 41-BMT
Brunts, Arrin, Outpatient Registration Staff
Bruscato, Paola, Operating Room
Brutus, Roseline, Environmental Services
Bruyere, Neil, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bryan, Bill, Clinical Pastoral Education
Bryan, Haley, Unit 52
Bryan, Layla, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Bryan, Robin, CC-Navigation and Intake
Bryan, William, Clinical Pastoral Education
Bryant, Blake, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Bryant, Brandi, Dietetics Admin
Bryant, Cindy, Operating Room
Bryant, Jacob, Supply Logistics
Bryant, Jason, Respiratory Therapy
Bryant, Jessica, Radiology General
Bryant, Kathleen, CC-Navigation and Intake
Bryant, Mikaela, Utilization Review
Bryant, Shilicia, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Bryant, Summer, Unit 51
Bryant, Susan, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Buchanan, Melissa, Public & Media Relations
Buchanan, Michelle, Organizational Improvement
Buchanan, Wavonne, Nursing Float Pool
Buchanan, Wendee, Landon Center
Buchhorn, JoAnna, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Buchner, Mary, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Buck, Jennifer, NS 15C-Clinical Throughput (CTU)
Buckholz, Jennifer, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Buckingham, Kristen, Unit 51
Buckley, Carrie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Buckley, Christopher, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Buckley, Jordan, IV Therapy
Buechler, Andrea, Financial Reporting
Buehler, Lisa, Health Information Mgmt
Buenavista, Grace, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Buffa, Lauren, Unit 66
Buffington, Sarah, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Buford, Rosalind, Dietetics Admin
Buggeln, Doreen, Health Information Mgmt
Bugner, Brooke, Computed Tomography
Bui, Meghan, Landon Center
builder, e, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Bullock, Rachel, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Bultemeier, Russ, Transplant Administration
Bunch, Dakota, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Bunch, Laura, Health Information Mgmt
Bunker, Krista, NS 61 MSICU
Buntin, Jennifer, BMT Program
Burch, Chris, Youth Sports Medicine
Burch, Laura, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Burch, Vicky, Health Information Mgmt
Bureman, Robert, Biomedical Engineering
Burger, Annie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Burger, Stephanie, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Burgess, Crystal, Corporate Communications
Burghart, Steven, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Burgin, Tinquilla, Patient Placement
Burhans, Rachel, Transplant Administration
Burk, Jacklynn, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Burke, Amber, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Burke, Nick, Hospital Construction
Burke, Sierra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Burkeen, Lucas, Hospital Maintenance
Burkett, Dave, Landon Center
Burkhart, Katie, Youth Sports Medicine
Burkhart, Melissa, Computed Tomography
Burkholder, Rick, Radiology Administration
Burnett, Tameko, Dietetics Admin
Burnette, Melissa, Utilization Review
Burnett-Wise, Nico, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Burns, Allyson, Patient Placement
Burns, Destiny, Nursing Float Pool
Burns, Jessica, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Burns, John, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Burns, Sarah, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Burnside, Kristina, Lean Promotion Office
Burrell, Megan, Radiology Nursing
Burress, Annie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Burt, Barbara, Radiology Administration
Burt, Charles, Supply Logistics
Burtnett, Brittany, Orthotics / Prosthetics
Burton, Dayna, Unit 51
Burton, Jennifer, Unit 51
Burton, Kyley, Emergency Room-ER
Burton, Shauna, CC-Clinic Treatments
Burton, Susan, GI/Endoscopy
BURTON-MORITZ, NANCY, Patient Accounting
Burwell, Sheena, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Busch, Bree, Nursing Float Pool
Busch, Sarah, IP Rehab Services Admin
Bush, Madison, Respiratory Therapy
Bush, Peggy, Sterile Processing Unit
Bush, Stacy, Sleep Disorders Center
Bustamante, Brienna, GI/Endoscopy
Butcher, Adam, Supply Logistics
Butcher, Carmen, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Butcher, Claire, Nursing Float Pool
Butler, Jen, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Butler, Kris, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Butler, Marlee, Operating Room
Butler, Sharon, Health Information Mgmt
Butler, Tabitha, Health Information Mgmt
Butler, Tori, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Butorac, Lauren, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Butterfield, Tammy, Hospital Fund Development
Buxton, Jamie, Social Work & Case Management
Byard, Kyle, Respiratory Therapy
Byczek, Lance, Occupational Health & Urgent Care
Byers, Mae, Pre-registration
Bylund, Lisa, Hospital Fund Development
Byrd, Marquis, Operating Room
Byrum, Young, Operating Room
Cabe-Simmons, Bonnie, Outpatient Registration Staff
Cable, Susie, Ryan White Services
Cadle, Adam, Central Transport
Caedo, Cassie, Unit 51
Caffee, Kristan, Social Work & Case Management
Cahill, Cameron, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cahill, Susan, IV Therapy
Calahan, Calli, Sonography
Calderon, Maira, Operating Room
Calderon, Maria, NS 41-BMT
Caldino, Melissa, CTS Services
Caldwell, Fatimah, Health Information Mgmt
Calhoun, Erica, Environmental Services
Callaghan-Helling, Tobi, Interventional Radiology
Callahan, Chelsea, OR Perfusion
Callahan, Lindsey, Unit 3F Rehab
Callahan, Patrick, Environmental Services
Callaway, Jenna, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Callison, Kelsey, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Calovich, Eric, Radiology Support Staff
Calumpong, Adrianne, Main Pre/Post
Calvert, Meg, Unit 66
Calvillo, Miguel, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Calvin, Danna, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Camerillo, Joseph, Supply Logistics
Camp, Cassaundra, Environmental Services
Campbell, Belinda, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Campbell, Janelle, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Campbell, Megan, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Campbell, Monica, Radiology Administration
Campbell, Patrick, Admitting Office
Campbell, Sandy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Campbell, Sarah, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Campbell, Shelby, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Campbell, Tracey, Spine Center
Campbell, Val, Radiology Support Staff
Campos, Mitzi, Clinical Informatics
Canada, Aimee, Emergency Room-ER
Canady, Demeeka, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Canady, Erica, Dietetics Admin
Cannady, Melanie, Operating Room
Cannaley, Shanna, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Cannon, Ashley, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cannon, Erica, Health Information Mgmt
Canova, Kate, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Cantin, Robyn, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Cantu, Monica, GI/Endoscopy
Canty, John, Supply Logistics
Capecchi, Erin, Health Information Mgmt
Capra, Gregory, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Captain, Sloan, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Caputo, Rebecca, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Carcopa, Lester, Operating Room
Cardello, Dominique, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Cardin, Claudia, Turning Point
Cardona, Cathy, BMT Program
Cardona, Kellyn, Radiology Nursing
Carey, Andrew, Operating Room
Carlile, Zoie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Carlisle, Barbara, Central Transport
Carlson, Corey, Volunteer Services
Carlson, Kleila, Marketing Communications
Carlson, Lynne, Organizational Improvement
Carlson, Scott, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Carlson, Tracy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Carlton, Liz, Nursing Directors
Carlton, Liz, Zamierowski Institute for Experient
Carmody, Christopher, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Carmody, Jennifer, Breast Imaging
Carmody, Lexi, Health Information Mgmt
Carney, Angela, Nursing Float Pool
Carney, Sunnie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Carothers, John, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Carouthers, Keisha, The Roasterie Café
Carouthers, Michelle, Nursing Float Pool
Carpenter, Gale, Risk Management
Carpenter, Hannah, CV Echo/PV
Carpenter, Jeff, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Carpenter, Jennifer, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Carpenter, Sarah, Nursing Float Pool
Carpino, Katie, Landon Center
Carpio, Lee, Main Pre/Post
CARR, ANITA, Electrophysiology Lab
Carr, Dianna, Hospital Security
Carr, Georgia, Central Transport
Carr, Kelsey, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Carr, Marvin, GI/Endoscopy
Carr, Miranda, Central Transport
Carr, Raven, Central Transport
Carr, Shanae, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Carrell, Sabrina, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Carrender, Stacie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Carrillo, Lori, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Carrillo, Pedro, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Carroll, Jerri, Computed Tomography
Carroll, Megan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Carroll, Melissa, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Carroll, Michael, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Carroll, Tyler, Audit and Compliance
Carson, Abby, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Carson, Kathleen, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Carson, Tessa, Electrophysiology Lab
Carstensen, Sarah, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Carter Sand, Stacey, Turning Point
Carter, Betty, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Carter, Chase, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Carter, Daveion, Environmental Services
Carter, Emily, Unit 51
Carter, Erika, Cytogenetics
Carter, Ernie, Dietetics Admin
Carter, Grace, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Carter, Janice, Unit 3F Rehab
Carter, Jennifer, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Carter, Jordan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Carter, Kelly, Radiology Nursing
Carter, MaKayla, Rehab Serv- Physical Therapy
Carter, Montell, Supply Logistics
Carter, Ron, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Carter, Sherry, Pre-registration
Carter, Tameca, Health Information Mgmt
Carter-Logan, Erika, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Carver, Alyssa, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Casaos, Rodrigo, Hospital Maintenance
Casaquite, Marianne, Interventional Radiology
Cascone, Vincent, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Case, James, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Case, Jessica, Operating Room
Casey, Dan, Unit 66
Casey, Diane, Emergency Room-ER
Casey, Wesley, Emergency Room-ER
Cashman, Bridget, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cason, Bonita, NS 43-Orthopedics
Casper, Elaine, Health Information Mgmt
Cassidy, Joe, Outpatient CC Lab
Castagno, Hilary, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Castelan, Estrellita, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Castelan, Heather, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Castellanos, Martha, The Roasterie Café
Castellon Duran, Betzy, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Caster, Sherry, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Casterline, Patti, Outpatient Registration Staff
Castillo, Christian, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Castorena Santos, Miguel, Nursing Float Pool
Castro Abreu, Genesis, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Castro-Garay, Cynthia, Unit 51
Catapusan, Agrifina, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Catching, Kelly, Unit 51
Cathey, Kathy, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Catton, Adam, NS 41-BMT
Cavanaugh, Rebecca, Radiology Nursing
Cavis, Yanni, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cavlovich, Victoria, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Ceja, Correna, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Celano, Julie, Hospital Executive Offices
Celestine, Brandi, Environmental Services
Cepeda, Alvin, Respiratory Therapy
Cereceres, April, NS 41-BMT
Cerro, Rebecca, Trauma Services Administration
Cervantes, Rosy, Support Services, Clin Lab
Chadwick, Jill, Public & Media Relations
Chadwick, Kyle, Operating Room
Chaffin, Brynn, Nursing Float Pool
Chaffin, Deann, Spine Center
Chagnon, Melody, Health Information Mgmt
Chakraborty, Shweta, Transplant Administration
Chalil, Jason, Audit and Compliance
Chamberlain, Amber, Department of Nursing Central
Chambers, Breah, Zamierowski Institute for Experient
Chambers, LaShenna, Operating Room
Chamblin, Larry, Health System Finance
Champ, Linda, Patient Accounting
Champion, Jill, Nursing Float Pool
Chan, San Long, Respiratory Therapy
Chance, Scott, Nuclear Medicine
Chancellor, Doreen, The Roasterie Café
Chandler, Amber, CC-Clinic Treatments
Chandler, Mary, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Chandler, Quanita, Health Information Mgmt
Chaney, Alexis, Main Pre/Post
Chaney, Kelley, Health Information Mgmt
Chaney, Sarah, Unit 52
Chapa, Michael, Patient Accounting
Chapman, Casey, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Chapman, Cassidy, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Chapman, Jonathan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Chapman, Nancy, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Chapman, Shelly, Spine Center
Chappell, Kelly, Dietetics Admin
Chappelle, Connie, Risk Management
Charest, Julie, Hospital Fund Development
Charland, Mariah, Emergency Room-ER
Charles, Andy, Emergency Room-ER
Charles, Tasia, Environmental Services
Charlton, Liz, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Charney, Larry, Utilization Review
Charpie, Rhonda, Financial Reporting
Chasteen, Sandra, Patient Accounting
Chatman, Joyce, Sterile Processing Unit
Chatman, Michael, Environmental Services
Chaudhary, Suratna, Utilization Review
Chaudhry, Fatima, Central Transport
Chaudhry, Laura, Volunteer Services
Chaudry, Mohammad, Patient Accounting
Chaurand, Mauricio, Central Transport
Chava, Venkat, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Chavez, Branden, Health Information Mgmt
Chavez, Brenda, Dietetics Admin
Chavez, Christine, Central Transport
Chavez, John, Hospital Maintenance
Cheadle, Jacqulen, Sterile Processing Unit
Chen, Adam, Main Pre/Post
Chen, Jamie, Concussion
Cheney, Jackie, MRI
Cherian, Betsy, Utilization Review
Chestnut, Candice, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Chevalier, Crystal, CA5-ICU
Chiarolanza, Glenn, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Chibanda, Annie, Nursing Float Pool
Chiddix, Jenny, Operating Room
Chieu, Tam, Main Pre/Post
Chilcoat, Tony, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Childress, Jeff, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Childress, Vickie, Central Transport
Childress, Victoria, Dietetics Admin
Childs, Rachel, GI/Endoscopy
Chingren, Lauren, Main Pre/Post
Chinnaiah, Shree devi, Outpatient Registration Staff
Chipman, Kathleen, Outpatient Registration Staff
Chipps, Kurt, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Chiselita, Andreea, Cytogenetics
