Cancer Biology

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3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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Wahl Hall East
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Thomas Beadnell, Post Doctoral Fellow
Jennifer Brazil, Administrative Assistant
Animesh Dhar, Associate Professor
Dan Dixon, Associate Professor
Cori Fain, Student
Valerie Freeman, Administrative Assistant
Eric Geanes, Research Associate
Chandrayee Ghosh, Postdoctoral Fellow
Etsuko Iwakuma, Research Assistant
Tomoo Iwakuma, Associate Professor
Swathi Iyer, Graduate Student
Joan Lewis-Wambi, Assistant Professor
Sharon Manley, Graduate Student--Ding Lab
Christa Manton, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jessie Ng, Assistant Professor
Alejandro Parrales, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ranjan Preet, Postdoctoral Fellow
Atul Ranjan, Postdoctoral Fellow
Sonia Rawal, Clinical Instructor
Afreen Asif Ali Sayed, Graduate Student
Vikalp Vishwakarma, Post Doctoral Fellow
Carolyn Vivian, Senior Research Associate
Danny Welch, Chair and Professor
Satomi Yamamoto, Research Assistant
Eric Young, Graduate Student

Beadnell, Thomas, Cancer Biology
Brazil, Jennifer, Cancer Biology
Dhar, Animesh, Cancer Biology
Dixon, Dan, Cancer Biology
Fain, Cori, Cancer Biology
Freeman, Valerie, Cancer Biology
Geanes, Eric, Cancer Biology
Ghosh, Chandrayee, Cancer Biology
Iwakuma, Etsuko, Cancer Biology
Iwakuma, Tomoo, Cancer Biology
Iyer, Swathi, Cancer Biology
Lewis-Wambi, Joan, Cancer Biology
Manley, Sharon, Cancer Biology
Manton, Christa, Cancer Biology
Ng, Jessie, Cancer Biology
Parrales, Alejandro, Cancer Biology
Preet, Ranjan, Cancer Biology
Ranjan, Atul, Cancer Biology
Rawal, Sonia, Cancer Biology
Sayed, Afreen Asif Ali, Cancer Biology
Vishwakarma, Vikalp, Cancer Biology
Vivian, Carolyn, Cancer Biology
Welch, Danny, Cancer Biology
Williams, Sha Neisha, Cancer Biology
Yamamoto, Satomi, Cancer Biology
Young, Eric, Cancer Biology