Tim HornikBase Hospital 28Smart Aging class

A new life path

Former Army soldier Tim Hornik, who was wounded in Iraq and lost his eyesight, is excelling as a therapeutic science doctoral student in KU's School of Health Professions   read more >>

Medicine in the First World War

A new KU Medical Center website chronicles the history and accomplishments of the KU doctors and nurses who staffed Base Hospital #28 in Limoges, France during World War I  read more >>

Healthy aging and the brain

The KU Alzheimer's Disease Center is sponsoring a 12-week "Smart Aging" class designed to pass along research-based knowledge on diet and exercise that may improve and maintain brain health in seniors   read more >>    

Patient Care
patient care
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
  • Fri Nov 21 14:36 RT Spoke with @KUMedCenter's Ryan Spaulding on telemedicine and telehealth, previewing his upcoming panel at @iHT2 more..
photo of woman and child with dandelions

Improve the power of medicine by volunteering to participate in a clinical trial today.

Center for Interprofessional Education

Future doctors, nurses and health professionals train as teams.

University of Kansas Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation earned in June 2012.

Far Above
Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas

KU Endowment launches a comprehensive fundraising campaign.