Chiu, Alexander, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Chmiel, Jessica, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Choc, Jacqueline, Utilization Review
Chodnicki, Zach, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Choi, Esther, Main Pre/Post
Chong, Aisabelle Anne, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Chorice, Cheryl, Utilization Review
Choudhry, Marium, OR Perfusion
Chovanec, Lori, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Chowning, Kim, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Chrisjohn, Christina, HIPAA Commitment
Chrisman, Kristal, Central Transport
Christensen, Austin, Electrophysiology Lab
Christensen, Katie, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Christensen, Molly, Unit 66
Christian, Makenzie, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Christian, William, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Christina, Gary, Hospital Energy Center
Christopherson, Gail, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Churchman, Lindsey, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Cilufo, Kaitlin, Clinical Nutrition Service
Cindrich, Laurie, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Cisneros, Mike, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Cizmar, Rebecca, Spine Center
Claassen, Andrew, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Clark, Amber, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Clark, Ashley, NS 61 MSICU
Clark, Ashton, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Clark, Carl, Central Transport
Clark, Christina, Operating Room
Clark, Dylan, Organizational Improvement
Clark, Erin, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Clark, Foster, Audit and Compliance
Clark, John, Radiology Support Staff
Clark, Jordy, Electrophysiology Lab
Clark, Karen, Transplant Center Clinics
Clark, Katie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Clark, Kim, CC-Navigation and Intake
Clark, Marecie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Clark, Matt, Emergency Room-ER
Clark, Melinda, Pre-registration
Clark, Michelle, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Clark, Rikki, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Clark, Tiffany, Emergency Room-ER
Clarke, Alicia, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Clarke, Ashlyn, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Clarke, Irene, Environmental Services
Clarke, Michelle, Admitting Office
Clarke, Nikolas, Supply Logistics
Clarke, Tamara, Unit 51
Clary, Mackenzie, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Clary, Sean, CV Management
Clary, Shar, Westwood Radiology
Clausen, Katie, Emergency Room-ER
Clausen, Sara, CTS Services
Claver, Brant, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Claybrook, Cheryl, Pre-registration
Claypole, Taylor, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Clayton, Amanda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Clayton, Enrick, Environmental Services
Clayton, Nieta, Pre-registration
Clear, Heather, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Cleary, Hannah, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Cleary, Taylor, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Cleaver, Teresa, Pre-registration
Cleek, Carol, Nursing Directors
Cleek, Jacob, Patient Placement
Cleland-Cross, Laura, Transplant Administration
Clement, Brittany, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Clemons, Janelle, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Clemons, Leasa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Clevenger, CHRISTY, Health Information Mgmt
Clevenger, Diane, Revenue Integrity
Clevenger, Renee, Admitting Office
Clifton, Bobbi, Nursing Float Pool
Cline, Caron, KU MedWest Radiology
Cline, Lisa, Corporate Communications
Cline, Taylor, NS 61 MSICU
Clint, Ebony, Dietetics Admin
Clinton, Denise, Health Information Mgmt
Clintsman, Melissa, Patient Accounting
Close, Donna, Dietetics Admin
Close, Sheila, CA5-ICU
Clough, Carter, Volunteer Services
Clouse, Tera, Clinical Informatics
Clytone, Meera, Cancer Center Administration
Coatman, Elizabeth, Radiology Nursing
Coats, Scott, Respiratory Therapy
Cobb, Kendall, Lean Promotion Office
Cobb, Megan, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Cobbins, Janisha, Radiology Support Staff
Cobbs, Ashleigh, Admitting Office
Cobbs, Nathan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cochran, Brian, MRI
Cochran, Kerri, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cochran, Linda, Health Information Mgmt
Coenen, Rebekah, CA5-ICU
Coffee, Kara, Interventional Radiology
Coffelt, Vernelle, Central Transport
Coffman, Melanie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Coffman, Teresa, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Coffman, Tom, Patient Placement
Cogdill, Kim, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Cohen, Rose, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Coker, Tristan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Colbert, Breanna, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Colbert, Evelyn, Environmental Services
Colbert, Lamae, Central Transport
Colby, Haylie, Social Work & Case Management
Cole, Adam, Nursing Float Pool
Cole, Ashley, Dietetics Admin
Cole, Jacque, Outpatient Registration Staff
Cole, Jason, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Cole, Jaymie, Nursing Float Pool
Cole, Joan, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Cole, Kelsey, NS 43-Orthopedics
Cole, Madi, NS 41-BMT
Cole, Marie, Outpatient Registration Staff
Cole, Marlon, Switchboard
Cole, Stanton, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Coleman, Chris, Biomedical Engineering
Coleman, Courtney, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Coleman, Dawn, Nursing Float Pool
Coleman, Gina, CV Echo/PV
Coleman, Kendra, Operating Room
Coleman, Sheetila, Admitting Office
Coleman, Tiffany, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Coles, Amy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Collett, Janet, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Collichio, Amanda, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Collier, Brenda, Environmental Services
Collier, Jasmine, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Colling, Wendy, Volunteer Services
COLLINS, BECKIE, CC-Navigation and Intake
Collins, Becky, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Collins, Dazarae, Supply Logistics
Collins, Debra, Cancer Center Administration
Collins, Debra, CC-Clinic Treatments
Collins, Emily, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Collins, Ericka, Switchboard
Collins, Jeff, Operating Room
Collins, Kara, CA5-ICU
Collins, Leigh, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Collins, Randi, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Collins, Rick, Admitting Office
Collins, Stephanie, Outpatient CC Lab
Collins, Zachary, Radiology Faculty
Colson, Becca, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Colvard, Harmoni, Transplant Center Clinics
Colvin, Blake, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Coman, Kristen, NS 41-BMT
Combs, Christina, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Combs, Liz, CA5-ICU
Combs, Matt, BMT Exam/Treatment
Comeaux, Gerren, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Compernolle, Kalen, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Conard, Whitney, Liver Transplant
Concepcion, Michelle, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Conchola, Melanie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Conde, Luz, Electrophysiology Lab
Coniglio, Hana, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Conklin, Jennifer, Sterile Processing Unit
Conly, Carly, Utilization Review
Connor, Emily, CC-Navigation and Intake
Connor, Jenny, Landon Center
Connors, Jasmine, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Conrad, Sean, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Conrade, Brandon, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Constantino, Angel, Operating Room
Contreras, Bryanna, Nursing Float Pool
Contreras, Josefina, Patient Accounting
Contreras, Josh, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Conyers, Dan, Respiratory Therapy
Conyers, Eric, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Conyers, Karen, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Coody, Britney, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Cook, Amy, IV Therapy
Cook, Brenna, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Cook, Carmen, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Cook, David, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cook, Jessica, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Cook, Kim, Marketing Communications
Cook, Kristen, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Cook, Larry, Radiology Faculty
Cook, Luvenia, Admitting Office
Cook, Nick, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cook, Orchale, GI/Endoscopy
Cook, Ray, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cook, Tiffany, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Cooley, Sydney, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Coolidge, John, Switchboard
Cooling, Emily, Marketing Communications
Coombs, Jana, Main Pre/Post
Coons, Doyle, Poison Control Center
Cooper, Alyssa, Central Transport
Cooper, Collin, Business and Strategic Development
Cooper, Coop, Dietetics Admin
Cooper, Courtney, Radiology General
Cooper, Kasandra, BMT Exam/Treatment
Cooper, Kim, Surgical ICU
Cooper, Laurie, Breast Imaging
Cooper, Meredith, Cancer Center Administration
Cooper, Shane, System Equipment Operations
Cooper, Stephen, Environmental Services
Coordinate, HV, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Cope, Bryce, Computed Tomography
Copeland, Grant, Nursing Float Pool
Copeland, Mary Ann, Respiratory Therapy
Copeland, Tiffany, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Copenhaver, Megan, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Coplen, Kelsey, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Coppage, Rebecca, Emergency Room-ER
Corazzin, Kellan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Corbett, Jeffery, Supply Logistics
Corcoran, Amy, MRI
Cordell, Ruth, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Cordes, Tim, System Equipment Operations
Coreas, Michelle, Transplant Center Clinics
Corkery, Kelsey, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Corkill, Patty, Radiology Administration
Cormode, Mallori, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Corpin, Emily, Respiratory Therapy
Corpin, Jonathan, Main Pre/Post
Corvaia, Tiffaney, Respiratory Therapy
Corwin, Brianna, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Cossairt, Michelle, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Costello, Kevin, Nursing Education
Costello, Kyndal, Trauma Services Administration
Cote, Elizabeth, Health Information Mgmt
Cothran, Tranesha, Neonatal Medical Home
Couch, Valerie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Couchman, Katie, NS 41-BMT
Coufal, Amanda, Clinical Nutrition Service
Couldry, Barbara, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Couldry, Rick, Hospital Executive Offices
Coulson, Kristen, Emergency Room-ER
Coulter, Shelby, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Courtney, Bobby, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Courtney, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
COUTY, Patricia, Health Information Mgmt
Cowan, Caroline, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Cowan, Jennifer, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Cowan, Taylor, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Cowdrey, Molly, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cox, Amber, Environmental Services
Cox, Andrew, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Cox, Brenda, Operating Room
Cox, Calvin, Environmental Services
Cox, Devin, Cancer Center Administration
Cox, Glen, Radiology Faculty
Cox, Holly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cox, Jill, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Cox, Jo, Med Staff and Clinical Affairs
Cox, Juli, Outpatient Registration Staff
Cox, Kate, CC-Clinic Treatments
Cox, Madeline, NS 43-Orthopedics
Cox, Stephanie, CA5-ICU
Cox, Wendy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cox-Mosburg, Jaina, KU MedWest Radiology
Coyazo, Marc, Hospital Maintenance
Craft, Jennifer, Unit 51
Craghead, Levi, Emergency Room-ER
Craig, Anna, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Craig, Jonathan, Switchboard
Craig, Zac, Youth Sports Medicine
Crain, Tina, Radiology Administration
Cramer, Marcus, Dietetics Admin
Cranor, Gary, Environmental Services
Cravens, Kira, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Crawford, Andriel, Central Transport
Crawford, Benita, Environmental Services
Crawford, Brynna, Patient Accounting
Crawford, Donald, Environmental Services
Crawford, Greg, Operations Capital & Projects
Crawford, Kaile, Nursing Education
Crawford, Pam, Marketing Communications
Craycraft, Hallie, Cytogenetics
Creamer, Gayle, Lean Promotion Office
Creed, David, Radiology Faculty
Creek, Harley, Radiology Administration
Creekmore, Carly, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Cress, Alicia, Support Services, Clin Lab
Cress, Kayla, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Crider, Tracy, Patient Accounting
Crimm, Rebecca, Audit and Compliance
Crist, Kathleen, Respiratory Therapy
Critchfield, Kelly, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Crocker, Beth, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Crocker, Cindy, NS 41-BMT
Crocker, Jennifer, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Crockett, Deb, Utilization Review
Crockett, Kent, Dietetics Admin
Crockett, Kent, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Crockett, Krystle, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Crockett, Patrice, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Crockett, Rylee, Unit 66
Cromwell, Brian, Respiratory Therapy
Cronise, Alisha, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
CROOKS, LORI, Admitting Office
Cross, Morgan, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Cross, Rhonda, Financial Reporting
Cross, Shannon, Unit 52
Cross, Tami, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Crossley, Angela, Utilization Review
Croucher, Mary Beth, Operating Room
Crouss, McKayla, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Crow, Ashley, Spine Center
Crow, Lora, Patient Relations
Crowe, Heather, Operating Room
Crowe, Mirjana, Nursing Float Pool
Crowell, Tristian, Surgical ICU
Crowley, Jenny, BMT Exam/Treatment
Crowley, Kayla, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Crozier, Carson, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Crumrine, Becca, Main Pre/Post
Cruz, Alyssa, NS 41-BMT
Cseh, Diane, Spine Center
Cubit, Sherman, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Cudahy, Champ, Support Services, Clin Lab
Cudney, Catherine, Social Work & Case Management
Cuevas, Mary Ann, Utilization Review
Cullen, Allie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cullom, Jim, Radiology Administration
Cummings, Carolyn, Spine Center
Cummings, Kelly, Respiratory Therapy
Cummings, Linda, Clinical Pastoral Education
Cummings, Lori, Emergency Room-ER
Cundiff, Wendy, Pancreas Transplant Acquisition
Cunliffe, Judi, Utilization Review
Cunningham, Angela, Health Information Mgmt
Cunningham, Bryant, Dietetics Admin
Cunningham, Cristy, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Cunningham, Diane, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cunningham, Emily, MRI
