Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 2015
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Murphy Administration Building
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Debra Brogden, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Steffani Webb, Vice Chancellor for Administration

Abdul, Maryam, Police Services
Abel, Ted, FM Maintenance Management
Achen, Fritz, University HR Administration
Adams, Doug, TLT - EdTech
Addison, Diane, TLT - EdTech
Alspaugh, Deborah, Purchasing-KUMC
Alvarez, Gail, Enterprise Systems
Anello, Joe, Parking Services
Antonacci, Dave, Division of Information Resources/C
Arbuckle, Dan, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Arbuckle, Leigh Ann, FM Design; Planning and Constructio
Arias, Amy, Special Services
Arista Gonzalez, Katia, Landscape Services
Arnold, Lisa, Student Financial Accounting
Atkins, Jackie, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Atkins, LaToya, Police Services
Augustin, Michelle, University HR Employment
Bailey, Bradley, Customer Support
Bailey, Rhonda, University HR Employment
Baker, Jackson, Community Services
Baker, Keasha, Police Services
Banuelos, Cynthia, Parking Services
Barnhart, Bill, FM Planning and Design
Baurain, Molly, Landscape Services
Beaird, Robert, FM Maintenance Management
Belk, Richard, Special Services
Belk, Stephanie, Community Services
Berkley, Adrian, Information Security
Black, Abiodun, Police Services
Blackmer, Jeff, FM Maintenance Management
Blackwell, Karen, Human Research Protection Program &
Blanchard, Robert, Police Services
Bliss, Michael, FM Purchased Services
Blomendahl, Jeff, Enterprise IT Architecture
Boldt, Jeremiah, Community Services
Boswell, Jayson, Division of Institutional Finance a
Bowen, Lewis, Environment, Health & Safety
Brennan, Tyler, TLT-Media
Breshears, Derrick, Customer Support
Brimmer, Tammy, University HR Administration
Brindle, Morgaine, Payroll
Briones, Maria, Landscape Services
Brockson, Michael, Police Services
Brogden, Debra, Office of the Vice Chancellor for A
Bronson, Kevin, KUMC Police
Brown, Carla, Budget Office
Brown, Steve, FM Key/Sign Services
Budine, Daryl, Enterprise Analytics
Burrell, LaShanna, Parking Services
Bushaw, MariLynne, Enterprise Analytics
Butler, Heath, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Cabalse, Romeo, Community Services
Callahan, Marion, Special Services
Cameron-Vedros, Crystal, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Cannon, Rachel, Control and Reporting
Carmona, Candelario, Landscape Services
Carmona, Esteban, Landscape Services
Carrillo, Edmond, Police Services
Carroll, Zachary, Community Services
Carter, Tom, Wiring and Installation
Castaneda, Brian, Police Services
Chandaka, Sravani, Enterprise Analytics
Chaponniere, David, Networking and Convergence
Chappler, Kathy, Project Management Office
Chavez, Christine, KUMC Police
Chavez, Oscar, Community Services
Chinn, Karen, Web Design and Management
Cisneros, Jose, FM South Zone Maintenance
Cisneros, Rudolfo, FM Jayhawk Construction
Clark, Kenneth, Parking Services
Clark, Theresa, Division of Institutional Finance a
Clem, Jeffrey, TLT-Media
Clemons, Dalton, Community Services
Clemons, Lynette, Special Services
Coite, Olivia, Division of Human Resources
Cole, Yolande, Control and Reporting
Collins, Josh, Internet Development
Conchola, Gregory, Community Services
Conley, Prince, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Cook, Jeanne, Payroll
Cornell, Sharon, University HR Employment
Costabile, Gaspare, Police Services
Cotton, Michael, FM Maintenance Management
Coulter, Maureen, University HR Employment
Cowan, Lynda, FM Business Operations
Cox, Daniel, Information Security
Crabtree, Shawn, Police Services
Crane, Kyle, Networking and Convergence
Creasser, Justin, Special Services
Culley, Nathan, Regulatory Affairs for Biological S
Cvitkovic, Anisa, Parking Services
