School of Medicine-Wichita

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1010 North Kansas Wichita KS 67214-3199
KU Medical School Wichita
1010 North Kansas Wichita KS 67214-3199
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  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Jordan Groskurth, MD
Jeffrey May, Volunteer Faculty
Kyle Rowe, MD

Ablah, Elizabeth, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Akidiva, Samuel, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Alliston, Deborah, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Ammar, Alex, Surgery-Wichita
Armstrong, Melissa, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Baade, Lyle, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Babiash, Kimberly, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Badders, Ashley, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Badgett, Robert, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Bailey, Wendy, Accounts Receivable (MPA-Wichita)
Baker, Lillian, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Baptiste, JoAnn, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Barona, Manuel, Facilities Management-Wichita
Bearley, Lori, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Bechard, Savannah, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Bell, Ellen, Accounts Receivable (MPA-Wichita)
Berniard, Juliet, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Bertschy, Taylor, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Wichita
Bimali, Milan, Research-Wichita
Binder, Stephanie, Pediatrics-Wichita
Blair, Judy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Blanchat, Marilyn, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Blevins, Heidi, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Blodgett, LaShawna, Human Resources-Wichita
Bloom, Barry, Pediatrics-Wichita
Blue, Lillian, Pediatrics-Wichita
Boettcher, Anneliese, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Bonfiglio, Tiffany, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Borntrager, Adam, Information Technology Services-Wic
Boyce, Aubry, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Brada, Don, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Bradley, Kent, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Wichita
Bridge, Alisa, Pediatric Faculty Hospitalists-Wesl
Brown, Debra, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Brown, Jack, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Brown, Molly, Pediatrics-Wichita
Brown, Tyler, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Brumfield, Elisha, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Brungardt, Gerard, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Bullard, Audra, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Bustos, Paloma, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Callaway, Paul, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Camenzind, Jane, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Carr, Susan, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Case, Robyn, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Cash, LaVonda, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Chrisman, Iva, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Christinat, Lisa, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Clark, Hilary, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Clark, Susan, Farha Medical Library-Wichita
Clem, Jessica, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Clouse, Kari, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Collier, Loretta, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Collins, Jennifer, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Collins, Tracie, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Conlee, Bill, Information Technology Services-Wic
Copas, Gina, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Cossio, Rafael, Information Technology-Wichita
Crawford, Samuel, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Crow, Cami, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Custer, Brian, Information Technology Services-Wic
Dakhil, Charese, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Dancy, Ebony, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Davis, Nancy, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Davis, Nancy, Faculty Development-Wichita
Deaver, Benjamin, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Deguzman-Wuensch, Leona, Pediatrics-Wichita
Del Rio, Kayla, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Delmore, James, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Wichita
Dickerson, Lillian, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Dingwall, Megan, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Dorsch, John, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Drake, Karen, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Dunn, Shirley, Administrative and Financial Servic
Early, James, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Early, James, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Eaton, Jennifer, Department of Public Affairs-Wichit
Edwards, Crystal, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Eilert, Randy, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Elhomsy, Georges, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Elmore, Amanda, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Elmore, Selma, Accounts Receivable (MPA-Wichita)
Engel, Carrie, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Engel, Kirsten, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Engel, Matt, Pediatrics-Wichita
Engels, Kendra, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Esparza, Angie, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Ewalt, Janet, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Farha, Vanessa, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Farley, Darren, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Wichita
Ferril, Jamie, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Figueroa, Oliver, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Flaten, Dean, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Foreman, Sonia, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Forge, John, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Fountain, Dawn, Surgery-Wichita
Fox, Christopher, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Frank, Christina, Research-Wichita
Franklin, Tonya, Ryan White Program (MPA-Wichita)
Fromer, Deborah, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Galliart, Julie, Faculty Development-Wichita
Galloway, Whitney, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Garrett, Robert, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Gasho, Lisa, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Gates, Redonda, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