Cunningham, John, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cunningham, Juanda, Patient Accounting
Cunningham, Kimberly, Hospital Executive Offices
Cunningham, Kristi, Health Information Mgmt
Cunningham, Mariah, Unit 66
Cunningham, Marion, Organizational Improvement
Cunningham, Morgan, BMT Exam/Treatment
Curley, Amy, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Curran, Tim, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Currence, Louanne, Health Information Mgmt
Curry, Alyssa, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Curry, Jody, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Curry, Sean, Marketing Communications
Curtis, Christina, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Curtis, Leslie, KUCRC PHARMACY
Curtis, Lucille, GI/Endoscopy
Curtis, Matthew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Curtis, QuaVonda, Supply Logistics
Cushing, Theresa, Health Information Mgmt
Cushing, Will, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Cusimano, Angela, Clinical Nutrition Service
Cussimanio, Reagan, Hospital Executive Offices
Custer, Brandon, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Custer, Rachel, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Cvetan, Tracy, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Cytotechnologist, Pager, Cytogenetics
Czerw, Michelle, Unit 52
Czerwonka, Joyce, Operating Room
Dada, Dora, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Dahl, Kelly, Trauma Services Administration
Dahlstrom, Amanda, CA5-ICU
Dahlstrom, Kelly, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Dahmer, Otona, Outpatient Registration Staff
Daka, Kidist, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Dake, Vicky, Financial Reporting
Dalangin, Shawn, Interventional Radiology
Dale, Aaron, Ryan White Services
Dale, Anthony, Environmental Services
Dale, George, Environmental Services
Dalsing, Adam, Hospital Maintenance
Dalsing, Bryan, Supply Logistics
Dalton, Allegra, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Dalton, Annemarie, Trauma Services Administration
Damashek, Aimee, Health Information Mgmt
Dameron, Marci, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Damery, Erin, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
DANDURAND, Ben, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Dang, Amanda, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Daniel, Caroline, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Daniel, Debriana, Sterile Processing Unit
Daniel, Debriana, Sterile Processing Unit
Daniel, Rhonda, Trauma Services Administration
Daniel, Sarah, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Daniels, Alissa, Social Work & Case Management
Daniels, Alyssa, Spine Center
Daniels, Brittanye, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Daniels, Lashawn, Spine Center
Daniels, Rebecca, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Dao, Trang, Interpreter Services
Dao, Trisha, Main Pre/Post
Darnell, John, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Darnell, Samantha, Unit 66
Darr, Lindsay, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Daubenspeck, Mary Jo, Health Information Mgmt
Davee, Cyndee, Neonatal Medical Home
Davenport, Jo, Financial Reporting
Davenport, Kymberli, Dietetics Admin
Davidson, Katie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Davidson, Randa, Operating Room
Davies, Maria, Utilization Review
Davila, Delfino, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Davis, Barbara, Health Information Mgmt
Davis, Caitlin, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Davis, Caitlin, Surgical ICU
Davis, Cara, Hospital Fund Development
Davis, Cathleen, Social Work & Case Management
Davis, Cece, Organizational Improvement
Davis, Chloe, CC-Clinic Treatments
Davis, Christa, CC-Clinic Treatments
Davis, Erin, Operating Room
Davis, Jaime, Health Information Mgmt
Davis, Jeff, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Davis, John, Dietetics Admin
Davis, Katheryne, Dietetics Admin
Davis, La'Waunda, Admitting Office
Davis, Lynn, Clinical Informatics
Davis, Mandy, Main Pre/Post
Davis, Marilyn, Lab Administration
Davis, Mary, Environmental Services
Davis, Mary, Mid America Cardiology
Davis, Melissa, Turning Point
Davis, Micheal, Environmental Services
Davis, Millie, Unit 51
Davis, Paige, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Davis, Pat, Med Staff and Clinical Affairs
Davis, Rochelle, Nursing Float Pool
Davis, Timothy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Davis, Tonia, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Davis, Tony, Dietetics Admin
Davis, Tyeisha, Admitting Office
Davis, Veronica, Operating Room
Davis, Vinson, Hospital Materials Management -Supp
Dawkins, Lindy, Nursing Float Pool
Dawson, Kayla, Surgical ICU
Dawson, Tonya, Nursing Float Pool
Day, Amanda, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Day, Marshall, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
De Jesus, Casey, CV Management
De La Fuente, Kathryn, Transplant Center Clinics
De La Garza, Julia, Interpreter Services
De La Torre, Violeta, NS 56-Mother/Baby
De Leon, Catherine, PAT
De Vera-Calderon, Astra, Operating Room
Dean, Alberta, Operating Room
Dean, Chelsey, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Dearman, Renne', Main Pre/Post
DeBerg, Kayla, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Debolt, Kinsy, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
DeBrabander, Jennifer, CA5-ICU
Decker, Robin, Unit 66
Decourcy, Laura, Emergency Room-ER
Decourcy, Robyn, Nursing Float Pool
Dee, Margaret, Social Work & Case Management
DeGarmo, Donna, Hospital Executive Offices
Degitz, Tara, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Degrado, Theresa, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Dehart, Randy, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
DeHerrera, Kimberlly, Admitting Office
DEICHLER, SUZANNE, CC-Navigation and Intake
Deitz, Jacqueline, NS 56-Mother/Baby
DeJarnette, Shaun, BMT Program
Del Carmen-Metzger, Maria, Interpreter Services
DeLaney, Brittany, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Delaney, Chris, Westwood Campus
Deleersnyder, Chris, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
DeLeon-Knapp, Sophia, Emergency Room-ER
Delgado Ramirez, Joseph, Central Transport
Delgado, Maritza, Social Work & Case Management
Dellenbaugh, Carolyn, Clinical Nutrition Service
DeLong, Catherine, Patient Accounting
Delong, Emily, Unit 52
Delt, Janille, Respiratory Therapy
Demarco, Maria, Health Information Mgmt
DeMartino, Michelle, Interpreter Services
Demez, Nebi, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Demint, Brogan, Unit 66
Dengel, Marissa, Dietetics Admin
Denney, Kelly, Admitting Office
Dennis, Brandie, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Dennis, Charles, Utilization Review
Denny, Jody, Radiology General
Denton, Dustin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Denton, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Denton, Michele, IV Therapy
DeOrsey, Delanie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Derington, John, Youth Sports Medicine
Deroo, CAROLE, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
DeRoulet, Kimberly, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Derry, Audra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Desir, Janice, Utilization Review
Desmarais, Olivia, Surgical ICU
DeSouza, Koffi, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Dessert, Joe, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Desta, Kassahun, Support Services, Clin Lab
Dettmer, Tasha, CV Management
Devin, Marianne, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Dewey, Janet, PAT
Dewey, Marcia, Utilization Review
Dewitt, Jayce, Organizational Improvement
DeWolfe, Lisa, CC-Clinic Treatments
Dexter, Jamie, Surgical ICU
Dexter, Samantha, NS 61 MSICU
Dhans, Lauren, CA5-ICU
Dhooghe, Haley, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Dial, Amelia, Admitting Office
Dias, Audrena, Outpatient Registration Staff
Diaz, Andy, Main Pre/Post
Diaz, Christina, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Diaz, Dora, Mid America Cardiology
Diaz, Maria, Dietetics Admin
Diaz, Veronica, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Diaz-Amaro, Eli, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Dickerson, Jackie, Environmental Health and Safety
Dickey, Jeffrey, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Dickey, Lara, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Dicks, Drayvon, Environmental Services
Diddle, Sarah, Lab Administration
Diederich, Emily, Zamierowski Institute for Experient
Diederich, John, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Diehl, Tiffany, Risk Management
Diehls, Eva, Sonography
Diekemper, Josie, Clinical Nutrition Service
Dieker, Haegyung, Interpreter Services
Diercks, Brent, Environmental Health and Safety
Dietrich, Jaymie, Spine Center
Dietrich, Laren, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Diggett, Bethany, Clinical Nutrition Service
DiGiovanni, Jackie, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Diko, Debebu, CC-Clinic Treatments
Dilka, Kristen, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Dill, Jessica, Emergency Room-ER
Dillard, Lisa, Main Pre/Post
Dilley, Jeffrey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
DILLON, BETH, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Dillon, Caitlin, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Dillon, Matt, Support Services, Clin Lab
Dillon, Susan, Cytology
Dimarco, John, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Dimond, Janelle, Trauma Services Administration
dimpambrn3, dim, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Din, Run, Interpreter Services
Dinges, Mary, BMT Exam/Treatment
Dinh, Linh, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Dinkel, Ashley, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Dinoni, Derek, Interventional Radiology
Disanto, Paul, Health Information Mgmt
Dishong, Everett, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Dispatcher Pager Number, Night, Central Transport
Dissanayake, Taru, Respiratory Therapy
Disterhoft, Katrina, Main Pre/Post
Diullo, Kelly, Interventional Radiology
Divilbiss, Cam Van, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Divine, Clint, BMT Program
Divine-Thiele, Lauren, CA5-ICU
Dixon, Dustin, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Dixon, Glenda, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Dixon, Kim, Nursing Directors
Dixon, Robert, Dietetics Admin
Dixon, Samantha, Social Work & Case Management
Do, Sunny, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Doane, Nancy, NS 61 MSICU
Dobbie, Morgan, Interventional Radiology
Dobosz, Cari, Health Information Mgmt
Dockery, Constance, NS 43-Orthopedics
Dockery, Melissa, Unit 51
Doddo, Kristen, Utilization Review
Dodson, Nick, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Doel, Brian, Interventional Radiology
Doerner, Leanne, Main Pre/Post
Dohm, Kayla, Unit 66
Doktorin, Roman, Interpreter Services
Doleshal, Cheri, Health Information Mgmt
Dolezilek, Lora, Surgical ICU
Domenech, Xavier, Interpreter Services
Dominguez, Lissette, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Domino, Rachael, Trauma Services Administration
Domm, Mark, Health Information Mgmt
Donado, Maria, Interpreter Services
Donald, Rose, Spine Center
Donaldson, Kara, Main Pre/Post
Donaldson, Seth, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Dong, Maddie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Donius, Chrystal, Respiratory Therapy
Donohue, Ginny, PAT
Donovan, Melissa, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Dooley, Sarah, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Dopson, Jennifer, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Dordevic, Ivana, Health Information Mgmt
Dorisio, Kim, Utilization Review
DORITY, REBECCA, Social Work & Case Management
Dorr, Bridget, Admitting Office
Dotson, Casaundra, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Doublin, Deedra, NS 43-Orthopedics
Dougherty, Joe, Unit 3F Rehab
Doughty, Donna, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Douglas, Bill, Turning Point
Douglas, Latrice, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Douglas, Tena, Support Services, Clin Lab
Dover, Anthony, Organizational Improvement
Dowdall, Brett, Supply Logistics
Dowdle, Catherine, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Dowdy, Gilbren, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Dowling, Regan, Nursing Float Pool
Downey, Kellie, Lean Promotion Office
Downey, Sarah, Unit 51
Downey, Tyler, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Downing, Andrea, Hospital Executive Offices
Downing, Victor, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Downs, Charlene, Data-based Marketing
Downs, Kiara, Laundry
Downs, Tyler, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Doyle, Louisa, Central Transport
Doyle, Mary Kate, Unit 3F Rehab
Drake, Rachael, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Drath, Alex, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Dreier, Lynn, Mid America Cardiology
Dreiling, Kay, Nuclear Medicine
Dreiling, Nichole, CA5-ICU
Dreiling, Traci, Operating Room
Drennan, Jessi, Operating Room
Dresser, Abby, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Drew, Nicole, Radiology General
Drinan, Kathleen, Utilization Review
Drinkard, Tracy, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Driskell, Emily, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Drovetta, Teresa, CICU (2nd floor HC)
D'Rummo, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Drummond, Abigail, Unit 51
Drury, Jarrod, Main Pre/Post
Drury, Joseph, Hospital Maintenance
Dryer, Stacy, Emergency Room-ER
Du Teau, Lucinda, Patient Accounting
Dubin, Daniel, Dietetics Admin
Dubin, Michelle, Accreditation/Regulatory
Dubin, Sara, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Dubois, Hope, Financial Reporting
Dubois, Linotte, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Duckworth, Kristen, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Dudak, Nick, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Dudenhoeffer, Terra, CC-Navigation and Intake
Duensing, Kathleen, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Duff, Anita, Health Information Mgmt
Duff, Ian, Health Information Mgmt
Duffer, Cynthia, Admitting Office
Duffy, Cassandra, Patient Accounting
Dugan, Jake, Emergency Room-ER
Dugger, Phyllis, Utilization Review
Dugger, Steven, Hospital Energy Center
Duin, Nancy, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Duker, Karalee, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Dulaney, Marlene, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Dumovich, Sarah, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Duncan, Chantilan, Hospital Maintenance
Duncan, J.P., NS 61 MSICU
Duncan, Jesse, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Duncan, Laura, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Duncan, Lisa, Patient Accounting
Duncan, Nassia, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Duncan, Sylvia, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Dung Thi Nguyen, Kim, Interpreter Services
Dunham, Rhonda, Admitting Office
Dunker, Allie, Health Information Mgmt
Dunmore, Essence, Dietetics Admin
Dunn, Arniesha, Support Services, Clin Lab
Dunn, Brandy, Operating Room
Dunn, Jon, Environmental Health and Safety
Dunn, Luther, Environmental Services
Dunn, Makayla, NS 61 MSICU
Dunnell, Ashley, Admitting Office
Dunshee, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Dunsing, Cathy, Health Information Mgmt
Duong, Henry, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Dupuis, Danielle, GI/Endoscopy
Durden, Tonya, Spine Center