Daugherty, Bryan, FM Jayhawk Construction
Davenport, Sean, Enterprise Systems
Davis, Patrick, Enterprise Analytics
de la Portilla, Cristy, Human Research Protection Program &
Dean-Love, Pat, Office of Compliance
Delaney, Raven-Starr, Parking Services
DeLorenzi, Stephen, FM Maintenance Management
Dickerson, Felicia, University HR Administration
Dickerson, Marlana, University HR Employment
Diemler, Keith, Parking Services
Dietrich, James, Purchasing-KUMC
Dietz, Derek, FM South Zone Maintenance
Dinges, Michael, Parking Services
Donnelly, Michele, University HR Benefits
Dorsett, Samuel, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Doss, Ann, IR Finance and Administration
Doughty, Tim, TLT - EdTech
Douglas, Viola, FM Business Operations
Dozier, Miriam, KUMC Police Administration
Duensing, Dan, Identity and Data Services
Duncan, Danyell, Community Services
Dunn, Kelly, KUMC Police Administration
Durst, James, Community Services
Earring, Wesley, FM Applegate Energy Center
Eastman, Bob, TLT - EdTech
Edwards, Jeremy, TLT-Media
Eklund, Blake, Police Services
Eller, Jennifer, KUMC Police
Elliott, Cynthia, Special Services
Ellis, Grant, Police Services
En, Linda, Police Services
Enns, Douglas, FM Applegate Energy Center
Erickson, Samantha, TLT-Media
Farquhar, John, Community Services
Fay, Greg, Application Development
Fennel, Steve, Enterprise Analytics
Ferguson, Kathy, Work Orders and Planning
Field, Tom, Organizational Improvement Office
Fields, Duane, Parking Services
Findley, Kelly, Parking Services
Finnell, Clint, Police Services
Fiorello, Joseph, Telecommunications & Networking
Fisher, Minnie, KUMC Police
Fitzsimmons, Keith, Student Financial Accounting
Flint, Nicholas, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Flores, Juan, FM Jayhawk Construction
Fondren, Hamp, KUMC Police
Forbes, Brandon, Parking Services
Ford, Kahlia, TLT - EdTech
Fors, Annie, Office of Compliance
Francis, Rhonda, Application Development
Franklin, Greg, FM Maintenance Management
Franklin, Robert, FM Construction Support Services
Fresia, David, TLT-Media
Friday, Paige, KUMC Police
Fry, Alexis, Internet Development
Fryer, Christopher, Community Services
Fuimaono, Mateo, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Funderburke, Toni, Accounts Payable
Gannaway, Robert, Collaboration and Imaging
Gibbs, Fred, Police Services
Gibson, Anthony, Police Services
Gibson, Robert, Community Services
Giebler, Kimberly, Community Services
Gilliland, Jeff, FM Planning and Design
Gimre, Virginia, Community Services
Girgis, Katherine, Control and Reporting
Godfrey, John, Information Security
Godfrey, William, IR Finance and Administration
Gonzalez, Adelio, Landscape Services
Good, Kevin, Information Security
Grabendike, Mark, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Grechus, Darin, TLT-Media
Griddine, Shaunta, Parking Services
Griffin, Jacqueline, Parking Services
Griffith, Christopher, Human Research Protection Program &
Grove, Matthew, Enterprise Analytics
Growney, Kevin, Division of Institutional Finance a
Guerra, Abriela, Police Services
Gururaj, Savitha, Enterprise Systems
Gutschenritter, Peter, Community Services
Guzman Bustillos, Eric, KUMC Police
Hafeez, Imran, Enterprise Analytics
Halderman, Grant, KUMC Police
Hall, Jesse, Web Design and Management
Hammack, Russell, Parking Services
Hardesty, Diana, FM Planning and Design
Harmeyer, Chris, Landscape Services
Hatmon, Nathon, Police Services
Hawthorne, James, FM Business Operations
Hayslip, Diana, Student Financial Accounting
Healy, Martin, Police Services
Hembree, Jason, Regulatory Affairs for Biological S
Henderson, Kim, Community Services
Hendricks, Danny, KUMC Police
Hernandez, Christina, Mail Services
Hernandez-Juarez, Abel, FM Jayhawk Construction
Hicks, David, FM North Zone Maintenance
Hill, James, Police Services
Hinkle, John, Collaboration and Imaging
