KU Endowment

A sub-area of:
Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 3012
4125 Rainbow Blvd Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Suite 300
KU Endowment Building
4125 Rainbow Blvd Kansas City KS 66160
Subordinate units:
Directory Contact(s):

Krista Allen, Development Director KU Cancer Cent
Robin Atchity, Development Assistant-Acknowledgeme
Becci Blaesing, Vice President for Medical Developm
Katherine Corliss, Development Assistant
Amanda Crain, Development Officer - School of Med
Emily Darling, Director Medical Advancement Board
Liz Greer, Administrative Assistant and Recept
Gretchen Hess, Development Officer School of Medic
Yukiko Hino, Development Director School of Heal
Ted Kimble, Sr. Development Director Neuroscien
Nell Lucas, Associate Vice President Medical De
Minda Mason, Asst. Vice President Medical Devel
Scott Mercer, Network Administrator
Jen Mulsow, Development Coordinator
David Ochoa, Development Director & Team Leader
Peggy Person, Sr. Development Director School of
Susan Randolph, Development Assistant
Matt Rhea, Development Director School of Medi
Randall Roberts, Development Director, KU Cancer Cen
Mary Jo Williams, Operations Manager

Allen, Krista, KU Endowment
Atchity, Robin, KU Endowment
Blaesing, Becci, KU Endowment
Corliss, Katherine, KU Endowment
Crain, Amanda, KU Endowment
Darling, Emily, KU Endowment
Greer, Liz, KU Endowment
Hess, Gretchen, KU Endowment
Hino, Yukiko, KU Endowment
Kimble, Ted, KU Endowment
Lucas, Nell, KU Endowment
Mason, Minda, KU Endowment
Mercer, Scott, KU Endowment
Mulsow, Jen, KU Endowment
Ochoa, David, KU Endowment
Person, Peggy, KU Endowment
Randolph, Susan, KU Endowment
Rhea, Matt, KU Endowment
Roberts, Randall, KU Endowment
Williams, Mary Jo, KU Endowment