George, Gregory, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Grainger, David, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Grainger, David, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Wichita
Green, Michael, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Grilliot, Elizabeth, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Grimsley, Craig, Facilities Management-Wichita
Groskurth, Jordan, School of Medicine-Wichita
Grothe, Jolene, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Guiden, Janessa, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Hackney, Kathy, Facilities Management-Wichita
Hageman, Nancy, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Hall, Nathan, Pediatrics-Wichita
Harris, Kari, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Harrison, Mark, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Harrison, Sarah, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Hart, Davin, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Harvey, Crystal, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Heinrichs, Robin, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Henao Villa, Martha, Pediatrics-Wichita
Herington, Jennifer, Administration (MPA-Wichita)
Hervey, Ashley, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Hewett, Kathy, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Hillis, Keith, Kansas Care Through Housing (MPA-Wi
Hise, Cynthia, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Hively, Darrell, Facilities Management-Wichita
Hoang, Khanh, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Homan, Gretchen, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Hopper, Melissa, Pediatrics-Wichita
Horejsi, Barb, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Horton, Margaret, Ryan White Program (MPA-Wichita)
Hotzel, Matt, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Houdyshell, Carol, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Huffman, Donnita, Pediatrics-Wichita
Hunt, Debra, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Hursey, Mary, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Ilahe, Rabea, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Irwin, Gretchen, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Jackson, Jennifer, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Jacobs, Mary, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Jacobson, Lisette, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Jahansooz, Ali, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Johnson, Leona, Human Resources-Wichita
Johnson, William, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Johnston, Judy, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Jones, Jill, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Jones, Kristin, Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic (MPA-W
Jordan, Linda, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Kalia, Rachna, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Kallail, K James, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Kellerman, Rick, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Kellerman, Rick, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Kelly, Sheryl, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Kelsey, Kristen, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Kennedy, Sue, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Kenny, Erin, Pediatrics-Wichita
King, Jessica, Ryan White Program (MPA-Wichita)
Klaus, Nicole, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Koster, Janice, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Krob, Judith, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Krob, Leon, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Kuhlmann, Stephanie, Pediatric Faculty Hospitalists-Wesl
Landers, Milton, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Landwehr, Becky, Information Technology Services-Wic
Lane, Leigh Ann, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Le, Lisa, Internal Medicine-Wichita
League, Deborah, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Ledbetter, Leslie, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Lee, Felecia, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Leis, Kurt, Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic (MPA-W
Lillig, Mathias, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Lincoln, Janka, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Lindemann, Martha, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Linhardt, Patricia W, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Linson, Latisha, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Liu, Jing, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Livengood, Maralyn, Accounting (MPA-Wichita)
Lochmann, Dee, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Loewen, Debbi, Accounting (MPA-Wichita)
Lu, Kelsey, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Luna, Cecilia, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Macaluso, Matthew, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Maddox, Sarah, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Madecky, Michael, Ryan White Program (MPA-Wichita)
Madrigal, Talissa, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Magness, Ronda, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Mahan, Kourtni, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Maksimowicz, John, Information Technology Services-Wic
Malone, Pamela, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Manlove, Emily, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Mannette, Mark, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Marsh, Connie, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Martin, Phillip, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Matthews, Jo Ann, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
May, Jeffrey, School of Medicine-Wichita
Mayans, Laura, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
McCanless, Larry, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
McCracken, Christopher, Associate Dean for Administration O
McKay, Robert, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Melhorn, Katherine, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Melhorn, Katherine, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Menges, Jason, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Mienphilom, Kelley, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Milsap, Teolinda, Pediatrics-Wichita
Minns, Garold, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Minns, Garold, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Minns, Garold, KUSM-W Dean's Office
Montano, Vanessa, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Morgan, Don, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Morrow, Lauren, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Moser, Scott, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Mueller, Rosie, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Nantsis, Kerry, JDF (MPA-Wichita)