Hoebelheinrich, Lisa, Office of Compliance
Holick, Natalie, Equal Opportunity Office
Holland, Donald, Special Services
Hollis, Rickey, Community Services
Holman, Michelle, Division of Information Resources/C
Holmberg, Pekka, FM Jayhawk Construction
Holmes, Ralph, Landscape Services
Holmes, William, FM Maintenance Management
Hooper, Ben, TLT - EdTech
Hooper, Joshua, KUMC Police
Howard, Christine, KUMC Police Administration
Howe, James, Community Services
Howe, Robert, Parking Services
Hughes, David, Police Services
Hunter, Davi, University HR Administration
Hunter, Gerald, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Hupka, Erica, KUMC Police Administration
Hutchins, Reginald, FM Jayhawk Construction
Imair, Monique, Environment, Health & Safety
Ingram, Glen, FM North Zone Maintenance
Ivanko, Dallas, Networking and Convergence
Jacobs, Adam, Community Services
Jacobs, Kenneth, Police Services
Jakobsen, John, Telecommunications & Networking
James, Benjamin, Community Services
Johnson, Carmen, Mail Services
Johnson, Karen, Payroll
Johnson, Rick, KUMC Police Administration
Jones, David, Community Services
Jones, Javonte, Police Services
Jones, Paul, KUMC Police
Josephson, Nan, FM Planning and Design
Kapp, Brent, FM North Zone Maintenance
Kartsonis, Sarah, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Kelley, Trent, Application Development
Kerens, Chris, Budget Office
Kessler, Erich, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Kilgore, Isaac, Parking Services
Killion, Corey, TLT-Media
King, JoAnn, Payroll
King, Ryan, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Kinsey, Dean, Mail Services
Kirk, Robert, Police Services
Kirschman, Kyle, Networking and Convergence
Knight, Ron (Modar), TLT - EdTech
Knipp, Emily, FM Business Operations
Knudsen, Amanda, Regulatory Affairs for Biological S
Konzak, Philip, Wiring and Installation
Kramer, Emily, Community Services
Lacy, Gerry, FM North Zone Maintenance
Lawson, Miranda, Police Services
Leak, Shawntee, Payroll
Leal, Anthony, Community Services
Lee, LaTonya, KUMC Police Administration
Lemons, Jamie, Community Services
Lenz, William, FM BAS System Management
Leon, Leo, Customer Support
Levy, Steven, Student Financial Accounting
Lickteig, Ryan, Environment, Health & Safety
Lim, Eu-Ghee, Enterprise Systems
Linares, Brenda, Research and Learning, Dykes Librar
Linares, Manuel, Parking Services
Long, Brett, Enterprise Analytics
Long, Tamesia, Parking Services
Longoria, Justin, Police Services
Lopez Jr, Santiago, Landscape Services
Loth, Phillip, Police Services
Love, Alvin, FM Facilities Services
Lowe, Wilonda, Police Services
Ludwig, Matt, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Lyman, Tanya, Accounts Payable
Lyon, Mark, KUMC Police
Lyons, Dennis, FM Applegate Energy Center
Macan, Robert, Community Services
Marshall, Byron, Community Services
Marshall, Daniela, Community Services
Marshall, Jasmine, Special Services
Marshall, Travis, Police Services
Martin, Kayla, Police Services
Martinez, Alma, Special Services
Martinez, Karen, Internet Development
Masilionis, Daniel, Police Services
Mathew, Elizabeth, Control and Reporting
Mattwaoshshe, Emily, Environment, Health & Safety
Mauslein, Allen, FM Construction Support Services
Maxwell, Dewayne, FM North Zone Maintenance
McCafferty, Jessica, Parking Services
McCullen, Hannah, Community Services
McEachron, Kathy, FM Business Operations
McManus, Phillip, FM North Zone Maintenance
McSpadden, Michael, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Mecum, Charlene, Budget Office
Meeker, Janie, Purchasing-KUMC
Mehl, Jillian, Police Services
Mehling, Dean, TLT - EdTech
Mehren, John, Application Development
Menezes, April, Community Services
Menezes, Bret, KUMC Police
Messias Sarmento, Caio Vinicius, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Metz, Robert, KUMC Police