Durfee, Donna, Audit and Compliance
Durham, Melanie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Durkin, Marin, Unit 66
Durossette, Ross, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Durrie, Edward, HIPAA Commitment
Dvorak, Mark, Operations Capital & Projects
Dwyer, Katie, NS 61 MSICU
Dwyer, Lori, Operating Room
Dydell, Tara, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Dyer, Donald, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Dyer, Leslie, Outpatient Registration Staff
Dykstra, Brenda, Hospital Executive Offices
Dyson-Coope, Cindi, MRI
Eads, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Eaks, Leisa, Emergency Room-ER
Eaks, Mark, Supply Logistics
Earle, Jonathan, Supply Logistics
Early, Nicole, Surgical ICU
Easley, Maddie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Eason, Brittney, Outpatient Registration Staff
Eason, Tracy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Eastburn, Jenn, Data-based Marketing
Easter, Sadie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Eastwood, Amy, Support Services, Clin Lab
Eaton, Allison, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Eaton, Carly, NS 43-Orthopedics
Eaton, Chelsea, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Eaton, Gretchen, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Ebel, Kim, Financial Reporting
Ebeling, Kelley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Eberle, Natalie, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Eblen, Kathy, Unit 3F Rehab
Ebteam, W, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Eby, Wanda, Health Information Mgmt
Eck, Lauren, Quality/Magnet/Research
Ecklund, Jenna, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Ecklund-Johnson, Eric, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Eckstein, Michael, Surgical ICU
Edds, Jenna, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Eddy, Beth, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Eden, Lesa, NS 61 MSICU
Ederle, Derek, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Edgington, Caitlyn, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Edmond, Zahna, Supply Logistics
Edstrom, Angie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Edwards, Allison, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Edwards, Asha, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Edwards, Caitlin, Dietetics Admin
Edwards, Lauren, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Edwards, Linda, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Edwards, Megan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Edwards, Melanie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Edwards, Nicole, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Edwards, Santera, Radiology Support Staff
Edwards, Triseana, Support Services, Clin Lab
Eferakeya, Stephanie, Sterile Processing Unit
Egelhof, Amy, Cytogenetics
Eggleston, Hannah, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Egharevba, Crystal, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Eichholz, Cari, NS 41-BMT
Eickman, William, Clinical Pastoral Education
Eide, Beth, Risk Management
Eidemiller, Noah, NS 61 MSICU
Eidson, Krista, PAT
Eidson, Tiffany, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Eis, Thomas, Orthotics / Prosthetics
Eisenhauer, Nathan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ekilah, Tanya, Health Information Mgmt
Elder, Alex, Hospital Maintenance
Eldredge, Peggy, Health Information Mgmt
Eldridge, Audrey, Central Transport
Elias, Hanna, NS 43-Orthopedics
Elkins, Katie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Elkins, Will, Respiratory Therapy
Ellerman, Fancy, Organizational Improvement
Ellers, Kathy, Patient Accounting
Elliott, Annastasia, NS 41-BMT
Elliott, Frances, Outpatient CC Lab
Elliott, Kendria, Turning Point
Elliott, Tony, Health System Finance
Ellis, Aaron, Nursing Float Pool
Ellis, Laura, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Ellis, Phil, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ellis, Susan, Health Information Mgmt
Ellis, Tish, Admitting Office
Ellis, Vanessa, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Ellsworth, Marvin, Environmental Services
Elmore, Andrew, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Elmore, Kailey, Surgical ICU
Elmore, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Elrod, Cory, Transplant Administration
Elsasser, Megan, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Emanuelson, Erik, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Emley, Damien, Nursing Float Pool
Emmerling, Jacqueline, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Enamorado, Mariam, Interpreter Services
Encarnacion, Yohanna, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Enchelmaier, Erik, Financial Reporting
Engel, Haleigh, CA5-ICU
Engel, Jacob, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Engel, Merritt, Marketing Communications
Engel, Savannah, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Engelhart, Andrew, Operating Room
England, Tanise, NS 43-Orthopedics
English, Maurice, Environmental Services
enigen, Genial, Cytogenetics
Enrollment, Intune, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Erich, Brad, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Erickson, Chandler, Nursing Float Pool
Erickson, Daniel, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Erker, Erin, Operating Room
Erker, Jessica, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Erwin, Cliff, Public & Media Relations
Erwin, Missy, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Escareno Perez, Yohana, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Escobar Medina, Maria, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Eskina, Allison, NS 41-BMT
Eskina, Jessi, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Esparza, Juana, Interpreter Services
Esparza, Taylor, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Espinoza Linares, Patty, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Espinoza, Johnny, Dietetics Admin
Espinoza, Sadie, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Essa, Amani, Interpreter Services
Essel, Jen, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Estelle, LUTHER, Dietetics Admin
Estes, Audra, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Estey, Shelby, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Estrada, Elizabeth, NS 43-Orthopedics
Eubanks, Laverne, Nursing Float Pool
Evans, Callie, BMT Exam/Treatment
Evans, Christopher, Outpatient Registration Staff
Evans, Desiree, Landon Center
Evans, Jeffrey, Computed Tomography
Evans, Kole, Central Transport
Evans, Kyle, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Evans, Leslie, CV Echo/PV
Evans, Mandie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Evans, Melissa, CV Management
Evans, Michelle, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Evans, Pontrilla, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Evans, Susan, Main Pre/Post
Evans-Simpson, Sarah, Emergency Room-ER
Everett, Davina, Admitting Office
Everett, Ro, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Everette, Felicia, Supply Logistics
Everhart, Amber, Pre-registration
EVERIST, BRIAN, Radiology Faculty
Everley, Elizabeth, Main Pre/Post
Everly, Kate, Unit 51
Everts, Wendy, Patient Accounting
Ewald, Elizabeth, Revenue Integrity
Ewing, Keila, Central Transport
Ewing, Lindsay, Respiratory Therapy
Eyring, Jennifer, Health Information Mgmt
Ezhilarasi, Fnu, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Fabac, Joann, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Fagen, Jolene, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Fager, Ruth Ann, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fahrbach, Thomas, Radiology Faculty
Fain, Megan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fairchild, Sarah, Breast Imaging
Faisal, Abdullah, Hospital Executive Offices
Fajen, Keri, Patient Accounting
Falcon, Paul, Interventional Radiology
Falk, Elizabeth, Computed Tomography
Fallert, Jessica, Patient Placement
Fangman, Bridget, Emergency Room-ER
Fangman, Carrie, Financial Reporting
Fangman, Madison, NS 61 MSICU
Fanizza, Frank, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Fankhauser, Robin, Pre-registration
Fankhauser, Sam, Unit 51
Fannon, Courtney, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Fant, Alvina, Trauma Services Administration
Fapp, Shawn, Hospital Executive Offices
Fare, Mary, Sterile Processing Unit
Faria daCunha, Emma, Surgical ICU
Farias, Norma, Unit 51
Farkas, Susie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Farmer, Jessica, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Farmer, Jessica, Operating Room
Farnsworth, Jennifer, KUCRC Admitting
Farnsworth, Tarajee, Supply Logistics
Faroque, Hossain, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Farr, Chrissy, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Farrar, Heath, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Farrell, Diane, Interventional Radiology
Farrell, Kara, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Farris, Anita, Poison Control Center
Farris, Kaitlin, Operations Capital & Projects
Farris, Laura, Spine Center
Farritor, Jodi, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Farrow, Cara, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Faseru, Olubukola, Nursing Float Pool
Fasse, Rachel, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Fast, Kelli, Main Pre/Post
Faulkender, Kathryn, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Fauser, Reese, Emergency Room-ER
Faustino, Amy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fearn, Kenny, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Fehl, Nathan, NS 61 MSICU
Feierabend, Katie, CA5-ICU
Feierabend, Michael, Environmental Services
Feingold, Paula, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Fejfar, Sarah, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Feldkamp, Mandy, Social Work & Case Management
Feldkamp, Zac, Audit and Compliance
Feldott, Erin, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Felin, Tricia, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
FELTON, CANDACE, CC-Clinic Treatments
Felton, Mary, Interpreter Services
Fender, Lillie, Main Pre/Post
Fendler, Kathleen, CC-Clinic Treatments
Fenley, Paige, CA5-ICU
Fennelly, Barb, Electrophysiology Lab
Fenton, Jason, OR Perfusion
Fenton, Kelsey, Surgical ICU
Fenton, Robert, Neonatal Medical Home
Ferdinand, Lakeytha, Environmental Services
Ferguson, Stacy, MRI
Ferguson, Teresa, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Fernandes, Neisha, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Fernandez, Debbie, Cancer Center Administration
Ferraro, Chrystal, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Ferrell, Morgan, ICC Interventional Radiology
Ferro, Jianqi, Unit 52
Fetter, Victoria, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Fiala, Jennifer, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Fielder, Brian, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fields, Janet, CC-Clinic Treatments
Fields, Jared, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fieler, Brandie, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Figley, Ryan, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Figueroa, Edwin, Operating Room
Fike, David, Healthcare Information Tech Service
FIKRU, BELETE, Respiratory Therapy
Filby, Kristen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Filley, Melody, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Finch, Briana, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Finch, Kristy, Social Work & Case Management
Findley, Emily, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Findley, Hewan, Business and Strategic Development
Findley, Whittney, Youth Sports Medicine
FINKBINER, ERIC, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Finke, Jacob, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Finlan, Shannon, Radiology General
Finley, Farrakhan, Dietetics Admin
Fiola, June, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Fiore, Emily, Blood Bank
Fiore, Gerre, Interventional Radiology
Fireoved, Ryan, Unit 52
Fiscella, Caroline, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Fiscella, Jessica, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fischer, David, Dietetics Admin
Fischer, Jen, Nursing Float Pool
Fischer, Kristen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fischer, Mallory, Radiology General
Fischer, Michelle, Nursing Float Pool
Fish, Carol, Revenue Integrity
Fishback, Shelby, Radiology Faculty
Fisher, Clark, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fisher, Ebony, Radiology Support Staff
Fisher, Holly, IP Rehab Services Admin
Fisher, Jared, Emergency Room-ER
Fisher, Kelcii, Rehab Serv- Physical Therapy
Fisher, Kelsea, Outpatient CC Lab
Fisher, Melissa, Main Pre/Post
Fisher, Tia, Environmental Services
Fiss, Kelsie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fitch, Ashley, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Fitch, Heather, Unit 51
Fitzgerald, Amy, Outpatient CC Lab
Fitzgerald, Kevin, Organizational Improvement
Fitzgerald, Kyle, Respiratory Therapy
Fitzgerald, Meghan, Emergency Room-ER
Fitzmaurice, Sarah, BMT Exam/Treatment
Fitzpatrick, Lindsey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Flangan, Carroll, Health Information Mgmt
Flann, Rebecca, NS 61 MSICU
Flattery Aaron, Paula, Organizational Improvement
Fleer, Ryan, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Fleming, Benjamin, Unit 52
Fleming, Shay, Environmental Services
Fletcher, Dan, Youth Sports Medicine
Fletcher, Megan, NS 61 MSICU
Fletcher, Tricia, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fleytas, Rosa, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Flietner, Reed, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Flor, Joseph, Outpatient Registration Staff
Flora, Lynn, Main Pre/Post
Flores, Evelyn, Patient Accounting
Flores, Kristina, Revenue Integrity
Flores, Landy, NS 61 MSICU
Flores, Maritza, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Flores, Reyna, Dietetics Admin
Flores-Calderon, Karina, Interpreter Services
Florez, Theresa, Pre-registration
Florido, Debbie, Spine Center
Flowers, Ashley, Radiology General
Floyd, Erin, NS 61 MSICU
Floyd, Kevin, Emergency Room-ER
Floyd, Nick, Interventional Radiology
Flynn, Lisa, Utilization Review
Flynn, Rebecca, Operating Room
Fogle, Lauren, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Fohn, Sara, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Folbre, Jenna, Support Services, Clin Lab
Foley, Curtis, CV Echo/PV
Foley, Darcy, CC-Clinic Treatments
Folk, Beth, Utilization Review
Follmer, Amy, Zamierowski Institute for Experient
Folsom, Zalene, Radiology General
Forbush, Kristen, Patient Accounting
Ford, Arvione, Supply Logistics
Ford, Carolyn, Operating Room
Ford, Katie, Nursing Float Pool
Ford, Monica, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Ford, Natalie, Central Transport
Ford, Sam, Sterile Processing Unit
Ford, Stephanie, CA5-ICU
Ford, Sylvia, Infection Control
Forge, Janet, CC-Navigation and Intake
Forge, Rolinda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Forsythe, Steven, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fortier, Brenda, Computed Tomography
Fortner, Emma, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Fortner, Peter, Supply Logistics
Fose, Wendi, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Foskett, Cindy, Clinical Informatics
Foss, Margaret, BMT Exam/Treatment
Foster, Angel, Dietetics Admin
Foster, Bree, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Foster, Hunter, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Foster, Jason, Hospital Maintenance
Foster, Kenneth, Supply Logistics
