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Getting ready for ICD-10

Professionals at the University of Kansas Medical Center are helping the health care industry prepare for the implementation of the ICD-10 diagnostic code    read more >>

A treatment for rare blood cancers

The University of Kansas Cancer Center's Bone Marrow Transplant program is participating in a nationwide clinical trial to figure out the best treatment for people with myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of blood cancer that interrupts the production of healthy blood cells   read more >>

Aspirin and heart disease

A new trial conducted at KU Medical Center and sites across the country will seek to determine the best dose of aspirin for patients with coronary artery disease  read more >>

Patient Care
patient care
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
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Improve the power of medicine by volunteering to participate in a clinical trial today.

Center for Interprofessional Education

Future doctors, nurses and health professionals train as teams.

University of Kansas Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation earned in June 2012.

Far Above
Far Above: The Campaign for Kansas

KU Endowment launches a comprehensive fundraising campaign.