Mian, Kerry, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Miller, Charles, Accounts Payable
Miltenberger, Mark, Identity and Data Services
Mindrup, James, Enterprise Systems
Ming, Mark, KUMC Police
Minsey, Shane, TLT-Media
Miranda, Marcos, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Misner-Iles, Kimberly, Office of Compliance
Mitchell, Ashtan, Office of Compliance
Modares, Nellie, TLT - EdTech
Mohseni, Mina, Enterprise Analytics
Monley, Sean, FM Applegate Energy Center
Montfoort Paige, Jackie, Payroll
Moody, Ian, Police Services
Morgan, James, University Dock Operations
Mortenson, William, Police Services
Moss, Philip, Police Services
Motoko, Emmanuel, Community Services
Motsinger, Joshua, Web Design and Management
Mott, Travis, Community Services
Mullins, Mona, Community Services
Mulvenon, Andrea, Environment, Health & Safety
Murphy, Billie, Information Security
Murphy, Dennis, FM BAS System Management
Murphy, Kelly, Payroll
Murray, Geoffrey, FM South Zone Maintenance
Nance, Terrence, KUMC Police
Nevrkla, Michelle, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Newland, Dominique, Customer Support
Nimoh, Joseph, Information Security
Novak, Tim, Enterprise Analytics
Okunoren, Margaret, FM Business Operations
Oleson, Benjamin, Police Services
Oleson, Brian, Police Services
Olsen, Sterling, Police Services
Omani, Obang, Police Services
O'Reilly, Romulo, Police Services
O'Renick, Elam, Customer Support
Ortega, Julie, Customer Support
Ott, John, Enterprise Systems
Pace, Cheryl, Organizational Improvement Office
Pace, Vince, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Painter, Sonny, TLT - EdTech
Parks, Rodney, Parking Services
Pate, Joe, Community Services
Patel, Lav, Enterprise Analytics
Patterson, Jerry, FM Jayhawk Construction
Payne, Michael, Community Services
Pennington, Jennifer, Human Research Protection Program &
Pennington, Jeremy, Information Security
Perez Reyes, Eduardo, Parking Services
Perez, Adalberto, Parking Services
Pestano, Joy, Office of Compliance
Pfeifer, Samantha, KUMC Police
Phalp, Jaime, Office of Compliance
Phelps, Ronald, FM Business Operations
Powers, James, KUMC Police Administration
Puhr, Chris, FM Business Operations
Ramirez, Sherri, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Ramirez, Victoria, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Randle, Tami, Community Services
Rau, David, FM Design; Planning and Constructio
Raveendran, Shijil, Customer Support
Reboli, Alan, Customer Support
Reed, Bob, Purchasing-KUMC
Reed, Rachael, Identity and Data Services
Reese, Keegan, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Reinhardt, Kurt, Police Services
Richards, Chris, Networking and Convergence
Riley, Jonathan, Application Development
Rittenhouse, William, FM South Zone Maintenance
Robinson, Antonio, University Dock Operations
Robinson, Howard, Customer Support
Robinson, Lilnesha, Parking Services
Rodd, Maziar, Customer Support
Roland, Connie, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Ross, Clifford, University Dock Operations
Rowald, Bradford, Community Services
Rowald, Kevin, Parking Services
Ruiz, Salvador, Parking Services
Rystrom, Matthew, Police Services
Rystrom, Randy, Police Services
Sallee, Carrie, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Sample, Jay, Customer Support
Sanderson, Barry, Wiring and Installation
Sandoval, Amber, Telecommunications & Networking
Sandoval, Eric, Wiring and Installation
Sandoval, Hillary, Enterprise Analytics
Santiago, Darlene, Police Services
Sartorius, Samuel, TLT-Media
Saxton, Ian, FM Maintenance Management
Schletzbaum, Dave, Work Orders and Planning
Schnackenberg, Thomas, Police Services
Schneider, Rick, Internet Development
Schryer, Maria, FM BAS System Management
Schuette, Matt, Enterprise Analytics
Scott, Howard, Police Services
Selaya, Steve, Enterprise IT Architecture
Sells, Jason, Information Security