Foster, Mary, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Foster, Rachel, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Foster, Shelly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fostich, Michael, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Foulk, Rebecca, Unit 3F Rehab
Fountain, Carrie, CA5-ICU
Fountain, Simon, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fountaine, June, Health Information Mgmt
Fowler, Jann, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fowler, Melissa, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Fowler, Sarah, Environmental Services
Fowler, Vicky, Hospital Construction
Fox, Clare, IP Pain Mgmt Nurses
Fox, Hillery, Health Information Mgmt
Fox, Leana, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Fox, Maria, Nursing Directors
Fox, Taylor, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Foy, Crista, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Fracul, Paul, Pulmonary Function
Frager, Luke, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Frain, Tina, Respiratory Therapy
Fraley, Susan, Admitting Office
Frame, Maggie, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
France, Candice, Radiology Nursing
Francis, Brianna, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Francis, John, Corporate Communications
Francis, Marcia, Marketing Communications
Franco Moscoso, Alex, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Franco, Maria, Dietetics Admin
Frank, Briana, Central Transport
Franklin, Carma, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Franklin, Chris, Hospital Executive Offices
Franklin, Jacqueline, NS 41-BMT
Franklin, Kelsey, Support Services, Clin Lab
Franklin, Pierra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Franks, Kimberly, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Franks, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Franks, Seth, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Franz, Haley, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Frasco, Brendy, Marketing Communications
Fraser, Tramaine, Nursing Float Pool
Frazell, Kelly, Respiratory Therapy
Frazier, Jordan, Central Transport
Frazier, LeTaya, Unit 51
Frazier, Nafisa, Nursing Float Pool
Frazier, Shaquille, Environmental Services
Frazier, Troy, NS 41-BMT
Frederick, Anna, Nursing Float Pool
Frederiksen, Tayler, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Freed, Richard, Operating Room
Freeman, Aaron, Central Transport
Freeman, Asia, Main Pre/Post
Freeman, Jeff, Supply Logistics
Freeman, John, Environmental Services
Freeman, Kristin, CV Management
Freeman, Logan, NS 43-Orthopedics
Freeman, Mallory, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Freeman, Stephanie, Utilization Review
Freeze, Nicole, Admitting Office
Freitag, Michael, Radiology Residents/Fellows
French, Calle, Emergency Room-ER
French, Justin, Healthcare Information Tech Service
French, Kaliah, Admitting Office
French, Leslie, CICU (2nd floor HC)
French, Michael, Blood Bank
Frenette, Aaron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Frey, Laura, Respiratory Therapy
Freyer Socha, Lynne, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Freyermuth, Dianne, Outpatient CC Lab
Freyler, Hillary, Main Pre/Post
Fricks, Kelsey, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Friday, Andre, Sterile Processing Unit
Fridley, Karson, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Friedel, Aubrey, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Friedman, Elizabeth, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Fries, Kylie, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Friesen, Mark, Laundry
Frieze, Brad, Environmental Services
Fris, Lydia, Central Transport
Fritchman, Teresa, Admitting Office
Frizzell, Christy, Health Information Mgmt
Frizzell, Katie, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Froelich, Kate, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Fronk, Nicole, GI/Endoscopy
Frost, Deanthony, Supply Logistics
Fry, Katie, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fry, Marlene, Outpatient Registration Staff
Fryd, Kathy, CC-Clinic Treatments
Fude, Bethany, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Fulcher, Nathan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fulkerson, Stacy, BMT Exam/Treatment
Fuller, Diane, Marketing Communications
Fuller, Jesse, Surgical ICU
Fuller, Kathryn, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fuller, Michael, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Fuller, Tanesha, Unit 3F Rehab
Fullmer, Melanie, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Fultz, Jessica, Emergency Room-ER
Funk, Abbey, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Funk, Joyce, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Gabaisen, Mischelle, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Gabel, Meghan, Admitting Office
Gabriel, Jamie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Gabriel, Julian, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Gabrielson, Kelly, NS 43-Orthopedics
Gacek, Nancy, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Gaetano, Lisa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gagliardi, Mark, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Gagne, Jordan, Unit 66
Gaillard, Kathy, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Gaitros, Anthony, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Galan Gonzalez, Ashley, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Galang, Asuncion, Main Pre/Post
Galbraith, Kaitie, Laundry
Galindo, Liza, Unit 52
Galindo, Martin, Unit 66
Gall, David, CV Management
Gallagher, Heather, Cytology
Gallagher, Matthew, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gallaher, Rose, Operating Room
Gallegos, Esperanza, Environmental Services
Gallentine, Jacque, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Galloway, Clayton, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Galloway, Debbie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gallup, Joanna, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Galvan, Delicia, KU MedWest Lab
Galvan-Gomez, Leonor, Central Transport
Galvez Valenzuela, Jackie, Admitting Office
Gamache, Robert, Unit 51
Gampala, Shiva, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ganey, Sandra, Turning Point
Gangel, Jatin, Utilization Review
Gangel, Paula, Volunteer Services
Gangel, Robert, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Gant, Betsey, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Gant, Charlesia, Admitting Office
Gant-Embry, Carmela, Pre-registration
Garand, Susan, Utilization Review
Garavaglia, David, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Garay Serrato, David, Admitting Office
Garcia, Adriana, BMT Exam/Treatment
Garcia, Brenadett, Interpreter Services
Garcia, Cindy, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Garcia, Cristina, Landon Center
GARCIA, LEE, Patient Accounting
Garcia, Melissa, Admitting Office
Garcia, Melody, Landon Center
Garcia, Norma, Interpreter Services
Garcia, Ofelia, Environmental Services
Garcia, Taylor, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Garcia, Victor, Hospital Maintenance
Gardner, Cathy, Organizational Improvement
Gardner, Jodi, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Gardner, John, Admitting Office
Gardner, Lukas, Nursing Float Pool
Gardner, Michael, Respiratory Therapy
Gardner, Ruth, Hospital Fund Development
Garg, Saurav, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Garies, Taylor, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Garlington, Stephen, Supply Logistics
Garnett, Stacey, Outpatient Registration Staff
Garr, Brandee, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Garrard, Stacy, Health Information Mgmt
Garrett, Roger, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Garrity-Agnew, Mary, Volunteer Services
Garron, Donniqua, Nursing Float Pool
Garroutte, Falisha, Respiratory Therapy
Garroutte, Kara, Respiratory Therapy
Garry, Danielle, Main Pre/Post
Gartner, Amanda, Quality/Magnet/Research
Garza, Adrian Dominic Garza, Central Transport
Garza, Deborah, Radiology General
Garza, Heather, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Garza, Wendy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Gash, Cecilia, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gasperlin, Spela, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Gaston, Derrick, OR Perfusion
Gaston, Douglas, Hospital Executive Offices
Gatan, Erlinda, Health Information Mgmt
Gatapia, Aileen, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gates, Autumn, Transplant Center Clinics
Gates, Karen, Hospital Executive Offices
Gates, Natalie, Supply Logistics
Gatewood, Jason, Radiology Faculty
Gathing, Shelly, Outpatient Registration Staff
Gatson, Erikca, Landon Center
Gatzmeyer, Rita Argelia, Interpreter Services
Gaul, Casey, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gaul, Mary Ellen, Main Pre/Post
Gaunt, Maree, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Gay, Shawn, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gaydess, Lori, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Gayed, Claire, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Gearhart, Rebecca, Nursing Directors
Gebreslasie, Luwam, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Gee, Kristina, Radiology General
Geier, Steve, Hospital Maintenance
Geiger, Patty, CC-Navigation and Intake
Gemignani, Kelly, Emergency Room-ER
Generic ID, Stockamp, Patient Accounting
Genton, Kristina, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Genton, Sarah, Clinical Nutrition Service
Gentry, Anthony, Health Information Mgmt
George, Barbara, Interventional Radiology
George, Jennifer, Computed Tomography
George, Juquanda, Utilization Review
George, Phil, NS 61 MSICU
Geraci, Felicia, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Geran, Joel, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Gerant, Katie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Gerber, Ryan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gerkovich, Kendal, CA5-ICU
Germann, Jamie, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Gertsema, Barbara, Clinical Nutrition Service
Gervacio, Olivia, Switchboard
Getahun, Beti, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Getz, Amber, OR Perfusion
Gfeller, Claire, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Giacalone, Adam, Radiology Administration
Gianino, Katelyn, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Giannola, Megan, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Gibbons, Joanne, Health Information Mgmt
Gibbs, Samantha, NS 41-BMT
Giblin, Julia, GI/Endoscopy
Gibson, Judy, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gibson, Kip, Health Information Mgmt
Gibson, Nina, Marketing Communications
Gibson, Timothy, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Gicharu, Grace, Unit 3F Rehab
Giddens, Michelle, Nursing Float Pool
Giese, Shannon, Clinical Nutrition Service
Giese, Taryn, Surgical ICU
Giffin, Megan, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Gift, Chad, Main Pre/Post
Gilbert, Ashley, Nursing Float Pool
Gilbert, Charnee, Environmental Services
Gilbert, Lesli, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Gilchrist, Maddie, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Gile, Haley, KU MedWest Radiology
Gill MacArthur, Barbara, Hospital Executive Offices
Gill, Matthew James J, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gillenwater, Roxanne, Main Pre/Post
Gillespie, Erica, Nursing Float Pool
Gillespie, Sara, Emergency Room-ER
Gilliford, Becca, GI/Endoscopy
Gilliland, Sandy, PAT
GILLIS, RYANE, Respiratory Therapy
Gillom, Brittany, Dietetics Admin
Gilman, Scott, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Gilmore, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
Gilmore, Kristy, Breast Imaging
Gin, Jennifer, Trauma Services Administration
Gingell, Amber, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Ginter, Baylie, NS 43-Orthopedics
Ginter, Julie, Rehab Services Admin
Ginter, Sam, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Gipson, Erica, Dietetics Admin
Githui, John, Nursing Float Pool
Giuseffi, Karl, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Glamann, Megan, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Glaschek, Kyle, CC-Clinic Treatments
Glass, Michael, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Gleason, Aimee, Health Information Mgmt
Gleason, Debbie, Physician Recruitment Office
Gleason, Hannah, Emergency Room-ER
Gleason, James, Hospital Maintenance
Glenn, Patricia, Admitting Office
Glenn, Penny, Nursing Education
Glenn, William, Emergency Room-ER
Glennon, Cathy, Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center
Glover, Andrea, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Glover, Tyler, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Glynn, Brittany, Neonatal Medical Home
Glynn, Mike, Corporate Communications
Goddard, Bret, Orthotics / Prosthetics
Godfrey, Gail, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Godsey, Megan, Unit 51
Goebel, Josh, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Goerdt, Abby, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Goetschius, Marilyn, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Goetz, Emily, Breast Imaging
Goetz, Kaley, NS 41-BMT
Goetz, Laura, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Goetz, Vickie, Spine Center
Goff, Ashley, Transplant Center Clinics
Goff, Danielle, CA5-ICU
Goins, Michaela, Unit 3F Rehab
Golde, Terry, Health Information Mgmt
Golden, Taelor, Central Transport
Goldfinger, Sue, Utilization Review
Goldring, Andrea, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Goldsmith, Sarah, Patient Placement
Goldstein, Kate, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Gole, Emily, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Golladay, Danielle, Nursing Float Pool
Golson, Katherine, Unit 52
Golubski, Melissa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gomez, Gabby, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Gomez, Jesse, Respiratory Therapy
Gomez, Kristin, Patient Accounting
Gomulka, Michael, Clinical Pastoral Education
Gonser, Christa, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gonyo, Ben, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Gonzales, Elizabeth, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Gonzales, Jobita, Admitting Office
Gonzales, Kelly, Operating Room
Gonzales, Linda, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Gonzales-Mijares, Martha, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Gonzalez Nguyen, Trang, Nursing Float Pool
Gonzalez Oropeza, Marcela, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Gonzalez, Amanda, CC-Clinic Treatments
Gonzalez, Donna, Data-based Marketing
Gonzalez, Jane, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Gooch, Duane, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Good, Kevin, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Good, Traci, GI/Endoscopy
Goodale, Valerie, Landon Center
Goode, Jill, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Goodman, Anne, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Goodman, Brian, Computed Tomography
Goodman, Glenda, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Goodman, Kerri, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Goodman, Rachael, Spine Center
Goodman, Traci, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Goodrich, Seth, Operating Room
Goodwin, Amy, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Goodwin, Christopher, Supply Logistics
GOODWIN, Jeanie, Health System Finance
Goodwin, Ken, Supply Logistics
Goodwin, Missy, Utilization Review
