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The University of Kansas Hospital
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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Acosta, David, Radiology Support Staff
Adler, Dana, Radiology General
Allen, Bryan, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Allen, Shelbi, Radiology Support Staff
Allen, Wendy, Computed Tomography
Amaro, Emily, Radiology Faculty
Anselmi, Kathy, Radiology General
Aripoli, Allison, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Ash, Amanda, Radiology General
Ash, Ryan, Radiology Faculty
Austin, Courtney, Radiology Nursing
Auzat, Jessica, Computed Tomography
Axman, Britany, Radiology General
Bagby, Lindsey, Interventional Radiology
Bailey, Michael, Radiology General
Baines, Shirley, Radiology General
Baker, Collin, Interventional Radiology
Barger, Stephanie, Interventional Radiology
Barnthouse, Chris, Radiology Administration
Barnthouse, Nick, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Barton, Angie, Radiology Faculty
Bauer, Emily, Radiology Support Staff
Baze, Amy, Interventional Radiology
Becker, Nicole, Interventional Radiology
Beisser, Andrew, Interventional Radiology
Bertsch, Judson, Radiology Faculty
Best, Shaun, Radiology Faculty
Billings, Douglas, Radiology General
Bird, Vicky, Nuclear Medicine
Birzer, Annie, Interventional Radiology
Blakey, Brandy, Radiology General
Boatright, Christine, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Bollig, Melissa, Computed Tomography
Bowen, Aaron, MRI
Bradley, Giselle, Computed Tomography
Breshears, Courtney, Radiology General
Brooks, Dillia, Sonography
Brower, Brooke, MRI
Brown, Kevin, Radiology Faculty
Brown, Scott, Computed Tomography
Brown, Shawn, Computed Tomography
Bugner, Brooke, Computed Tomography
Burkhart, Melissa, Computed Tomography
Burkholder, Rick, Radiology Administration
Burrell, Megan, Interventional Radiology
Burt, Barbara, Radiology Administration
Cahail, Haley, Computed Tomography
Callaghan-Helling, Tobi, Interventional Radiology
Calumpong, Ulysis, Interventional Radiology
Campbell, Monica, Radiology Administration
Campbell, Val, Radiology Support Staff
Carroll, Jerri, Computed Tomography
Carroll, Melissa, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Carter, Kelly, Radiology Nursing
Cavanaugh, Rebecca, Radiology Nursing
Chance, Scott, Nuclear Medicine
Cheney, Jackie, MRI
Cisneros, Shannon, Radiology Support Staff
Clark, Holley, Radiology Administration
Clark, John, Radiology Support Staff
Clary, Shar, Westwood Radiology
Cline, Caron, KUMPW-Radiology
Clouston, Leslie, MRI
Coatman, Elizabeth, Radiology Nursing
Coffee, Kara, Interventional Radiology
Collins, Darien, Interventional Radiology
Collins, Zachary, Radiology Faculty
Conner, Brandy, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Conwell, Kaylee, Computed Tomography
Cook, Larry, Radiology Faculty
Cooper, Courtney, Radiology General
Cope, Bryce, Computed Tomography
Corbett, Amanda, Interventional Radiology
Corkill, Patty, Radiology Administration
Couch, Heather, Interventional Radiology
Cox, Glen, Radiology Faculty
Cox-Mosburg, Jaina, KUMPW-Radiology
Crain, Tina, Radiology Administration
Creek, Harley, Radiology Administration
Cress, Vanessa, Interventional Radiology
Cullom, Jim, Radiology Administration
Cunningham, Emily, MRI
Curtis, Stephanie, Interventional Radiology
Cyphers, Katelyn, Radiology General
Dahlstrom, Kelly, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Denny, Jody, Radiology General
Denton, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Diehls, Eva, Sonography
Doel, Brian, Interventional Radiology
Donald, Joseph, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Dreiling, Kay, Nuclear Medicine
Drew, Nicole, Radiology General
Duncan, Patrick, Interventional Radiology
Dusing, Reginald, Radiology Faculty
Dyson-Coope, Cindi, MRI
Evans, Jeffrey, Computed Tomography
EVERIST, BRIAN, Radiology Faculty
Fahrbach, Thomas, Radiology Faculty
Falcon, Paul, Interventional Radiology
Falk, Elizabeth, Computed Tomography
Farmer, Jessica, Radiology Nursing
Farrell, Diane, Interventional Radiology
Fearn, Kenny, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Finlan, Shannon, Radiology General
Fiore, Gerre, Interventional Radiology
Fishback, Shelby, Radiology Faculty
Fisher, Ebony, Radiology Support Staff
Fisher, Krista, Computed Tomography
Flajole, Mark, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Flowers, Ashley, Radiology General
Folsom, Zalene, Radiology General
