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929 North St Francis Street Wichita KS 67214-3882
Physical address:
Room 8074
Via Christi Regional Medical Center St Francis
929 North St Francis Street Wichita KS 67214-3882
Subordinate units:
Directory Contact(s):

  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Kimberly Babiash, Clinical Assitant Professor
Marilyn Blanchat, Resident Coordinator
Samuel Crawford, Medical Education Specialist
Charese Dakhil, Clinical Assistant Professor
Randy Eilert, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dean Flaten, Clinical Assitant Professor
Gregory George, Clinical Instructor
Davin Hart, Clinical Assistant Professor
Milton Landers, Clinical Professor
Felecia Lee, Student Assistant
David Petrie, Volunteer Faculty Affiliate
Patricia W Linhardt, Clinical Assistant Professor
Justin Sandall, Clinical Assistant Professor
Eric Shampaine, Clinical Assistant Professor
James Walker, Clinical Assistant Professor

Babiash, Kimberly, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Blanchat, Marilyn, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Crawford, Samuel, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Dakhil, Charese, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Eilert, Randy, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Flaten, Dean, Anesthesiology-Wichita
George, Gregory, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Hart, Davin, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Landers, Milton, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Lee, Felecia, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Linhardt, Patricia W, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Petrie, David, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Sandall, Justin, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Shampaine, Eric, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Walker, James, Anesthesiology-Wichita