Goodyear, Margaret, Admitting Office
Goold, Nate, Marketing Communications
Goold, Steve, Organizational Improvement
Gooley, Kathy, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Gordanier, Virginia, Breast Imaging
Gordon, Gardenia, Environmental Services
Gordy, Mike, Hospital Security
Gorombey, Julianna, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Gorthy, Mackenzie, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Gorup, Gayln, Westwood Campus
Gosch, Gretchen, NS 15 MEDICAL TELEMETRY
Gossett, Chandler, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Gossman, Daniel, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Gotobed, Molly, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Goubeaux, Laura, Organizational Improvement
Goudeau, Saundra, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Graber, Erin, Supply Logistics
Grabham, Kassy, Respiratory Therapy
Grable, Kia, Emergency Room-ER
Grace, Julie, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Grace, Megan, Radiology Nursing
Graham, Julie, Health Information Mgmt
Graham, Maggie, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Graham, Moira, Nursing Float Pool
Graham, Shianne, Nursing Float Pool
Graham, Susan, Organizational Improvement
Granado, Jamie, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Granger, Gray, Transplant Administration
Grant, Ciesha, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Grant, John, Respiratory Therapy
Grant, Lindsey, Computed Tomography
Grant-Guerra, Sharon, Operating Room
Grate, Kathy, Pre-registration
Gratts, Stacy, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Graves, Christy, GI/Endoscopy
Graves, Cindy, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Gray, Connor, OR Perfusion
Gray, Jason, CA5-ICU
Gray, Lauren, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Gray, Lauren, Lean Promotion Office
Gray, Markie, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Gray, Myla, Main Pre/Post
Gray, Patricia, Turning Point
Gray, Stephanie, Admitting Office
Graybill, Chris, Surgical ICU
Grayson, Ronald, Central Transport
Green, Amanda, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Green, Amy, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Green, Angela, Dietetics Admin
Green, Becca, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Green, Bree, Emergency Room-ER
Green, Devin, Pre-registration
Green, Helen, Environmental Services
Green, Jelissa, CV Management
Green, Jocelyn, Emergency Room-ER
Green, Kaysha, Nursing Float Pool
Green, Megan, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Green, Pamela, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Green, Robert, Dietetics Admin
Green, Shateese, GI/Endoscopy
Green, Sheila, Environmental Services
Green, Tina, Outpatient Registration Staff
Green, Tracy, Radiology General
Greene, Abby, NS 61 MSICU
Greene, Kathrine, Health Information Mgmt
Greene, Tia, Liver Transplant
Greene, Tina, Interventional Radiology
Greene, TJ, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Greenhaw, Adam, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Greenstein, Alana, Outpatient Registration Staff
Greenwald, Mariza, Utilization Review
Greer, Jamie, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Greer, Jennie, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Greer, Lauren, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Greer, Valentina, Interpreter Services
Gregory, Bethany, Healthcare Information Tech Service
GREGORY, DEBRA, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Gregory, Linsey, Managed Care Contracting
Gregory, Yolanda, Epilepsy Center
Greig, Sam, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Grey, Christina, Quality/Magnet/Research
Gribble, Charlotte, Outpatient Registration Staff
Grier, Holly, CV Echo/PV
Griess, Teresa, Audit and Compliance
Griffin, Chanel, Clinical Nutrition Service
Griffin, Christy, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Griffin, Corlis, Dietetics Admin
Griffin, Latresha, Dietetics Admin
Griffin, Myra, Support Services, Clin Lab
Griffin, Steven, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Griffin, Taylor, Surgical ICU
Griffith, Blake, KUCRC PHARMACY
Griggsby, Lauren, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Grigler, Nikki, Patient Accounting
GRIKA, Jana, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Grimes, Cassi, CA5-ICU
Grimes, Christy, Youth Sports Medicine
Grinde, Anders, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Grippo, Daniel, Volunteer Services
Griseta, Stephanie, GI/Endoscopy
Grisham, Jennifer, Emergency Room-ER
Griswold, Ashley, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Gritzan, Marla, Respiratory Therapy
Grodzinsky, Gene, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Grooms, Bradley, Central Transport
Groover, Emma, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Grosdidier, Molly, Marketing Communications
Gross, Darley, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Gross, Kimberly, Sterile Processing Unit
Gross, Sherley, Dietetics Admin
Grossman, David, Hospital Maintenance
Grossman, Mallory, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Grossoehme, Susie, Utilization Review
Groutas, Chris, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Grover, Aubrey, Landon Center
Grover, Erica, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Guajaca, Izaak, Operating Room
Guela, Daisy, Epilepsy Center
Guenther, Mitchell, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Guereca-Ruiz, Mari, Unit 3F Rehab
Guerra, Christina, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Guerra, Gloria, Dietetics Admin
Guerrero, Matt, Respiratory Therapy
Guerrero, Rudolfo, Interpreter Services
Guerrero, Zach, Respiratory Therapy
Guess, Julie, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Guess, Malcolm, Environmental Services
Guevel, Jenny, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Guilbeau, Wilma, Patient Placement
Guilbeaux, George, CC-Navigation and Intake
Guilfoil, Beth, Nursing Float Pool
Guilkey, Kathy, CC-Navigation and Intake
Guinta, Aimee, Nursing Float Pool
Gulati, Nikhil, Audit and Compliance
Guliford, Heather, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Gulledge, Deborah, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Gum, Aaron, Hospital Executive Offices
Gundelfinger, Paige, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Gunn, Jamie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Gunn, Victoria, Supply Logistics
Gunnison, Hannah, Main Pre/Post
Gunsolley, Magen, Emergency Room-ER
Gunter, Georgia, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Gunter, Rebecca, Main Pre/Post
Gupta, Pooja, Revenue Integrity
Guthrie, Lisa, Nursing Education
Gutierrez, Berlin, Admitting Office
Gutierrez, Dominique, Financial Reporting
Gutierrez, Maria, Dietetics Admin
Guzman Penate, Corina, Operating Room
Guzman, Karen, Environmental Services
Gwinn, Nick, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Haak, Jamie, Organizational Improvement
Haas, Peter, Audit and Compliance
Haase, Kristi, CTS Services
Haberly, Brett, Respiratory Therapy
Hack, Thea, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hacker, Margaret, Utilization Review
Haenchen, Sandra, Health Information Mgmt
Hagan, Sarah, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hagee, Serenity, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hagel, Jill, Nursing Directors
Hageman, Logan, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hagen, Pat, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hagenkord, Anna, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hager, Anne, Unit 66
Hager, Kelsey, Operating Room
Haggins, Telae, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Haghighi, Cory, Patient Accounting
Haight, Brandon, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hailey, Cameron, Unit 3F Rehab
Haines, Beth, Spine Center
Hainje, Ashley, Emergency Room-ER
Haith, Jacquelyn, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Hake, Sarah, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Halberstadt, Justin, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Hale, Holly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hale, Robert, Respiratory Therapy
Haler, Jacqueline, Radiology General
Haling, Erin, Quality/Magnet/Research
Hall, Alison, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hall, Ashley, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Hall, Deborah, BMT Exam/Treatment
Hall, Gabrielle, Health Information Mgmt
Hall, Holly, Health Information Mgmt
Hall, Jonathan, Environmental Services
Hall, Karis, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Hall, Kimberly, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hall, Mary, Environmental Services
Hall, Michelle, Operating Room
Hall, Shane, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Hall, Teri, Health Information Mgmt
Hall, Tony, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hall, Zuriharri, Health Information Mgmt
Haller, Brooke, Trauma Services Administration
Hallier, Jill, Surgical ICU
Halligan, Dee, NS 43-Orthopedics
Hallinan, Bob, Public & Media Relations
Halums, Sabrina, Environmental Services
Halvorson, McKenzie, BMT Exam/Treatment
Hamblin, Philip, Pre-registration
Hamel, Abby, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Hamid, Fatima, NS 41-BMT
Hamilton, Renee, Utilization Review
Hamilton, Roy, Operating Room
Hamilton, Trish, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hamilton-Ansley, Jami, Turning Point
Hamm, Nicole, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Hamm, Saige, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Hamm, Tiffany, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Hammack, Cheryl, Environmental Services
Hammar, Haley, NS 41-BMT
Hammer, Steve, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hammerschmidt, Megan, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Hammon, Jen, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hammond, Donnie, Environmental Services
Hammond, Jenny, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hammontree, Stephanie, Cancer Center Administration
Hampton, Brittany, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hampton, Ilidia, Dietetics Admin
Hamrick, Mark, Operating Room
Hancock, Brandi, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hancock, James, Laundry
Hancock, Pamela, Radiology Support Staff
Hancock, Terrence, GI/Endoscopy
Handley, Jordan, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hanekamp, John, Utilization Review
Haney, Laurie, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Haney, Lillie, Environmental Services
Haney, Nick, Respiratory Therapy
Hanna, Heather, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Hanna, Jill, PAT
Hanna, Linda, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Hannahan, Kayla, Transplant Center Clinics
Hannan, Carie, Main Pre/Post
Hannon, Sarah, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Hansen, Chris, Hospital Executive Offices
Hansen, Gabrielle, CC-Clinic Treatments
Hansen, Jeanne, Patient Relations
Hansen, Joy, Unit 3F Rehab
Hansen, Kelsey, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Hansen, Stephanie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hanses, Jennifer, BMT Program
Hansford, Mike, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hanson, Adam, Emergency Room-ER
Hanson, Josie, Emergency Room-ER
Hanwick, Heath, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Harbrecht, Jim, Mid America Cardiology
Hard, Mia, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Harden, Haylee, Unit 3F Rehab
hardesty, Ryan, Central Transport
Hardin, Riah, Health Information Mgmt
Harding, Dustin, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Harding, Heather, Breast Imaging
Harding, Lacy, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hardinger, Kayla, NS 43-Orthopedics
Hardy, Amber, Pre-registration
Hardy, Jill, Infection Control
Hare, CJ, Interventional Radiology
Hare, Kristina, Occupational Health & Urgent Care
Hare, Rachel, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hare, Rachel, Audit and Compliance
Hare, Whitney, Main Pre/Post
Harenza, Regan, Emergency Room-ER
Harkey, Ben, NS 61 MSICU
Harkey, Michelle, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Harkins, Dionne, BMT Exam/Treatment
Harless, Mary, Audit and Compliance
Harman, Sherry, Organizational Improvement
Harmer, Jenae, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Harmison, Sarah, CC-Clinic Treatments
Harmon, Rachael, Liver Transplant
Harms, Erin, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Harper, Ashleigh, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Harper, Chris, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Harper, Jeanette, Environmental Services
Harper, Johnathan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Harran, Joanna, Trauma Services Administration
Harreld, Dylan, Respiratory Therapy
Harrell, Barry, Nursing Float Pool
Harrell, Gina, Nursing Float Pool
Harrell, Tiffany, Pre-registration
Harrigan, Jack, GI/Endoscopy
Harrington, Brenda, Operating Room
Harrington, John, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Harrington, Racharolette, Dietetics Admin
Harris, Ann, Financial Reporting
Harris, Ashley, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Harris, Bri, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Harris, Denise, CC-Clinic Treatments
Harris, Dominique, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Harris, Jana, Utilization Review
Harris, Jelani, Environmental Services
Harris, John, Respiratory Therapy
Harris, Juanita, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Harris, Lillie, Environmental Services
Harris, Noranice, Utilization Review
Harris, Sue, Outpatient Registration Staff
Harris, Teresa, Hospital Executive Offices
Harris, Tyler, NS 41-BMT
Harrison, Bryan, Pre-registration
Harrison, Jenna, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Harrison, Rashall, Pre-registration
Harryman, Todd, Hospital Maintenance
Hart, Edwin, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hart, Elizabeth, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Hart, Tracy, Patient Accounting
Hart-Daniel, Renita, Switchboard
Hartig, Darcie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hartman, Crystal, Westwood Campus
Hartman, Kellie, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Hartman, Sarah, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hartung, Julie, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hartz, Mya, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Harvey, Alyssa, Social Work & Case Management
Harvey, Cierra, Unit 66
Harvey, Deborah, Patient Accounting
Harvey, Elizabeth, BMT Exam/Treatment
Harvey, Emily, Operating Room
Harvey, Ivan, Volunteer Services
Harvey, Jordan, Nursing Float Pool
Harvey, Nikki, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Harvey, Sam, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Harvey, Tanesha, Central Transport
Hase, Sara, Nursing Float Pool
Hasham, Hasnain, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hashman, Kevin, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Haskamp, Keith, Department of Nursing Central
Hassan, Ali, CV Management
Hasselwander, Lindsay, Emergency Room-ER
Hassenpflug, Chris, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hastert, Regan, Emergency Room-ER
Hastings, Erin, Surgical ICU
Hatch, Macauley, Audit and Compliance
Hathaway, Mylinda, Patient Accounting
Hattaway, Rachel, Mid America Cardiology
Hauck, Deanna, Pre-registration
Haugland, Sally, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Haun, Amy, Cancer Center Administration
Haun, Samantha, NS 43-Orthopedics
