Division of Compliance

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 7004
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Suite 3000
Fairway North
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City, KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Blackwell, Karen, Human Research Protection Program &
Bury, Scott, Office of Animal Welfare & IACUC
Cherrito, Sonny, Environment, Health & Safety
Culley, Nathan, Office of Animal Welfare & IACUC
de la Portilla, Cristy, Human Research Protection Program &
Dean-Love, Pat, Office of Compliance
Fors, Annie, Office of Compliance
Griffith, Christopher, Human Research Protection Program &
Hembree, Jason, Office of Animal Welfare & IACUC
Hoebelheinrich, Lisa, Office of Compliance
Holick, Natalie, Equal Opportunity Office
Imair, Monique, Environment, Health & Safety
Kennedy-Eade, Jennifer, Office of Compliance
Knudsen, Amanda, Office of Animal Welfare & IACUC
Kosfeld, Katie, Human Research Protection Program &
Lickteig, Ryan, Environment, Health & Safety
Mattwaoshshe, Emily, Environment, Health & Safety
Misner-Iles, Kimberly, Office of Compliance
Mitchell, Ashtan, Office of Compliance
Mulvenon, Andrea, Environment, Health & Safety
Pennington, Jennifer, Human Research Protection Program &
Phalp, Jaime, Office of Compliance
Shipp, Andrea, Environment, Health & Safety
Solace, Melody, Human Research Protection Program &
Stephens, Kyle, Human Research Protection Program &
Sundell, Rick, Environment, Health & Safety
Taylor, Michael, Office of Animal Welfare & IACUC
Turner, Carla, Office of Compliance
Werth, Ryan, Office of Compliance
Wolfe, Michael, Office of Compliance