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3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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Wahl Hall West
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Ben Hooper, Online Systems Administrator
Philip Wilhauk, Director of Teaching and Learning T

Adams, Doug, TLT - EdTech
Addison, Diane, TLT - EdTech
Brennan, Tyler, TLT-Media
Burgess, Amy, TLT-Media
Clem, Jeffrey, TLT-Media
Doughty, Tim, TLT - EdTech
Eastman, Bob, TLT - EdTech
Edwards, Jeremy, TLT-Media
Erickson, Samantha, TLT-Media
Ford, Kahlia, TLT - EdTech
Fresia, David, TLT-Media
Grechus, Darin, TLT-Media
Hooper, Ben, Teaching & Learning Technologies
Johnson, Michael, TLT-Media
Knight, Ron (Modar), TLT - EdTech
Mehling, Dean, TLT - EdTech
Minsey, Shane, TLT-Media
Modares, Nellie, TLT - EdTech
Painter, Sonny, TLT - EdTech
Ringel, Steven, TLT-Media
Smith, Michael, TLT-Media
Threlkeld, Clay, TLT - EdTech
Walker, Dylan, TLT-Media
Wickstrom, Ryan, TLT-Media
Wilhauk, Philip, Teaching & Learning Technologies