Havener, Jocelyn, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hawes, Rachel, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Hawkins, Chris, Biomedical Engineering
Hawkins, Kierra, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hawkins, Makenzie, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Haws, Shannon, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Hawthorne, Andrea, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hay, Katheryne, Emergency Room-ER
Hay, Laurie, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hay, Olivia, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hayden, Christopher, Dietetics Admin
Hayden, Hollie, Environmental Health and Safety
Hayden, Rebecca, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Hayes, Billy, Environmental Services
Hayes, Jane, Health Information Mgmt
Hayes, Jordan, Unit 3F Rehab
Hayes, Mary, Environmental Services
Haynes, Jeanine, Landon Center
Haynes, Latrice, Central Transport
Hayob, Sandy, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Hays, Misty, Operating Room
Hays, Roger, Supply Logistics
Hays, Wilma, Environmental Services
Hazlett, Daniel, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hazley, MaLisa, Pre-registration
Head, Barb, Hospital Fund Development
Headley, Leslie, IP Rehab Services Admin
Healy, Danielle, BMT Exam/Treatment
Healy, Sam, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Hearn, Bonnie, Nursing Float Pool
Heasley, Patrick, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Heath, Chris, Respiratory Therapy
Heathman, Kelli, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Heck, Cynthia, Psych Liason Service
Heckert, Janet, Spine Center
Heckman, Emily, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Heckman, Gabrielle, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Heckman, Kelsey, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Hedgpeth, Barbara, CC-Navigation and Intake
Hedrick, Marty, Hospital Maintenance
Heger, Stacy, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hegwood, Monique, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Heidenreich, Amy, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Heidrick, Becca, CA5-ICU
Heim, Alicia, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Heiman, Erin, Unit 66
Hein, Donald, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Heinen, Leanna, Unit 52
Heinen, Malorie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Heinisch, Lauren, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Heinz, Amanda, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Heisel, Lauren, Operating Room
Hekele, Tiffany, Utilization Review
Helfenberger, Jenny, Nursing Float Pool
Helm, Cathy, Unit 51
Helm, Philip, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
HELMS, Dean, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Helms, Wanda, Sterile Processing Unit
Helt, Scott, Hospital Executive Offices
Helvey, Jen, Radiology Nursing
Hema, Pambala, Health Information Mgmt
Hemrich, Annette, Environmental Services
Henager, Al, Clinical Pastoral Education
Henaku, Aboagye, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Henderson, Ashlee, Cytogenetics
Henderson, Ashley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Henderson, Britt, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Henderson, Candace, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Henderson, Christine, CA5-ICU
Henderson, Gina, Utilization Review
Henderson, Glenda, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Henderson, Jackie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Henderson, John, Central Transport
Henderson, Kody, Respiratory Therapy
Henderson, LeShaye, Central Transport
Henderson, Miranda, NS 41-BMT
Henderson, Olivia, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Henderson, Pamela, Admitting Office
Henderson, Trinia, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hendrickson, Amber, Emergency Room-ER
Hendrickson, Ashley, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Henkel, Sara, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Henley, Kelly, Interpreter Services
Henley, Ollene, Health Information Mgmt
Hennes, Brielle, Emergency Room-ER
Henningsen, Mikaylee, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Hennrich, John, GI/Endoscopy
Henrich, Laura, Emergency Room-ER
Henrich, Mallory, Surgical ICU
Henrichs, Dusti, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Henriquez, Gabriela, Utilization Review
Henry, Angela, CC-Clinic Treatments
Henry, Craig, NS 43-Orthopedics
Henry, Lisa, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Henry, Sheryl, Liver Transplant
Hensley, Ken, Radiology Administration
Her, Emily, Health Information Mgmt
Her, Nkaujnub, Admitting Office
Her, Pang, Health Information Mgmt
Herbert, Dave, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Herdman, Richard, Hospital Maintenance
Herford, Paul, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Heriford, Mark, Patient Accounting
Herl, Chelsea, Admitting Office
Herman, Amy, CA5-ICU
Herman, Becky, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Herman, Danielle, Operating Room
Hernandez, Brianna, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hernandez, Cristal, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hernandez, Denise, Central Transport
Hernandez, Erica, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Hernandez, Gaston, Dietetics Admin
Hernandez, Kerry, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Hernandez, Lisa Marie, Spine Center
Hernandez, Mayling, Interpreter Services
Hernandez-Guerrero, Araceli, Unit 3F Rehab
Herndon-Landry, Marsha, Radiology Nursing
Herr, MayLy, Health Information Mgmt
Herren, Michelle, Liver Transplant
Herrera, Tina, Patient Accounting
Herrick, Terri, Support Services, Clin Lab
Herrman, Angella, Clinical Informatics
Herrman, Megan, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Herrmann, Lauren, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Herron, Rachel, BMT Exam/Treatment
Hersh, Kenzie, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Hertig, Jennifer, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Hesse, Jenae, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Hester, Amy, Social Work & Case Management
Heston, Michelle, Utilization Review
Heuertz, Laura, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hewitt, Emily, Emergency Room-ER
Hewitt, Ryneisha, Central Transport
Heydinger, Kaylee, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Heyen, Lauren, Health Information Mgmt
Hiatt, Lauren, Main Pre/Post
Hibpshman, Mechelle, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Hickel, Hanna, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hickman, Bridget, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Hickman, Danniele, Radiology Support Staff
Hickman, Ernest, Supply Logistics
Hickman, Jen, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hickman, Mariah, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Hicks, Alishia, Patient Accounting
Hicks, An'tinque, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Hicks, Christine, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Hicks, Michelle, Hospital Executive Offices
Hicks, Rashel, NS 41-BMT
Hicks, Rita, Central Transport
Hicks, Sarah, Operating Room
Hicks, Tonya, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hiersteiner, Cathy, Volunteer Services
Hietbrink, Brittney, Nursing Float Pool
Higgins, Alice, Switchboard
Higgs, Victoria, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hildebrandt, Melissa, Nursing Float Pool
Hildreth, Stephanie, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Hill, Chester, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
HILL, JOYCE, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hill, Kaila, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Hill, Kenisha, Central Transport
Hill, Maggie, Nursing Float Pool
Hill, Maurice, Dietetics Admin
Hill, Meredith, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Hill, RaeAnn, NS 61 MSICU
Hill, Ron, Admitting Office
Hill, Sara, Outpatient Registration Staff
Hill, Summer, Liver Transplant
Hill, Tasha, Outpatient CC Lab
Hilliges, Sarah, Respiratory Therapy
Hiltner, Brittany, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hilton, Katlyn, NS 61 MSICU
Hinchcliff, Jessica, NS 15C-Clinical Throughput (CTU)
Hinck, Kim, Main Pre/Post
Hinderer, Taylor, Surgical ICU
Hines, Cammie, NS 41-BMT
Hinman, Krista, Operating Room
Hinman, Stefanie, Turning Point
Hinmon, Jordan, CA5-ICU
Hinnerichs, Joan, Turning Point
Hinson, Gary, Radiology Faculty
Hinton, Kristy, Patient Accounting
Hinton, Taylor, NS 41-BMT
Hipp, Sheila, PAT
Hirsch-Bohs, Julie, Patient Relations
Histotechnologist, On-Call, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Hitchcock, Audrey, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hite, Pamela, Utilization Review
Ho, Dao, PAT
Ho, Elizabeth, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Ho, Julie, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Ho, Mimi, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Hoang, Kevin, OR Perfusion
Hobbs, Dan, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hobbs, George, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hobbs, Katelyn, CV Echo/PV
Hobbs, Nicole, Turning Point
Hochanadel, Patti, Infusion Therapy Clinic
Hochard, Erica, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hockemeyer, Todd, Nuclear Medicine
Hockman, Nick, NS 41-BMT
Hodgdon, Amy, Social Work & Case Management
Hodge, Linda, Dietetics Admin
Hodges, Raphael, Dietetics Admin
Hodina, Jerry, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Hoeger, Steven, Environmental Health and Safety
Hoelscher, Diana, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hoelting, Kyle, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hoffine, Allison, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Hoffman, Jeanene, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Hoffman, Melissa, Radiology General
Hoffmann, William, Hospital Maintenance
Hogan, Anne, Health Information Mgmt
Hogan, Emma, Nursing Float Pool
Hogan, Lea Ann, NS 43-Orthopedics
Hogle, Vickie, CV Echo/PV
Hogue, Kimmy, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Hohenberg, Sophia, KUCRC PHARMACY
Holcroft, Denise, Pre-registration
Holecek, Katie, Breast Imaging
Holland, Dwayne, Sterile Processing Unit
HOLLAND, FELICIA, Pre-registration
Holland, Natalie, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hollar, Sarah, Audit and Compliance
Holley, Henry, Dietetics Admin
Holliday, Briana, Audit and Compliance
Holliday, Latreece, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Holliger, Teresa, Audit and Compliance
Holliman, Mitzi, Admitting Office
Hollingshead, Lori, Patient Placement
Hollingshead, Matthew, Unit 52
Hollins, Ronnie, BMT Exam/Treatment
Hollon, Andrew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Holloway, Alice, Environmental Services
Holloway, Beth, Spine Center
Holloway, John, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Holman, Becca, Respiratory Therapy
Holman, Monica, Supply Logistics
Holmes, Ashley, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Holmes, Christina, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Holmes, Drew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Holmes, Erica, Unit 3F Rehab
Holmes, Kristen, Spine Center
Holmes, Sam, Admitting Office
Holroyd, Jim, Surgical ICU
Holsinger, Charlee, Nursing Float Pool
Holsted, Sherie, Revenue Integrity
Holstein, Laiecha, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Holt, Becca, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Holt, Julie, Operating Room
Holt, Michael, Hospital Maintenance
Holt, Michelle, Health Information Mgmt
Holt, Todd, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Holt, Tori, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Holtgraves, Charles, Patient Accounting
Holtgraves, Lisa, Patient Accounting
Holthaus, Tracy, Health Information Mgmt
Holton, John, Audit and Compliance
Holtz, Leslie, Mid America Cardiology
Holtzclaw, Terry, Environmental Services
Hon, Hayley, Operating Room
Honeywell, Karen, Nursing Float Pool
Hood, Derrick, Dietetics Admin
Hooker, Paul, NS 63-Med & Transplant ICU
Hooks, Felita, Environmental Services
Hooks, Jolisha, Central Transport
Hooks, Kendra, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hooks, Tyler, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Hoose, Beth, Operating Room
Hoover, Jared, Respiratory Therapy
Hoover, Kelli, CA5-ICU
HOOVER, ROSANNE, Radiology Faculty
HOOVER, SHERRY, Sleep Disorders Center
Hopkins, Angela, Cancer Center Administration
Hopkins, Cindy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Hopkins, Jeff, Supply Logistics
Hopkins, Kristie, CC-Navigation and Intake
Hopkins, Tmika, Liver Treatment Center (Hepatology)
Horine, Brandon, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hormuth, Heather, NS 43-Orthopedics
Horn, Anita, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Horn, Karlye, Unit 51
Horn, LaTanya, Business and Strategic Development
Hornbeck, Mary, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Hornick, Maggie, Unit 3F Rehab
Horrell, Ashley, Environmental Health and Safety
Horsley, Tiffany, Infection Control
Horton, Abby, OR Perfusion
Horton, Carol, Radiology Support Staff
Horton, Joan, Emergency Room-ER
Horton, Kaleb, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Horton, Mindy, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Horton, Peggy, Spine Center
Hosack, Shawna, Health Information Mgmt
Hosie, Micaela, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Hoskins, Kayla, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Hoskins, Teresa, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Hosmer, Kane, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hostetler, Sally, CV Management
Hotchkiss, Charlie, Electrophysiology Lab
Hotchkiss, Larry, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hotzel, Ellen, Unit 51
Houchen, Terri, Physician Recruitment Office
Hough, Blake, Dietetics Admin
Houghton, Beth, Ryan White Services
Houghton, Candace, Radiology Administration
Houghton, Margaret, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hougland, Kyle, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Houk, Levi, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Houlahan, Asher, CV Management
House, Corrie, CC-Navigation and Intake
House, Mary, Respiratory Therapy
House, Rhiannon, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Houser, Katie, Nursing Float Pool
Houser, Tyler, Unit 66
Housknecht, Oliver, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Houston, Christina, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Hoverder, Amber, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hoversten, Sydni, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Howard, Christin, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Howard, Christina, Unit 51
Howard, Elizabeth, BMT Exam/Treatment
Howard, Halie, Emergency Room-ER
Howard, Ijon, Health Information Mgmt
Howard, Jennifer, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Howard, Kamal, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Howard, Kari, Nursing Float Pool
Howard, Keli, Sonography
Howard, Lana, Support Services, Clin Lab
Howard, Patricia, Environmental Services
Howard, Renee, Dietetics Admin
Howard, Shalinda, Dietetics Admin
Howard, Shannon, Emergency Room-ER
Howe, Kelly, Emergency Room-ER
Howell, Ashley, Respiratory Therapy
Howell, Reuben, Central Transport
Howerton, Donald, Hospital Maintenance
Howey, Kenny, ICC Interventional Radiology
Howland, Kathy, CC-Navigation and Intake
Howland, Stacy, Sterile Processing Unit
Howlett, Lakiea, Switchboard