Fortner, Cody, Radiology General
Frager, Luke, Radiology Residents/Fellows
France, Candice, Radiology Nursing
Frenette, Aaron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Garrow, Jane, Interventional Radiology
Garza, Deborah, Radiology General
Gatewood, Jason, Radiology Faculty
George, Barbara, Interventional Radiology
George, Jennifer, Computed Tomography
Gerike, Amanda, Radiology General
Goodman, Brian, Computed Tomography
Grable, Lesley, Interventional Radiology
Grace, Megan, Radiology Nursing
Grant, Lindsey, Computed Tomography
Gross, Cathy, Radiology General
Haggins, Telae, Radiology Support Staff
Hamblet, Lindsey, Interventional Radiology
Hancock, Pamela, Radiology Support Staff
Hare, CJ, Interventional Radiology
Harn, Nick, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Harris, John, Interventional Radiology
Hartman, Sarah, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hasham, Hasnain, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Haverkamp, Benjamin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Helvey, Jen, Radiology Nursing
Hensley, Ken, Radiology Administration
Hern, Ashley, Sonography
Herndon-Landry, Marsha, Radiology Nursing
Hickman, Danniele, Radiology Support Staff
Hill, Jacqueline, Radiology Faculty
Hinson, Gary, Radiology Faculty
Hockemeyer, Todd, Nuclear Medicine
HOOVER, ROSANNE, Radiology Faculty
Horton, Carol, Radiology Support Staff
Houghton, Candace, Radiology Administration
Howard, Keli, Sonography
Hubbard, Krissa, Interventional Radiology
Hund, Samuel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Huppe, Ashley, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hurst, Kellyn, Radiology Nursing
Hurtado, Tina, Radiology Support Staff
Ice, Karyn, Radiology Support Staff
Inciardi, Marc, Radiology Faculty
Ingalls, James, Interventional Radiology
Ioerger, Shay, Westwood Radiology
Ira, Brittnee, Radiology Nursing
Irani, Neville, Radiology Faculty
Jackson, Sarah, MRI
Johnson, Lawrence, Radiology General
Johnson, Philip, Radiology Faculty
Johnson, Trevor, Computed Tomography
Jones, Jill, Radiology Faculty
Jones, Kellie, MRI
JONES, PAULETTE, Radiology Support Staff
Kaiser, Deandra, Radiology Administration
Kenney, Nick, Radiology Administration
Kerby, Troy, Radiology Faculty
Kester, Michelle, Radiology Support Staff
Kiesow, Tracie, Westwood Radiology
Kirkpatrick, Daniel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Kisker, Aaron, Radiology Administration
Komaromi, Anna, Interventional Radiology
Kubas, Kelli, Interventional Radiology
Kudlacz, Nicole, Sonography
Kupka, Marj, KUMPW-Radiology
Kurtz, Katilyn, Radiology Administration
Lam, Sang, MRI
Ledbetter, Luke, Radiology Faculty
Leever, John, Radiology Faculty
Leiker, Miranda, Interventional Radiology
Lemons, Steven, Radiology Faculty
Lesniak, Tania, Interventional Radiology
Lillard-Williams, Taylor, Radiology Nursing
Lind, Ashley, Interventional Radiology
Madarang, Ernest, Radiology Faculty
Maier, Brooke, Radiology Administration
Mais, Thomas, Radiology Support Staff
Malleck, Kevin, Interventional Radiology
Marson, Maria, Interventional Radiology
Martin, Alanna, Nuclear Medicine
Martin, Vicky, Sonography
Martinez, Adriana, Radiology Support Staff
Mata, Cecilia, Interventional Radiology
Maxwell, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
McCandless, Mary Jayne, Westwood Radiology
McCann, Amy, Radiology Residents/Fellows
McCrary, Brad, Radiology Faculty
McGuire, Tara, Radiology General
McIntire, Jonathan, MRI
McKeighan, Brian, Radiology Support Staff
Meek, Lucas, Radiology Faculty
Meisinger, Corey, Radiology Nursing
Melvin, Lorie, Interventional Radiology
Midulla, Tiffani, Radiology General
Miller, Kirk, Radiology Faculty
Miller, stephanie, Radiology General
Miller, Tom, Westwood Radiology
Miner, Morgan, Radiology General
Mitchell, Vickie, Radiology Support Staff
Moorman, Patrick, Radiology General
Moppin, Meghan, Radiology Nursing
Morgan, Penni, Interventional Radiology
Moschner, Tara, Westwood Radiology
Moser, Mitchell, Interventional Radiology
Mothersbaugh, Dillon, Radiology General
Murphy, Kim, Westwood Radiology
Narron, Megan, Sonography
Nelson, Douglas, Radiology Faculty
Niroumand, Maryam, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Ntelekos, Amy, Sonography
Olson, Christopher, Computed Tomography
O'Rourke, Elizabeth, Interventional Radiology
Ortmeyer, Janice, Sonography
Otten, Mariselda, Computed Tomography
Owens, LISA, Computed Tomography
Pacheco, Alexis, Interventional Radiology
