School of Health Professions

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Kishan Bhakta, student
Azusa Muto, Research Associate

Akinwuntan, Abiodun, School of Health Professions Office
Arndt, Karri, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Augustyn, Joan, Occupational Therapy Education
Bagley, Robert, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Barenklau, Shelley, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Bechtel, Misty, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Belz, Norbert, Health Information Management
Bennetts, Paul, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Bhakta, Kishan, School of Health Professions
Bielby, Judy, Health Information Management
Billinger, Sandra, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Blackwell, Angela, Occupational Therapy Education
Blau, Alissa, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Bloyer, Cindy, Hearing and Speech
Bostic, Dana, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Bridges, Mindy, Hearing and Speech
Buffa, Rajean, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Burnett, Dave, Respiratory Care Education
Campbell, Cole, Hearing and Speech
Carlson, Susan, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Carr, Molly, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Carrasco, Angela, Hearing and Speech
Chard, Laci, Respiratory Care Education
Chertoff, Mark, Hearing and Speech
Chivington, Mary, Medical Imaging Certificate Program
Ciro, Carrie, Occupational Therapy Education
Colgrove, Yvonne, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Condren, Chad, Respiratory Care Education
Conn, Amber, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Cookson, Rebecca, Hearing and Speech
Couture, Angela, Health Information Management
Crain, Tina, Medical Imaging Certificate Program
Crouch, Mary, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Czervinske, Michael, Respiratory Care Education
Daniels, Debby, Hearing and Speech
Dean, Evan, Occupational Therapy Education
Devos, Hannes, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Dunn, Winnie, Occupational Therapy Education
Elliott, Carol, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Elsinghorst, Eric, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Erisman, Terry, School of Health Professions Office
Ferraro, John, Hearing and Speech
Ferrell, Emily, Occupational Therapy Education
Folck, Kay, Health Information Management
Foster, Traci, Occupational Therapy Education
Gerson, Steven, Health Information Management
Gibbs, Heather, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Goetz, Jeannine, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Hamilton-Reeves, Jill, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Heidrick, Lindsey, Hearing and Speech
Herman, Amy, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Hertel, Paul, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Highfill, Kelli, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Hildenbrand, Wendy, Occupational Therapy Education
Hodgkins, Renee, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Holle, Garrett, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Hoover, Jeff, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Houghton, Candace, Medical Imaging Certificate Program
Hudzicki, Janet, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Hughes, Jane, Occupational Therapy Education
Hull, Holly, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Hunt, Tim, School of Health Professions Office
Irvin, Dwight, Occupational Therapy Education
Jackson, Susan, Hearing and Speech
Jernigan, Stephen, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Johnson, McKenna, Occupational Therapy Education
Johnson, Tiffany, Hearing and Speech
Johnston, Kathy, Hearing and Speech
Jones, Christi, School of Health Professions Office
Jones, Drew, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Jones, Jennifer, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Keener, Sandy, Hearing and Speech
Kerling, Beth, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
King, Christina, Health Information Management
Kluding, Patricia, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Liu, Wen, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Liu, Wen, Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
Liu, Yumei, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Madsen, Jen, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Mann, Lauren, Hearing and Speech
Manning, Barb, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Manuel, Erin, School of Health Professions Office
Martin, Vicky, Medical Imaging Certificate Program
Maser, Robin, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
McConville, Rebecca, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Melo, Laura, Hearing and Speech
Michel, Carrie, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Mische Lawson, Lisa, Occupational Therapy Education
Moreno, Maria, Audiology Clinic (SAH Hearing and S
Morohunfola, Bunmi, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Morris, Scarlett, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Murrell, Bonny, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Muto, Azusa, School of Health Professions
Nicholson, Becky, Occupational Therapy Education
Nunez-Argote, Letycia, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Nyght, Donna, Nurse Anesthesia Education
O'Dell, Rosann, Health Information Management
Oligbo, Mildred, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Oneill, Shannon, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Painter, Bonnie, Health Information Management
Patel, Anurag, Health Information Management
Pazdernik, Tom, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Pfaltzgraff, Brad, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Potter, Ashlee, Occupational Therapy Education
Pulino, Lauren, Health Information Management
Pumphrey, Audrey, Occupational Therapy Education
Radel, Jeff, Occupational Therapy Education
Rametta, Lauryn, Nurse Anesthesia Education
Raymer, Michael Ann, School of Health Professions Office
Redding, Casey, Hearing and Speech
Reiling, Kelli, Occupational Therapy Education
Rucker, Jason, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Russell, Suzanne, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Sabata, Dory, Occupational Therapy Education
Sands, Scott, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Santos, Marcio, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Schell, Karen, Respiratory Care Education
Shaddy-Gouvion, Jill, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Sharma, Neena, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Sharma, Neena, Clinical Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Siengsukon, Catherine, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Simpson, Rachel, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Skinner, Cheryl, Respiratory Care Education
Skultety, Jaime, Occupational Therapy Education
Smirnova, Irina, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Spaeth, Kendra, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Stehno-Bittel, Lisa, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Stidham, Bobbi, Occupational Therapy Education
Sullivan, Debra, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Sullivan, Jessica, Hearing and Speech
Tanquary, Jennifer, Occupational Therapy Education
Taylor, Matthew, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Thodosoff, Jocelynn, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Thornton, Brycen, Occupational Therapy Education
Troshynski Brown, Stacia, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Wade, Katherine, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Waggoner, Peggy, Hearing and Speech
Wagner, Leigh, Dietetics and Nutrition, School of
Walker, Anne, School of Health Professions Office
Walters, Renee, Health Information Management
Wang, WenFang, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Ward, Jaimie, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Wieneke, Dennis, School of Health Professions Office
Williams, S. Janette, UNIVERSITY-Physical Therapy & Rehab
Zhu, Hao, Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Zlomke, Sarah, Hearing and Speech