Ndunda, Paul, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Netson, Kelli, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Nguyen, Huy, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Nilsen, Kari, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Nold, Ronald, Surgery-Wichita
Novak, Melissa, Pediatrics-Wichita
Ofei-Dodoo, Samuel, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Olsen, Jean, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Olson, Cindy, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Ortiz, Erica, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Orton, Tyann, Administrative and Financial Servic
Osbeck, Andrew, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Osborne, Terri, Facilities Management-Wichita
Pacheco, Carla, Facilities Management-Wichita
Padilla, Serina, Pediatrics-Wichita
Parmley, Mike, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Pate, Brian, Pediatrics-Wichita
Paul, Vincent, Radiology-Wichita
Peterson, Brenda, Information Technology Services-Wic
Petrie, David, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Phipps, Paulette, Ryan White Program (MPA-Wichita)
Phipps-Winfrey, Mary Lou, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Pickens, Nicole, Pediatrics-Wichita
Plinsky, Carol, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Potgieter, Debra, Facilities Management-Wichita
Prado, Manuel, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Prentice, Dana, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Preskorn-KU, Sheldon, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Rader, Richard, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Raitt, Jeanne, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Rawlins, Patrice, Pediatric Faculty Subspecialty Clin
Redmond, Michelle, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Reese, Laurie, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Reiboldt, Shirley, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Rempel, Scott, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Rendon, Jose, Facilities Management-Wichita
Retana, Jeanette, Facilities Management-Wichita
Reyes, Jared, Surgery-Wichita
Richmeier, Trisha, Research-Wichita
Roberts, Dawn, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Roberts, Sara, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Rogers, Andrea, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Roth, Cindy, Pediatrics-Wichita
Roudebush, Kris, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Rowe, Kyle, School of Medicine-Wichita
Rule, Jason, Information Technology Services-Wic
Ryan, Aaron, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Ryan, Jamie, Administrative and Financial Servic
Salyers, William, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Sanchez, Alisha, Pediatrics-Wichita
Sandall, Justin, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Schadegg, Jaime, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Schmidt, Cari, Pediatrics-Wichita
Schmidt, Cari, Pediatric Research
Schrage, Jon, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Schroeder, Ryan, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Schutte, Mark, Facilities Management-Wichita
Schwasinger-Schmidt, Tiffany, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Scobee, Margot, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Scott, Austin, Information Technology Services-Wic
Scott, Curtis, Information Technology Services-Wic
Scripter, Cassie, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Sehar, Nandhini, Pediatrics-Wichita
Shampaine, Eric, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Shay, Patty, Farha Medical Library-Wichita
Shellito, John, Surgery-Wichita
Shilling, April, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Shirley, Tara, Pediatrics-Wichita
Shore, Kim, Administrative and Financial Servic
Sinclair, Aaron, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Singh, Harpreet, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Slade, Julie, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Smith, Lindall, Pediatrics-Wichita
Smith, Penni, Information Technology-Wichita
Smith, Sharla, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Sollo, Natalie, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Spachek, Mary, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Standifer, TaMissha, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Steele, Trisha, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Stimson, Julie, Facilities Management-Wichita
Stipp, Susan, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Strunk, Teresa, Midtown Clinic (MPA-Wichita)
Stuever, David, Preventive Medicine and Public Heal
Suter, Gregory, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Sweet, Donna, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Tenbrook, Paula, Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic (MPA-W
Thomas, Dixie, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Thomsen, Ron, Facilities Management-Wichita
Thorstenberg, Jamie, Kansas Care Through Housing (MPA-Wi
Thuener, Jennifer, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Tofteland, Nathan, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Tran, Thomas, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Turner, Ally, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Turner, Lisa, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Tusher, Susan, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Unruh, Lisa, Pediatrics-Wichita
Valentine, Lorene, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Van Buuren, Heather, Academic and Student Affairs-Wichit
Veenstra, Glenn, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Venters, Belinda, Department of Public Affairs-Wichit
Vindhyal, Mohinder, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Visokey, Kara, Graduate Medical Education-Wichita
Vogelman, Andrea, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Vogts, Mike, Information Technology Services-Wic
Walker, James, Anesthesiology-Wichita
Walker, Robin, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Walling, Anne, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Warren, Daniel, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Watts, Jason, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Weiss, Denise, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Wellner, Julie, General Pediatric and Adolescent Me
Welters, Jaime, Medical Practice Association-Wichit
Werbin, Alexandra, Internal Medicine-Wichita
Whitaker, Mark, Surgery-Wichita
Wiese, Bob, Facilities Management-Wichita
Williams, Tracy, Family and Community Medicine-Wichi
Wills, Ray, Standardized Patient Program-Wichit
Wittler, Robert, Pediatric Faculty Subspecialty Clin
Woerner, Morgan, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-
Wright, Stacey, Obstetrics and Gynecology-Wichita
Zackula, Rosey, Research-Wichita