Pacheco, Eric, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Palmer, Corben, MRI
PanKratz, Jennifer, Interventional Radiology
Paradies, Stephanie, Radiology General
Parise, Michelle, Interventional Radiology
Pearson, Nicole, Interventional Radiology
Pedersen, William, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Pena, Tony, Computed Tomography
Penny, Ruth, Interventional Radiology
Penny, Wesley, Interventional Radiology
Perry, Mark, Radiology Faculty
Peskind, Jon, Interventional Radiology
Peterson, Jessica, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Peterson, Lynn, Interventional Radiology
Pippin, Kaley, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Polo, Jennifer, Radiology Administration
Pope, Kristen, Radiology Faculty
Prendergast, Meredith, MRI
Press, Bret, Nuclear Medicine
Ray, Julie, MRI
Redick, Mark, Radiology Faculty
Reese, J.T., MRI
Reeves, Alan, Radiology Faculty
Rentz, Helen, Radiology General
Reust, Julie, Interventional Radiology
Reyes, Jacqueline, Radiology General
Rice, Kristin, Interventional Radiology
Richards, Amye, Sonography
RIEK, Amy, Westwood Radiology
Roberts, Jeffry, Interventional Radiology
Roberts, Michael, Nuclear Medicine
Robinson, Amanda, Radiology Nursing
Robinson, Samuel, Sonography
Rogers, Rachel, Radiology Support Staff
Rohr, Aaron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Rojas, Levi, Interventional Radiology
Rosenthal, Stanton, Radiology Faculty
Ross, Ronald, Radiology Support Staff
Rudkin, Mitch, Nuclear Medicine
Ruff, Ron, Radiology Support Staff
Rummel, Gary, Sonography
Rush, Elizabeth, Radiology General
Russo, Jenni, Radiology General
Sandy, Pam, Radiology General
Sarandos, Adrea, Sonography
Sargent, Adam, Radiology General
Sarver, Tessa, Radiology General
Sattarin, Hameed, Interventional Radiology
Sauls, Gwendolyn, Radiology Administration
Saunders, Jewell, Westwood Radiology
Scarrow, Deborah, Interventional Radiology
Scheer, TIANNE, Radiology General
Scheib, Hunter, MRI
SCHINDEL, ELAINE, Radiology Nursing
Scholl, Trevor, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Schroeppel DeBacker, Sarah, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Schultz, Pat, Radiology Support Staff
Selbe, Diane, KUMPW-Radiology
Siderides, Cate, Computed Tomography
Siemer, Lindsay, MRI
SIEMSEN, TESSA, Radiology Administration
Simmons, Jerome, Radiology Support Staff
Sims, Krystal, Interventional Radiology
Sivilaisane, Manivanh, Radiology Support Staff
Skrukrud, Carl, Interventional Radiology
Sleder, Pauline, Radiology Faculty
Sleeper, Anna, Interventional Radiology
Smith, Allen, Westwood Radiology
Smith, Kimberly, Radiology Administration
Smith, Marva, Radiology Nursing
Smith, Teri, Interventional Radiology
Smock, Tammy, Radiology Support Staff
Solis, Ali, Computed Tomography
Sooter, Alisa, Radiology General
Spade, Anne, Interventional Radiology
Spalding, Jacob, Radiology Administration
Spencer, Jayden, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Stevens, Jay, Interventional Radiology
Stillwell, Rebecca, Radiology Administration
Suter, Martha, Westwood Radiology
Sztorch, Julie, KUMPW-Radiology
Tegeler, Lindsey, Sonography
Thompson, Bonnie, Radiology Support Staff
Thompson, Rosemarie, Radiology Nursing
Thornton, Cherlyn, Radiology General
Tobin, Ryan, MRI
Torline, Kit, Interventional Radiology
Tran, Ryan, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Traylor, James, Radiology Administration
Turnbaugh, Jenna, Interventional Radiology
Unklesbay, Alicia, Interventional Radiology
Unruh, Brady, Radiology General
Vadaparampil, John, Radiology Faculty
Valentine, Tanika, Radiology General
Vanderree, Riley, Radiology Administration
Walesch, Savanah, Westwood Radiology
Walker, James, Nuclear Medicine
Walker, Monica, KUMPW-Radiology
Walter, Carissa, Radiology Faculty
Waters, Melissa, Radiology Nursing
Watson, Ashley, Radiology General
Watts, Leslie, Computed Tomography
Wayman, Sarah, Radiology Nursing
Wenzel, Riley, Nuclear Medicine
Werth, Kyle, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Wetzel, Louis, Radiology Faculty
Whitney, Amy, Radiology Support Staff
Wiegers, Autumn, Computed Tomography
Wilkerson, Doretha, Radiology Support Staff
Willett, Emily, Radiology Nursing
Williams, Kristin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Williams, Vanessa, Radiology Faculty
Wilmes, Amber, Interventional Radiology
Winblad, Onalisa, Radiology Faculty
Witham, Ashley, Radiology General
Wright, Jean, Interventional Radiology
Wuerfele, Heather, Radiology General
Yap, Wendell, Radiology Faculty