Shanoski, Kathy, Parking Services
Sharma, Manu, FM Planning and Design
Shields, Sherrie, Accounts Payable
Shields, Tony, Parking Services
Shipley, Timothy, Community Services
Shultz, Richard, Community Services
Slaughter, Dallas, Wiring and Installation
Smith, Alexeo, Information Security
Smith, Chris, University Dock Operations
Smith, Gail, KUMC Police
Smith, Greg, Enterprise Systems
Smith, Ian, Community Services
Smith, Jessica, Project Management Office
Smith, Larry, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Smith, LaWayne, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Smith, Michael, TLT-Media
Snakenberg, Stacey, University HR Employment
Solace, Melody, Human Research Protection Program &
Song, Xing, Enterprise Analytics
Sorio, Frank, Identity and Data Services
Speakman, Jack, Parking Services
Stach, Daniel, Police Services
Stackhaus, Charles, Community Services
Stafford, Kent, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Stephens, Kyle, Human Research Protection Program &
Still, Edward, Community Services
Still, Kevin, Police Services
Strausbaugh, Scott, Collaboration and Imaging
Stroehmann, David, Enterprise Systems
Summers, Carrie, KUMC Police
Sundell, Rick, Environment, Health & Safety
Sutton, Crystal, Telecommunications & Networking
Swanger, Emily, Human Research Protection Program &
Sweeney, D C, Wiring and Installation
Swindale, Anne, Enterprise Systems
Tasca, Paulette, University HR Benefits
Taylor, Michael, Regulatory Affairs for Biological S
Taylor, Steven, Community Services
Thomas, Bryan, Purchasing-KUMC
Thomas, Kenyarda, Internet Development
Thomas, Vince, FM Maintenance and Operations
Thompson, Dove, Police Services
Thompson, Logan, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Thompson, Tina, FM BAS System Management
Threlkeld, Clay, TLT - EdTech
Threlkeld, Sue, Division of Institutional Finance a
Tirumalasetty, Sarath, Enterprise Systems
Toledano, Raymundo, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Tolivar, Shawn, Server and Storage Infrastructure
Tonguet, Elena, Community Services
Tow, Eric, Landscape Services
Trenolone, Michael, Community Services
Trolinger, Susan, Purchasing-KUMC
Turgeon, Toby, KUMC Police
Turner, Carla, Office of Compliance
Turner, David, FM Applegate Energy Center
Umstattd, Chance, TLT-Media
Unke-Moore, Hayley, Purchasing-KUMC
Vaduvathiriyan, Prasanna, Research and Learning, Dykes Librar
VanRaden, Tina, University HR Administration
Verma, Deepankar, FM Planning and Design
Villarreal, DeAnna, Enterprise IT Architecture
Vue, Kao, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Vukas, Rachel, Research and Learning, Dykes Librar
Walker, Dylan, TLT-Media
Wardell, Derek, Customer Support
Weaver, Garrett, Enterprise Analytics
Webb, Steffani, Office of the Vice Chancellor for A
Weber, Peter, Police Services
Webster, Dena, Special Services
Weissenbach, Benjamin, Police Services
Wells, Carlos, University Dock Operations
Werth, Ryan, Office of Compliance
West, Shanice, Control and Reporting
Wheeler, Mary, Parking Services
White, Jacob, Content and Access, Dykes Library
Whitmire, Ernestine, Parking Services
Wickstrom, Ryan, TLT-Media
Willett, Matthew, FM North Zone Maintenance
Willey, Jay, Police Services
Williams, Austin, Customer Support
Wilson, Jacob, KUMC Police
Wilson, Karin, Regulatory Affairs for Biological S
Winkel, Brooklyn, Enterprise Analytics
Winter, Debbie, Payroll
Winter, Joy, Payroll
Winters, Wesley, Police Services
Wleh, Choloplay, Community Services
Wolfe, Michael, Office of Compliance
Wood, Jarrod, Police Services
Woodruff, Matt, KUMC Police
Woodworth, Adlai, FM Planning and Design
Woodyard, Kenda, Accounts Payable
Wright, Havis, Accounts Payable
Yardley, Wesley, Community Services
Young, Chari, Division of Human Resources
Zimmerman, Cari, University HR Employment
Zubeck, Jessica, Community Services
Zwonitzer, Michael, Community Services