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3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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Robinson Hall
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Wendy Anderson, Director of Operations
Aaron Bretton, GRA/GTA
Michael Brimacombe, Director of Biostatistics Graduate
Lexie Brown, Senior Research Analyst
Prabhakar Chalise, Research Assistant Professor
Shanthan Reddy Chintala, Application Adminstrator
Huizhong Cui, Senior Research Analyst
Junqiang Dai, Senior Research Analyst
Francisco Diaz, Associate Professor
Brooke Fridley, Associate Professor
Byron Gajewski, Professor
Joshua Habiger, Associate Professor
Jianghua He, Associate Professor
Suzanne Hunt, Senior Research Analyst
John Keighley, Research Assistant Professor
DEVIN KOESTLER, Assistant Professor
Ron Krebill,
Qian Li, PostDoc
Jonathan Mahnken, Associate Professor
Matthew Mayo, Professor and Chair
Lori McElgunn, Post-Award Project Manager and Grad
Robert Montgomery, student
Rosemary Morrow, Administrative Assistant
Dinesh Pal Mudaranthakam, Director of Research Information Te
Yonghui Ni, student
Shana Palla, Research Instructor
Milind Phadnis, Research Assistant Professor
Cathy Price,
Megan Tremblay,
Yu Wang, student
Jo Wick, Assistant Professor
Henry Yeh, Associate Professor

Anderson, Wendy, Biostatistics
Bretton, Aaron, Biostatistics
Brimacombe, Michael, Biostatistics
Brown, Lexie, Biostatistics
Chalise, Prabhakar, Biostatistics
Chintala, Shanthan Reddy, Biostatistics
Cui, Huizhong, Biostatistics
Dai, Junqiang, Biostatistics
Diaz, Francisco, Biostatistics
Fridley, Brooke, Biostatistics
Gajewski, Byron, Biostatistics
Habiger, Joshua, Biostatistics
He, Jianghua, Biostatistics
Hunt, Suzanne, Biostatistics
Keighley, John, Biostatistics
KOESTLER, DEVIN, Biostatistics
Krebill, Ron, Biostatistics
Li, Qian, Biostatistics
Mahnken, Jonathan, Biostatistics
Mayo, Matthew, Biostatistics
McElgunn, Lori, Biostatistics
Montgomery, Robert, Biostatistics
Morrow, Rosemary, Biostatistics
Mudaranthakam, Dinesh Pal, Biostatistics
Ni, Yonghui, Biostatistics
Palla, Shana, Biostatistics
Phadnis, Milind, Biostatistics
Price, Cathy, Biostatistics
Tremblay, Megan, Biostatistics
Wang, Yu, Biostatistics
Wick, Jo, Biostatistics
Yeh, Henry, Biostatistics