Howser, Donald, Utilization Review
Howser, Eric, Organizational Improvement
Hruska, Eric, BMT Exam/Treatment
Hubbard, Jordan, Main Pre/Post
Hubbard, LaSonya, Central Transport
Hubbard, Mark, Dietetics Admin
Huber, Ashley, Spiritual Care (Chaplain)
Huber, Katie, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Huck, Jerrod, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Huckabay, Jessica, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Huddelson, Kate, Clinical Pastoral Education
Huddlestun, Derek, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hudson, Anthony, Operating Room
Hudson, Dan, Trauma Services Administration
Hudson, Sandi, CTS Services
Hudspeth, Lauren, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Huelskamp, Lori, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Huenink, Lacy, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Huenink, Melissa, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Huerta, Amanda, CTR (2nd floor HC)
HUEY, Kathey, CC-Navigation and Intake
Huff, Janet, Pre-registration
Huffman, Cecilia, Transplant Administration
Huffman, Marti, Pre-registration
Huggins, Denise, Unit 66
Huggins, Stevie, Landon Center
Hughes, Danielle, CV Broadmoor-Admin
Hughes, Desirah, Radiology General
Hughes, DeWayne, Central Transport
Hughes, Dorothy, Public & Media Relations
Hughes, Erin, CA5-ICU
Hughes, Melissa, Utilization Review
Hughes, Michell, Environmental Services
Hughes, Sarah, Respiratory Therapy
Hughes, Shawn, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hughes, Sierra, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Hughes, Tabitha, Patient Accounting
Hughey, Meredith, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Huitt, Lyndsey, Admitting Office
Hulen, Kathy, Nursing Directors
Hulett, Lauren, Nursing Clinical Excellence
HULL, Melissa, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Hullaby, Alonzo, Supply Logistics
Hultman, Taylor, Emergency Room-ER
Humpert, Chris, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Humphreville, Robert, Business and Strategic Development
Humphrey, Bryan, Respiratory Therapy
Humphrey, Christina, Support Services, Clin Lab
Humphrey, Jessica, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Humphrey, Mina, Main Pre/Post
Hund, Amelia, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Hund, Jessie, NS 44A-Peds ICU
Hund, Samuel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hundal, Kamal, Dietetics Admin
Hundley, Jenna, CARDIAC CATH LAB
Hunke, Cathy, Outpatient CC Lab
Hunt, Breeann, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Hunt, Dewana, Environmental Services
Hunt, Virgil, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hunter, Ameisha, Environmental Services
Hunter, Anna, Emergency Room-ER
Hunter, Barbara, Volunteer Services
Hunter, Cheryl, Emergency Room-ER
Hunter, Hannah, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Hunter, Henry, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hunter, Jay, Central Transport
Hunter, Lauren, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Hunter, Mary, Environmental Services
Hunter, Mary, Utilization Review
Hunter, Riley, CA5-ICU
Hunter, Sarah, NS 41-BMT
Hunter, Scott, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Hunter, Tina, Audit and Compliance
Hurcomb, Katie, Turning Point
Hursh, Tim, Hospital Energy Center
Hursman, Emily, Unit 52
Hurt, Autumn, Nursing Float Pool
Hurt, Tanesha, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Hurtado, Rachel, Unit 3F Rehab
Hurtado, Thomas, Westwood Campus
Hurtado, Tina, Radiology Support Staff
Hurtubise, Malynda, Patient Accounting
Huskey, Drew, Outpatient CC Pharmacy
Hussaini, Asmaa, Spine Center
Hussein, Mariam, Interpreter Services
Hussey, Keimya, Dietetics Admin
Husted, Stephanie, Operating Room
Hutchens, Brittan, CA5-ICU
Hutchin, Tim, Central Transport
Hutchison, Drew, Arrowhead Sports Med Clinic
Hutsell, Stephanie, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Huynh, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
Huynh, Lily, Interpreter Services
Huynh, Thien, Neurodiagnostics-EEG
Huynh, Tony, Environmental Services
Hyche, Ida, Admitting Office
Hynek, Ashley, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Hynek, Marc, Turning Point
Hyun, Young, Unit 51
Ialapi, Karen, Turning Point
Ibarra, Taylor, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Iboaya, Erums, Surgical ICU
Ice, Alyssa, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Ice, Karyn, Radiology Support Staff
Ice, Lesley, CC-Navigation and Intake
Ideker, Ashtyn, Unit 51
Ifada, Melissa, Social Work & Case Management
iiquser, H, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ilich, Dragan, Interpreter Services
Illy, Michelle, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Iloreta, KATHERINE, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Ilori, Adekanmi, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Imafidon, Ejemeare, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Inciardi, Marc, Radiology Faculty
Inghram, Jenny, Marketing Communications
Ingle, Keri, Social Work & Case Management
Ingram, Edward, Environmental Services
Ingram, Heidi, Unit 51
Ingram, Melissa, NS 42-Hem/Onc
intune1, hospital, Healthcare Information Tech Service
intune2, hospital, Healthcare Information Tech Service
intune3, hospital, Healthcare Information Tech Service
intune4, hospital, Healthcare Information Tech Service
intune5, hospital, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ioerger, Shay, Westwood Radiology
Iqbal, Javed, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Iqbal, Maaz, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Ira, Brittnee, Radiology Nursing
Irani, Neville, Radiology Faculty
Irons, Myrna, PAT
Irvin, Erica, Operating Room
Irvin, Joanie, OR Perfusion
Irwin, Jon, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Irwin, Taylor, NS 44 PEDS SA/A
Isaacks, Alicia, CV Management
Isaacson, Connie, Health Information Mgmt
Isabell, Theresa, CC-Navigation and Intake
Issawi, Danya, Outpatient Registration Staff
Ives, Bruce, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Ivester, Nick, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jackson, Angie, Nursing Float Pool
Jackson, Aq'Uay, Outpatient Registration Staff
Jackson, Avrion, Admitting Office
Jackson, Becky, Social Work & Case Management
Jackson, Betty, Health Information Mgmt
Jackson, Cassandra, Admitting Office
Jackson, Chelsey, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Jackson, Christopher, Hospital Maintenance
Jackson, Don, Emergency Room-ER
Jackson, Ellie, Audit and Compliance
Jackson, Erin, CA5-ICU
Jackson, Jana, Data-based Marketing
Jackson, Julia, Operating Room
Jackson, Kathryn, Patient Placement
Jackson, Kenetra, Environmental Services
Jackson, LaShea, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Jackson, Leetta, CC-Navigation and Intake
Jackson, Molly, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jackson, Monica, Outpatient Registration Staff
Jackson, Shamica, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Jackson, Shereen, Dietetics Admin
Jackson, Sheryl, Audit and Compliance
Jackson, Tammy, Infection Control
Jackson, Theresa, Health Information Mgmt
Jackson, Toni, Dietetics Admin
Jackson, Valerie, Clinical Pastoral Education
Jackson, Veronica, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Jackson-Martinez, Alexis, Unit 3F Rehab
Jacobo, Juanita, Health Information Mgmt
Jacobs, Fred, Dietetics Admin
Jacobson, Alaina, CTSICU(3rd floor HC)
Jacobson, Brittany, Emergency Room-ER
Jacobson, Erik, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jacobson, Rebecca, Emergency Room-ER
Jacobson, Regan, Nursing Clinical Excellence
Jacoby, Steve, Audit and Compliance
Jacquez, Ariana, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Jadlow, Alexia, NS 43-Orthopedics
Jaggi, Mona, Utilization Review
Jagodzinski, Darren, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jagorin, Helen, NS 43-Orthopedics
James, Erika, Outpatient Registration Staff
James, Jason, Healthcare Information Tech Service
James, Judy, NS 42-Hem/Onc
James, Nichole, Home Infusion Pharmacy
James, Rachael, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Jamison, Ian, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jamison, Vanessa, CTSP (4th floor HC)
Janes, Connor, Electrophysiology Lab
Janes, Thu, Cancer Center Administration
Janner, Hillary, Nursing Float Pool
Janner, Marie, NS 37 PSYCH ADULT
Janssen, Rachel, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Jantsch, Diana, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Jaramillo, Marcos, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Jarboe, Makena, Operating Room
Jarbou, Mohammed, Supply Logistics
Jarman, Terri, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Jarsulic, Julianne, CV Echo/PV
Jasper, Sydney, NS 41-BMT
Javia, Vaishali, Accreditation/Regulatory
Javier, Jeff, Nursing Float Pool
JAYNE, KAREN, RevCycle Performance Excellence
Jaynes, Jackie, Health Information Mgmt
Jeanneret, Lori, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Jeans, Elizabeth, Turning Point
Jefferson, Kimberly, Outpatient Registration Staff
Jefferson, Pat, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Jefferson, Renecha, Dietetics Admin
Jeffery, Courtney, CV Mid-Level & Rounding Support
Jeffery, David, Spine Center
Jeffrey, Joe, OR Perfusion
Jeffries, Ashton, Unit 51
Jeffries, Beth, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Jeffries, Shelby, Nursing Float Pool
Jelloe, Meghan, Health Information Mgmt
Jenkins, Anthony, Electrophysiology Lab
Jenkins, Krystal, Utilization Review
Jenkins, Tara, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Jenkins, Taylor, CA5-ICU
Jenkins, Tony, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jenkins, Valdurie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Jennings, Cathy, Health Information Mgmt
Jennings, Hope, Nursing Float Pool
Jennings, Julie, Nursing Float Pool
Jennings, Nikki, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Jennings, Ruth, Operating Room
Jensen, Kathy, Mid America Cardiology
Jensen, KJ, Main Pre/Post
Jensen, Megan, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
Jenson, Juanita, Unit 51
Jeon, Kyongah, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Jerguson, Stephanie, Case Mgmt-Care Coordinators
Jernigan, Sonya, Utilization Review
Jeter, Lynzee, NS LDR-Labor/Delivery
Jewell, David, Respiratory Therapy
Jewell, Kerri, Cardiac Rehab Overland Park
Jewell, Lisa, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Jewell, Marcella, Hospital Fund Development
Jezowski, Kristi, Data-based Marketing
Jiandani, Bhavika, Respiratory Therapy
Jiang, Hongyu, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Jiang, Zhenglian, Volunteer Services
Jimenez, Emily, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Jimenez, Janet, NS 56-Mother/Baby
Jiyani, Pranjalkumar, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jobbins, Kayla, Radiology General
Jock, Brian, Environmental Services
Jock, Lana, Environmental Services
Johanning, Courtney, Hospital Fund Development
Johansen, Kathleen, Corporate Communications
Johansen, Norman, Biomedical Engineering
Johnk, Jennifer, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Johns, James, Unit 52
Johns, Sara, Spine Center
Johnson, Alisha, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Anita, Health Information Mgmt
Johnson, Anne, NW 64-Renal & Organ Transplant
Johnson, AP, CA7-Neurosurgery & Surg Oncol
Johnson, Audrey, Health Information Mgmt
Johnson, Becky, Spiritual Care (Chaplain)
Johnson, Brandi, NS 43-Orthopedics
Johnson, Branka, Unit 46 - Medical Telemetry
JOHNSON, CARL, Dietetics Admin
Johnson, Carmalita, CC- Research Lab
Johnson, Casey, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Johnson, Chad, CICU (2nd floor HC)
Johnson, Chaquatta, Outpatient Registration Staff
Johnson, Charlie, Health Information Mgmt
Johnson, Dana, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Johnson, Debi, Patient Accounting
Johnson, Dominic, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Johnson, Donald, Hospital Energy Center
Johnson, Ed, Hospital Energy Center
Johnson, Emilee, Support Services, Clin Lab
Johnson, Emily, BMT Exam/Treatment
Johnson, Emily, CTR (2nd floor HC)
Johnson, Erin, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Johnson, Francine, Liver Transplant Acquisition
Johnson, Grace, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Johnson, Herschel, Hospital Maintenance
Johnson, Hilary, Central Transport
Johnson, Hunter, Supply Logistics
Johnson, Jaclyn, Marketing Communications
Johnson, Jaime, Respiratory Therapy
Johnson, Jason, CV Management
Johnson, Jennifer, NS CFP-Fam Med/CV Prog Care
Johnson, Jennifer, NS 62-Medical Telemetry
Johnson, Jordan, NS 65-MICU Medicine ICU
Johnson, Kari, Nursing Float Pool
Johnson, Kate, BMT Exam/Treatment
Johnson, Kayla, NS 43-Orthopedics
Johnson, Keandra, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Johnson, Kelli, Lab Administration
Johnson, Kendra, OR Perfusion
Johnson, Kimberly, CC-Navigation and Intake
Johnson, Kirastin, Switchboard
Johnson, Kita, Environmental Services
Johnson, Lawrence, Radiology General
Johnson, Lecia, Utilization Review
Johnson, Madison, CVOR / CV PRE/POST (3rd floor HC)
Johnson, McKenzie, Radiology General
Johnson, Melinda, Interpreter Services
Johnson, Melissa, NS 43-Orthopedics
Johnson, Michele, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Mike, CA5-ICU
Johnson, Monica, ICC Interventional Radiology
Johnson, Morgan, Dietetics Admin
Johnson, Paige, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Johnson, Philip, Radiology Faculty
Johnson, Revonna, Emergency Room-ER
Johnson, Ron, Environmental Services
Johnson, Sara, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Sarah, Operations Capital & Projects
Johnson, Shaina, Outpatient Registration Staff
Johnson, Sharon, Supply Logistics
Johnson, Shonte, Environmental Services
Johnson, Steve, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Timothy, Environmental Services
Johnson, Trevor, Computed Tomography
Johnson, Tyshawn, Laundry
Johnston, Carolyn, Unit 66
Johnston, Courtney, NS 55-Neonatal ICU
Johnston, Haleigh, Emergency Room-ER
Johnston, Janelle, Human Resources - HOSPITAL
Johnston, Kimberlin, Social Work & Case Management
Johnston, Liz, CVPCU (5th floor HC)
Johnston, Nick, Switchboard
Johnston, Sophia, NS 42-Hem/Onc
Joiner, Kala, NS 45-Hem/Onc
Joiner, Nina, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Jones, Abbey, Main Pre/Post
Jones, Abigail, Social Work & Case Management
Jones, Adele, Kidney Transplant Acquisition
Jones, Amisha, Radiation Oncology - Cancer Center
Jones, Angela, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jones, Angelae, Admitting Office
Jones, Audrey, Health Information Mgmt
Jones, Chad, Hospital Maintenance
Jones, Daraylria, Patient Accounting
Jones, Dom, Spine Center
Jones, Edward, Hospital Maintenance
Jones, Elisha, Unit 3F Rehab
Jones, Elli, Landon Center
Jones, Glenda, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Jones, Glenda, Health Information Mgmt
Jones, Harrison, Interpreter Services
Jones, Helen, CA6-Neuroscience & ENT Prog Cr
Jones, India, Patient Accounting
Jones, Jamie, Utilization Review
Jones, Jennifer, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Jones, Jessica, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Jones, Jessica, Blood Bank
Jones, Jill, Radiology Faculty
Jones, Joleen, NS 41-BMT
Jones, Jordan, Outpatient Registration Staff
Jones, Joshua, Biomedical Engineering
Jones, Karen, Emergency Room-ER
Jones, Karen, Healthcare Information Tech Service
Jones, Kellie, MRI
Jones, Kellie, GI/Endoscopy
Jones, Kenya, Central Transport
Jones, Kim, Environmental Services
Jones, Kristi, RevCycle