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  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Brittany Arce, Research Assistant
Carolina Bejarano, GRA/GTA
Kourtney Bettinger, Assistant Professor
Laura Blasi, Clinical Instructor
Grace Brouillette, Assistant Professor
Amanda Bruce, Research Assistant Professor
James Casey, MD Clinical Associate Professor
Fu-Sheng Chou, Clinical Assistant Professor
Patricia Cook, Medical Education Coordinator
Iván Csanaky, Research Assistant Professor
Kelstan Ellis, Resident
Jonathan Finch, Research Assistant
Cynde Fry, Parent Educator/Healthy Steps
Hammad Ganatra, Assistant Professor
Nealey Grosdidier, Pediatric Grants Specialist
Hannah Krohne, student
Ann Kunkel, Coordinator
Stephen Lauer, Associate Professor and Associate C
Jennifer Lynn, Residency Coordinator
Arwen Marker, Graduate Research Assistant
Alexandra Monzon, GRA/GTA
Jackson Mores, Research Student
Kathryn Petelin, Clinical Assistant Professor
Whitney Pressler, Clinical Assistant Professor
Pratibha Rana, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sanket Shah, Clinical Assistant Professor
Timothy Ryan Smith, Assistant Professor
Carissa Stanton, Assistant Professor
Renee Van Erp, Senior Coordinator
Corinne Walker, student
Marla Watson, Clinical Research Coord
Joy Weydert, Associate Professor
Mandy Wray, GRA/GTA
Kara Young, student

Abdelhadi, Ruba, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Abu-Nasser, Sara, Pediatrics Residency Program
Adhima, Jennifer, Project EAGLE
Almadhoun, Osama, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Ansbro, Blanca, Project EAGLE
Arce, Brittany, Pediatrics
Artman, Michael, Pediatrics Administration
Ashbaugh, Amber, Project EAGLE
Baldridge, Lindsay, Pediatrics Residency Program
Barnard, Martha, Behavioral Pediatrics
Barriga, Laura, Project EAGLE
Bar-Zion, Dani, Pediatrics Residency Program
Bejarano, Carolina, Pediatrics
Belmont, John, Behavioral Pediatrics
Bettinger, Kourtney, Pediatrics
Blasi, Laura, Pediatrics
Bowen, Gail, Project EAGLE
Bowser, Lauren, Project EAGLE
Bozkanat, Kubra, Pediatrics Residency Program
Brouillette, Grace, Pediatrics
Brown, Tiffany, Project EAGLE
Bruce, Amanda, Pediatrics
Buckholz, Hannah, Project EAGLE
Burns, Eric, Pediatrics Residency Program
Bush, Audra, Project EAGLE
Casadonte, Joseph, Pediatric Cardiology
Casey, James, Pediatrics
Cernich, Joseph, Pediatric Endocrinology
Chou, Fu-Sheng, Pediatrics
Coffman, Keith, Pediatric Neurology
Cook, Patricia, Pediatrics
Cooper, Melissa, Project EAGLE
Coppage, Irie, Project EAGLE
Cortez Granados, Samuel, Pediatrics Residency Program
Crabaugh, Yamilka, Project EAGLE
Csanaky, Iván, Pediatrics
Davis, Ann, Behavioral Pediatrics
Davis, Carolyn, Project EAGLE
Davis, Kathy, General Pediatrics
De la Fuente, Leslie, Pediatrics Residency Program
Dileepan, Kavitha, Pediatric Endocrinology
Dioszeghy, Jennifer, General Pediatrics
Dobbs, Janice, Reach Out & Read KC
Dozier, Britney, Project EAGLE
Dummula, Krishna, Neonatology
Eidson, Morgan, Pediatrics Residency Program
Ellis, Kelstan, Pediatrics
Fields, Sandra, Project EAGLE
Finch, Jonathan, Pediatrics
Fletcher, Vikteria, Project EAGLE
Franklin, Tyra, Project EAGLE
Frazier, Brittany, Project EAGLE
Frazier, Kenya, Project EAGLE
Fry, Cynde, Pediatrics
Ganatra, Hammad, Pediatrics
Garrard, Jill, Children's Miracle Network
Gierer, Selina, Pediatric Allergy and Immunology
Gilmer, Lisa, General Pediatrics
Gilmer, Lisa, Pediatrics Residency Program
Goertz, Ken, Pediatric Cardiology
Gonzalez Mercado, Karla, Project EAGLE
Gonzalez, Ashley, Project EAGLE
Grosdidier, Nealey, Pediatrics
Hall-Lockridge, Linda, Project EAGLE
Haremza, Jessica, Project EAGLE
Hart, Kathleen, Project EAGLE
Hays, Allyson, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Heil, Madison, Project EAGLE
Hernandez, Kelli, Project EAGLE
Hessman, Jacob, Pediatrics Residency Program
Hildebrand, Rachel, Pediatrics Residency Program
Hill, Mary, Project EAGLE
Horsley, Jenny, Reach Out & Read KC
Hughes, Lauren, Pediatrics Residency Program
Jackson, Anne Marie, Project EAGLE
Jackson, Mary Anne, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Jacobson, Jill, Pediatric Endocrinology
Jensen, Sarah, Pediatrics Residency Program
Jimenez, Jessica, Project EAGLE
Johnson, DeLinda, Project EAGLE
Jones, Jordan, Pediatric Rheumatology
Josenberger, Faye, Project EAGLE
Kazlauskas, Christine, Pediatrics Residency Program
Khan, Misha, Project EAGLE
