Associate Dean for Administration Office-Wichita

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1010 North Kansas Wichita KS 67214-3199
Physical address:
Suite 2005
KU Medical School Wichita
1010 North Kansas Wichita KS 67214-3199
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  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Christopher McCracken, Associate Dean

Barona, Manuel, Facilities Management-Wichita
Blodgett, LaShawna, Human Resources-Wichita
Borntrager, Adam, Information Technology Services-Wic
Conlee, Bill, Information Technology Services-Wic
Cossio, Rafael, Information Technology-Wichita
Custer, Brian, Information Technology Services-Wic
Dunn, Shirley, Administrative and Financial Servic
Eaton, Jennifer, Department of Public Affairs-Wichit
Grimsley, Craig, Facilities Management-Wichita
Hackney, Kathy, Facilities Management-Wichita
Hively, Darrell, Facilities Management-Wichita
Johnson, Leona, Human Resources-Wichita
Landwehr, Becky, Information Technology Services-Wic
Maksimowicz, John, Information Technology Services-Wic
McCracken, Christopher, Associate Dean for Administration O
Orton, Tyann, Administrative and Financial Servic
Osborne, Terri, Facilities Management-Wichita
Pacheco, Carla, Facilities Management-Wichita
Peterson, Brenda, Information Technology Services-Wic
Potgieter, Debra, Facilities Management-Wichita
Rendon, Jose, Facilities Management-Wichita
Retana, Jeanette, Facilities Management-Wichita
Rule, Jason, Information Technology Services-Wic
Ryan, Jamie, Administrative and Financial Servic
Schutte, Mark, Facilities Management-Wichita
Scott, Austin, Information Technology Services-Wic
Scott, Curtis, Information Technology Services-Wic
Shore, Kim, Administrative and Financial Servic
Smith, Penni, Information Technology-Wichita
Stimson, Julie, Facilities Management-Wichita
Thomsen, Ron, Facilities Management-Wichita
Venters, Belinda, Department of Public Affairs-Wichit
Vogts, Mike, Information Technology Services-Wic
Wiese, Bob, Facilities Management-Wichita