Klem, Caroline, Project EAGLE
Kreisler, Kelly, General Pediatrics
Krohne, Hannah, Pediatrics
Kunkel, Ann, Pediatrics
Langner, Travis, Pediatric Critical Care
Lassen, Stephen, Behavioral Pediatrics
Lauer, Stephen, Pediatrics
Leftridge, Kayla, Project EAGLE
Leveille, Melanie, Pediatrics Residency Program
Lewis, Michael, General Pediatrics
Lewis, Michael, Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis
Lindsley, Carol, Pediatric Rheumatology
Livingston, Robyn, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Loew, Thomas, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Losole, Taylor, Pediatrics Residency Program
Lucia Casadonte, Chantal, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Luckhoff, Johann, Pediatrics Residency Program
Lueders, Amy, Children's Miracle Network
Lundquist, Allison, Project EAGLE
Lynn, Jennifer, Pediatrics
Maalouf, Kayla, General Pediatrics
Mahajan, Chaitali, Neonatology
Malloy-Walton, Lindsey, Pediatric Cardiology
Marker, Arwen, Pediatrics
Martinez, Simone, Project EAGLE
McCulloh, Russell, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
McKeithen, Kimberly, Project EAGLE
McKinnon, Mitchell, Pediatrics Residency Program
McNerney, Belinda, Project EAGLE
Medley, Bryn, Project EAGLE
Melendez, Alesandro, Project EAGLE
Mitre, Naim, Pediatric Endocrinology
Montoya, Andrea, Project EAGLE
Monzon, Alexandra, Pediatrics
Mores, Jackson, Pediatrics
Murray, Megan, Behavioral Pediatrics
Myers, Angela, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Nelson, Eve-Lynn, Behavioral Pediatrics
Nelson, Lore, General Pediatrics
Nguyen, Mary, Pediatrics Residency Program
Nino Hernandez, Jocelyn, Project EAGLE
Nutterfield, Sue, Children's Miracle Network
Okojie, Obehioye, Pediatrics Residency Program
Olinger, Amanda, Pediatrics Residency Program
Orr, Sarah, Pediatrics Residency Program
Ottinger, Emily, Project EAGLE
Page, Stephanie, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Panchal, Apurva, Pediatric Critical Care
Pandey, Vishal, Neonatology
Panicker, Jyoti, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Patton, Susana, Behavioral Pediatrics
Perez Marques, Francesca, Pediatric Critical Care
Petelin, Kathryn, Pediatrics
Pierce, Rachel, Project EAGLE
Pitts, Beth, General Pediatrics
Post, Jennifer, Project EAGLE
Pressler, Whitney, Pediatrics
Prosser, Amanda, Pediatrics Residency Program
Puar, Neha, Pediatrics Residency Program
Rabe, Susan, Project EAGLE
Rametta, Mandy, Pediatric Cardiology
Rana, Pratibha, Pediatrics
Rapoff, Michael, Behavioral Pediatrics
Rater, Erika, Project EAGLE
Reimer, Gabrielle, Project EAGLE
Rha, Jeehyun, Pediatrics Residency Program
Riar, Sandeep, Pediatric Nephrology
Risetter, Mitzi, Project EAGLE
Robbins, Kneika, Project EAGLE
Roehr, Kelli, Project EAGLE
Rucker, Brittany, Project EAGLE
Rush, Rhonda, Project EAGLE
Scheele, Allek, Pediatrics Residency Program
Schroeder, Valerie, Pediatric Cardiology
Schropp, Kurt, Pediatric Surgery
Schrotberger, Heather, Project EAGLE
Shah, Sanket, Pediatrics
Shastri, Pam, Neonatology
Shaw, Pam, General Pediatrics
Silvers, Ramyia, Project EAGLE
Smith, Stephen, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Smith, Timothy Ryan, Pediatrics
Sosland, Jane, Behavioral Pediatrics
Stanton, Carissa, Pediatrics
Steinert, Maribeth, Project EAGLE
Stejskal, Nicole, Project EAGLE
Stonecipher, Katherine, Project EAGLE
Swanson, Douglas, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Tammeus, Kate, Project EAGLE
Temesy, Marlee, Project EAGLE
Thomas, Dempsey, Project EAGLE
Toney, Tiarra, Project EAGLE
Tresvan, Frieda, Project EAGLE
Trujillo, Martha, Project EAGLE
Tsai, Sarah, Pediatric Endocrinology
Turpin, Angela, Pediatric Endocrinology
Van Erp, Renee, Pediatrics
Vaughn, Becky, Project EAGLE
Veys, Mandi, Project EAGLE
Walden, Katherine, Children's Miracle Network
Walker, Corinne, Pediatrics
Walters, Jamie, Project EAGLE
Wang, Pei-Shan, Neonatology
Warlen, Leslie, Project EAGLE
Watson, Marla, Pediatrics
Webb, Jasmine, Project EAGLE
Wells, Alejandra, Project EAGLE
Wendland, Maura, Behavioral Pediatrics
Weydert, Joy, Pediatrics
Williams, Felicia, Project EAGLE
Williams, La Shawn, Project EAGLE
Winston, Sarah, Project EAGLE
Wray, Mandy, Pediatrics
Yan, Yun, Pediatric Endocrinology
Young, Kara, Pediatrics
Zaknoon, Raida, Pediatric Endocrinology
Zaknoon, Raida, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Zambrano, Rocio, Project EAGLE
Zavala, Leticia, Project EAGLE